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06:56 min 9. February 2013

Abbiamo tutta la notte (we have all night) WINNER OF ROME 48 HOURS FILM 2012

a narrative film in Italian

Awakening people? Only those who have a pending desire...

- best film
- best directing
- best cinematography
- best writing
- nomination best actor
- nomination best actress
- nomination best editing
- nomination best soundtrack
- nomination best us of the genre
- nomination prize of the public

director: Adriano Giotti
dop: Dario Di Mella
screenwriter: Andrea Montuschi, Filippo Losito e Serena Patrignanelli
actors: Matteo Pianezzi, Valeria Ghignone, Luca Angeletti, Tommaso Papetti, Valeria La Rocca, Giuseppe Bisceglia
editing: Dimitri Bertolini
compositing e vfx: Mauro Ciocia
music by: Adriano Aponte
sound engeneer: Lorenzo Grippo
post audio: Tommaso Bosso
costume designer: Francesca Cibischino, Giulia Accornero
art designer: Fabiana Tomasi
make-up artist: Maria Zingoni
camera assistant: Laura Rotunno
director assistant: Giuseppe Bisceglia
production assistant: Vittorio Scifo, Valeria La Rocca
scripty: Serena Patrignanelli

service: Stalker Film-Produzioni
wardrobe: "On air"

09:00 min 26. April 2010


a narrative film in English

Entry in the International 48HR Film Festival.

The genre this time was “End of the World”, and unlike 48s of the past, we weren’t required to include a prop, character or line of dialogue.

Official Selection Cannes Film Festival 2010

Shot on RED
Edit in FCP
Color in Redcine and Looks

Production: www.TheBranching.com
Music & Score: www.Blackiris.tv

Behind the scenes photos:

08:10 min 14. February 2013

To Venner / Two Friends

a narrative film in Danish

Winner of Danish Academy Award for Best short film 2011

Awarded Student Award at Hampton International Film Festival
Awarded Talent Award at Odense Film Festival

Shown at:
Fantastic Fest Austin
Fantasia International Film Festival
Nordisk Panorama
Buster Film Festival
Short Film Festival Sleepwalkers
+++ more...

Director: Paw Charlie Ravn
Producer: Jacob Jarek

The National Film School of Denmark © 2010

01:30 min 9. June 2011

A Fathers Day Salute

a narrative film in no language

A salute to all the dads...

Directed by Cam McHarg

DP - Chris Saul

Editor - Dan Dobi

Dad - Tommy Koch
Mom - Hannah Gansen
Boy - Ben Graves
Girl - Sandy Graves

06:12 min 10. October 2012


a narrative film in English


Written & Directed by: Stephan Zlotescu / stephanzlotescu@gmail.com
Director of Photography: H1 / H@H1.io
Original Music: J-Punch - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/true-skin-soundtrack-ep/id591191251
Producer: H1 & Christopher Sewall
Manager: Scott Glassgold / Scott@groundcontrol-la.com

An N1ON Production

News and updates @ https://www.facebook.com/H1FILMS/

06:07 min 12. July 2010

My Mother's Coat

a narrative film in English

My Mother talks to me about post-dictatorship Athens, her struggle to adapt to the greek mentality, her memories of motherhood, and her longing to go back to her small town in Italy.

Produced, Directed & Designed by Marie-Margaux Tsakiri-Scanatovits
Royal College of Art 2010

14:31 min 9. October 2009

Raw Love (Amor Crudo) - With English Subtitles

a narrative film in Spanish

Two friends spend the last days of high school together, but this will inevitably come to an end. Raw Love is a beautiful and sincere story of mixed emotions and secrets that one dare not speak aloud.

