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08:19 min 24. November 2008


a music video in English

Jamin Winans' award winning short film about a mysterious DJ who is sent to a busy city block to mend a series of tragic events. Winner of over 40 film festival awards worldwide. www.DoubleEdgeFilms.com

06:12 min 22. September 2015

Autre Ne Veut - Age of Transparency (Music Video)

a music video in English

Yours Truly and WeTransfer are proud to bring you the official "Age Of Transparency" music video. This and other features, including an exclusive download of the jazz version of the song are available on Yours Truly now. http://yourstru.ly/stories/autre-ne-veut

Directed by Allie Avital
Produced by Ruthie Marantz
Cinematography by Fede Cesca
Production Design by Emma Rose Mead
Makeup by Missy Scarborough
Animation/VFX by Will Rahilly
Colorist: Jaime OBradovich / Company 3

Starring: Melanie Ward
Featuring: Amir Almuhanna, David Bonfim, Jasper Cobb, Michelangelo McDowell, Amanda Mincewicz, Keketso Montshiwa, Laura Murphy, Kouryou Ngin, Rachel Schneebalg, and Christopher Valente

04:48 min 3. October 2009

Michael Jackson - Scream

a music video in English

Music video by Michael Jackson performing Scream. © 1995 MJJ Productions Inc.

04:46 min 22. January 2014


a music video in English

I was contacted by Olly the lead singer of Years & Years to direct their latest video. The band and I worked together in coming up with this slightly dark and surreal concept. What the guys wanted was something that involved dancing, but had a narrative and this is what we came up with!

It was a great team effort and everyone went above and beyond what I expected. Being shot on a shoe string budget I have a lot of favours to repay now, but it was well worth it!


Ben Whishaw
Tuppence Middleton
Nathan Stewart-Jarrett
Emilyne Mondo
Pearl Mackie
Aline Estevam
James Finan
Ben Dilloway


Olly Alexander
Michael Goldsworthy
Emre Turkmen


Director - Robert Francis Müller
Producer - Rob Small
Production Mgr - Victoria Wood
D.O.P - Benjamin Barber
1st AC - Jonathan Tomlin
2nd AC/DIT - Eveleen Heard
Gaffer - Christopher Thomas
Spark - Jacky Teboul
Art Director - Jessica Dance
Stylist - Aline Estevam
Make-up - Elaine Lynskey
Make-up Asst - Angela Rossi
Hair Stylist - Narad Kutowaroo
Bands Manager - Martha Kinn @ Machine Managment
Runner - Hannah Barter


Editor - Ryan Beck @ Final Cut
Grade/Composite - Robert Francis Müller


James Irwin @ Focus 24 (Kit Hire)
Anthony Gunson @ The Wenlock & Essex (Location)
Corin Taylor

04:47 min 21. March 2008

The Handless Pianist - Short Film

a music video in English

Screened at the Cannes Film Festival - Short Film Corner, 2008.

Writer, Director, Editor and Animator
Ori Sinai

Lyndam Gregory

Director of Photography
Nick Winter

Sound Recording
Ana Yamel Rodriguez Cuervo

"Horizon Variations"
Written and Performed by
Max Richter


04:11 min 14. January 2015

"Congested Conjurist" ~ Benjamin Grenville (Music Video 2015)

a music video in English

Haunted Civil War era Music Video for Folk Artist Benjamin Grenville.

We follow a man as he nears the end of his fight in the American Civil War. After being baptized alongside his fellow soldiers and losing his way through the Appalachian Mountains, He becomes a prisoner to a group of confederate soldiers. While in captivity he is constantly haunted by the beautiful woman who baptized him. As he nears his last breathe, she returns.

Awardeo.tv "Short of the Week" Feb. 8th - Feb. 15th 2015
Best Shorts Competition "Award of Merit" - April 7th, 2015

Bare Bones International Film and Music Festival 2015
Film Shortage: Daily Short Picks
Best Shorts Competition 2015
LAIFF Awards May 2015

"Best Music Video" at LAIFF Awards May 2015


Benjamin Grenville
Amanda Soucy
Seyi Ayorinde
Chris Pike
Kevin O. Peterson
Andrew Dunn
Andre Phillips
Dave Wilkinson
Greg Robbins
Eric Campana
Ian Fein

Director - Cody Signore
Producer - David Bouley
Assistand Director - Andre Phillips, David Bouley
Cinematography - Chuck Vuolo
Art Director - Judy Prescott
Set Dresser - Ryan Bliss
Make Up/Wardrobe - Jeff Adler
Gaffer - Tom Fitzgerald, Andrew Dodd
A.C.'s - Josh Weinhaus, Joseph Lingad
Grips - Thomas Eckenfels, Christian Doucette
Production Sound - Alex Kukla
Production Assistants - Andrew Dunn, Chyna Lin, Sam McGoldrick,
Sound Editing/Mixing - Ben Didsbury
Color Grading - Jon Mercer

Production: Charles River Media Group

Special thanks to everyone who supported us on Kickstarter! Without any of you this would not be possible and we would not be able to do the things that we love to do! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1003286495/congested-conjurist

02:52 min 25. September 2015

Wanda – Meine beiden Schwestern (Official Video)

a music video in German

Wanda – Meine beiden Schwestern (Official Video). Das neue Wanda Album "Bussi" erscheint am 2.10.2015.
Hier vorbestellen:
iTunes: http://smarturl.it/Bussi_iTunes | Amazon: http://smarturl.it/Bussi_amazon | Saturn: http://umgt.de/yfLIN0
Die aktuelle Single "Bussi Baby" gibt es jetzt als Download.

Instinkt & Zufall






mit freundlicher Unterstützung von

Kanal abonnieren http://bitly.com/YTVertigoTV

Es ist wahrscheinlich etwas Wahres dran
Wenn du sagst, dass man dabei träumen kann. Leider sind wir beide unserem
Wesen nach Gespenster
Traurige Gespenster
Weiße Kirchenfenster
Hin und wieder stehen wir uns nah. Genauso wie die
Flaschen von Gestern
Meine beiden Schwestern
Ich schau dich gern von rechts an
Hin und wieder stehen wir uns nah

Es ist wahrscheinlich etwas Wahres dran
Wenn du sagst, dass man dabei sterben kann. Passend sind wir beide unserem
Wesen nach Gespenster
Traurige Gespenster
Weiße Kirchenfenster
Hin und wieder stehen wir uns nah. Genauso wie die
Flaschen von Gestern
Meine beiden Schwestern
Ich schau dich gern von rechts an
Hin und wieder stehen wir uns nah
Genauso wie die Flaschen von Gestern
Meine beiden Schwestern
Ich schau dich gern von rechts an
Hin und wieder stehen wir uns nah

05:02 min 5. June 2015

Last Dance: The Supercut (A Donna Summer Dance Mash-Up)

a dance video in English

This video showcases the inherent trepidation, exhilaration, and physical thrill of DANCING while highlighting some of the best dancers in films––like Ann Reinking, Rita Morena, Cynthia Rhodes, Leslie Browne, Mikhail Baryshnikov, even Bob Fosse himself! As an editor who’s also a dancer, this was a joy to make. I hope every dancer––or dance enthusiast––will enjoy watching it. The song 'Last Dance’ was featured in the disco film ‘Thank God It’s Friday’. It won an Academy Award for Best Song in 1978.

NOWNESS: https://www.nowness.com/series/nowness-picks/last-dance-the-supercut
The Nerdist: https://nerdist.com/watch-this-fabulous-dance-movie-supercut-set-to-donna-summers-last-dance/
Laughing Squid: http://laughingsquid.com/a-supercut-of-popular-dance-scenes-in-films-set-to-the-song-last-dance-by-donna-summer/

Also featured on Movies.com, Live For Films, The Culturist, The Futurist... and more.

