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06:50 min 26. November 2008

Photograph Of Jesus by Laurie Hill in association with the Getty Images Short & Sweet Film Challenge

an experimental film in English

Short and Sweet has teamed up with Getty Images to launch a film challenge with a twist.
Getty Images approached producer Basil Stephens and Short and Sweet founder Julia Stephenson with the idea of setting up a film competition which would make use of images in Getty's Hulton Archive. Stephenson drew from her in-depth knowledge of the short film arena to suggest a selection of talented filmmakers.
After picking out ten up-and-coming directors, she gave them the opportunity to pitch. Four of the filmmakers made it on to the shortlist and got the chance to realise their ideas. They were given three months to create their films.

The challenges aim was to highlight the breadth and depth of content available at the Hulton Archive, which offers a unique resource to filmmakers and creatives alike. But rather than set a rigid brief, the challenge offered key words and phrases as prompters to guide the filmmakers creativity. Examples of these prompters included discover our past, images that shape our future, still & moving imagery, ordinary people, ordinary things and extraordinary people, extraordinary things.

06:55 min 5. September 2014


a documentary in English

A young man documents a terrifying home invasion.

Horror short film made on a budget of $11.50.

Featured on:
'Short of the Week' www.shortoftheweek.com/2014/10/27/intrusion/
'Film Shortage' http://filmshortage.com/shorts/intrusion/

A film by Jack Michel.

Cast: Jack MIchel
Daniel Frawley
Charlotte COnnor
Amy Ralston (Swan)

13:45 min 2. September 2014


a narrative film in English

A cancelled yoga class changes a man's life.

04:42 min 25. September 2008

The Plan - Award Winning Short Film - HVX200

a narrative film in English

A man quits his job, leaves his girlfriend and drives to Vegas to put all of his money on red.

Filmaka.com peer vote winner. High res version and more films at Matthewkalish.com

03:49 min 27. December 2015

Why Wine?

a report in English

Director James Casey poses a burning question to James Murphy, Justin Chearno, Eric Asimov, Alan Richman, Alice Feiring and others. Read the feature on NOWNESS - http://bit.ly/1JnYbRO


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02:29 min 31. January 2012


a narrative film in English

Writer/director: Shawn Wines
Producer: Brooke Sebold
Starring: Josette Barchilon and Adam Lustick

Contact: shawnwines@gmail.com

02:02 min 20. July 2016

The ultimate brain map

a lecture in English

A new map of the human brain could be the most accurate yet, as it combines all sorts of different kinds of data. This might finally solve a century of disagreements over the shapes and positions of different brain areas.

Read more from Nature news here: http://www.nature.com/news/human-brain-mapped-in-unprecedented-detail-1.20285

Read the paper here: http://nature.com/articles/doi:10.1038/nature18933

20th July 2016

12:45 min 13. November 2015

The poetry of programming | Linda Liukas | TEDxCERN

a talk in English

Linda Liukas believes that a movement in technology is already happening and that we need to engage everyone -- especially the next generation -- to take part. She wants to create a more diverse and colourful world of technology, starting with the poetry of code.

Linda Liukas is a programmer, storyteller and illustrator. Her children's book, Hello Ruby, raised a total of $380,000 on Kickstarter. She founded Rails Girls, which has organized workshops in over 230 cities, teaching the basics of programming to more than 10,000 women. Linda worked at Codeacademy, which she left to write stories that teach children about software and programming. She won the 2013 Ruby Hero prize and was named the Digital Champion of Finland by the EU Commissioner for Digital Agenda.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx

25:13 min 9. November 2010

Successful Alcoholics

a narrative film in English

Successful Alcoholics premiered at Sundance 2010 and has played at over 30 festivals since then.

06:37 min 12. November 2009

The Laundromat | Short Film

a narrative film in English

writer director TIMOTHY MELVILLE
cinematographer JOEL BETTS
production company SCARAB STUDIO FILMS. 2009

Download the script here, http://tinyurl.com/kezzws4
View the Spanish dub here, http://youtu.be/eYTJdv0JMhw

Official Selection Flickerfest 2010
Official Selection St Kilda Film Festival 2010
Official Selection Dungog Film Festival 2010
Winner Best Film Hillside Film Festival 2010
Winner Best Film Bohemian Shorts 2010
Winner Best Film Bayside Film Festival 2010
Winner Best New Filmmaker Shepparton Shorts 2010
Winner Best Script In The Bin Short Film Festival 2010
Finalist Aesthetica Short Film Competition 2010 (UK)
Official Selection Bodega Bay Film Festival 2011 (USA)
Official Selection Southern Screen Film Festival 2011 (USA)

The Laundromat is distributed by Flickerfest


08:55 min 9. December 2008

Rabbit | Future Shorts

an experimental film in English

Dir: Run Wrake / UK / 2005
An animated childrens book with a difference.

05:50 min 1. September 2014

Why is Modern Art so Bad?

a lecture in English

For two millennia, great artists set the standard for beauty. Now those standards are gone. Modern art is a competition between the ugly and the twisted; the most shocking wins. What happened? How did the beautiful come to be reviled and bad taste come to be celebrated? Renowned artist Robert Florczak explains the history and the mystery behind this change and how it can be stopped and even reversed.

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18:45 min 9. December 2013

Do You Believe In The Devil? - a short film

a narrative film in English

On the floor of a bar restroom, a man on his deathbed is met by Danny Pickler: a former classmate of his ... who died twenty-six years ago. On the brink of damnation, he is offered a deal that could save his life - but in the process may destroy his humanity.

“The premise of the film is completely twisted, and asks hilariously absurd questions about the morality of killing.”
- Jonathan Weischel, filmradar.com

Written, Directed and Edited by Alexander Grybauskas.
Cinematography by Lance Kaplan
Executive Producer: Alan Eisenberg
Starring Gary Lee Mahmoud, Daniel Montesano, Madison Comerzan, Kire Tosevski

Shot on RED Epic
Edited with Avid Media Composer 7
Colored with RED Cine X and Adobe After Effects CS6

For more info, visit facebook.com/doyoubelieveinthedevil

14:30 min 12. June 2009

I Love Sarah Jane

a narrative film in English

Title: I Love Sarah Jane
Year: 2008
Country: Australia
Director: Spencer Susser
Production Company: Aquarius Films
Funded by: Qoob

A bunch of teenagers in a ghost town, full of death and desolation, where adults have turned into zombies. Among them, stands Jimbo (Brad Ashby), madly in love with Sarah Jane (Mia Wasikowska). This is the second short film (the first being Spider) funded by Qoob. Directed by Spencer Susser, who also co-wrote the script with Australian author/director David Michod, this film has been selected in major festivals across the world (among which Sundance '08) and won 4 prizes so far.


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