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07:37 min 17. July 2009


a narrative film in no language

1996. 35mm film. This was shot with a 3 frame video assist frame grabber. You had 3 concurrent frames at any one time, 2 stored and one live. A breakthru in stop-mo, it allowed for more flourish and control.

17:06 min 27. May 2013


a narrative film in no language

A family's idyllic life is interrupted when the father is killed while defending the family from an intruding bear. Asserting victory, the bear moves into the house and assumes the role of father for himself. Once his foot is in the door, however, he finds himself implicated in a family dynamic he did not expect.

Official Selection New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival 2014 (Audience Award and New Filmmaker Award)
Official Selection Northwest Animation Festival 2014
Slamdance on the Road, Los Angeles 2014
Official Selection Slamdance Film Festival 2014
Official Selection Ottawa International Animation Festival 2013
Official Selection GIRAF Animation Festival 2013
Official Selection Sommets du cinéma d'animation 2013

Another started as a senior thesis at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2008 and was completed at the California Institute of the Arts, where I'm currently studying in the Experimental Animation department. All animation is colored pencil on paper, scanned into Photoshop and composited in After Effects. I currently have a giant box full of colored-pencil ends that I hope MoMA will consider taking for their permanent collection.

Directed, Animated and Edited by Sean Buckelew
Written by Sean Buckelew, Kevin Buckelew and Michelle Yu
Sound by Corey Fogel
Bear vocals by Ian McDuffie
Color Assist by Sam Ancona, Jason Benson, Clara Kim and Ernest Kim
Composite Assist by Clara Kim
Original Music by Kevin Buckelew


05:33 min 18. November 2010

Copia A (3D animated short film by Trexel Animation)

a narrative film in no language

For some awesome additional material regarding Copia A, visit us at Behance: http://bit.ly/wkcZfb

Website: http://www.trexel.net/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TrexelAnimation
Twitter: http://twitter.com/TrexelAnimation

Watch our other short animated film!!! https://vimeo.com/66929245

This film was made independently and without any budget in the free time available during the studio´s commercial projects.


Tells the adventures and misfortunes of Demódoco, a projectionist, who discovers by chance a one-of-a-kind way to get pleasure. However, abusing it leads to risky consequences.

Technical data:

Script, design and direction: Gervasio Rodríguez Traverso & Pablo Alberto Díaz.
Original soundtrack: Bernardo Francese & Fernando Chiesa.
Animation: Gervasio Rodriguez Traverso, Pablo A. Díaz y Nicolás Broner.
Sound: Bernardo Francese, Fernando Chiesa, Juan Elías y Anibal Tonianez.

Awards and Screenings

"Copia A" has taken part in over 100 national and international film festivals, winning 39 awards. Below are some highlights:

ArtFutura 2010 (Argentina) | Caras y Caretas Award
UNICA 2010 (Switzerland) | Silver Medal
4º Festival Internacional de Animación (Uruguay) | Best Amimated Short Film & Grand Jury Award
Dragon Award for New Talent (Sweden) | Second Runner Up
XXIII Marató de Cine Fantástic i de Terror de Sants (Spain) | Best Animation
Curta-Se (Brazil) | Best Animation in Video

Red Stick International Animation Festival 2010 (United States) | Finalist
Anim´est 2010 (Romania) | Official Competition
8º International Animation Arts Festival “Multivision” (Russia) | Official Competition
6º Festival Internacional de Cine de Monterrey (Mexico) | Official Competition

50º Annecy (France) | Official Selection
12º BAFICI (Argentina) | Official Selection
Melbourne International Animation Festival 2010 (Australia) | Official Selection

02:57 min 27. October 2014

SERAPHIM a short film about the end of the world.

a narrative film in no language


Official Selection
Holly Shorts 2015 - Yearly Screening Program
Salute Your Shorts August 2015
Film Shortage Daily Pick
FilmShorts Film Festival

On a crisp, sunny morning in rural Tennessee, a man unknowingly finds himself on the cusp of the apocalypse. After a brutal and clumsy murder, a mysterious creature falls from heaven to dispense swift judgement.

The short is based on a dream that actor/writer David Malus shared with me about a ordinary day interrupted by hoards of vengeful SERAPHIM descending from the sky. He told me, "The dream probably came from a life lived in fear of my falling away from the fire and brimstone faith I grew up with in northern Alabama. A constant fear of being caught in the act by an angry deity." This simple idea would be a perfect vehicle for my next film project.

