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03:35 min 2. May 2011

The Stairway

a narrative film in French

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09:56 min 7. December 2014

Home Sweet Home

a narrative film in French

A short movie by Pierre Clenet, Alejandro Diaz, Romain Mazevet and Stéphane Paccolat, made in Supinfocom Arles during our last year in 2013. Original music by Valentin Lafort.

// Synopsis //

This is the story of a house which escapes from its suburban foundations and sets off on an epic journey.

// Festival Awards and Selections //

- Best Computer Animated Short Film Award at Siggraph 2014
- 3rd Place Award Panam Anim 2013
- Special Mention from the jury Cut Out Festival Mexico 2014
- Festvial ASIFA Golden Award

- Cannes’s Cinéfondation 2014
- Siggraph 2014
- Siggraph Asia 2014
- 15th Animation Show of Shows
- Shelley Page's Eye Candy Show 2013
- International Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart 2014
- Bristol Encounters Festival 2013
- Panam-anim 2013
- Paris Courts-Devant 2013
- Villeurbanne 2013
- Rencontres Henri Langlois Poitiers 2013
- CutOut Festival 2013
- 5ème Festival Ciné-court animé de Roanne 2013
- Festival MONSTRA's 2014
- Festival Effets Stars
- Festival HAFF
- Festival FILMETS
- Future Film Festival

// Contacts & Links //


// Pierre Clenet

// Alejandro Diaz

// Romain Mazevet

// Stéphane Paccolat

// Valentin Lafort

13:01 min 21. June 2012

Ecce Homo - Short Film

a narrative film in French

Lording Road and Shooting Star Productions present A short film by Jean-Bernard Tate written by Jean-Bernard Tate and Jean-Luc Priane Story by Jean-Bernard Tate Starring Romain Rondeau, Beppe Chierici and Eric Thomas Cinematography by Boris Abaza Edited by Fred Barbe Sound by Ricardo Castro Original music by Pierre Estève Directed and produced by Jean-Bernard Tate Co-produced by Patricia Ruscito.

Synopsis : A man, too oppressed by his everyday life as a supermarket supervisor, flees his workplace and finds himself suddenly in a swimming pool. He will meet a very strange guard who will take his unconscious...

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07:10 min 2. October 2010

The makeover

a narrative film in French

Film de fin d'étude réalisé par Elsa Bréhin, Mathieu Hassan et Martin Vermelen.
Mention pour l'humour au festival Court mais bon.
Supinfocom Arles 2010.

03:15 min 18. March 2016

Au bout de la rue (Court-métrage)

a narrative film in French

Une jeune femme rentre de soirée, elle quitte ses amis et remonte la rue jusqu'à chez elle lorsqu'un homme l'aborde...

A young woman is going back home after a party, she leaves her friends down her street when a man approaches her...

Claire Chust
Félix Armand
Zouheïr Zerhouni
Julien Monnin
Renaud Barrat
Delphine Seignon
Cécilia Assouin
Jérémie Verdier
Arthur Gouté
Paul Knoery
Xavier Lapandry

Écrit et réalisé par Maxime Gaudet

Florie-Anne Jaques

Régisseur général
Julien Hélaine

Chef opérateur et monteur
Maxime Gaudet

Ingénieur du son et mixeur
Hubert Rey-Grange

Elsa Nizard

Jérémie Normand
Fédéric Faury
Thomas Jouenne

Like a Droid - Legacy

Merci à
La copropriété du 13 rue du Repos
Victor Habchy
Florent Sabatier
Tous les résidants de la rue qui ont supporté le bruit
Toutes les personnes présentes à la soirée du 16/01 pour leurs voix
Annette Assenat
SOS Ciné

Merci à Camille McOuat pour les sous-titres anglais.
Thank you Bastián Yurisch for the Spanish subtitles.
Thank you Valentina Nieddu for the Italian subtitles.

09:28 min 19. March 2015

Bad Girl, un superbe court métrage sur ces femmes jugées trop belles

a narrative film in French

Arnaud Khayadjanian est un réalisateur français de 28 ans. Il dévoile aujourd’hui Bad Girl, un court métrage qui souligne avec esthétisme et justesse le vide que peuvent ressentir les filles jugées trop belles, trop séduisantes. Moteur !

15:18 min 27. May 2014

AT ALL COSTS (original title : A Tout Prix)

a narrative film in French

- Directed by Yann Danh
- Budget : 8000$
- The Short film was bought by Anthony E. Zuiker (creator and executive producer of the American television show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.)
- https://www.facebook.com/ATOUTPRIXFILM

Agent (FR) : Solene Edouard
Manager (US) : Christopher Tuffin / Renee Tab - SENTIENT -

03:10 min 29. October 2014

Coup de grâce

an experimental film in French

Short Experimental Film -
In Paris, a bewildered young man confides in his barber about an unusual encounter.

