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05:22 min 4. July 2013

Carn - Jeff Le Bars

a narrative film in no language

Réalisation : Jeff Le Bars - http://jefflebars.com/
Musique et Sound Design : Sylvain Livenais - http://spectral-approche.com/
Film de fin d'études réalisé à l'école Emile Cohl de Lyon en 2012 - http://www.cohl.fr/

01:04 min 13. June 2013


a narrative film in no language

A visual piece, exploring the flow of time through the eyes of the widowed: endless.

Dir: Ryan Løkken
DP: Will J. Løkken
Original Score/Sound Design: Simon Kjær
Colorist: Will J. Løkken
Cast: Louise Kristiansen & Pernille Andersen

02:49 min 31. October 2008

The Black Hole | Future Shorts

a narrative film in no language

A sleep-deprived office worker accidentally discovers a black hole - and then greed gets the better of him...
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'The Black Hole' (UK, 2008)
Dir.: Phil Sampson and Olly Williams (Phil and Olly)

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05:34 min 30. December 2013

Marla Sunshine's Christmas Adventure

a narrative film in no language

Marla Sunshine searches for her christmas presents while her parents are out one morning.

04:18 min 4. October 2011

**OSCAR NOMINATED** Stop Motion Animated Film "THE GOD & THE FLY" by Konstantin Bronzit

an experimental film in no language

A bronze statue of the Hindu deity, Shiva, the personification of calm, is irritated by a pesky fly and comes to life in order to rid himself of it. But in his increasingly frustrated attempts, Shiva causes himself more and more problems until...

The God (2003) Stop Motion Animation, Comedy
Produced at Melnitsa Animation Studio (http://melnitsa.com)
Producers: Sergeu Selvvanoy, Alexander Boyarsky

CREDITS: Konstantin Bronzit, Yury ilin, Valentin Vasenkov, Vladimir Golounin, Olec Belvaey, Alexey Shulga, Vladimiar Chernish. Produced with the financial support of the Russian Federation's ministry of culture.

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02:31 min 2. April 2014

Il LUCCHETTO best short award winning worldwide

a narrative film in no language

il lucchetto (the padlock)
a comedy short movie by Ettore Nicoletti
- Director's Choice Award, 17th Independents' Film Festival Tampa Bay, Florida, USA
- Award of Merit, Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood 2012, CA, USA
- Second Place, Going Underground Film Festival 2012, Berlin
- Best short Film - Cortissimi, Borgo in Corto 2011 Italy
- Audience's choice Award 4th Amarcort Festival di Cortometraggi 2011 Italy
- Menzione Speciale, CorTorino Film Festival 2011, Turin, Italy
- Best Soundtrack, 7th Dieciminuti Film Festival Frosinone, Italy 2012
- 3rd place, Circeo Film Festival 2011, Rome Italy
- 6th Place at the 40th Festival der Nationen 2012 Festival of Nations, Austria

With: Ettore Nicoletti and Silvia Rubino
Written and directed: Ettore nicoletti
Cinematography: Luca Nervegna
Set design: Sara Suzzi
Music: Alfredo Nuti dal Portone
Editing: Ettore Nicoletti

04:03 min 14. May 2013

One of those days - Candide Thovex

a documentary in no language

A usual skiing day for Candide in his home resort, could have ended in a better way this time! Out skiing with his friend Aziz Benkrich (red pants), we should probably tell you 'DON'T try this at home' !!


02:41 min 22. March 2011

Tune for Two (2011)

a narrative film in no language

An execution takes an unexpected turn...

05:03 min 15. January 2015

One of those days 2 - Candide Thovex

a documentary in no language

Candide Thovex having another one of those days in his home resort.

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Third party downloads and distribution is not permitted.

Filmed in Val Blanc, France.

For medias requests, please contact

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Instagram & Twitter: @candidethovex

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Watch the first One of those days

©Copyright Candide Thovex

07:55 min 17. May 2008


a narrative film in no language

A Collaboration by Heui Won Jeong & Justin Murphy

Sound Design: Hank Shih
Music Composer: Allan Johnston
Music Performers: Bass - Allan Johnston;
Drums & Percussion - Raphael Geronimo; Trumpet - Chris Davis; Flute - Jill Russell

Photodocumentation: Ana Cho
Alphachannel: Kim Hoang & Kathy Whitney

Special Thanks: Jonathan Eric Tyrrell, Marilyn Cherenko, Martin Rose, Hilary Moses,
Dennis Burke, Darren Brereton, George Rosenberg & ECI Media Technicians

Influences: Ishmael, Madlib, Sun Ra, Monkmus, Roscoe Mitchell, Rockers, David Suzuki

Image Gallery: http://www.flickr.com/photos/molassesmurphy/sets/72157621782065962/

08:13 min 22. June 2011


a narrative film in no language

A young boy moves to a new neighbourhood and falls in love for the first time, with the much older girl next door.

Visit us at www.polderanimation.com

Full Credits:

Bastiaan Schravendeel (Director)
Jean-Paul Tossings (Technical director)
Sander Kamermans (Art director)
Piebe van der Storm (Set designer)

Peter van der Velden (Sound)
Alex Debicki (Music)
Bob Kommer Studios (Mix)

Thanks to:
Egbert de Ruiter (Supervising teacher HKU)
il Luster Films

04:03 min 25. August 2013

films4peace 2013: Anthony Goicolea

an experimental film in no language

Anthony Goicolea describes his film:

"I have often felt that there are many rituals and traditions embedded in our various cultures that have lost their meaning and now merely serve as scripts for people to follow and act out without thinking of their true meanings or origins. Many children’s rhymes and songs, polite dinner customs, or party games derive from darker moments in history such as plague, famine, and war.

Growing up the son of Cuban parents, my brothers and I always had piñatas at our birthdays. Usually they took the shape of some sort of crude but cute animal effigy that ended up beaten to smithereens as rioting children stumbled over each other in a mad dash for the sugary spoils of war that spilled out like guts before them.
In my film for films4peace I wanted to dissect this sacrificial custom, the mechanics behind group dynamics, as well as the destruction that comes from greed. A life-sized, anatomically correct, sculpted horse in the guise of a piñata is beaten and destroyed until the multiple, identically clad, kids who flog it like monks banging church bells or a gong, surrender to the regret of the destruction they have wrought."

06:00 min 23. August 2012


a narrative film in no language

Alf stuggles to keep his exotic pet store in business, no thanks to his unhelpful stock!

04:00 min 25. August 2013


a narrative film in no language

A romantic encounter between two snails with a tragic twist.

Grand Prize Winner - 2013 Movie Machine Digital Cinema Festival
Winner - 8th FILMSshort competition
Winner - Best Original Music - Houston Comedy Film Festival 2014
Winner - Reel 13 Short Film Contest 01/07/2015
Nominated - Best Cinematography - Houston Comedy Film Festival 2014
Official Selection - 22th International ContraVision Film Festival
Official Selection - 10th Fresno Film Festival
Official Selection - 10th Seattle True Independent Film Festival
Official Selection - Couch Fest Films 2014
Official Selection - No Budget Film Festival 2014
Official Selection - Roma Creative Contest 2015
Finalist - Corti da Sogni International Shortfilm Festival

Written/Directed/Shot by Chris Keller
Produced by Amelie Zilliox
Music by Alex Wallace

Additional VFX by Luciana Fintelmam, Alexander Taylor, Davi Stein, Anita Gribble, Tobias Keip
Kitchen Unit: Iain Wallace, Elena Rubio-Hall, Bella Panggabean, Eleanor Garratt, Christopher Taylor