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03:31 min 31. January 2011


a narrative film in Spanish

Cortometraje finalista de la novena edición de Jameson Notodofilmfest. Dirigido por Juan Fernando Andrés Parrilla y Esteban Roel García Vázquez. Con Carolina Bang.

10:10 min 25. May 2015

Dog Heart

a narrative film in Spanish

A beautiful young prostitute and an alcoholic discover that passion, money and opportunity are a violent combination. Short film shot on 35mm (English subtitles). Starring Elizabeth Cervantes (Ariel Award Winner), Miguel Rene Moreno and Antonio Craviotto.

Watch more on www.bnegra.com

08:03 min 22. September 2008

7-35 In The Morning

a narrative film in Spanish

By Nacho Vigalondo

07:17 min 27. July 2010

El Valor del Dinero

a narrative film in Spanish

Cortometraje por Raúl Gutiérrez

14:29 min 9. December 2010

Burbuja (Bubble) Cortometraje. Shortfilm. Spain 2009

a narrative film in Spanish

Cortometraje Burbuja (Bubble) en VOS dirigido por Gabriel Olivares y Pedro Casablanc con Miren Ibarguren, Inma Cuevas, Vicente Romero y Bart Santana
Premios y selecciones:

07:57 min 22. November 2012

What are you thinking? (Piensas) Short Film ENGLISH sub

a narrative film in Spanish

TITLE: What are you thinking? (PIENSAS)

•Sinopsys; Rule number one for getting along with your partner: never ask "the question". You may not be prepared for the answer.

• Duration: 7:57 minutes (June 2012) Comedy

•Cast: Silvia Manzana, Javier Maldonado, Jon Rodriguez.

Produced by: Larrotxene Kultur Etxea
Directed: Ruben Sainz
Screenwriter: Andoni De Carlos
Cinematography: Unai Rosende
SCRIPT: Montse Alvarez, Hegoi Oñate, Unai Garcia
SOUND Julio Redondo
Sound Editing: Mikel Garagarza, Daniel Gutiérrez,Joar G. Galdeano
MAKE UP : Ion Villar
Executive producer: Ruben Sainz, Andoni De Carlos
Assistant Director: Denis Conde
Making Off: Ivan Sokolov
Edited: Unai Rosende
Music by: Iciar Arrieta

Selected for Best Short Film whith title: What are you thinking? (PIENSAS)

•-XVII certamen de cortos de Villa de Errenteria (Spain) Noviembre 2012.
•-Ikuska 14ª Muestra de cortometrajes de Pasaia (Spain)Noviembre 2012.
•-Gau Laburra Beasain (Spain) 27 de diciembre 2012.
•-Akbank 9th Short Film Festival for the “International Shorts Section” Turkia 2013
•-Short Cuts. Hispanic American International Short Film Festival en Wasington DC U.S.A. 2013
•-5th edition of the Leiden International Short Film Experience! LISFE 2013 HOLANDA
•-muestra de cine Kmaleon JUNIO 2013 (LEON/ SPAIN)
•-Toyama International Film Festival in Japan. June 2013
•--Puerto Rico International Film Fest & Convention.. 11/08/2013
•-Incubate Open Film 2013 (HOLANDA)
•-festival Corto Circuito, the Latino Short Film Festival of New York 2013. Oct
•-Freaked Out Films Festival 2013 25th – 26th October in Lublin, Poland.

10:13 min 18. January 2012

The legend of the Scarecrow english subtitles Original Audio

a narrative film in Spanish

I know, I know the subtitles aren't the best, but I saw many english speakers who wanted to enjoy this beautiful shortfilm :)
http://elpeloninvisible.tumblr.com/ for more amazing shorfilms and images

Copyright Oficial ©
Screenplay & Direction: Marco Besas
Animation Director / Original Artwork: CARLOS LASCANO.
Editing & compositing: Carlos Lascano
Original Music, 3D model 3D animation: Fernando Cascales
Voice: Sancho Gracia
Screenplay & Direction: Marco Besas

19:31 min 17. June 2013

Contra el Mar / Against the Sea

a narrative film in Spanish

Mexico/U.S.A • 19 min • Spanish with English Subtitles • www.richard-parkin.com

Despite his wife’s disapproval, Hector bides his time as a deep-sea diver to provide for his family and to save for his own fishing boat. But after an accident at sea, Hector is forced to confront the deadly nature of his profession while weighing the responsibilities to his family.

