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11:26 min 25. September 2009

Old Fangs

a narrative film in English

I directed this film with Alan Holly in 2008/009
Made in / produced by the Cartoon Saloon, in their home town Kilkenny, Ireland

-Galway film fleadh 2009, honourable mention
nomination: Sundance film festival 2010 official selection
-Seoul international youth festival 2010, Jury's special mention
-Animation block party 2010, best in show
-giffoni film festival 2010, Generator +16 short films 2nd place
-festanca 2010 best film award
-wissemburg - RICA, 2010, Special Jury Award

02:04 min 7. January 2009

Passe Vite | Future Shorts

a narrative film in Dutch

Dir. Bert Dombrecht, Korneel Detailleur, Ben Verschooris / Belgium / 2006
Tangerines and bananas cause chaos in this brilliantly quirky stop animation.

14:48 min 29. August 2010

Prey Alone HQ

a narrative film in English

Download: http://docs.google.com/uc?id=0B7NmFnrhx55vbTBOTUwxM1VzYUk&export=download

Official site:
Animator's webpage:

Writers, Directors - Stephen St. Leger and James Mather
Producer - John McDonnell
3D Graphics, Modelling, Animation - James Mather
Lead 3D Animator & Compositor - Jonathan Ridge
Music - John Walsh
Editor - Janice Toomey

Ger Carey - Darris Cain
Andy Moore - Dean Ellis
Kurt Savage - Fugitive

Prey Alone - not regarded as your typical Irish short film! In fact it doesn't even have a priest as one of the main or supporting characters. No panoramic vistas, no poverty, misery or guilt and it's not even set in the 1950's. Prey Alone is a high octane, ball busting, roaring screeming chase movie set somewhere in the near future in a generic city in the USA.

It uses the latest up to date digital film techniques but didn't cost a fortune to make. It' is in fact the first digital home movie. None of the backgrounds even exist - they were all created in computers. 9 home computers that the directors hooked up together and arranged to operate like a high end digital TV post production system. It's a home movie!

Prey Alone is almost entirely digitally created. In fact the only elements of live action in the movie are the actors and some hand props. Everything else was built in post production by the film makers.

Writers / Directors Stephen St Leger (a TV commercials director) and James Mather (a director of photography) have worked as a team on hundreds of commercials and decided to extend this synergy to the hugely ambitious concept of directing a movie entirely shot on green screen and post produced by themselves. They incorporated the green screen technology and techniques they had experienced over the years shooting TV commercials and expanded it into a 15-minute high-energy nail biting drama with enormous effect.

The real beauty of this movie is that it's not just an example of imaginative cinematic techniques, it has a powerful narrative with a thoroughly satisfying & clever twist in the tale that ties up all the loose ends and wraps up the experience with a big bow.

Interviews & reviews:

08:30 min 27. May 2010

"Tell-Tale" full movie in full HD

a narrative film in English

Starring Carla Gugino and directed by Greg Williams, Tell-Tale is a erotic film noir thriller short.
In a world first several shots in this film were made on the Epic Camera (prototype) back in January 2010.

05:41 min 14. July 2006

Suzie Templeton - Dog

a narrative film in English

A moving tale from Suzie Templeton about a young boy who, grieving for his dead mother, seeks reassurance from his father.

03:40 min 20. July 2009

Un tour de manège - Animation Short Film 2009 - GOBELINS

a narrative film in French

Le temps d'un tour de manège, une petite fille va faire l'expérience de sa vie au cours d'un voyage au fil de l'eau.

A magic merry-go-round takes a little girl on the ocean voyage of a lifetime.


Distribution :
La distribution des films produits par GOBELINS, l'école de l'image est assurée par L'Agence du court métrage. Contact : f.keller@agencecm.com.

07:29 min 26. January 2012

Requiem for Romance

a narrative film in English

DVDs and Limited Prints from the film available at:

And here is an uplifting story about how I learned to draw as a kid, entitled Asthma Tech:


In this "crouching love, hidden breakup" story, inspired by 50's Shanghai water ink animation & kung fu films, themes of distance, tradition, art and longing dominate a telephonic conversation as a martial arts tango provides the visual backdrop.

Shannon Kook, star of Degrassi the Next Generation and The Conjuring, won the best voice performance at the ACTRA awards for his role on the film. Vid Cousins composed the music based on an original musical theme by Kid Koala.

The film won Best Art Direction Award at Anima Mundi, Best Canadian Shortwork at the Whistler Film Festival, AnimAsian award at the Toronto International Reel Asian Film Festival, Audience Choice Award at the Athens Animation Festival in upstate NY. It was nominated for prizes at Cristal Festival in Switzerland, Golden Reel award at LA Asian Pacific Film Festival. The film was Official Selection in Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film, Melbourne International Film Festival, Palm Springs International Shortfest and was presented as part of the Best of Quebec presentation in the Cannes Market in 2012.