Simple, but epic in scope, SERAPHIM asks, Who will be judged when in the end angels become savage weapons?

SERAPHIM was filmed using an Aaton Super 16mm XTR cameras and Fuji64D film stock


Directed By
Kip Kubin

Executive Producer
Erin Fraser

Based on a short story by
David Malus

Matthew Satterfield

Original Music By
Anthony Miracle

David Malus & Mary Arwen

Costume Designer
Mark Sloniker

Renee Sola

Visual Effects
Seth Worley

Assistant Camera
Evan Caddell

Thank you
Shane Wilson. Alain Kramer, Zach AL-Chockhachi,
Chuck and Emily Beard, Ben Elkins, Melissa Whittaker
Tonya Durant, Mike and Tiffany Dupree, John Maslowski,
Jordan and Tori Chesney, Shane Goranson, Joey Ciccoline,
Murray P. Meador, Steve Taylor, Elvis Craig, Jeff Dolan,
John Moessner, Ryan Hamblin, Matthew Underwood,
Shane Wilson, Mike Dupree, Weson Heflin, Jill Earl Hindman
Tyler Barksdale, Alex Asfour, John T. Trigonis, Jynx, Paul Walwyn
Will Allensworth, Indigogo, Film Courage. Idea Storm Media,
Chessington Synth Labs, Mono-Fi Pictures,
Brainstem Digital, Strange Bird Media,
Video & Film Solutions,
& F. T. Dust

10:11 min 14. April 2014

Adam Magyar, Array #1

an experimental film in no language

High speed video recording at Seoul at Sindorim Station of people descending on stairs while changing from Line 1 to Line 2.

full video: 20 min. (720p 50fps) - 2 channel.

The video was exhibited at Gallery Soso, Heyri - Seoul / March 2014

Note: All rights reserved. There is no Creative Commons License applied to this work. Thus it is not legal to copy.

02:39 min 6. May 2016

Forging knives in South London

a documentary in no language

Based in Peckham, a cultural and creative melting pot in south London, Blenheim Forge is the steel workshop of artisans Jon Warshawsky, James Ross-Harris and Richard Warner. Read the feature on NOWNESS - http://bit.ly/21DepAP


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01:42 min 10. July 2013


a narrative film in no language

Directed by Irina Varina
Cinematography by Aharon Rothschild

Cast: Lucas Beck, Irina Varina

Editor Lorena Ospina Diaz
Sound Design by Alex Acevedo
Original Music by Humberto Olivieri


03:40 min 20. April 2010

The Arctic Circle

an experimental film in no language

An Arctic inhabitant is fascinated by the sudden appearance of a mysterious box.

Kevin Parry - Director / Animator

Ihor Dawidiuk - Musical Score

Tim Burton's Reaction

Youtube link @ http://youtu.be/-PF8lJ00NGQ

11:19 min 25. August 2011

Stanley Pickle - FULL FILM ONLINE

a narrative film in no language

Stanley's life runs like clockwork, until a chance encounter with a mysterious girl turns his world upside down...

About the film:
Stanley Pickle is a short pixilation film shot entirely on a stills camera on 2 sets and 2 locations at the NFTS. The film premièred on to the festival circuit in June 2010 at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, where it picked up the McLaren Award for New British Animation, followed by Oscar qualification at the US première LA Shorts where the film won Best Experimental. After a whirlwind journey through 2011/12 greeting diverse festival audiences worldwide, humbled by winning many more awards, screening on Virgin Atlantic Flights, broadcast in France, Spain and the US, being part of BAFTA Brits to Watch and distributed on iTunes, it's great to be able to say the film is finally available to view online.

For more information:
Short of the Week: http://www.shortoftheweek.com/2012/12/10/stanley-pickle/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Stanley-Pickle-Film-2010/125239054175544
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/stanleypickle

Available on Amazon and iTunes Worldwide: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/movie/stanley-pickle/id531435151

