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12:34 min 3. January 2014

DERELICT Official Film [HD]

a narrative film in English


Genre: Dystopian Action Thriller

Cast: Israel Oyelumade, Graham Cole, Andrew Harrison

Director: Simeon Lumgair

Reel Issues Film

It's 2025 and the Water Wars ravage Europe. A notorious prisoner of war is on the run, pursued by trained killers. Cornered, he takes an old man hostage in a last ditch attempt at freedom.

Winner of a national pitching competition, The Pitch.

"Film scoring newcomer Moritz Schmittat (31 North 62 East, De Ander) composes an adrenaline-fuelled score that relies heavily on string ostinatos supported by a strong brass section, enthusiastic wordless choir and a significant percussion presence, emphasising rhythm rather than the theme. Strings, brass and percussion all blend to provide a rhythm that propels the music onwards only taking a breather occasionally, for example in the second track, “Immigrant Parasite”, where ethereal vocals waft by before the rhythm regains the initiative. It is with the final few seconds of the penultimate “Going Underground” (that features a beautiful solo vocal) and the final track, “Someone Has To Pay”, that the score slows in pace for – I presume – the final emotional scene. Orchestra and choir join forces to provide an emotional climax."
Alan Rogers - Reel Music Review

Official Selection includes:
Shanghai International Film Festival, Singapore International Film Festival, Macau International Movie Festival, Other Venice Film Festival - LA, WildSound Film Festival - Toronto, Marbella International Film Festival - Spain, Stepping Stones Festival - Bengaluru, FilmShortage Daily Short Picks, Userfarm Film Festival - London (Best Short Film), Penine International Film Festival - UK.

07:24 min 28. February 2015

Me & You ♥ Short Love Story

a narrative film in no language

Look down on the moments that make a love story.

Watch the film on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aN1R6fvTEJo

Find out more about the film and the filmmakers here:-

See whats next for us - https://www.facebook.com/feelourfilms/
UK Rep - www.madruffian.com
Making of - www.vimeo.com/102563165
Follow us - www.facebook.com/feelsfilm

Would love to hear what you think! Comment below with your favourite moment!

23:53 min 28. April 2013

Charlie Says

a narrative film in English

Directed by Lewis Arnold
Produced by Rob Darnell
Written by Frances Poletti

'Charlie Says' follows a young boy whose lie cuts through the calm of a family holiday and leaves a trail in its wake that threatens to grow into something more dangerous as dusk approaches.
National Film and Television School graduation film 2013.

Conner Chapman, Gary Cargill, Elliott Tittensor, Christine Bottomley, David Doyle, Stacha Hicks, Sanchia McCormack, Gordon Peaston, Lucy Jackson, Sam Gittins and Jake Davies


09:24 min 19. February 2014

Roller King

a narrative film in English

no description found

09:52 min 29. May 2012

The Devotion Project: My Person

a documentary in English

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This is the fourth short film created for THE DEVOTION PROJECT, an ongoing series of films documenting LGBTQ couples and the love they share. It premiered online on May 29, 2012. The other films in the series, "More Than Ever", "Say Only Yes", "Listen from the Heart", "Build Your Wings" and "Foremost in my Mind" are also available on this channel.

Featuring Eric, Anne and Jonah Plemons.

Produced and Directed by Antony Osso, Director of Photography Martina Radwan, Edited by Todd Sandler, Music by Paul Hsu, Sound Mixer Winson "Church" Tam, Camera Assistant Joi Foley, Sound Re-recording Mixer Luciano Vignola, Colorist Will Cox.

Post Production Services provided by Final Frame and C5 Sound in New York City.

Copyright 2012 Antony Osso.

01:46 min 20. October 2014


a lecture in English

Why can we talk but other animals can't? What makes humans so "special"? Lets find out!

If you could talk to animals, what would you say? Let us know in the comments!

Click here to see more videos: http://www.m301.me/lifenoggin

Life Noggin is a weekly animated educational series. Whether it's science, pop culture, history or art, we explore it all and have a ton of fun doing it.