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12:52 min 3. November 2014

Interesting Ball

a narrative film in English

A red ball bounces past a cafe and a couple folks’ houses and then goes to the beach.

DAZED presents a film by DANIELS
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Declare Independence - #dazedvisionaries

An Interesting Ball
Harol - Bryan Condon
Sharely - Ani Raya-Flores

Cafe Scene
Waymond - Waymond Lee
Djenna - Rosa Handelman

Daniel - Daniel Kwan
Daniel - Daniel Scheinert

Backy Rotch - Allyn Rachel
Pranker - Asa Seret
Michael Rotch - Jonathan Wang

Ashley - Jesse Fleece
Doog - Dugan O’Neal
Abanda - Kourtney Gleason

Mike Dempsey
John Lyke
Mark Golembeski
Mike Yorke
Mike Riccitelli
Kyle Garrity
Mark Rosen

Timothy Eulich
Jason Kisvarday

An Interesting Ball story by:
Justin Becker

Broformers story by:
Benjamin & Alex Brewer

Prank story by:
Dustin Emerson Straube & Daniel Scheinert

Executive Produced by:
Ravi Amaratunga
Juliette Larthe
Margo Mars
Ali Brown

Produced by:
Daniel Scheinert & Stefanie Lynch

Cinematography by:
Larkin Seiple
Matt Sanderson

Production Design by:
Jason Kisvarday
Ali Rubinfeld

Editing by
Paul Rogers
Daniel Kwan

Score by:
Alessandro Tabora

Art Team:
Kelsi Ephraim
Carli Moloney

Assistant Directed by:
Jesse Fleece

1st AC:
Jonathan Dec
Zac Adams
Ken Tanaka

2nd AC:
Mike Tubridy

Matt Ardine

Set Assistance by:
Eleanor Marks

Hair & Makeup by:
Eleanor Marks

Wardrobe by:
Corban Poorboy
Caleb Jackson

Additional Editing:
Kyle Brown
Kyle Gilbertson

Special Effects by:
Brandon Hirzel (BEMO)
Kirsten Lepore
James Kwan

Coloring by:
Ricky Gausis (MPC LA)

Sound Design by:
Brent Kiser

Special Thanks:
Rebecca Davis
Prettybird Staff
Kitchen Mouse
Justin Gaar
Ted Tremper
Samantha Margherita
Charm City Cakes
Laura Gonzalez
Julie Hook
Joyce Kim
Elisha Yaffe
Tasha McCrory
Helena Gaar

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13:39 min 15. September 2011

The Dark Companion

a narrative film in English

Howard (a puppet) has an existential crisis and nervous breakdown when he, and only he, can see his puppeteer... a featureless, humanoid shape that always looms over him, that he calls his "Dark Companion". His relationship with his wife and friends quickly breakdown, when no one believes him, forcing Howard to take drastic measures.

Official Selection 2012 Atlanta Film Festival
Official Selection 2012 L.A. Comedy Short Film Festival
Official Selection 2012 Tupelo Film Festival
Official Selection 2012 Lighthouse International Film Festival
Winner Best Film 2012 Laugh Track Comedy Festival
Official Selection 2012 Indianapolis Film Festival
Official Selection 2012 Sidewalk Film Festival
Official Selection 2012 TriMedia Film Festival
Official Selection 2012 Arizona Underground Film Festival
Official Selection 2012 Friar's Club Comedy Film Festival
Special Jury Citation 2013 Oxford Film Fest
Official Selection 2013 Laugh Out Loud Short Film Fest
Official Selection 2013 Waterfront Film Festival
Official Selection 2013 Laugh or Die Comedy Festival
Official Selection 2013 Dragon*Con Film Festival

10:23 min 25. February 2010

Daddy's Girl

a narrative film in English

International Award Winning Film. Cannes Prix de Jury Courte Metrage, Naples IFF Premio Europa Corto Circuito. Paris IFF Prix de Jury Courte Metrage. Media Wave, Best European Film, Telluride Film Festival- Filmmaker of Tomorrow, Sponsor Larry Simpson Productions. Avanca IFF Portugal, Best Short Film. Capalbio IFF Italy Best Direction. In this bittersweet rites of passage tale, Teenie is left outside the pub by her wayward father and becomes prey to the whims and fancies of passing strangers. Irvine Allan, Producer and Director. John Maley, Writer. Carolynne Sinclair Kidd, Producer. Bert Eeles, Editor. Gerry Clark, Music.. Funded by BBC 2, British Film Institute, Scottish National lottery.

