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10:41 min 17. October 2014

BROKEN - A film by Adam Ciolfi

a narrative film in English


06:08 min 24. February 2011

Keith Reynolds can't make it tonight

a narrative film in English

This is Keith Reynolds and today is promotion day. Having worked at the company eight years he is the most senior Junior Business Analyst in the building. He's been waiting for this day for a very long time.

Narrated by Scott Johnson
Written, Directed & Animated by Felix Massie
Soundtrack by Joe Paine

Copyright © 2007 Felix Massie and Univeristy of Wales, Newport


29:02 min 7. June 2010

Red Dead Redemption Short Film by John Hillcoat

a narrative film in English

The director of The Road and The Proposition, John Hillcoat, brings you an entirely digital Western short film. It uses Rockstar's rich open world in Red Dead Redemption to tell the story of John Marston's struggle in the new American Frontier.

05:04 min 18. June 2014


a narrative film in English

A brother and sister struggle to make ends meet since the mysterious disappearance of their father. Push comes to shovel when a mysterious stranger appears outside their desolate home… and collapses at their feet.

Writer & Director: Tom Hunt
Producers: Tom Hunt & Kyle I. Kelley
Director of Photography & Editor: Kyle I. Kelley
Assistant Camera & Steadicam Assistant: Nathan Breton
Assistant Director: Brian Carroll
Art Direction: Nicholas Payne Santos
Makeup: Emilia Adamkiewicz
Sound Recordist: Ryan Dann
Sound Design: Matt Rigby

Annie Capobianco
Seanan Ellis
David Weinheimer

Special Thanks
Joanne Hunt, Doug Hunt, Brian Hunt, & Mary Hunt

Director’s Note: Dedicated to my sister, Kristine, and everyone who came together to make this short happen at the drop of a hat.


14:00 min 25. August 2013

No Room At the Inn

a narrative film in English

Reg starts a new job at a pub called "The Manor Inn" but after an awkward misunderstanding becomes a figure of fun by all his new colleagues.

21:54 min 6. May 2013

Ten Thousand Hours

a narrative film in English

PRODUCED BY // Grace Babbes
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS // Peter & Kay Sill, Keri Tombazian Babbes, Joel Lu, David Junker
POST SUPERVISOR // Esther Sokolow
EDITOR // Joe Sill
SOUND DESIGNER // Alana Knutson
COMPOSER // Mattan Cohen

Amir Malaklou as JACK
Marie Oldenbourg as CHLOE
Paul Coster as RUSSO

19:47 min 22. April 2013

Brazzaville Teen-Ager, directed by Michael Cera

a narrative film in English

Michael Cera presents his short film, "Brazzaville Teen-Ager." Based on an original story by Bruce Jay Friedman.

Subscribe to Michael: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=MichaelCeraJash

In a self-effacing attempt to save his father from a death by deterioration, a young man enlists his curmudgeonly boss and Kelis to perform a song, and a miracle.

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Reggie Watts: http://www.youtube.com/user/ReggieWattsJash
Stock Footage Provided by Pond5: http://www.pond5.com

Director: Michael Cera
Written By: Bruce Jay Friedman and Michael Cera
Production Company: Jash
Production Company: Ghost Robot
Executive Producers: Daniel Kellison, Doug DeLuca, Mickey Meyer
Executive Producers: Mark De Pace, Zach Mortensen
Supervising Producer: Debbie Chesebro
Staff Producer: Christine No
Producers: Kyle Martin, Michaela Mckee, Brad Payne
Co-Producer: Laura Heberton
Associate Producer: Felipe Dieppa
Cinematographer: Joe Anderson
Editor: Jacob Craycroft
Costume Design: David Tabbert
Production Designer: Bridget Rafferty

Gunther: Michael Cera
Mr. Hartman: Jack O'Connell
Father: Charles Grodin
Kelis: Kelis
Dougie: Brandon Reily
Conrad: Curtis l' Cook
Mrs. Hartman: Charlotte Booker
Dr. Schwartz: Andy Prosky
Backup Singer #1: Christina Sajous
Backup Singer #2: Deonna Bouyue
Recording Engineer: Himansho Suri
Adler: Andrew Levine
Man in Recording Studio: Adam Levite
Dr. Schwartz's Date: Caroline Powers

"BRAZZAVILLE TEENAGER" Written by: Adam Schleisinger
Performed by Kelis
Produced by Adam Schlesinger & Steven M. Gold

"MOTHER LOVE" & "TENKON WHY FEEL SORRY" Written & Performed by Tsegue-Maryam Guebrou

"DANCE FOR B" & "LATE MUSIC" Written & Performed by Alden Penner

"CELLOVILLE" Written & Performed by Danny Bensi & Saunder Jurriaans

About Jash:

Founded and featuring original content by partners Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Tim and Eric, and Reggie Watts, JASH is the first fully realized network to offer all its comedic partners complete creative autonomy. At Jash we always strive to offer a variety of content with a unique voice: boundaries will be pushed, and disorientation is sure to ensue.

Brazzaville Teen-Ager, directed by Michael Cera

Brazzaville Teen-Ager, directed by Michael Cera

07:23 min 30. November 2011

Sexy Tuesdays

a narrative film in English

Best Film & Audience Award, London 48 Hour Film Project 2011
Gold, Best Short Film, New York Festivals 2013
Bronze Palm Award, Mexico International film Festival 2012
Directed By Paul Gowers Written by jim North

08:57 min 27. January 2014

43,000 Feet

a narrative film in English

When statistician John Wilkins is sucked out of a plane at 43000 feet, he calculates that he has exactly 3 minutes and 48 seconds before he hits the ground.

