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03:28 min 22. April 2015

Los Acoples - Eso que es nuestro [Video Oficial]

a music video in Spanish

Autor: Los Acoples
Título: Eso que es nuestro
Álbum: Para un viaje
Año: 2015.
Dirección y Montaje: Alvaro Muñoz
Dirección de Fotografía y Cámara: Rodrigo Gallardo
Ingeniero en Sonido : David Gómez

Sitio Oficial: http://www.losacoples.cl
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Los-Acoples-Oficial/1518104815113529?fref=ts
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/los-acoples-oficial

Los Acoples © 2015.

08:32 min 19. May 2014

Gancho (Short Film, 2014)

a narrative film in Spanish

Levitschi Films

Gancho is a drama based on real events – A raw portrayal of the last hour in the life of two human traffickers. Samuelillo is an up-and-coming local gangster. He has to work alongside with David for a day. Samuelillo feels undermined and out of frustration decides to challenge David. Gancho is intense, gritty and raw.

Gancho was written by Georgi Tandy and it was produced in collaboration with Platano Boligrafo (Bilbao, Spain). It was shot over two days in early May 2014.

The film has been shortlisted and screened at various international film festivals.


09:41 min 27. September 2013

LA CRUZ (THE CROSS), de Alberto Evangelio

a narrative film in Spanish

Corto de terror dirigido por Alberto Evangelio en 2012, y protagonizado por Sandra Cervera, Ramón Ibarra y Pablo Castañón. "La Cruz", producido y distribuido por Beniwood, ha pasado ya por más de cien festivales nacionales e internacionales. Entre sus logros, se pueden destacar:

- Mención Especial en Sitges 2012 (Brigadoon)
- Mejor Cortometraje en Macabro 2012 (México)
- Premio del Público y 2º del Jurado en Molins de Rei 2012
- Nominado al Mèlies d'Argent en Espoo (Finlandia) y Fancine (Málaga)
- Mejor Corto Visualia 2012
- Mejor Corto Ciudad de Toledo 2012

Sinopsis: Vero aprende a conducir junto a su padre, al que no ve desde hace años. Un hecho inesperado los transporta al terror en una zona de acantilados conocida como "La Cruz".


Cast: Sandra Cervera, Ramón Ibarra y Pablo Castañón
Directed by Alberto Evangelio
Screenplay: Alberto Evangelio
Executive Producers: Javier Abinzano, Alberto Evangelio, Rubén Mateo, Rafa Navarro
Producer: Rafa Navarro
Music: Damián Sánchez
Art director: Anna Calvo
Cinematography: Nacho Ramirez
Sound Design: Jorge Rodriguez
Make Up: Amparo Carrió
Costume Design: Sarah Sanchís
Production Manager: Xavi Machancoses
Assistant Director: Víctor Palacios
Editor: Alberto Evangelio

08:21 min 4. November 2014

La Loteria

a narrative film in Spanish

While waiting for his plane to board so he can immigrate to America, Augusto Ramirez recalls the three biggest regrets of his life.

Based on a true story.

Dir. Shahir Daud www.shahirdaud.com
Prod: Shivali Gulab, Alejandro Soto Goico, Isabel Davis, Shahir Daud
Writer(s): Shahir Daud, Brendan McArthy, Gavin McGibbon
DP: Brandon Ripley www.brandonripley.com
Art Director: Maggie Ruder www.allaboutr.com/
Sound Recordist(s): Brett Ainslie, Ben Nimkin
1st AC/Focus: Kyle Taylor
2nd AC: Adam Waters
Editor(s): Shahir Daud, Alejandro Soto Goico
VFX: Mike Wechsler, Leonardo Cabrera, Shahir Daud mikewechsler.com/
Sound Mixer/Designer: Nigel Stanford www.nigelstanford.com

Starring: Ismael Cruz Córdova, Ines Milans, Manny Rey, Angela Rodriguez, Juan Pichardo, Samantha Shane, Adam Tyler Waters

"Mariposas", "Polo Margaritenoio" & "Crack Whore" by Yva Las Vegas freemusicarchive.org/music/Yva_Las_Vegass/
"Apple" by Lady Lamb the Beekeeper & Emily Hope Price ladylambthebeekeeper.bandcamp.com/track/apple

07:57 min 22. November 2012

What are you thinking? (Piensas) Short Film ENGLISH sub

a narrative film in Spanish

TITLE: What are you thinking? (PIENSAS)

•Sinopsys; Rule number one for getting along with your partner: never ask "the question". You may not be prepared for the answer.