Shot on location in the coastal towns of Baja Mexico, Contra el Mar (Against the Sea) is a portrait of a young marriage struggling to find common ground amid hardship and uncertainty.

• National Finalist - 2012 Student Academy Awards
• 2012 Art of Film Award presented by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)
• Best Narrative Student Film - 2012 RiverRun International Film Festival
• Grand Prize Winner - 2011 Directors Guild of America Student Film Awards (Latino / Western Region)
• Best Director - 2011 UCLA Festival of New Creative Work
• Best Screenplay - 2011 UCLA Festival of New Creative Work

• 2011 Palm Springs International ShortFest & Film Market – World Premiere
• 2011 Carmel Art & Film Festival
• 2011 Boston Latino International Film Festival
• 2012 Next Reel International Film Festival
• 2012 San Diego Latino Film Festival
• 2012 Charlotte Film Festival
• 2012 River Run International Film Festival
• 2012 Nashville Film Festival
• 2012 Newport Beach Film Festival
• 2012 Tel-Aviv International Student Film Festival
• 2012 Little Rock Film Festival
• 2012 Los Angeles Film Festival
• 2012 Festival Internacional de Cine de Monterrey
• 2012 Festival Internacional de Cine de Lago Puelo
• 2013 Festival Internacional de Cine de Cartagena de Indias

07:34 min 28. May 2009

La Concejala Antropofaga Pedro Almodovar English Subtitles

a narrative film in Spanish

Another fantastic outing from the master - inspired by upcoming feature 'Broken Embraces (Los abrazos rotos) this short features the charatcers Pina, Maribel and Chon, with a witty and subversive monologue from the latter.

This is Almodóvar's first short film in 30 years and was apparently filmed in a corner of the Broken Embraces set. Almodóvar has stressed that it's quite different in tone and style to the feature .

Ever the entertainer, the credits include: direction by Mateo Blanco (AKA Almodóvar) and 'Guion' Harry "Huracan" Caine (AKA Almodóvar).

It debuted exclusively on Canal+ Spain on Friday 13th March, without subtitles. I spent a long time trying to find a version with English subtitles and couldn't (as of May 2009) so decided to make my own (hence they're not 'official'). It took me a while so I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I do.

22:45 min 21. January 2014

SIMILO. english subtitles.

a narrative film in Spanish

SIMILO. 21 min. 2014.

Written & Directed by Zac&Mac

> ABOUT THE SHORT FILM www.blackmilk.eu/similobts

> CONCEPT ART www.blackmilk.eu/similoart

14:31 min 9. October 2009

Raw Love (Amor Crudo) - With English Subtitles

a narrative film in Spanish

Two friends spend the last days of high school together, but this will inevitably come to an end. Raw Love is a beautiful and sincere story of mixed emotions and secrets that one dare not speak aloud.

Directed by Martin Deus & Juan Chappa
Cast: Valentino Arocena, Felipe Villanueva & Katja Alemann
Cinematography: Sebasián Gallo
Production Design: Jimena Soldo y Diego Sotelo
Músic: Nicolás di Paolo & Adrián Villar Rojas

Sundance 2010, Los Angeles Latino Film Festival, Reeling Chicago, Frameline San Francisco, Festival Internacional de Cine de Mar del Plata, LesGaiCineMad (Madrid), Cortópolis (Córdoba), Fesaalp (La Plata), Festival de Video Latinoamericano (Rosario)

04:49 min 3. November 2009

Ataque de Pánico! (Panic Attack!) 2009

a narrative film in Spanish

Giant robots invades Montevideo!
A 5min short movie directed and animated by Fede Alvarez.