Directed by Martin Deus & Juan Chappa
Cast: Valentino Arocena, Felipe Villanueva & Katja Alemann
Cinematography: Sebasián Gallo
Production Design: Jimena Soldo y Diego Sotelo
Músic: Nicolás di Paolo & Adrián Villar Rojas

Sundance 2010, Los Angeles Latino Film Festival, Reeling Chicago, Frameline San Francisco, Festival Internacional de Cine de Mar del Plata, LesGaiCineMad (Madrid), Cortópolis (Córdoba), Fesaalp (La Plata), Festival de Video Latinoamericano (Rosario)

15:02 min 14. December 2009


a narrative film in Estonian

Now playing in the YouTube Screening Room

An Inuit hunter drives his dog team out on the frozen Arctic Ocean in search of seals, but instead, becomes a witness to murder. Winner of the Jury Prize for Short Filmmaking at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival.

19:38 min 11. April 2013

104,8 FM

a narrative film in German

104,8 FM (2012)

Durch den Ausbruch einer Seuche ist die Mehrheit aller
Menschen auf der Erde ums Leben gekommen.
Ein junges Mädchen, Ina, welches die Katastrophe überlebt hat,
wohnt mit ihrem Hund, Emily, in einem verlassenen Garten.
Gesundheitlich angeschlagen und völlig ohne menschliche
Gesellschafft lebt sie dort vor sich hin, ihre einzige
Hoffnung liegt in einem Radio, mit dem sie sich erhofft,
Kontakt zu anderen Überlebenden zu finden.
Was sie nicht weis ist, dass sie schon seit geraumer Zeit
beobachtet wird...

Ina: Merle Lisek
Emily: Frau Schmu
Drehbuch & Regie, Kamera, Licht, Schnitt, Ton & Sounddesign: Richard Eisenach
Musik: Gabriel Denhoff
Farbkorrektur: Maurice Braun
Radio-Texte: Roland Nebe, Richard Eisenach
Cover Design: Gabriel Denhoff

Produziert mit Unterstützung vom Institut für Musik und Medien, Düsseldorf

09:56 min 7. June 2010


a narrative film in German

DE: Wenn du einen Fluss um Rat fragst, stell dich auf die Antwort ein! Rocko hat einen nachdenklichen Tag. Er bekommt Hilfe von unerwarteter Seite. Seine Freunde machen ihm Mut. Dann taucht Karo auf!

EN: If you ask a river for counsel, be prepared for her answer! Rocko has a pensive day. He receives help from an unexpected source. His friends bolster him later. Then Karo appears and snatches a bottle of beer.
A fairy tale set on a beach!

Dank an Strandperle & Golden Pudel Club Hamburg.



1. Förderpreis (Sponsorship Award) beim Filmsalat 9 Verden 2010: "Flussaufwärts" ist eine unverkrampfte, leichte und sich selbst nicht zu ernst nehmende Komödie. Die Märchenhaftigkeit der Geschichte verbindet sich mit trockenem Humor und einer surrealen Note.

2. Jury-Preis (2nd Jury Award): Landesfilmfestival Berlin / Brandenburg, Germany 2011
3. Hauptpreis: Comedy-FilmZeltival Hiddensee Billy Wilder-Tribute, Germany 2012
4. Bundes-Spielfilmfestival Wiesbaden, Germany 2011
5. ClipClub Berlin, Germany 2011
6. Filmfestival Oberursel, Germany 2011
7. OderKurz-Filmspektakel Oderaue, Germany 2011
8. Portobello Film Festival London, United Kingdom 2011
9. Con i minuti contati - International Short Film Festival Montefalco, Italy 2011
10. Lampenfieber Festival Frankfurt am Main, Germany 2011
11. Serge Sharrinovsky Sundown Film Festival Perth, Australia 2012
12. Rejected Innsbruck, Austria 2012
13. Video Festival Imperia, Italy 2012
14. Golden Knight International Film Festival, Malta 2012
15. Internationale Senftenberger Kurzfilmtage, Germany 2014
16. APERON FILMS Retrospektive für MACHT GELD - Ausstellung im Schalterraum Berlin Schöneweide 2014
17. Biesdorfer Dokumentar- und Kurzfilmforum, Germany 2015

Schauspieler: Nils Adolf Schulz, Hanka Schmidt, Julie Pecquet, Mario Grete, Stefan Buschendorf, Philipp Barth, Essi Zarif.