• Duration: 7:57 minutes (June 2012) Comedy

•Cast: Silvia Manzana, Javier Maldonado, Jon Rodriguez.

Produced by: Larrotxene Kultur Etxea
Directed: Ruben Sainz
Screenwriter: Andoni De Carlos
Cinematography: Unai Rosende
SCRIPT: Montse Alvarez, Hegoi Oñate, Unai Garcia
SOUND Julio Redondo
Sound Editing: Mikel Garagarza, Daniel Gutiérrez,Joar G. Galdeano
MAKE UP : Ion Villar
Executive producer: Ruben Sainz, Andoni De Carlos
Assistant Director: Denis Conde
Making Off: Ivan Sokolov
Edited: Unai Rosende
Music by: Iciar Arrieta

Selected for Best Short Film whith title: What are you thinking? (PIENSAS)

•-XVII certamen de cortos de Villa de Errenteria (Spain) Noviembre 2012.
•-Ikuska 14ª Muestra de cortometrajes de Pasaia (Spain)Noviembre 2012.
•-Gau Laburra Beasain (Spain) 27 de diciembre 2012.
•-Akbank 9th Short Film Festival for the “International Shorts Section” Turkia 2013
•-Short Cuts. Hispanic American International Short Film Festival en Wasington DC U.S.A. 2013
•-5th edition of the Leiden International Short Film Experience! LISFE 2013 HOLANDA
•-muestra de cine Kmaleon JUNIO 2013 (LEON/ SPAIN)
•-Toyama International Film Festival in Japan. June 2013
•--Puerto Rico International Film Fest & Convention.. 11/08/2013
•-Incubate Open Film 2013 (HOLANDA)
•-festival Corto Circuito, the Latino Short Film Festival of New York 2013. Oct
•-Freaked Out Films Festival 2013 25th – 26th October in Lublin, Poland.

12:38 min 5. July 2012

DETRÁS DEL ESPEJO (behind the mirrors)

a narrative film in Spanish

A young husband, and soon-to-be father, works in a sleazy motel with his wife. When one of the night’s customers leaves behind an unexpected mess, the husband's keen eye for opportunity and quick thinking may change their fortunes forever.

2012 Palm Springs Short Fest - BEST OF THE FEST
2012 Festival de La Habana - JURY PRIZE
2012 Zinebi - Bilbao Film Festival - BEST LATIN AMERICAN FILM
2012 DGA Student Awards - JURY PRIZE / WEST REGION

Official Selections:
2012 Guadalajara Film Festival
2012 Camerimage Film Festival
2013 Huesca Film Festival
2013 Cartagena de las Indias Film Festival
2012 Woodstock Film Festival
2012 Mill Valley Film Festival


07:52 min 23. December 2014

MINUTERA - A reflection about photography - Short Documentary

a documentary in Spanish

Minutera, a short documentary on super 8, in black and white talking about photography, 3 things that we like a lot. A short reflection about phoptpgraphy.
Shot in B&W S8mm in April 2014 in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Directed, produced and edited: Andrés Pardo Piccone
Original Music: Yonny Roldán

Audio post: Yonny Roldán
Video Post: General Treegan

Diego Vidart as himself
Des Barry as himself

08:44 min 23. June 2014

Making it in America

a documentary in Spanish

The goals we formulate for our lives are greatly influenced by where we started out in life. As a teenager, Alma Velasco had dreams of finishing school and getting a degree in El Salvador. But her dreams were shattered by the dangerous conditions created by the El Salvadorian civil war which first broke out in 1979, and lasted for almost 13 years. Alma's mother lived in fear for the safety her children, and although it meant she may never see her daughter again, she made the difficult decision to send Alma to cross the border into the United States. This controversial decision was made by a lot of El Salvadoran parents at the time; and some still take this risk today because of the conditions that continue in El Salvador, many years after the war officially ended in 1992.

Alma, only 16, survived the frightening journey across the border to join her uncle in California. Once the dangerous trip across the border was completed a new reality set in quickly -- she needed to restart her life in a challenging and complicated new world. For Alma -- as is the case for many immigrants living in the US -- this meant applying herself to physically demanding work instead of continuing her education.