International Premiere - Centre Pompidou - Modern Art Museum in Paris (October 2013)
North American Premiere - San Jose Short Film Festival (November 2013)

Directed by Justin Wu
Written by Alessandra Ferreri
Starring Matthieu Charneau, Tara Jean, Michael Marenco & Frederic Quiring
Produced by Justin Wu, Duncan Way & Louis Le Bayon
Director of Photography - Kevin Foong
Assistant Director - Pierre Tringale
Editors - Pierre-Louis Guetta & Justin Wu
Music by Atrey
Costume Designer - Simon Gensowski
Sound Design & Boom Operator - Pierre-Louis Guetta
Lighting Assistants - Lauren Cooper & David Mcdonald
Make-Up - Mohammed Bouarib Ben
Hair Stylist - Michael Marenco
Graphic Designer - Joel Utter
Production Assistant - Lorena Villanueva

Special Thanks to:
The Barber Shop, Inda Prod, Jean-Paul Baptiste, Alexandre Vauthier, Charles Darnaud, Leo Freiz, Nicolas Lange, Tamara Akcay, Rodger Mikhaiel, Rodolphe D'argent, Success & Major Models

02:50 min 6. April 2015

Coste Contemplation

a narrative film in French

For subtitles click on the "cc" button.

Featuring Dimitri Coste :
Directed by Thibaut Grevet
Shot by Thibaut Grevet & Thibault Dumoulin
Produced by Frenzy Paris.
Producer : Julie Mathieu & Elsa Rakotoson
Post Production : Immersion

Thumbnail Picture by Dael Poulter

Music by Ryan Taubert "Speak we are listening" from www.themusicbed.com
Thanks to Paz, Zephir, Virginie and all the people who help up.

10:38 min 2. February 2015

Le Gouffre

a narrative film in French

An inspiring tale about friendship, sacrifice and conquering the impossible.


Interested in supporting us and our next projects? Here's how you can help!

Curious about how we made the film? Watch our Making-Of, "the Journey Behind Le Gouffre"!


Le Gouffre is the first animated short film produced and directed by Lightning Boy Studio, a young creative team based in Montreal. The film tells the story of two spirited travelers who come across an incredibly wide chasm on their journey and decide to build a bridge to cross it. Released in February 2015, the project had first gained a lot of attention following the huge success of its Kickstarter campaign, which allowed the creators to finance the movie's post-production. Many were impressed by the passion and determination of the small team of three animators, who spent more than two full years creating the 10-minute film.

As of now, Le Gouffre has been selected in more than 60 festivals around the world and won nine awards, four of them for "Best Animated Short".


Directed by : Carl Beauchemin, Thomas Chrétien, David Forest
Music : Dan Cullen, Deryn Cullen
Foley and Sound Design : Mark Donis
Animation and Rigging : Carl Beauchemin
Art Direction and Animation : David Forest
Visual Effects and Compositing : Thomas Chrétien
Voice Actors : Nicolas Charbonneaux, Charles-André Gaudreau, Élisabeth Forest
Final Sound Mixing : Jean-Pierre Bissonnette
Online : Birck Fulham


Best CG Animation Short
3D World Magazine CG Awards 2015

Award of Excellence in Filmmaking or Screenwriting
Canada International Film Festival 2015

Jury Special Prize
Cinéma des Peuples Festival 2014

Best Animation
Harlem International Film Festival 2014

Best Animation
San Jose International Short Film Festival 2014

Best Animation
Youngcuts Film Festival 2014

Audience Favorite
SPASM Festival 2014

Audience Favorite
Animated Short - 2nd Place
Palm Springs International ShortFest 2014

Best Visual Effects
Golden Orchid International Animation Festival 2014


Lightning Boy Studio was born in 2012 out of a shared passion : to tell great stories. The three founders met in animation school in 2009 and have dreamed ever since to be able to work together on projects of their own. Le Gouffre is the result of their first collaboration. The team is now working on a new idea for an animated feature film and is looking for partners and investors to join in on this adventure.

CONTACT: info­@legouffre.com
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/filmlegouffre

06:08 min 16. March 2009

Le Mannequin

a narrative film in French

This is our graduation final project in The One Academy(DG55), Malaysia.

*Please make sure u've watch until the end(FIN)! ;)

This 3D animation was created by Parktology (Wong Wei Jian,Cheong Tsae Yen,Cheong Kai Yen,Audrey Au E-theng,Chin Shenyin).
Enjoy the show! =)