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03:19 min 23. February 2009

What Facebook Is For

a mockumentary in English

You only think you know what Facebook is.

And a version dubbed into Slovak here:

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20:21 min 3. January 2013

Throng: Mockumentary Short Film

a mockumentary in English

Throng, a Borat like look at the world of independent film auditions. When several jaded filmmakers tire of making films, they turn to the one part of the process they truly enjoy: auditioning people. But things soon get out of hand and their scheme crumbles before them!

Directed by Chris R Wilson and Zach Persson. Starring Zach Persson, Jonathan Senske and Tim Feeney.

05:43 min 29. January 2015

UA - The Outdoorsman

a mockumentary in English

"That darn grizzly."

An Urbana Ave Production

Watch the behind the scenes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjIyeEV6h6w

Instagram: @UrbanaAve

Twitter: @UrbanaAve



Mitch Rumppe
Marina Rumppe
Jim LaCroix
Tina LaCroix
MaHaley Bramblett
Rohan Manginelli

Director - Skyler Smith
Director of Photography - Isaac Deitz
Assistant Director - Marc Sugrue
Second Assistant Director - Alyssa Smith
Assistant Camera - David Nobles
Music - Mitch Rumppe
Wardrobe and Makeup - Marina Rumppe
Creative Consultant - Caleb Nelson
Visual Effects and Production Assistant - Joseph Peed
Production Assistants - Julian Fedele, Nathan Mowery, & Chadd Deitz

06:01 min 26. July 2012

Marcel, King of Tervuren (english)

a mockumentary in English

Marcel survives the bird flu, alcohol, sleeping pills and his son Max. Though blinded in one eye, he remains the King of Tervuren. Greek tragedy as acted out by Belgian roosters. 2012

06:41 min 10. March 2011

Big Society - A Short Film by Nick Scott

a mockumentary in English

One man's controversial new approach to tackling social issues.
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07:09 min 26. March 2010

The Internet, the truth behind the conspiracy

a mockumentary in English

Does the Internet really exist or is it all just a conspiracy? Join us in this quest for justice and truth where facts and fiction will meet each other on an epic battle in the name of journalism.

Credits: Pilar Barrio, Max Brill, Harriet Fleuriot , Matt White & Hugo Sieiro Written and Directed by Hugo Sieiro Additional writing by Ace Renegade Photography by Max brill, Edgar Wittek Production Assistant Michael Byrne Archive footage provided by: Revostock Edited by: Max Brill Motion Graphics by: Rut Briones Location Sound by: Rut Briones Studio Sound by: Ana Maria Salazar Montes

Shot on location in London, additional filming at The 491 Gallery

12:07 min 5. January 2006

Truth in Advertising

a mockumentary in English

A great story about how a marketing campaign is made. Speakers say what they think and not what they should say. You will like it. Very British Humor.

03:00 min 12. January 2010

Jamie Kennerley local hero film

a mockumentary in English

As I have already informed you, I had to have a radical rethink of my original Local Hero idea as my subject went away on holiday for 2 weeks! I decided to change tack entirely, and where I was going to make a real documentary, I decided to make a fake one! A fiction film, basically. Our hero - Michael Bosworth, 32, unemployed - has thwarted an ongoing intrusion into the tranquility of local village life, and in doing so has become a bit of a local celebrity. Here Michael recounts the events as they unfolded, with the help of local councillor Lewis Timms and the enthusiastic and supportive residents of Horncastle. Dan Shelton plays the role of Michael, and Clayton Charles plays the role of the councillor. Thanks to Sylvia and Martin Holden, Dan and Lynsey Fennell, and all the people of Rickmansworth who were kind enough to join in with the filming. Thanks also to Andrew Taylor for his help in making the film happen, both in prep and on the shoot day. Please note: this is a work of fiction - no resemblance to actual persons living or dead, or to actual organisations, is intended.

03:15 min 25. October 2009


a mockumentary in English

Part I of the "FORGOT MY MEDS" trilogy.
Directed by Adam Wingard Starring Hannah Hughes, Lane Hughes, and Jason LaRay Keener

18:46 min 20. December 2009

Dinosaur Curtains

a mockumentary in English

An intimate look at the personal experience of one young family’s appearance on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

Our other films include:

TCHOUPITOULAS opens Friday Dec 7 @ IFC Center NYC - http://www.oscilloscope.net/films/film/82/Tchoupitoulas


02:10 min 10. November 2014

#OnSet - Being a Cinematographer Parody.

a mockumentary in English

A light-hearted look at the role of the Cinematographer.
With respect to the original video - Being a Cinematographer - this is a parody of the original with no harm intended.
Just a bit of fun and hopefully a few laughs. Enjoy.
Here is the link to the original: https://vimeo.com/100096260
Adam is a freelance director/editor in Sydney.
Thanks to Steve Saunders for the sound mix.
Written and voiced by: Adam Khamis

04:00 min 4. November 2014

The Effects of Climate Change on Selkie Migration Patterns

a mockumentary in English

This lonely man thinks that playing chess against himself is all there is to life. When he meets a half-woman, half-seal, you won’t believe what happens next.

Produced by Ted Day, Luke Tilghman and Zack Around
Written and Directed by Ben Smith
Scored by Ariel Marx

Starring Ryan Pater and Kate Thulin
Narrated by Sean Gormley

Executive Producer: Cam Vokey
Director of Photography: Zack Around

Created by Hustlemilk

Shot on a Canon C100 and Zeiss ZE Lenses


10:26 min 29. March 2006

The Old Negro Space Program

a mockumentary in English

A parody in the style of Ken Burns documentaries - 'retired' black astronauts recall the feats and derring dos of the do it yourself African-American space program from the late fifties to the dawn of the seventies. Vist Wikipedia entry at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Old_Negro_Space_Program
02/17/2013 - I have gotten to the point of being so fucking tired of reading these fucking racists diatribes I have turned off all comments. You racists are a disease that need to be eradicated like smallpox..

05:01 min 31. May 2009


a mockumentary in English

HUMAN WRITES - ISWI 2009 / The "masterpiece" of the Movie Group
Human writes... I mean Human Rights! This was the topic of the 9th edition of the International Student Week in Ilmenau (which took place between 8 and 17th May 2009). The multicultural Movie group coordinated by Antonia and Deborah assumed the task of making a short film from scratch in just 3 days. And they did it! (Please have mercy when criticising! )

The groupmembers:
from Croatia: Mariza
from India: Ishaan
from Indonesia: Stefan
from Poland: Marzena
from Romania: Petronela and Romeo
from Russia: Yana
from Serbia: Milos
from Ucraine: Iryna and Olena
The groupleaders: Antonia and Deborah

Human rights... RIGHT NOW!!! Go ISWI!

15:07 min 30. December 2010

Sundance Film Festival Classics "Countertransference"

a mockumentary in English

A lonely woman with assertiveness issues finds her problems multiplied in therapy.

Programmer's Note: 'Countertransference,' Madeleine Olnek's ( http://www.madeleineolnek.com ) second Sundance Film Festival entry (she debuted in Park City with the short film 'Hold Up' in 2006) shows how her background as a playwright has enabled her to harness stellar performances (most notably Deb Margolin as the lead) and deliver a script textured with both hilarity and depth. Overcoming some challenges on set - like an equipment truck hitting a parked car and causing $1,400 worth of damage - the fearless director put together what was one of this year's most hysterical productions. Olnek returns to the Festival this year with her feature 'Codependent Lesbian Alien Seeks Same' which shows her universal appeal for laughs and language, and proves that you don't need a ton of dough to make a proper science-fiction fantasy.