Dance that dance.

MUSIC: Last Dance by Donna Summer.
Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro.

FILMS (in order of appearance):
0:02 Carrie
0:06 All That Jazz
0:10 Flashdance
0:20 The Turning Point
0:23 Footloose
0:26 All That Jazz
0:27 Silver Linings Playbook
0:29 Dirty Dancing
0:34 West Side Story
0:37 Footloose
0:39 Flashdance
0:46 Dirty Dancing
0:50 Saturday Night Fever
0:53 Fame
0:56 Staying Alive
0:58 Flashdance
1:00 All That Jazz
1:03 Staying Alive
1:06 Dirty Dancing
1:12 All That Jazz
1:16 Staying Alive
1:17 The Turning Point (Browne and Baryshnikov)
1:18 Shag
1:23 Footloose
1:26 The Turning Point
1:29 Airport
1:33 The Big Lebowski
1:35 Boogie Nights
1:38 Summer Of Sam
1:42 The Last Days Of Disco
1:45 Saturday Night Fever
1:49 Dirty Dancing
1:54 West Side Story (the wonderful Rita Moreno)
1:59 Grease
2:02 Summer Of Sam
2:05 Boogie Nights
2:10 Thank God It's Friday
2:16 Flashdance
2:20 Dirty Dancing
2:22 Saturday Night Fever
2:25 Summer Of Sam
2:30 Reality Bites
2:36 Thank God It's Friday (Donna Summer sings 'Last Dance')
2:47 Carrie
2:50 Dirty Dancing (the incredible Cynthia Rhodes)
2:59 Xanadu
3:01 Shag
3:03 Saturday Night Fever
3:07 Staying Alive
3:08 Silver Linings Playbook
3:12 Footloose
3:13 The Breakfast Club
3:17 Pulp Fiction
3:20 Reality Bites
3:22 Footloose
3:25 The Last Days Of Disco
3:28 The Turning Point
3:32 Thank God It's Friday
3:36 Staying Alive
3:40 The Little Prince (that's Mr. Bob Fosse, himself)
3:43 Summer Of Sam
3:47 Grease
3:49 Staying Alive
3:51 Flashdance
3:53 All That Jazz (the fabulous Ann Reinking)
3:55 Footloose
4:03 Center Stage
4:10 The Turning Point (the amazing Leslie Browne)
4:15 Carrie
4:19 Saturday Night Fever
4:25 Silver Linings Playbook
4:34 Fame
4:38 Dirty Dancing
4:40 Saturday Night Fever
4:42 All That Jazz (Ann Reinking, nailing it)
4:48 The Turning Point
4:51 Dirty Dancing (Cynthia Rhodes, nailing it)

05:11 min 31. October 2013

MGMT - "Alien Days" (Official Video)

a music video in English

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"Alien Days" is from MGMT's self-titled third album which was released on September 17. Every configuration of the album comes with a free download of the "Optimizer", a complete audio + visual experience. For more information, watch Inside the "Optimizer" here http://youtu.be/uDWGgQIHQho

Get the record here: http://smarturl.it/MGMT

MGMT are set to embark on a US tour this fall starting at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, TX on November 10 and concluding with a stop at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY on December 13. For a full list of tour dates or to purchase tickets check out: http://www.crowdsurge.com/MGMT/

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05:23 min 7. March 2012

Unicorn Sashimi

a dance video in no language

Felt Soul Media teamed up with Nick Waggoner and Yuki Miyazaki of Sweetgrass Productions in January 2012 to hunt the mythical Hokkaido Unicorn. The creature proved difficult to capture on film, so we just decided to do a little skiing.

Lots of love and high fives to Patagonia and the 5Point Film Festival for helping make this short possible.