Drehbuch: Verena Schulemann.
Kamera / Schnitt: Jan D. Gerlach.
Ton: Mario Grete, Dave
Licht: Philipp Barth.
Musik: Stefan Rausch.
Musikmix: Christian Lorenz.
Animation: Peter Gerulat.

Regie / Produktion: Dave Lojek


[Ist es ein Zufall, daß gerade jetzt John Fords verschollen geglaubter Film "Upstream" in Neuseeland entdeckt wurde? http://tiny.cc/cwd7z ]

02:40 min 17. March 2009


a narrative film in no language

Aritz Aizpurua - Art Director
Avelino Lombardero - CG Compositor
Juan M. Puerta - CG Artist
Mikel Arroyo - CG Artist
Patxi Pelaez - Concept Artist
Rafael Tourón - Music & Sound Effects

08:32 min 31. May 2014

Birthday Boy

a narrative film in English

Birthday Boy is the story of an 8 year old Jeremy Finkle, who is having the worst birthday of his life, because he's killed all of his friends. Jeremy learns that hating everyone isn't all that it's cracked up to be, when he tries to make new friends out of cookies.

In this short I designed a film that was black and white, but shot in color. The art direction and animation, built from miniature models, were all monochrome creating an interesting aesthetic of new meets old.

Best Film at Toronto Student Film Festival 2015

Best Student Short at Orlando Film Festival 2014
Escapism Award at Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival 2014

NewFilmmakers NY Film Festival 2014
Orlando Film Festival 2014
Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival 2014
The Online Film Festival November 2014
Embarras Valley Film Festival 2014
DC Independent Film Festival 2015
Cleveland International Film Festival 2015
Short of the Month February 2015
Underground Film Fest 2015
Durham Film Festival 2015
Central Illinois Feminist Film Festival 2015
NFFTY 2015
Toronto Student Film Festival 2015

IMDB Page http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3713704/?ref_=nm_flmg_dr_2
Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/birthdayboyshort

Shot on Kodak Vision 2, 35mm Film

02:55 min 29. July 2013


a narrative film in English

“Wonder”, in it’s most concise terms, is a 2.5 minute short story capturing and embellishing the pure awe felt for the natural world as a child. It is a story with a simple goal; to stir those feelings of enchantment with the ordinary and the common.


Today I stand in awe
Of this world that holds our fate
A stirring storm, a gentle breeze
This world, not ours to make

Finding neither friends, nor favor
I seem to wade alone in thought
Of a world that is real, a world we can know
Wisdom is all I sought

Merry friends making merry friends
Alone I am left to recall
The day I made my first memory
A majestic waterfall

Embraced by so much beauty
Yet seeing not a hint
They will find as time slips by
This is not for what we are meant

We must take this chance
And explore all that we can
We must retain our wonder; embellish our awe
This is our one true plan

Dismiss the fickle
Adjust your view
And find this world that so selflessly
Nurtures you

04:11 min 16. January 2013


a narrative film in English

WHAT DO WE HAVE IN OUR POCKETS: Debuting at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival and available only on YouTube

A most unusual love story unravels when the objects in a young man's pockets come to life.

Watch more short films curated by Sundance Institute: youtube.com/screeningroom

Written and Directed by Goran Dukic, based on the short story by Etgar Keret. Starring Azazel & Diaz Jacobs, Producer - Mikal Lazarev, Production Designer - Linda Sena, Cinematographer - Tobias Datum, Music - Bobby Johnston, Animators - Mike Johnson, Linda Sena, Goran Dukic,
Production Company - storyvid.io, Production Assistant - Nancy Kwon, Thanks to Etgar Keret & Dov Aflon, Benny Bergman DSC,
Kneller Agency, Dimitri Portnoi, Sharon Meir.

Sorry about the bleeps, but the YouTube was not happy about the F word.