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08:03 min 22. September 2008

7-35 In The Morning

a narrative film in Spanish

By Nacho Vigalondo

07:31 min 19. January 2014

Protopartículas (2009)

a narrative film in Spanish

Título original: Protopartículas
Año: 2009
Duración: 7 min.
País: España
Director: Chema García Ibarra
Guión: Chema García Ibarra
Fotografía: Alberto Gutiérrez
Reparto: José Antonio Fernández, José Manuel Ibarra
Productora: Chema García Ibarra
Género: Ciencia ficción | Cortometraje
Web Oficial: http://www.facebook.com/Protoparticulas
Sinopsis: A través de un experimento, un hombre intenta demostrar la existencia de la protomateria, sustancia imaginaria que ha aparecido en películas como "Superman" o "Star Trek".

Vídeo descargado desde http://vimeo.com/65719102

09:50 min 2. May 2014

From Psycho Killer to Painter

a documentary in Spanish

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Peruvian artist LU.CU.MA spent 27 years in jail for the murder of his brother, among other crimes. After his release, LU.CU.MA—short for Luis Cuevas Manchego—swore to turn himself around. He traded the machine guns, hand grenades, and knives that he once used to ambush buses for art supplies.

VICE traveled to Lima, Peru, to talk to LU.CU.MA about his life, how he uses art as a way to repent, and why all his paintings involve things like corrupt politicians being beheaded by snakes.

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13:07 min 11. February 2015


a narrative film in Spanish

Set in Seville, Spain, this short film follows a day in the life of flamenco guitarist Juan Ramírez. Through his eyes we experience Soleá - the mother of flamenco - and Juan’s unusual journey to master his craft.

Directed by: Pedro Kos and Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee

14:29 min 9. December 2010

Burbuja (Bubble) Cortometraje. Shortfilm. Spain 2009

a narrative film in Spanish

Cortometraje Burbuja (Bubble) en VOS dirigido por Gabriel Olivares y Pedro Casablanc con Miren Ibarguren, Inma Cuevas, Vicente Romero y Bart Santana
Premios y selecciones:

07:57 min 22. November 2012

What are you thinking? (Piensas) Short Film ENGLISH sub

a narrative film in Spanish

TITLE: What are you thinking? (PIENSAS)

•Sinopsys; Rule number one for getting along with your partner: never ask "the question". You may not be prepared for the answer.

• Duration: 7:57 minutes (June 2012) Comedy

•Cast: Silvia Manzana, Javier Maldonado, Jon Rodriguez.

Produced by: Larrotxene Kultur Etxea
Directed: Ruben Sainz
Screenwriter: Andoni De Carlos
Cinematography: Unai Rosende
SCRIPT: Montse Alvarez, Hegoi Oñate, Unai Garcia
SOUND Julio Redondo
Sound Editing: Mikel Garagarza, Daniel Gutiérrez,Joar G. Galdeano
MAKE UP : Ion Villar
Executive producer: Ruben Sainz, Andoni De Carlos
Assistant Director: Denis Conde
Making Off: Ivan Sokolov
Edited: Unai Rosende
Music by: Iciar Arrieta

Selected for Best Short Film whith title: What are you thinking? (PIENSAS)

•-XVII certamen de cortos de Villa de Errenteria (Spain) Noviembre 2012.
•-Ikuska 14ª Muestra de cortometrajes de Pasaia (Spain)Noviembre 2012.
•-Gau Laburra Beasain (Spain) 27 de diciembre 2012.
•-Akbank 9th Short Film Festival for the “International Shorts Section” Turkia 2013
•-Short Cuts. Hispanic American International Short Film Festival en Wasington DC U.S.A. 2013
•-5th edition of the Leiden International Short Film Experience! LISFE 2013 HOLANDA
•-muestra de cine Kmaleon JUNIO 2013 (LEON/ SPAIN)
•-Toyama International Film Festival in Japan. June 2013
•--Puerto Rico International Film Fest & Convention.. 11/08/2013
•-Incubate Open Film 2013 (HOLANDA)
•-festival Corto Circuito, the Latino Short Film Festival of New York 2013. Oct
•-Freaked Out Films Festival 2013 25th – 26th October in Lublin, Poland.

10:13 min 18. January 2012

The legend of the Scarecrow english subtitles Original Audio

a narrative film in Spanish

I know, I know the subtitles aren't the best, but I saw many english speakers who wanted to enjoy this beautiful shortfilm :)
http://elpeloninvisible.tumblr.com/ for more amazing shorfilms and images

Copyright Oficial ©
Screenplay & Direction: Marco Besas
Animation Director / Original Artwork: CARLOS LASCANO.
Editing & compositing: Carlos Lascano
Original Music, 3D model 3D animation: Fernando Cascales
Voice: Sancho Gracia
Screenplay & Direction: Marco Besas

02:25 min 5. May 2016

Cuba's One-Woman Boxing Revolution

a documentary in Spanish

Stockholm-based director Maceo Frost captures the tireless battle of Namibia Flores Rodriguez, the only known female boxer in Cuba undertaking the same unrelenting regime as her male counterparts. Read the feature on NOWNESS - http://bit.ly/1QScTTl