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Life Noggin Team:
Animation by: http://www.krofl.com
Voiced by: http://youtube.com/patdoesit
Designs by: http://www.jmccartney3d.com/
Written by: https://www.youtube.com/AwkwardAdolescents
Produced by: http://www.twitter.com/IanDokie
Music: http://drfrankenrhyme.bandcamp.com

07:32 min 11. July 2011


a narrative film in French

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Découvrez encore plus de films d’animation de l'ESMA en vous abonnant: http://bit.ly/ESMAmovies

Réalisé par : Vincent DOBBEL ; Mathieu MAUREL ; Jerome PONZEVERA


Enregistrement et mixage : José VICENTE ; Yoann PONCET - www.studiodesaviateurs.fr

Musique : Julien GLABS ; Producteur Audio : Ludovic JOKIEL ; Design son : Vincent LEPEE

(Promo 2010)

Animated films produced as part of the 3D animation training from the school ESMA. The productions here are the projects for students graduating. Every year, their creations are selected and awarded in major national and international festivals of its kind.

Film d'animation réalisé dans le cadre de la formation cinéma d'animation 3D de l'école ESMA. Les productions que vous découvrez ici sont les projets de fin d'étude de nos étudiants. Tous les ans, leurs créations sont sélectionnées et primées dans les plus grands festivals nationaux et internationaux du genre.

© ESMA - Ecole Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques

08:03 min 15. October 2013

Episode 5: We Need a Job

a report in English

What barriers do the poor face in finding work and how do they make a living?

Take action and find more resources on the Change Series website: http://www.livingonone.org/change-series.html#episode-5-we-need-a-job

Looking for job opportunities in Peña Blanca, we find that few people in the village actually have formal jobs. We decide to try to plant a small crop of radishes and quickly get a glimpse of how hard life is as a day laborer or a farmer. If there aren't enough formal jobs for most of the people living in Peña Blanca, is leaving your family and moving to a big city the only solution?

Produced by Living on One

Directed by Hannah Gregg and Zach Ingrasci
Illustrations by Hannah Gregg
Edited by Sean Leonard
Narration by Chris Temple

Executive Producers
Mike Lang
David Doss
Jeff Klein

14:14 min 22. June 2012


a narrative film in no language

Written by Niko Nobrain
Director : NOBRAIN
Production : Sabotage Studio and Autour De Minuit
Edited by Niko Nobrain and Gregoire Sivan
Post Production by Sabotage Studio
Stop Motion and Miniatures by Two Left Hands
3D Supervision by Ludovic Manonni and Florian Durand
2D Designs by Pasquale Carlotti
Music by joseph Arthur
Sound Design by Kouz Production

06:52 min 17. July 2011


a narrative film in no language

no description found

30:04 min 8. April 2015

Die Schwulenheiler 2 | Panorama - die Reporter | NDR

a report in German

Nicht nur christliche Hardliner lehnen Homosexualität ab, auch in den evangelischen Landeskirchen glauben einige, Homosexualität sei Sünde und ließe sich therapieren.


05:23 min 19. June 2007

Freundeskreis - Mit Dir feat. Joy Denalane

a music video in German

Durch diese Freundeskreis Single aus dem Jahr 1999 wurde Joy Denalane einer grösseren Öffentlichkeit bekannt.


10:26 min 29. March 2006

The Old Negro Space Program

a mockumentary in English

A parody in the style of Ken Burns documentaries - 'retired' black astronauts recall the feats and derring dos of the do it yourself African-American space program from the late fifties to the dawn of the seventies. Vist Wikipedia entry at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Old_Negro_Space_Program
02/17/2013 - I have gotten to the point of being so fucking tired of reading these fucking racists diatribes I have turned off all comments. You racists are a disease that need to be eradicated like smallpox..

06:06 min 27. March 2011


a narrative film in no language

My graduation short film, co-produced with 3 other studients

02:44 min 1. June 2013

Forteresse (Court-métrage)

a narrative film in French

Il y a 10 ans la guerre a commencé, tous les humains sont morts sur la planète, seuls des pilotes automatiques et des ordinateurs continuent une guerre sans sens. Ces pilotes robots larguent des bombes, retournent à la base pour recharger en munition et se réparer automatiquement. Ils suivent leurs instructions. La seule chose qui est encore vivante sur Terre, c'est l'herbe, présente au milieu d'un paysage de désolation et de destruction sans fin . Fortress (Крепость) est un court-métrage russe réalisé par Dmitrii Fedotov.