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16:32 min 25. December 2012


a narrative film in Danish

Shortfilm written and directed by Anders Walter and produced by Tivi Magnusson & M&M Productions. The film was shortlisted for an Oscar for "Best live action short" 2013.


Daniel: Benjamin Gabrielsen
Bubka: Oliver Methling Søndergaard
Father: Thomas Baldus
Mother: Christine Albeck Børge

Production Company: M&M Productions
Producer: Tivi Magnusson
Director & Writer: Anders Walter
Executive Producers: Andreas Rostock, Henrik Gugge Garnov & Kim Magnusson
Cinematography: Rasmus Heise
Editing: Lars Wissing
Line Producer: Sanne Jørgensen
Original Music: Rasmus Walter & Niels-Kristian Bærentzen
Sounddesigner: Henrik Gugge Garnov & Jakob Davidsen
Postfacilities: Cameo Film v/ Andreas Rostock
VFX: Bjørn Munch
Colorgrading: Lasse Marcussen


Oscar shortlisted 2013 for "Best live action short".
Scandinavian Film Festival Los Angeles
Miami International Film Festival
Brooklyn Film Festival
Odense International Film Festival (Winner best children & youth film)
Buster, Copenhagen
Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival (Winner international audience award)
San Francisco International Short Film Festival
Vancouver International Film Festival
New York Film Festival
Austin International Film Festival
InterFilm, Berlin
Kuki children & Youth Film Festival, Berlin (Winner best teen film, 2nd prize)


Boulder Film Festival, USA.
New York International Children's Film Festival
Festival du Cinéma Européen de Lille
Brussels International Short Film Festival
Sukawaga International Film Festival, Japan.
Rome Independent Film Festival
Barcelona International Sports Film Festival

05:46 min 7. July 2012


a narrative film in Danish

Nigel gives in to his friend's innocent request.

WISDOM TEETH (2010) is an unnecessary cartoon that Don drew in between more important things.

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06:37 min 30. June 2014


a narrative film in Danish

Withdrawn from the sentient world, a disturbed woman’s fiendish subconscious presents her with a choice to accept or refute the truth surrounding the brutal murder of her fiancé years prior. Through this confrontation with the self, Ulla obtains the key to psychological salvation.

ULLA is a haunting tale of inner demons, paranoia and repression.

19:16 min 4. June 2014


a narrative film in Danish

Animation Afgangsfilm 2014
Instruktør David Adler-
Producer Jakob Langkjær-
Manuskriptforfatter Jesper Fink og David Adler -
Klipper Sofie Marie Kristensen-
Tonemester Hans Christian Arnt Torp-
Fotograf Sine Vadstrup Brooker

12:07 min 4. June 2014


a narrative film in Danish

Animation Afgangsfilm 2014-
Instruktør William Reynish-
Producer Lina Flint-
Manuskriptforfatter Carina Kamper & William Reynish-
Klipper Carla Luffe-
Tonemester Philip Flindt-
Fotograf Louise McLaughlin

08:10 min 14. February 2013

To Venner / Two Friends

a narrative film in Danish

Winner of Danish Academy Award for Best short film 2011

Awarded Student Award at Hampton International Film Festival
Awarded Talent Award at Odense Film Festival

Shown at:
Fantastic Fest Austin
Fantasia International Film Festival
Nordisk Panorama
Buster Film Festival
Short Film Festival Sleepwalkers
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Director: Paw Charlie Ravn
Producer: Jacob Jarek

The National Film School of Denmark © 2010

15:05 min 22. March 2013

Beast - Short Film

a narrative film in Danish

A Super8 production (DK), produced by Troels Faber // Written & Directed by Lars p Arendt

Synopsis : They lie about it. Dad hitting Mom. But ten-year old Benjamin have had it with lies. Taking Dad´s pricey puppy as hostage Benjamin forces Dad to apologize to Mom. Unfortunately for all of them, Daddy is not the apologizing kind.