09:11 min 14. April 2013

AMATEUR - short prequel to the feature film

a narrative film in English

AMATEUR is the lead-in short film for my forthcoming narrative feature, which follows a 14 year-old athlete through the competitive world of youth basketball. This short focuses on an encounter between a street agent and an older high school basketball player.

Full info at http://manchildfilm.com. Thanks for watching!

19:44 min 16. October 2014

I Ship It | 2014 | Yulin Kuang I Mary Kate Wiles, Sean Persaud, Joey Richter

a narrative film in English

After a bad breakup, Zoe Smallman decides to take down her ex-boyfriend in a wizard rock battle of the bands.

Original songs available at: http://yulinkuangfilms.bandcamp.com

Livestream Q&A: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TU5rjw6FC0E

Written & Directed by Yulin Kuang - http://twitter.com/yulinkuang

Zoe - Mary Kate Wiles - http://twitter.com/mkwiles
Charlie - Sean Persaud - http://twitter.com/seanpersaudMD
Peter - Joey Richter - http://twitter.com/joeyrichter
Sofia - Irene Choi - http://twitter.com/irenechoi
Macy - Jenna Johnson - http://twitter.com/jennaponders
Mitchell Davis - http://twitter.com/mmitchelldaviss

Original Songs by
Kirstyn Hippe - http://twitter.com/kirstynhippe
James Wolpert - http://twitter.com/jamespwolpert
Brian Grider - http://twitter.com/briangrider

Executive Producer - Kathleen Grace - http://twitter.com/kmgrace
Supervising Producer - Jack Ferry - http://twitter.com/jackferry99

Producer - Yulin Kuang
Co-Producer - Kimberly Hwang
Co-Producer - Sean Huntley

Cinematography - Zack Wallnau - http://twitter.com/wallnow
Production Design - Jennifer Hwang
Composer - Brian Grider - http://twitter.com/briangrider
Editor - Kyla Plewes - http://twitter.com/kylaplewes
Sound Design - Justin Lee Dixon
VFX - Justin Chandra
1st AD - Christy Morgenroth - http://twitter.com/clmorgenroth
Gaffer - Alyssa Brocato - http://twitter.com/alibrocato
1st AC - Todd Kappelt
Hair/Makeup - Alexandra French & Brit Lyn Wong
Costume Design - Yulin Kuang
Set Costumer - Sarah Grace Hart - http://twitter.com/sarah_gracehart
Production Assistant - Taylor Brogan - http://twitter.com/thbrogan

Timothy Vaughan, Erin Wert, Elizabeth Hammons, Mark Pascual, Jennifer Steinhoff, Alicia Lomas-Gross, Alyce Adams, Emily Kramer, Jacklyn Duff, Tiffanie Ing, Zainab Khan, Lauren Hanna, Chelsey Kendig, Clavisa, Caitlin Olsen, Lindsay Covington, Michelle Dudley, Rosie Ramblings, Erica Martinson, Sylvia Morris, Kellie L. Burdg, Jaime Unson, Rui Qi

05:03 min 5. July 2014


a narrative film in English

A short animation film about People's emotional detachment from reality,
and how easy it, especially today, to escape to more comfortable, flat and fake alternate realities.

Made as a final project at HIT- communication design department, 2014
by Erica Rotberg


"Nattöppet" by Detektivbyrån - www.wintergatan.net
Guns N' Roses - Estranged

05:01 min 1. August 2012

Magnetic (2012) - A Short Film [ By F.C.Rabbath ]

a narrative film in no language

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A Film By F.C.Rabbath

Camera: Canon 5D Mark II
Editing/Color Correction: Adobe Premiere Pro
Budget: 0$

27:23 min 23. October 2010

Six Shooter

a narrative film in English

no description found

07:27 min 26. July 2010

Plastic - Short Film

a narrative film in English

Whilst Anna is preparing for a first date with Henry, a man she has secretly loved for years, everything goes wrong until she discovers the impossible - to sculpt her appearance like clay to any shape she desires.

Cast: Romy Bartz, Don Hany
Writer/Director: Sandy Widyanata
Producer: Courtney Wise
Director of Photography: Greg De Marigny
Editors: Ann Foo, Vladimir Jovičić
Production Designer & Costume: Xanthe Highfield
Sound Designer: Cameron Grant
Original Music: Maja Petrovna Hilčisin
1st Assistant Director: Dimitri Ellerington
On-Set VFX Supervision: Mathew Mackereth
VFX Artist: Sandy Widyanata, Eric So, Chris Jackson