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00:59 min 1. August 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding/My Best Friend's Sweating

a narrative film in English

created for EVERYTHING episode #18 as a part of Channel 101.

check them out:

Production Design: Jason Kisvarday
Camera: Josh Sasson and Benjamin Brewer

01:00 min 29. October 2012

Dead Bird

a narrative film in English

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01:01 min 9. September 2012


a narrative film in no language

This film is one of 25 Shortlisted films currently in competition at FILMINUTE 2012 (September 1 - 30).
Please visit the festival website to learn more and to vote for your favourite film!

01:03 min 16. January 2013

Recently in the Woods

a narrative film in no language

Recently in the Woods is a short tale about acceptance and tolerance. Two horses laugh at an unicorns horn because of his different appearance.

01:04 min 17. March 2015


a narrative film in English

"No One Is Thirsty"
Based on The Perry Bible Fellowship comic strip

01:04 min 13. June 2013


a narrative film in no language

A visual piece, exploring the flow of time through the eyes of the widowed: endless.

Dir: Ryan Løkken
DP: Will J. Løkken
Original Score/Sound Design: Simon Kjær
Colorist: Will J. Løkken
Cast: Louise Kristiansen & Pernille Andersen

01:09 min 16. October 2014


a narrative film in German

Winner of the 'Daily Short Pick' at Film Shortage and 'Short of the Week' at The Awardeo Company.

Written after watching Janusz Kaminski's 11 (very) short films and redeveloping his idea; the basic concept for this short film is to tell part of a larger story in under two minutes with just one scene and very minimal dialogue. This allows the audience to create most of the story themselves based off the details in the scene.

Shot on a RED Epic with Zeiss CP.2 lenses.

Writer / Director: Aaron George
Producers: Alix Whittaker and Anna Duckworth
Production Manager / 1st AD: Meredith Rehburg
Cinematographer: Matt Thomas
1st Assistant Camera: Manon Laffitte
Editor: Connor Strati
Boom Operator: Chayse Millar
Production Designer: Adison Whitley
Wardrobe Designer: Emily van Wichen

Music by Clark Rhee

Liam Mulligan
Simon Shreeve

Thank you to those of you who funded the use of the RED camera rental via Kickstarter.


01:12 min 11. March 2014


a narrative film in Japanese

FUGU & TAKO is an amazing buddy film with stunning visual effects. The story follows two Japanese salary men's lives that literally transform when one of them eats a live puffer fish in a sushi bar.

01:12 min 19. December 2013

"Down" Town - Christmas Holiday Card from SHED studio

a narrative film in no language

A retro-style, holiday animation from the artists at SHED

-"Down" Town was always a dull, grey place... until the day a colorful stranger showed up. -

01:14 min 14. February 2014

'Afterglow' Trailer

a narrative film in English

When the thing we love is gone, all that remains is an afterglow; a faint glimmer of all that we once held dear. Shot on location in Vietnam and across South East Asia, ‘Afterglow’ is a beautiful, ethereal short film about love, loss and acceptance. It is a film that asks, “how do we move on?”…

*Special Selection - 2014 Impressions Short Film Festival
*Official Selection - 2014 Off Courts Trouville Short Film Market
*Official Selection - 2014 Viewster Online Film Festival

Written & Directed by Dillon M. Banda
Starring Laura Larriviere & Eric Herent
A Lekker Production.


01:15 min 15. February 2014

The Captcha

a narrative film in English

Are you a real human being?

Music is "A Real Hero" by College
IBM PCjr model by Nomad
Enhanced Soldier model by Maxxy
Team Fortress Trucks Enhanced Model by Kalimando
Maps are a scenebuild on black void, and donnelley.bsp from Dear Esther (ported to SFM by GLS Machinima)
Skin animation script by DiFFtY

(Shh!) http://fineleatherjackets.net/realhuman/

01:19 min 16. April 2012

Chop Chop from Birdbox Studio

a narrative film in no language

A dramatic rescue is in progress.


01:23 min 15. November 2006

The Happiest Monster

a narrative film in no language

My first year film at Calarts, the story of a lucky girl who chances upon a visit by a monster and experiences the change of her life! Flying through the everlasting sky, euphoria awaits everyone who embarks on this journey with the happiest monster!


With music by the very talented Mr. Andrew Toups. Visit his livejournal and spam it at: http://mistertoups.livejournal.com/ !!!

Alternatively, you can visit my website and spam me: http://persona.mechafetus.com

Spread the word! Digg this video and let's bring happiness (monsters) to the world, everyone!

EDIT Feb 2007:
The Happiest Monster is #1 in Arts/Animation! I wonder how these videos are selected to these various categories. :/

EDIT Feb 16, 07:
Now it's also included in the Mobile category! Does that mean people are watching this video on cellphones? Technology is amazing. :o

01:23 min 22. September 2011


a narrative film in no language

A short stop motion film about an old fashioned ninja duel.

Music by Tan Dun & Yo-Yo Ma.
Made with Dragon Stop Motion and After Effects.

01:24 min 3. March 2011

Giant Episode 3 : CLOUD

a narrative film in no language

In this epsiode, a lonely cloud goes to the beach....

discover the new website of the giants!!

Special Big thanks to David Kamp for the wonderful sound!

don't forget to visit our blog : celineyann.blogspot.com/​
and david's website : davidkamp.de/​

The 3 episodes will be shown at Pictoplasma this april, so come along if you want to see it on the big screen.

01:29 min 13. January 2010

Les Dangereux

a narrative film in French

A vacationing ninja finds true love, but it's much more than he expected.

Story, Development, Animation, Shading, Lighting, Compositing, Modeling, and Direction by Daniel Klug
Environment Artist: Vicki Shively
Additional Props: Brett Stuart
Music performance: Alexa Sage
Music Editing: Marc Jackson of Moonlab Studios
Sound Effects: David Guerrero
Character Rigs: AnimationMentor.com

Done with Maya 2009, MentalRay, and AfterEffects.
Total time to completion: 9 months.

I start AnimationMentor back in March of 2008. This is the culmination of everything I have learned (animation-wise) from that point on. All other CG has been learned from my time of employment at New Wave Entertainment (5 years).

The film's site:

My animation reel: