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29:02 min 7. June 2010

Red Dead Redemption Short Film by John Hillcoat

a narrative film in English

The director of The Road and The Proposition, John Hillcoat, brings you an entirely digital Western short film. It uses Rockstar's rich open world in Red Dead Redemption to tell the story of John Marston's struggle in the new American Frontier.

12:11 min 4. June 2014

Good Grief

a narrative film in English

When Molly's mother passes away, she returns home and uncovers a dark family secret.

Molly: Rachel Stubbings
Albert: Alex Kirk

Molly's Brother: Joseph Attenborough

Directed by Jim Owen
Written by Rachel Stubbings
Edited by Jim Owen / Simon McMahon
Produced by Matthew Mulot
Soundtrack & Song 'Good Grief' by Saint Saviour
Director Of Photography: Paul Bamford
Sound Recordist: Doug Chatts
Second Cameraman: Chris Lewis
Assistant Director: Harriet Towler
Make Up & Hair: Faye Sarah Hammond
Art Department Assistant: Soraya Speirs
Location Manager: Joey Attenborough
Camera Assistant & Unit Stills Photographer: Tom Bradley
Floor Runner: Georgia Nixon
ADR: Sam Evenden
Sound Mix: Jim Owen
Grade: Jim Owen

Thank you
Kevin Brown
Hollie Ebdon
Al Green
Anthony Jones
Keith Nicholls
Roy Stubbings

06:21 min 28. November 2012

Grand Theft Auto: RISE - Live Action Short Film

a narrative film in English

Grand Theft Auto: RISE - (Behind The Scenes)

Grand Theft Auto: RISE - (Visual Effects Breakdown)

Grand Theft Auto: RISE is about the birth of an underground hero. He is not the hero that we are used to seeing. He is submerged in his own internal darkness. He is a protagonist. People will fall, things will break, he will be left standing alone in a tunnel with no light at the end.

This is a different take on the live action version of the world famous Grand Theft Auto video game series created by Rockstar Games.

Director: Gevorg Karensky
Producer: Cathy Peng
Co-Producer: Romson Niega
Written By: Gevorg Karensky / Nate Eggert
Cinematographer: Todd Banhazl
Bridge Scene Cinematographer: Kyle Murphy
Production Designer: Denis Ogorodov
Editor: Howard Heard
Sound Designer: Matthew Wilcock
Original Score by: Matthew Wilcock/ Aleah Morrison/ Dave Lee

Niko Bellic: Josh Feinman
Phone Thief: Andrew McGuinnes
Shooter: Ben Barrett
Bodyguard: Cameron McHarg
Stunt Coordinators: Joe Ross, Eric Linden

Visual Effects Supervisor: Gevorg Karensky

UI & Motion Graphics: James Kim
Concept Design: Daniel Xiao, Matt Tkocz, Lynn Hye Ryoung Yang, Justin Oaksford
Matchmoving: Flavio Bianchi
Animation: Riccardo Giuggioli, Joao Rosa
Rigging & Simulation: Roberto Ciriaco
Dynamics Artists: Attila Zalyani, Gavin Whelan
Lighting: Dimitri Dillmann, Bastian Hantsch
Compositing: Johan Romero, Gresham Lochner,  Joao Rosa,
Deanna Davies, Djordje Tox Milasinovic, Alvaro Zendejas, Gevorg Karensky
Color Grading: Greg White, Gevorg Karensky

28:53 min 7. January 2011

D-I-M, Deus In Machina - Science Fiktion Kurzfilm

a narrative film in German

In einer Welt, die so makellos, nüchtern und kalt ist, wie ihr Einheitsdesign, ist für einen Träumer wie Lutz kein Platz. Mit dem Mut der Verzweiflung und einer gehörigen Portion Fantasie trotzt er einem grausamen Schicksal um sich sein ganz persönliches Happy End zu erkämpfen.

eine Rickebros. Produktion
gefördert durch die Filmstiftung NRW

David Winter
Reinhart Firchow
Volker Lippmann
Kamera: Patrick Waldmann
Setdesign: Thorsten Franzen
Kostümdesign: Dorothée von Rosenberg-Lipinsky
Musik und Sound: Marc Meester
Regie und Drehbuch: Axel und Henning Ricke


14:03 min 13. January 2015


a narrative film in English

Play housewife with Mindy as she is indoctrinated into a world of kitchenware, jewelry parties and

imdb.com/title/tt2409362 | facebook.com/whitecarpetfilm | jdfein@gmail.com

04:55 min 10. June 2013


a narrative film in English

A ghost story about a girl you can only see when you hold your breath.

Breathe stars Josef Altin (Game of Thrones, Child44, Eastern Promises). It premiered at FILM4 FRIGHTFEST, featured as part of the BFI Gothic Season and was nominated for the Maria Best Short Film award at the prestigious Sitges International Film Festival. It has played at over 30 festivals.


14:43 min 25. December 2012

Friday UK - Short Film ft Adot, Tboy, KG, Babatunde

a narrative film in English

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Download Friday UK Soundtrack -
Link 1 - http://mixtapemadness.co.uk/ItsUpshot/FridayUKSoundtrack/879
Link 2 - http://itsupshot.bandcamp.com/album/friday-uk-soundtrack

Sebastian Thiel Presents an Upshot TV Production 'Friday UK' - A UK spinoff of the Classic 'Friday'.

This video has been made as a UK Tribute to the American cult classic 'Friday'.

There will be no full feature film of Friday UK, but we do hope you enjoy this spinoff trailer and future clips released.

Major respect to all the original creators of Friday, for creating such a classic.


Babatunde Aleshe As Craig Jones
Tolu 'Tboy' Ogunmefun As Smokey
Adot Comedian As Big Worm
KG The Comedian As Deebo
Frieda Thiel As Joi aka Hoochie Momma
Dionne Reid As Dana Jones
Wale Ojo As Mr Jones
Kat Boyce As Ezal
Simply Andy As Pastor Clever
Alesha Charmaine Pryce As Debbie
Sharea Samuels As Felisha
Mr Cee As Red
Kyla Frye As Miss Parker
Edward Kagutuzi As Lil Chris
Aaron Fontaine As Hector
Michael Salami As Dice

Camera Assistant - Michael Williams
Make up & Prosthetics By Redd Head
Photography By Michael Williams
Casting By Sebastian Thiel
Edited By Sebastian Thiel
Sound By Luke Hollingworth
Behind the scenes By AMillzee & Ashraf
Production Runners -- Elizabeth Rufai, Jonelle Williams

Produced by Abiola Rufai
Executive Producer Sebastian Thiel
Cinematography By Amarjeet Singh
Music By Jay Weathers, Gus Miller, Dionne Reid - 'Here I Come', Incisive - 'Go Cisive' , Fr3e - 'Tribal Skank'
Photography By CoCoRoCOCO
Written & Directed By Sebastian Thiel

Special Thanks To -- Kas Fulani of Mosaiqe Ltd, Julie King, George Reid, Hassan, Del Mercelin, Daniel Morayo, Johnathan Khan, Yomi 'Greeds' Sode, The Rainbow Centre.

RIP Bernie Mac
RIP Michael Clarke Duncan
From the original Friday Cast

07:50 min 6. October 2010


a narrative film in Finnish

A lonesome xylophone player finds a viciously growing tumor under his arm. In his attempts to get rid of the tumor he discovers that it has some unconventional qualities.

Stop Motion Animation, 2009, 7 min 49 sec, 16:9

Directors: Elli Vuorinen, Jasmiini Ottelin, Pinja Partanen

Producer: Eija Saarinen / Turku Arts Academy

24:52 min 11. December 2013

"The Return" by Karl Lagerfeld - The Film

a narrative film in English

In December 1953, Coco Chanel began her incredible return to center stage. The designer reopens her Haute Couture house after fifteen years of absence. The collection is welcomed by the French press with an icy silence. Only the American media supports the looks that define the rebirth of Chanel's style. "The Return" retraces this determining period, that shaped the legend of the designer of rue Cambon forever.
"The Return," imagined, written and directed by Karl Lagerfeld, features Geraldine Chaplin in the role of Gabrielle Chanel, Rupert Everett, Anna Mouglalis, Lady Amanda Harlech, Arielle Dombasle, Kati Nescher, Vincent Darré and Sam McKnight.
Watch behind the scenes on http://chanel-news.com

Sonata for Oboe and Piano, Op. 185_Scherzo
Music by Francis Poulenc
© (1962) Chester Music Ltd
Courtesy of Première Music Group
Indésens Digital License:
Alexandre Gattet, oboe
Emmanuel Strosser, piano

14:56 min 13. January 2015


a narrative film in English

I Feel Stupid is a short film about Lein, an inexperienced 15 year-old, who is confronted with a sexually charged reality when Amber steps into the picture.

with Sophia Rose Vail, Samantha Mccullough, Samuel Wyatt, and Mandell Butler
Directed by Milena Pastreich
Screenplay by Ana Lily Amirpour
Story by Milena Pastreich and Ana Lily Amirpour
Director of Photography: Dagmar Weaver-Madsen
Edited by Alex O'Flinn
Production Designer: Brian Nevins
Costume Designer: Garrett Bradley
Casting Director: Brad Gilmore
Produced by Soraya Sélène, Sina Sayyah, and Milena Pastreich
Executive Producers: Paul Leu and Maurice Kanbar

Included in 2013/2014 PBS television series "Film School Shorts."
2012 UCLA Spotlight Award Winner, nominated for 2013 Independent Vision Awards: Short Subject Narrative and The Jack Nance Breakthrough Performance Award, nominated for a 2012 Artios Award by Casting Society of America
official selection: 2013 Braunschweig International Film Festival, 2013 Hamburg International Short Film Festival, 2013 Visionfest, 2013 London Independent Film Festival, 2013 International Filmfestival of the Filmacademy Vienna, 2013 Athens International Film + Video Festival (Ohio), 2012 Carmel Art and Film Festival.