Best Short Film 2013 Vancouver Mountain Film Festival http://www.vimff.org
Best Powder Award 2013 Cold Smoke Awards http://www.coldsmokeco.com
Best Cinematography Award, 2012 5 Point Film Festival http://5pointfilm.org/
Best Ski Film, 2012 Adventure Film Festival www.adventurefilm.org

Official Selection: 2013 Durango Independent Film Festival www.durangofilm.org
Official Selection: 2012 Banff Film Festival www.banffcentre.ca/mountainfestival/
Official Selection: 2012 Mountainfilm in Telluride www.mountainfilm.org
Official Selection: 2012 Port Townsend Film Festival www.ptfilmfest.com/
Official Selection: 2012 Banff Film Festival World Tour www.banffcentre.ca/mountainfestival/worldtour/
Official Selection: 2012 New Belgium Brewing Clips of Faith Tour www.newbelgium.com/clips.aspx

[Camera work] Ben Knight, Travis Rummel and Nick Waggoner [Editor] Ben Knight [Producer] Yuki Miyazaki [Color] Ansol Fogel of Forge Motion Pictures [music] Christopher Bissonnette, In Accordance | Joji Hirota & Hiten Ryu Daiko, Kin No Mai | Wa Dai Ko Matsuri Za, Kabuki Gomen-Jyo!

Huge Thanks: Keith Danis & The Niseko Company, Niseko United, Karl Thompson, Mark Zitelli, Mark Fischer, Melissa Rummel, Herve Bizot, Makoto Takeishi, Shinya Nakagawa, Takaya Maeda, Ryu Okawa, Taro Tamai & Gentemstick

Camera: Red Epic | Lenses: Canon EF | Food: Ramen

03:44 min 7. July 2011

Casper - So Perfekt

a music video in German

XOXO bekommst du online bei http://bit.ly/itunes_XOXO, http://amzn.to/XOXO_CD, http://amzn.to/XOXO_MP3, http://amzn.to/XOXO_LP, http://bit.ly/Musicload_XOXO, http://bit.ly/MZEE_CD, http://bit.ly/MZEE_LP.

"Du lachst, du weinst, du strahlst, du scheinst. Du kratzt, du beißt – Fastenzeit vorbei!", rappt Casper im Refrain seiner neuen Single "So perfekt".

"So perfekt" eine hoffnungsvolle Hymne, wie sie zuversichtlicher nicht sein könnte. Inspiriert von amerikanischen Teenagerfilmen und Sportlerdramen wie "The Breakfastclub, "Friday Night Lights" oder "Varsity Blues", ist es ein Lied über das Erwachsenwerden und die kleinen und großen Hürden, die damit verknüpft sind. Ein Lied für Menschen, die noch nicht so ganz ihren Platz gefunden haben, zwischen den ganzen Cheerleadern und Quarterbacks. Für all die, die sich in dieser Gesellschaft verloren und vergessen fühlen. Für jeden, dem manchmal alles über den Kopf wächst. Ein Song, der Sicherheit ausstrahlt und das Leben feiert. Ein Lied, das Mut macht. Zu dessen Beat man die kleinen Zweifel und die großen Ängste im Takt in den Boden des Tanzflurs stampft. So lange, bis man die Welt um sich herum vergisst und sich unbesiegbar fühlt. Denn alles ist perfekt.

03:52 min 11. February 2011

Norbert Schneider - Hooked On You

a music video in English

Music video by Norbert Schneider performing Hooked On You. (C) 2010 Sony Music Entertainment Austria GmbH

05:36 min 7. February 2011


a music video in English


Directed by Christopher Alender
Produced by Kris Eber for Soapbox Films
Cinematography by Craig Kief
Visual Effects by Wes Ball
From the album HIGHWAY COLLECTION by Lovett

Download the song & see more Lovett videos at www.lovettmusic.com
Watch the Making Of this video here: https://vimeo.com/19661520