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01:01 min 11. February 2016

JULIEN + ADRIEN - Moderate Drinkers Wanted - Heineken

a commercial in English

Julien + Adrien : Heineken: Moderate Drinkers Wanted

Julien + Adrien's spot for Heineken salutes the non-drinkers. Produced by the newest Partizan office in São Paulo.

An advertisement produced by Partizan, 2016
Agency : Publicis Italy

01:03 min 16. January 2013

Recently in the Woods

a narrative film in no language

Recently in the Woods is a short tale about acceptance and tolerance. Two horses laugh at an unicorns horn because of his different appearance.

01:04 min 13. June 2013


a narrative film in no language

A visual piece, exploring the flow of time through the eyes of the widowed: endless.

Dir: Ryan Løkken
DP: Will J. Løkken
Original Score/Sound Design: Simon Kjær
Colorist: Will J. Løkken
Cast: Louise Kristiansen & Pernille Andersen

01:04 min 31. July 2011

What is the Uncertainty Principle?

a lecture in English

The Heisenberg uncertainty principle - in a nutshell!
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Minute Physics provides an energetic and entertaining view of old and new problems in physics -- all in a minute!

In this episode, we talk about the Heisenberg uncertainty principle and how it's not really that weird - it's just a property of waves!

Music by Nathaniel Schroeder
youtube: http://bit.ly/pakJLE
myspace: http://mysp.ac/qtmZQj Created by Henry Reich

01:04 min 30. September 2007

Asience: Hairy Tale

a commercial in Japanese

Production I.G has created the animation for Kao Corporation's Asience shampoo creative challenge, entitled Asience: Hairy Tale. The 60-second animated film is directed by Kazuto Nakazawa, who gained international fame by directing the animation part in Quentin Tarantino's world hit Kill Bill: Vol. 1.

01:04 min 17. March 2015


a narrative film in English

"No One Is Thirsty"
Based on The Perry Bible Fellowship comic strip

01:06 min 22. April 2016


a commercial in English

ADIDAS - An Advertisement directed by Warren Fu for Footlocker.
Produced by Partizan in 2014.

01:06 min 22. June 2013


an experimental film in no language

A short experimental film reflecting the pressure of living in a crowded city and the effects of trying to store all of the information we think we need.

01:07 min 15. May 2013

Anticipated Moment - Dance Ireland 21 - Minutes In Motion

a dance video in no language

Between the peaks and the troughs of any waveform lies a period of exponential velocity. We live our lives in these periods, each of differing length, as we anticipate the next moment worthy of the label “event”.

01:09 min 7. July 2011

Minute Physics: What is Dark Matter?

a lecture in English

Minute Physics provides an energetic and entertaining view of old and new problems in physics -- all in one minute!

In this episode, we discuss Dark Matter, an exotic type of matter we know very little about, despite the fact that it makes up around 80% of all matter in the universe! Created by Henry Reich

01:09 min 16. October 2014


a narrative film in German

Winner of the 'Daily Short Pick' at Film Shortage and 'Short of the Week' at The Awardeo Company.

Written after watching Janusz Kaminski's 11 (very) short films and redeveloping his idea; the basic concept for this short film is to tell part of a larger story in under two minutes with just one scene and very minimal dialogue. This allows the audience to create most of the story themselves based off the details in the scene.

Shot on a RED Epic with Zeiss CP.2 lenses.

Writer / Director: Aaron George
Producers: Alix Whittaker and Anna Duckworth
Production Manager / 1st AD: Meredith Rehburg
Cinematographer: Matt Thomas
1st Assistant Camera: Manon Laffitte
Editor: Connor Strati
Boom Operator: Chayse Millar
Production Designer: Adison Whitley
Wardrobe Designer: Emily van Wichen

Music by Clark Rhee

Liam Mulligan
Simon Shreeve

Thank you to those of you who funded the use of the RED camera rental via Kickstarter.


01:10 min 27. September 2009


an experimental film in English

Directed by Anton + Damian Groves
Art Direction and Models by Damian Groves
Concept by Anton + Damian Groves
Lighting by David Lee (www.davidleedop.com)
Production by Studioset (www.studioset.tv)
Post Production by Damian Groves
Sound by Alin Flaidar
Starring Vlad Grigorescu (www.vladgrigorescu.com)

PHOTO'S http://www.flickr.com/photos/43038809@N02/

Making of - http://www.vimeo.com/6858264