04:39 min 20. December 2010

Mighty Antlers

a narrative film in no language

Bachelor film project 2011 from The Animation Workshop.

A man drives his car furiously down a narrow road, surrounded by a vast forest. When he encounters a deer in the middle of the road he makes a villainous attempt to ram it. However this particular hit and run has jaw crushing, battering consequences

By: Sune Reinhardt, Mikael Ilnæs, Michael L. Fonsholt, Jouko Keskitalo

06:25 min 6. November 2013

Pawnshop (directed by Andrew Bush)

a narrative film in English

A pawnbroker comically tests the resolve of an indecisive young man shopping for an engagement ring.
Winner of the A&E Short Film Award from the National Screen Institute.

Help it get to 50 ratings at imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1347367/?ref_=nm_flmg_prd_6

Written by Evany Rosen. Directed by Andrew Bush. Produced by Angus Swantee.
Full cast & crew http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1347367/?ref_=nm_flmg_prd_6

11:15 min 3. September 2015

Les 3 Boutons - Miu Miu Women's Tales #10

a narrative film in French

“Miss Jasmine! I have a package for you!” The 14-year-old girl with braces takes a break from milking the goat. Her local postman has delivered a surprise. She opens it up. Out floats a magical magenta ball dress ten times her teenage size. “I am curious,” she says, and enters the folds of the dress. From here, Jasmine⎯headstrong, a dreamer, a realist⎯takes us on a modern anti-fairy tale through caves and stalagmites, streets and shop windows, obsessions and everyday empowerment.

Les 3 Boutons is directed by the legendary 87-year-old Agnès Varda, considered by many as forerunner to French New Wave cinema, and winner of the first honorary Palm d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival this year. Les 3 Boutons marks the 10th commission from Miu Miu Women’s Tales, the acclaimed short-film series by women who critically celebrate femininity in the 21st century.

This latest addition is a signature work from Varda’s unique world. It’s full of playful hallmarks from her six decades of making films which include the groundbreaking La Pointe Courte (1955), Cléo de 5 à 7 (1961), Sans toit ni loi (1985) and Les Plages d’Agnès (2009).

“It’s playing a game with reality,” Varda says. “The game is called cinema.”

Les 3 Boutons’ lead is newcomer Jasmine Thiré, and it was shot on location in Bonnieux and also rue Daguerre, Paris, where Varda has lived for 50 years. The story gently reverses the clichés of girlhood. Jasmine prefers school uniform and education to the easy allure of a Cinderella lifestyle.

“I immediately saw the contradictory juxtaposition of farm life and haute couture,” explains Varda. “The most minimal element, the most essential one is the button. 3…2…1…go!” As the three buttons gradually fall from Jasmine’s dress, each full of promise and change, we realize that Varda’s description of “a young girl discovering herself” applies just as much to the ageless director as it does to the inquisitive protagonist.

14:48 min 25. April 2012

Eventide (2012)

a narrative film in English

Acclaimed short film about a bereaved man recounting his father's life.

“A wonderfully introspective, poignantly sad, short dose of autobiographical cinema, that, at times, reminds one of Chris Marker's most personal works”
(Rex Pickett, Author of 'Sideways')

“An extremely intimate film. It's almost impossible to watch it without thinking hard about the nature of mortality within one's own family.”
(Simon Ellis, BAFTA nominated Director & Winner of the International Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival, 'Soft')

“Eventide is beautiful. I loved its simplicity. I felt a sadness from the very first scene and all the way though it made me think about my own father.”
(Geoff Thompson, BAFTA winning Screenwriter. 'Brown Paper Bag')

“A very gripping and affective film. Full of emotion.”
(Babak Anvari, BAFTA nominated Director, 'Two & Two')

“Eventide is beautifully put together. Well shot and conceived...the whole experience is very poetic and moving.”
(Debbie Isitt, Director 'Nativity!', 'Confetti')

Written and Directed by Brian Harley
© Short Night Films 2012
(MPEG 2 Version)

04:54 min 17. April 2015


a narrative film in English

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A man is tired of his dead end job and decides to pursue a more risky path towards his early retirement plan. However, he realises there are some people you just don't mess with.

Created by Kurt Devonshire Films at Rutgers University in 2015 as part of Campus MovieFest, the world’s largest student film festival.

Cast & Crew :
Kurt Devonshire - Captain, Director, Cinematographer, Producer, Writer
Jaime Santos - Assistant Director, Producer, Gaffer
Jack Cook - Gaffer
Israel Harney - Actor
Doug Walters - Actor
Luis Fernandez - Actor
Kevin Oshiokpekhai - Actor
Marcus Rountree - Actor
Susan Lombardi - Production Designer
Silu Zhang - Gaffer

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