Today a hard-working, single mother of two girls, Alma is a seamstress working in the factory at American Apparel. At 6:15am sharp Alma and her team are ready to begin working, and will produce hundreds of t-shirts, which today are the color grey. When Alma clocks out in the afternoon, she goes home to do the chores around the house, then picks her kids up from school. They make dinner together, and both girls bubble over telling Alma about their day.

Alma’s dreams of getting a degree in El Salvador did not become a reality, but she has made the most of her opportunities. Thanks to an amnesty program, she is now legally a resident of the United States. Here her job pays her fairly and enables her to make an honest living for her family. She never did see her mother again, but if she did she would thank her. The risks her mother encouraged her to take not only saved her life, they helped Alma make her own dream a reality for her two girls. Alma feels rewarded by her kids' successes and brims over with pride when they exhibit the drive to seek out opportunity for themselves. Her daughters Ashley and Katherine follow in their mother's example; they study and work extra-hard to find what they want out of life. The oldest dreams of someday becoming a police officer, lawyer or maybe an architect.

In the United States, so many begin their lives with with doors open to them, and in this light, Alma’s accomplishments may seem fairly ordinary. She lives an honest life, within her means, and works hard as a basis to grow opportunities for her family. I can't think of a better measure for success as a parent, or in life, and people like Alma have been what makes this country great for generations.

02:02 min 23. April 2008

Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival: Bon Jovis

a narrative film in Spanish

Client: Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival
Agency: la comunidad, Buenos Aires
General Creative Director: Joaquín Mollá,
José Mollá
CD/Art Director: Fernando Sosa
CD/Copywriter: Ramiro Raposo
Agency Producer: Juan Manuel Menvielle
Production Company: Argentinacine
Director: Zapiola- López
Director or Photography: Javier Juliá
Executive Producer: Marcos Landajo
Producer: Carolina Pena,
Florencia Foscaldi
Art Director: Nicolás Scabini
Post Production: Che Revolution Post
Editor: Javier Correa
Music: Supercharango
Sound: FX-Design

05:24 min 11. October 2013

Lazos (Ties) - Corto - Short

a narrative film in Spanish

Lazos es un cortometraje romántico, que se centra en el vinculo amoroso que tienen dos pacientes psiquiátricos. Creado a partir de una base de diálogos preestablecido, siendo parte de un trabajo de la cátedra de Realización I , del primer año en la carrera de Realización Integral en Artes Audiovisuales de la Facultad de Arte de la Unicen, Tandil, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Dirigida por : Gusty G Gutierrez
Dir. Fotografia: Manuel Gimenez
Dir. de Arte: Melina Berterreche
Guion: Emiliano Arrabit, Gusty G Gutierrez, Manuel Gimenez
Sonido: Franco Pomponio
Edición: Gusty G Gutierrez
Producción: Fermin Sica, Gusty G Gutierrez
Maquillaje: Ana Alvirde
Traducción a Ingles: Agustina Alaimo

14:29 min 26. September 2012

LA MIGALA (The Bird Spider)

a narrative film in Spanish

Nursing a broken heart, a man with arachnophobia buys a poisonous bird spider and sets it free in his apartment.

Best Short Film - Boston Film Festival
Best of Fest - Ovation Short Film Contest
Audience’s KANewka- KAN 2012 Poland
Best Short Film Durban International Film Festival
The Méliès d’Argent for the best European short fantastic film - Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival
The Audience Award for the best international short fantastic film - Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival
Best Short Film at Wilmore 9, California
Mejor Cortometraje de Ficción Reciente - Fesdecurt Dénia
Premio Objetivo XV Muestra de Cine Independiente y Fantástico de Toledo
Mejor Fotografía en Festival Internacional de Cine de Cartagena
Corto del mes - ShortCutz Madrid

19:31 min 17. June 2013

Contra el Mar / Against the Sea

a narrative film in Spanish

Mexico/U.S.A • 19 min • Spanish with English Subtitles • www.richard-parkin.com

Despite his wife’s disapproval, Hector bides his time as a deep-sea diver to provide for his family and to save for his own fishing boat. But after an accident at sea, Hector is forced to confront the deadly nature of his profession while weighing the responsibilities to his family.

Shot on location in the coastal towns of Baja Mexico, Contra el Mar (Against the Sea) is a portrait of a young marriage struggling to find common ground amid hardship and uncertainty.