Get the 3d Robot Model:

How we did it?:

My YouTube Story:

Check out the music video!:

Panic Attack! was inspired by this amazing short from HouseOfSecrets:


Robots gigantes invaden Montevideo!
Un cortometraje de 5 minutos dirigido y animado por Fede Alvarez.

Mirate el Video Clip!:


16:24 min 4. October 2013

PLUTO (Short film)

a narrative film in Spanish

Pluto is a bittersweet love story about Pedro, a young artist who dedicates his wall pictures in an abandoned market to the girl of his dreams, Silvia. However, Silvia is Pedro’s relentless older brother’s girlfriend. The only thing Pedro can do is spy on them sneaking through Plutos’ eyes, a character Pedro painted, who is reduced to being a powerless spectator of everyone else’s lives. The passing of time and sorrow prove that true love lasts forever.

Pedro es un joven artista que le dedica a Silvia, la chica de sus sueños, los dibujos que él hace en el mercado abandonado. Pero Silvia es la novia de su hermano mayor Juan Carlos. Lo único que Pedro puede hacer es espiarlos a través de los ojos de Pluto, un personaje dibujado por Pedro, que es un mero espectador de la vida de los demás. Finalmente el paso del tiempo acaba demostrando que el verdadero amor es aquel que perdura para siempre.

14:45 min 11. February 2013

FIST OF JESUS www.fistofjesus.com

a narrative film in Spanish

Get the official Fist of Jesus T-shirt at www.fistofjesus.com


Fist Of Jesus a short film directed by Adrián Cardona & David Muñoz.

Screenwriter David Muñoz.

Produced by Eskoria Films & Co.

Starring by:

Marc Velasco as Jesus

Noé Blancafort as Judas

Salvador Llós as Jacob

José María Angorilla as Cowboy boss

12:17 min 27. November 2012

Listen to me_subtitle English

a narrative film in Spanish

Sinopsys: Daniel is a homeless, begging door to door. John invites him to eat something at his home. The Johns need of talking will make this finish tragically.
• Duration: 12.20 minutes (in November 2012) Thriller
Starring: Patxi Santamaria, Koldo Torres, Javier Maldonado.
Produced by: Karmele Barndiaran Written and Directed: Ruben Sainz Cinematography: Unai Rosende
Music by: Angela Mintegi SCRIPT: Birjan Sainz SOUND Julio Redondo Sound Editing: Mediavox MAKE UP : Noe Ramos PRODUCTION EXECUTIVE:Ruben Sainz, Maider Iribarren, Naia Aduriz DRESS: Leire Laparra
ELECTRIC: Oscar Moreno Edited: Ruben Sainz

shot recorded in SAN SEBASTIAN (Spain)
Selected for Best Short Film whith title “ESCUCHAME”
•---Independent Film Festival Kan 2013 (Polonia)
•---Short Cuts. Hispanic American International Short Film Festival en Wasington DC U.S.A. 2013
•--- festival RojasFest 4 de Buenos Aires, Argentina.
• festival “La nit més curta” de Vilassar de Dalt BARCELONA AGOSTO 2013
•-International Movie Festival FERFILM 2013 (KOSOVO)

11:29 min 17. March 2011

Socarrat (2007, David Moreno, Cortometraje) www.alfonsobassave.com

a narrative film in Spanish


Todos tenemos secretos. Todos tenemos familia. Todos buscamos la felicidad ¿Y si compartimos nuestros secretos y buscamos juntos la felicidad?

Ganador, entre otros, del Premio del Público y también del Premio del Jurado en el FEC de Cambrils, "Socarrat" es un retrato hervido a fuego lento con humor negro de una família más que peculiar, llena de secretos y zonas oscuras, como el "socarrat" de la paella que le da su original y apropiado título.