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12:44 min 7. December 2009

Just a love story

a narrative film in Chinese

A man falls for a woman in an elevator, but lacks the courage to talk to her. One rainy day, the two meet again in the elevator, and the man’s strain of lust is unleashed by the sight of her soaked body. He finally decides to take the initiative, which leads to a shocking truth.

07:06 min 6. September 2012

Here and Away (2012)

a narrative film in Chinese

A short poetic narrative about urban vs rural living, identity and belonging. Two people—an old man living on a small island and a young woman living in one of the world’s biggest cities—discuss why no other place on earth could ever be home.

Shot in and around Shanghai, China and Prince Edward Island, Canada. Shot entirely on a Canon 5D, 7D and with equipment I could carry on my back.

Director & Cinematographer: Andrew MacCormack
Writers : David Weale & Josh Stenberg
Featuring: Tommy Gallant & Seres Lu
Narrators: Liang Ningjian & Hank Hickox
Producers: Andrew MacCormack & Julie Houde
Editor: Andrew MacCormack
Location Sound: Julie Houde
Sound Design: Andrew MacCroamck & Tim Davidson
Sound Mix: Tim Davidson
Music: "Within Dreams" by The Album Leaf - used with permission
"Villa del Refugio" by This Will Destroy You - used with permission

Winner "Best Sound Design" at the 2012 Atlantic Film Festival
Winner "Audience Choice Award" at the 2013 Island Media Arts Festival
Winner "Award of Merit" at 2013 Indiefest

Radio Interview about the film: http://www.cbc.ca/mainstreetpei/videofilmmaker/2012/10/11/here-and-away---andrew-maccormack/

Contact: andrew@hemmingshousepictures.com


09:24 min 26. August 2014


a narrative film in Chinese

A “low-fi sci-fi” art-house film about a mysterious smuggler navigating a dystopian city where water is as scarce as honest communication…

Made in China. In secret. Starring renowned, dissident artist Ai Weiwei.

World Premiere: Telluride Film Festival.

One of the most successful short films in Kickstarter history – and its most contentious.

In order of appearance: AI WEIWEI (艾未未) HU JIANING (胡珈宁) LI NING (李宁) BAI YAO (白瑶).

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08:59 min 7. July 2011

SHORT FILM: Shanghai Love Market

a narrative film in Chinese

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10:21 min 26. February 2010

Cry Me A River by Jia Zhangke Part 1/2

a narrative film in Chinese

Cry Me a River is a 2008 short film directed by Chinese filmmaker Jia Zhangke. The film is a romance based around the reunion of four college friends and lovers after ten years.
Chinese name: 河上的愛情/Heshang Aiqing
Zhao Tao 赵涛
Wang Hongwei 王宏伟
Hao Lei 郝蕾
Guo Xiaodong 郭晓冬

20:40 min 23. February 2015

Road to Ningbo

a narrative film in Chinese

Road to Ningbo (宁波之路) follows the journey of Chang Hui, a young boy who escapes the confines of village life for the city of Ningbo.