Cast : Anne Louise Hassing, Lars Bom, Frederik Tingsø
Crew : Writer & Director, Lars p Arendt // Producer, Troels Faber // Story; Lars p Arendt & Troels Faber // Executive Producer, Henrik Laier & Steen Dongo // Caster, Lene Seested // Cinematographer, Erik Zappon, DFF // Editor, Lars p Arendt // Sound, Paw Andersen // Sound Design & Mix, Steen Bondrop // Makeup Artist, Mari-Louise Larsen // Costumes, Kirstine Barker

Awards :
Special Mention // 8th Tirana International Film Festival - Albania 2010
Best Directing // 4th Grand Off - World Independent Film Awards - Poland 2010
Télébec Prize for Best Short Movie // 29th Festival du Cinéma International en Abitibi-Témiscamingue - Canada 2010
Best of Fest // 6th New York City Short Film Festival - USA 2010
1st Prize // 5th Annual Big Sur International Short Film Screening Series - USA 2010
Best Women´s Short Film Award // 34th Cleveland International Film Festival - USA 2009
Prix des Télévisions // 27th Festival Tous Courts International Film Festival - France 2009
Best Film // 12th Aarhus Film Festival - Denmark 2009
Leopards of Tomorrow Nominee // 62nd Locarno Intl. Film Festival - Switzerland 2009

Screenings :
Official Selection 2011
ITN Distribution Film and New Media Festival - USA / Jul.
13th FEC Cambrils-Reus European Short Film Festival - Spain / Feb.

Official Selection 2010
8th Tirana International Film Festival - Albania / Dec.
EUShorts - European Short Film Festival, Budapest - Hungary / Dec.
4th Grand Off - World Independent Film Awards, Warsaw - Poland / Nov.
11th Student and Short Film Festival Sleepwalkers - Estonia / Nov.
Interfilm 26th International Short Film Festival Berlin - Germany / Nov.
19th St. Louis International Film Festival - USA / Nov.
18th Damascus International Film Festival - Syria / Nov.
36th Filmets Badalona Film Festival - Spain / Nov.
29th Festival du Cinéma International en Abitibi-Témiscamingue - Canada / Oct.
40th Kyiv International Film Festival Molodist – Ukraine / Oct.
55th Valladolid International Film Festival - Spain / Oct.
9th International Short Film Festival Fike - Portugal / Oct.
8th International Short Film Festival Shnit - Switzerland, Germany, South Africa, Oct.
29th Vancouver International Film Festival - Canada / Oct.
6th New York City Short Film Festival - USA / Sept.
16th Drama International Short Film Festival - Greece / Sept.
12th Tinklai International Short Film Festival, Vilnius - Lithuania / Sept.
25th Odense International Film Festival - Denmark / Aug.
5th Big Sur International Short Film Screening Series, California - USA / Aug.
40th Giffoni International Film Festival - Italy / Jul.
Expresion en Corto International Film Festival - Mexcio / Jul.
8th Film Palace Fest International Short Film Festival - Bulgaria / Jun.
Short Shorts Film Festival & ASIA, Tokyo - Japan / Jun.
13th Brussels Short Film Festival - Belgium / May
Athens International Film and Video Festival - USA / Apr.
Atlanta International Film Festival - USA / Apr.
Dallas International Film Festival - USA / Apr.
8th International Festival Signes de Nuit, Paris - France / Apr.
34th Hong Kong International Film Festival - Hong Kong / Mar.
34th Cleveland International Film Festival - USA / Mar.
BUFF - The International Children & Young People´s Film Festival - Sweden / Mar.
Northern Wave International Film Festival - Iceland / Mar.

Official Selection 2009
27th Festival Tous Courts, Aix-en-Provence Intl. Film Festival - France / Dec.
12th Aarhus Film Festival - Denmark / Nov.
4th Orlando International Film Festival - USA / Nov.
15th Cinema Tous Ecrans Film & TV Festival - Switzerland / Nov.
Showbiz Expo Film Festival, Los Angeles - USA / Oct.
20th Nordisk Panorama - Iceland / Sept.
62nd Locarno International Film Festival - Switzerland / Aug. >> World Premiere in "Leopards of Tomorrow" Competition

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