Winner of 33 International Awards:
Edinburgh International Film Festival 2010 (McLaren Award for New British Animation)
Chicago International Festival, USA 2010 (WINNER Best Animation) (Academy Recognized)
LAShorts International Film Festival 2010 (Best Experimental Short Film) (Academy recognized)
Raindance Film Festival, London 2010 (Best UK Short)
Festival du Film Britannique de Dinard 2010 (Prix Du Mielleur Court Metrage)
Cinanima Film Festival, Portugal 2010 (Best Student Film)
KROK International Animated Film Festival, Russia 2010 (Best Graduation Film)
The Golden Kuker, Bulgaria, 2010 (Best Short Between 10- 20 minutes)
E-Magiciens The European Young Digital Design Conference
2010 (Canal+ award)
Metropolitan Film Festival, New York 2010, (Best Animation)
Jury Choice- 1st Prize Black Maria Film and Video Festival 2011
Verna Fields Award in Sound Editing 58th MPSE Awards for Dario Swade 2011
Best Animated Short Omaha Film Festival 2011
Best Short + Grand Jury Prize at San Diego Indiefest 2011
Best Student Production Post Grad Award at Learning on Screen Conference, London 2011
Short Wave Award, Monstra Animation Festival Portugal 2011
Vision Innovation Award, New York Digital Short Film Festival 2011
Best Student Film ECU Paris 2011
Best Short Film Arizona international Film Festival 2011
Outstanding Achievement in Short Film Making Newport Beach Film Festival 2011
Best Animation Seattle True Independent Film Festival 2011
Best Short + Best Sound Design DMVIFF Washington DC 2011
Anca Award Fest Anca Slovakia 2011
Outstanding Visual Achievement Van D'or Awards, Cannes in a Van 2011
Best Short Film Wild Rose Independent Film Festival 2011
Distinctive Achievement in Costume Wild Rose Independent Film Festival 2011
Distinctive Achievement in Editing Wild Rose Independent Film Festival 2011
Distinctive Achievement in Animation Wild Rose Independent Film Festival 2011
Best Cinematography Seattle Short Film Festival 2011
Best Animation or Experimental Film Tbilisi Student Film Fest Georgia 2012
Best Experimental at Calaveras International Film Festival California 2012

03:03 min 3. May 2011

Pure Funk

a narrative film in no language

One man's quest for freedom in a world where music has been outlawed. A short animation.

Check out the site: http://freedomtofunk.com

Director: Marc Adamson- http://vertes-annees.com/

CG: Simon Ashberry- http://grinterloper.blogspot.com

Hozen Britto- http://hozenbritto.blogspot.com http://vimeo.com/23077847

Billy Odel
Rogie Custudio- http://www.rogiecustodio.com
Noriko Umumera
James Oriel
Sophie Decoyere

Music: Daizen Britto: https://soundcloud.com/daizenofficial

Sound design: Veronica M. Chen

Editing: Simon Scott

Extra help: Henry chung
Kat Lo
Lydia Adamson
Michal Golec
Maya Britto
Backgrounds: Marc Adamson
Sophie De Coyere

06:30 min 20. June 2013

Things don't Fit

a narrative film in no language

Graduation film Made at the Royal College of Art (2013)

Synopsis: In the city it can feel like nothing fits or works as it should and daily life can be a struggle to find your place.

Director: Tim Divall
Sound: Neo Peterson
Animation: Tim Divall, Joe Bichard, Sarina Nihei
Animation Assistants: Leena Zaher, Natalie Ridout
Editor: Tim Divall with the invaluable support of Tony Fish
Special Thanks: Neville Astley

Awards: Walt Disney Award for Best Graduation Animation at Ottawa International Animation Festival 2014

03:30 min 15. June 2015

Hola Sunshine

a documentary in no language

no description found

05:40 min 30. June 2010

cosmos - a microfilm (extended version)

an experimental film in no language

The Extended Version of João Paulo Simões's microfilm 'cosmos'.
From the generic theme of poverty, the director conceived a cinematic take on social exclusion which suggests the outlines of a more personal drama - part gritty observation, part poetic celebration of motherhood.

05:18 min 14. January 2015

Dji. Death Sails

a narrative film in no language

A short animated film produced by Simpals Animation Studio (Moldova).


Dji is a terribly unlucky death who doesn't seem good at his job. This time he has to take the soul of a pirate stuck in the middle of the ocean, but that is easier said than done!

Directed by Dmitri Voloshin

CG Supervisor: Serghey Kirillov

Music: Valentin Boghyan, Valentin Shkirka, Vladimir Kolesnikov

Final Dance: "MirLic" Theatre. Authors: Maxim Dorofeev and Pavel Mikhailov.

Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/simpals
Official website: http://simpals.com/
Production Blog: http://www.tigan.md/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Dji.Deathfails

05:43 min 27. April 2015

An Object at Rest

a narrative film in no language

An Object at Rest follows the life of a stone as it travels over the course of millennia, facing nature's greatest obstacle: human civilization. My final thesis film at CalArts!