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10:51 min 26. June 2011

LA RUTA NATURAL (The Natural Route)

a narrative film in Spanish

“Soon a man will find out that his destiny is already written and that he can't do anything to change it.“

Best International Short Film at the Sundance Film Festival 2006

Language: Spanish with English subtitles

Cast: Pere Ventura, Silvia Serván, Albert López-Murtra, Begoña Guillén

Director: Alex Pastor Vallejo
Script: Alex Pastor & Martí Roca
Cinematography: Eduard Grau
Editor: Eloi Tomàs
Producer: Irene Puig Sedó
Production Designer: Silvia Suárez
Sound: Marc Montañés

24:06 min 30. June 2011

ZAPATO Y CALDERA (english subs, final)

a narrative film in Spanish

Two high school students make their own justice regarding a violent crime. They use technology created by them both to explore inside the killer's memory and know the truth.

Banned from over a dozen festivals because of its polemic plot and explicit violence, currently free to watch online, "Zapato y Caldera" aspires to deliver a powerful, entertaining and reflexive B-Movie experience.

Featuring: Daniel Barrientos, Sergio Fernández, Horacio Jiménez, Oscar Ricardo Encinas and Carol Ballesteros.

Zapato y Caldera was produced in March, 2010.

Dos estudiantes de escuela secundaria hacen justicia respecto a un violento crimen. Utilizan tecnología creada por ellos para navegar entre los recuerdos del asesino y así conocer la verdad.

Vetado de una docena de festivales por su temática polémica y su violencia explícita, actualmente libre de ser visto en línea, "Zapato y Caldera" aspira a transmitir una experiencia poderosa, entretenida y reflexiva en formate cine clase B.

Actúan: Daniel Barrientos, Sergio Fernández, Horacio Jiménez, Oscar Ricardo Encinas y Carol Ballesteros.

Zapato y Caldera fue producido en marzo del 2010.

04:16 min 21. December 2013

Tu color favorito

a narrative film in Spanish

Luisa is dressed. Silvia is naked.
There is a camera between them and a question waiting to be answered: What is your favorite color?

Written and directed by Manuel Bartual.
Starring: Lorena Iglesias, Olga Aguirre, Eva Llorach.

This short film is part of #Sequence, a collective feature film shot on December 21, 2013.

Luisa está vestida. Silvia está desnuda.
Hay una cámara entre ellas y una pregunta que espera respuesta: ¿cuál es tu color favorito?

Guión y dirección: Manuel Bartual.
Protagonizado por Lorena Iglesias, Olga Aguirre, Eva Llorach.

Este cortometraje forma parte de #Sequence, un largometraje colectivo rodado el 21 de diciembre de 2013.

07:17 min 27. July 2010

El Valor del Dinero

a narrative film in Spanish

Cortometraje por Raúl Gutiérrez

13:03 min 22. September 2014

La Carnada

a narrative film in Spanish

"La Carnada" is a short film that follows a 13 year old boy from Tijuana (Manny) as he embarks on his first drug smuggle across the "Devil's Highway," a notoriously fatal stretch of desert on the Arizona/Mexico border.

See more about the film at www.lacarnada.com

Writer/Director: Josh Soskin
Cinematographer: Rob Hauer
Editor: Matthew Sultan
Producers: Ivan Diez Robeldo and Grace Jackson

Manny : Angel Gabriel Soto
Beto: Carlos Valencia
Davey: Pete Reinert
Anne: Carla Short
Mom: Angélica González Ríos

07:34 min 28. May 2009

La Concejala Antropofaga Pedro Almodovar English Subtitles

a narrative film in Spanish

Another fantastic outing from the master - inspired by upcoming feature 'Broken Embraces (Los abrazos rotos) this short features the charatcers Pina, Maribel and Chon, with a witty and subversive monologue from the latter.

This is Almodóvar's first short film in 30 years and was apparently filmed in a corner of the Broken Embraces set. Almodóvar has stressed that it's quite different in tone and style to the feature .

Ever the entertainer, the credits include: direction by Mateo Blanco (AKA Almodóvar) and 'Guion' Harry "Huracan" Caine (AKA Almodóvar).

It debuted exclusively on Canal+ Spain on Friday 13th March, without subtitles. I spent a long time trying to find a version with English subtitles and couldn't (as of May 2009) so decided to make my own (hence they're not 'official'). It took me a while so I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I do.

07:52 min 23. December 2014

MINUTERA - A reflection about photography - Short Documentary

a documentary in Spanish

Minutera, a short documentary on super 8, in black and white talking about photography, 3 things that we like a lot. A short reflection about phoptpgraphy.
Shot in B&W S8mm in April 2014 in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Directed, produced and edited: Andrés Pardo Piccone
Original Music: Yonny Roldán

Audio post: Yonny Roldán
Video Post: General Treegan

Diego Vidart as himself
Des Barry as himself