Director: Campbell Hooper
Producers: Heather Lee, Amber Easby
Director of Photography: Andrew Stroud
Writer: Matthew Harris
Exec. Producers: Rob Sarkies, Vicky Pope
Sales Agent: NZ Film

with Dylan Pharazyn as John Wilkins

This short was funded by the New Zealand Film Commission.


06:35 min 6. November 2012


a narrative film in English

Two scientists grapple with reality while watching the dream of their final subject.

Directed by: Ian Kammer www.iankammer.com
Screenplay by: Garrison Kammer & Ian Kammer
Story by: Garrison Kammer
Cast: Adriano Aragon, Charlie Capen & Justin Sloane
Original Music: Garrison Kammer
Cinematography: Justin Gurnari
Editing: Ian Kammer & John X. Carey
Assistant Directors: John X. Carey & William Hemminger
Script Supervisor: Kendrick Kellawan
Set Construction:David Beglin
Dream Machine Logo Design: Eric Wallace
Sound Mixer: Ben Lazarus
Boom Operator: Jerry Fernandez

1st AC: Shauna Brown
2nd AC: Joseph Neal & T.J. Tamayo
Gaffer: Jake Kramer
Key Grip: Kiel Greenfield
Grips: Erik Anderson, Johnny Ngo, Timmy Ngo, Armen Perian, Francis Pollara & Mike Reyes
Costumer: Megan Mack
Colorist: Charlie Tucker
PAs: Emmanuel Donate, Bradford Lynn & Katy Malone

Many Thanks: Chris Crawford, Douglas J. Eboch , Cydna Halverson, Rustam Hasanov, William Hemminger, Corey Johnsen, Gregory Kammer, Albert Kodagolian, Ross LaManna, Aaron Lindquist, Ted Marcus, Erin Mikesell, Joshua Patterson, Bradd Saunders, Joe Vidaurreta, Eric Wallace , Nicholas Weidner, Jon Allis

© Ian Kammer 2012

11:22 min 9. May 2015

"Strangerland" - A Short Film by Brian M Tang

a narrative film in English

Shot, Written, Directed, and Edited by Brian M Tang
Produced by Kristie Ko
Click here for behind the scenes: http://www.briantangcinematography.com/strangerland

Two pickpockets roam the streets of Hong Kong learning things about the people they steal from as well as deal with past scars that have not yet healed.

Brandon Eng
Emily Chan
Michelle Hantman
Jason Ing
Gilbert Po
Ingrid Ho

Shot on location in Hong Kong

06:28 min 10. February 2015

The Maestro

a narrative film in English

Winner Creative Short CreaTV The Creatives Awards 2016
Official Selection to Pictoclik Women in Cinema Film Festival 2015
Official Selection to Walnut Creek International Short Film Festival 2015
Official Selection to Bay Area Shorts Film Festival 2015
Winner of Award of Merit San Francisco Film Awards 2015
Official Selection to Top Shorts Film Festival 2015

A woman at a cross road in her life finds direction by listening to her neighbors music.

Written and Directed.........Dave Bundtzen


Anna................................Molly Ratermann
The Maestro....................Tony Sommers,
Narrator...........................Kymberli Colbourne
Piano Teacher.................Debbie Neigher


Associate Producer................Tony Sommers
Director of Photography.........Isiah Flores
Music......................................Benjamin Goldman
Art Director.............................Rachel Dagdagan
Make up Artist........................Stephanie Hancock
Wardrobe Supervisor.............Elena Nommensen
Assistant Art Director.............Bryan Dean
Assistant Camera/ Grip..........Mike Maguire
Assistant Camera/ Grip..........Jack Vu
Sound Design.........................Catherine Hontos
Sound Design.........................Jonah Hontos
Storyboard Artist.....................Dimitri Kourouniotis

The Maestro soundtrack available on iTunes here https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/maestro-original-motion-picture/id984490130

13:59 min 16. September 2014


a narrative film in English

It's not a cult. It's America. A family man returns to his hometown to discover he's the last person in town who's not part of a legendary pyramid scheme. And everyone-- EVERYONE-- wants him in.

Starring Brian Huskey, Janie Haddad Tompkins, Lexi Ainsworth, Thomas Lennon, Ian Roberts
Written and Directed by Kevin Oeser - twitter.com/kevinoeseryes
Produced by Divide/Conquer - www.divideconquer.us

12:35 min 12. January 2012

One Square Mile of Earth

a narrative film in English

A rabbit, a frog, a bear, a goat, a hippopotamus, and a squirrel walk into a bar... and have some very human interactions involving an unwritten novel, romantic miscommunications, and an unbalanced friendship. Deadpan delivery and offbeat anthropomorphism contribute to the wry humor of this film by Jeff Drew and the Pajama Men.

09:45 min 18. March 2007

BMW Films - The Hire - Beat the Devil

a narrative film in English

The Hire is a series of short films made by BMW together with some of the worlds best directors.
Beat the Devil - starring Clive Owen, Gary Oldman, James Brown and the BMW Z4. Directed by Tony Scott.

11:24 min 17. November 2014

Memory 2.0 - Dugan O'Neal/Wilson Bethel (Prototype)

a narrative film in English

A tale of love lost in the distant future where people relive their fondest memories with virtual reality. Everything spins out of control for our Hero as the lines between reality and the virtual memories begin to blur.

PROTOTYPE is a competition targeted to sci-fi, action, and effects-driven filmmakers that awards eight finalists funding and tools to make their short films. The eight Prototype finalists were awarded $20,000 each to shoot their own short films. One of these filmmakers will win the ultimate Grand Prize - a film deal with New Regency Productions to develop their short onto a feature film.

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