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12:07 min 5. January 2006

Truth in Advertising

a mockumentary in English

A great story about how a marketing campaign is made. Speakers say what they think and not what they should say. You will like it. Very British Humor.

08:45 min 21. February 2006

Portishead - To Kill A Dead Man

a music video in English

Ok...This is a extremely rare video of Portishead "To Kill A Dead Man" movie. Hope you like it! Not the best quality that i got, but is less than 100MB!

10:26 min 29. March 2006

The Old Negro Space Program

a mockumentary in English

A parody in the style of Ken Burns documentaries - 'retired' black astronauts recall the feats and derring dos of the do it yourself African-American space program from the late fifties to the dawn of the seventies. Vist Wikipedia entry at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Old_Negro_Space_Program
02/17/2013 - I have gotten to the point of being so fucking tired of reading these fucking racists diatribes I have turned off all comments. You racists are a disease that need to be eradicated like smallpox..

03:25 min 26. May 2006

SDP - Hast du mal ein Problem

a music video in German

very cool song.the bands name is "stone deaf production"
SDP holds all rights and copyright

08:00 min 27. June 2006

Across the Hall Part One

a narrative film in English

Part One of the short film "Across the Hall" starring Adrian Grenier

07:55 min 27. June 2006

Across the Hall Part 2

a narrative film in English

Part 2 of the short film "Across the Hall" starring Adrian Grenier

05:41 min 14. July 2006

Suzie Templeton - Dog

a narrative film in English

A moving tale from Suzie Templeton about a young boy who, grieving for his dead mother, seeks reassurance from his father.

04:37 min 29. August 2006

Peter, Bjorn & John - Young Folks

a music video in English

Taken from the album "Writer's Block", available to purchase now from Wichita's online store: http://www.wichita-recordings.com/shop/category/peter-bjorn-and-john/

Watch more videos by Peter, Bjorn and John here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL585990DA6C650BD1

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03:24 min 3. September 2006

Katasumi / In A Corner Gakko no Kaidan G

a narrative film in Japanese

Katasumi / In A Corner segment from Gakko no Kaidan G, directed by Takashi Shimizu (The Grudge, Juon). Features Kayako's debut

02:38 min 11. September 2006


a narrative film in no language

video animation 3d created by Daniel Martinez Lara. www.pepeland.com

25:54 min 29. September 2006

Meetin' WA (1986)

a talk in French

One of the least remarked upon attributes of Jean-Luc Godard is how thoroughly he mastered the medium of video production. For him Video was not a mere substitute for film, but something separate and distinct, an aesthetic platform all its own to which he brought a heretofore unrevealed dimension in his art; one that subtly informed the work he would later do once he returned to Cinema.

It is, however, somewhat understandable that this pocket of his career should be so little known, given that his extended video works of the 1970s . . . Six fois deux, for example, or the remarkable France/Tour/Detour/Deux/Enfants . . . continue to languish in the limited access obscurity into which they landed with a thud virtually from the hour of their creation. There are those in the fundamentally class-based universe of cinephilia who would not have it any other way, however. I mean, don't let's kid ourselves here. There is, and always has been, a vast amount of social comfort to be derived for Us (the cinephile class) if You (the vulgar herd) have no access to the works we get to see in the cinephile dungeons of large urban centers (after all, if We can't use film to construct a bizarro-world recreation of High School where we are no longer the geeks we once were then, I ask you, what is the point in all of this?).

So Jean-Luc Godard's video creations remain militantly inaccessible by all but the small number who've been fortunate enough to see them. And more than any of these works, 1986's Meetin' WA stands as testament to the extraordinary facility he developed with this sub-medium; a faciility harder-achieved in the 70s, when video production was a far more dolorous and taxing enterprise than it is today.

At once sublime and witty, the 26 minutes of Meetin' WA consist of an interview Jean-Luc Godard conducted in 1986 with Woody Allen, the director of What's Up, Tigerlilly and Men of Crisis: The Harvey Wallinger Story (and soon to be featured in the final moments of Godard's abortive Cannon Pictures' King Lear). The chat itself is amiable enough; certainly avoiding any conceivable adversarial notes; but this, along with the New York setting (giving Allen the home field advantage as it were) does nothing to prevent a visible anxiety from growing on the part of the filmmaker as the interview goes on.

It's as if it dawned on Allen, right in the middle of everything, that this tape could be . . . used . . . in some way he would not be able to control, that he was talking to a man who long ago demonstrated that he would not be bound to a standard not his own. Gradually, almost anticipating this development, Godard's camera moves in closer and closer, Allen's eyes dart back and forth between Godard and his translator (film scholar Annette Innsdorf) while questions are asked, the expression on his face bordering at times on open worry; like he's waiting, with only marginal patience, for some sign of what it is he's gotten himself into to manifest itself. It is, perhaps, the only occasion where Woody Allen seems as neurotic as the persona he wrote for himself was always said to be.

07:05 min 4. October 2006


a narrative film in French

Si vous voulez vous enrichir les yeux et les oreilles:


04:14 min 21. October 2006

Vom kleinen Maulwurf, der wissen wollte, wer ihm auf den Kopf gemacht hatte

a narrative film in German

Mitschnitt der Ausstrahlung des Animationsfilms, basierend auf dem gleichnamigen Kinderbuch von Werner Holzwarth und Wolf Erlbruch aus dem Jahr 1989, gezeigt 2006 in der "Sendung mit der Maus"/ARD.

(Ich erhebe keinen Anspruch auf die Urheberrechte des Videos und distanziere mich von jeglicher Form der kommerziellen Vermarktung dieses.)

09:19 min 3. November 2006

Geraldine - Arthur De Pins 2000

a narrative film in no language

Une animation réalisé Arthur de Pins, d'un humour éclatant.