• National Finalist - 2012 Student Academy Awards
• 2012 Art of Film Award presented by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)
• Best Narrative Student Film - 2012 RiverRun International Film Festival
• Grand Prize Winner - 2011 Directors Guild of America Student Film Awards (Latino / Western Region)
• Best Director - 2011 UCLA Festival of New Creative Work
• Best Screenplay - 2011 UCLA Festival of New Creative Work

• 2011 Palm Springs International ShortFest & Film Market – World Premiere
• 2011 Carmel Art & Film Festival
• 2011 Boston Latino International Film Festival
• 2012 Next Reel International Film Festival
• 2012 San Diego Latino Film Festival
• 2012 Charlotte Film Festival
• 2012 River Run International Film Festival
• 2012 Nashville Film Festival
• 2012 Newport Beach Film Festival
• 2012 Tel-Aviv International Student Film Festival
• 2012 Little Rock Film Festival
• 2012 Los Angeles Film Festival
• 2012 Festival Internacional de Cine de Monterrey
• 2012 Festival Internacional de Cine de Lago Puelo
• 2013 Festival Internacional de Cine de Cartagena de Indias

16:24 min 4. October 2013

PLUTO (Short film)

a narrative film in Spanish

Pluto is a bittersweet love story about Pedro, a young artist who dedicates his wall pictures in an abandoned market to the girl of his dreams, Silvia. However, Silvia is Pedro’s relentless older brother’s girlfriend. The only thing Pedro can do is spy on them sneaking through Plutos’ eyes, a character Pedro painted, who is reduced to being a powerless spectator of everyone else’s lives. The passing of time and sorrow prove that true love lasts forever.

Pedro es un joven artista que le dedica a Silvia, la chica de sus sueños, los dibujos que él hace en el mercado abandonado. Pero Silvia es la novia de su hermano mayor Juan Carlos. Lo único que Pedro puede hacer es espiarlos a través de los ojos de Pluto, un personaje dibujado por Pedro, que es un mero espectador de la vida de los demás. Finalmente el paso del tiempo acaba demostrando que el verdadero amor es aquel que perdura para siempre.

10:05 min 24. January 2012

Everything is Incredible, Film About a Disabled Honduran Man Who Has Been Building A Homemade Helicopter

a documentary in Spanish

"Everything is Incredible” is a moving short documentary about Agustin, a Honduran man who despite being severely disabled by polio, has been building his own helicopter for the past 50 years. The helicopter, which resides in Agustin’s small house, is made out of bicycle parts, rebar, and other scavenged materials. It is more an elaborate kinetic sculpture than an aircraft.

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04:49 min 3. November 2009

Ataque de Pánico! (Panic Attack!) 2009

a narrative film in Spanish

Giant robots invades Montevideo!
A 5min short movie directed and animated by Fede Alvarez.

Get the 3d Robot Model:

How we did it?:

My YouTube Story:

Check out the music video!:

Panic Attack! was inspired by this amazing short from HouseOfSecrets:


Robots gigantes invaden Montevideo!
Un cortometraje de 5 minutos dirigido y animado por Fede Alvarez.

Mirate el Video Clip!:


13:37 min 26. October 2011

Deus Irae | Award-Winning Short Film

a narrative film in Spanish

A fragile border separates our world from the realm of darkness. Only one thing stands in their way—a secret order of priests who devote their lives and souls to protect this border. They are the Deus Irae.

WINNER Best Potential, FantasticFest, Austin, USA
WINNER Bronze, Audience Award, Toronto After Dark Film Festival
WINNER Audience Award, SHORTS International Online Film Festival.
Official Competition, SITGES Film Festival, Spain

Cast : Gastón Ricaud, Bernarda Pagés, Julia Perette, Simon Ratziel and Ana Pauls.
DP+Camera : Lucio Bonelli
Sound Director: Pablo Isola
Production Designer: Mariela Rípodas
Costume Designer : Paola Delgado
FX+Prosthetics : Rabbid EFX
Producers : Guille Gatti, Pedro Cristiani y Simon Ratziel.
Asociated Producer: Luciana Aguirre
Executive Producers: Pablo Leiber + Monica Blois
Editing: Guille Gatti
Screenplay : Pedro Cristiani + Simon Ratziel
Director : Pedro Cristiani


More info: