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02:04 min 5. January 2015


an experimental film in English


“Connection between the feelings is lifecycle of creation”
Concept & Animation & Sound Design – Furkan Ethem

11:39 min 11. September 2009

About Time 2 - short film by Mike Figgis

an experimental film in English


Segment from "Ten Minutes Older: The Cello"

Directed by Mike Figgis

Cast: Mark Long, Alexandra Staden, Dominic West, Howard Goorney, Maria Charles, Daniel Tookey, George Keane.

04:18 min 4. October 2011

**OSCAR NOMINATED** Stop Motion Animated Film "THE GOD & THE FLY" by Konstantin Bronzit

an experimental film in no language

A bronze statue of the Hindu deity, Shiva, the personification of calm, is irritated by a pesky fly and comes to life in order to rid himself of it. But in his increasingly frustrated attempts, Shiva causes himself more and more problems until...

The God (2003) Stop Motion Animation, Comedy
Produced at Melnitsa Animation Studio (http://melnitsa.com)
Producers: Sergeu Selvvanoy, Alexander Boyarsky

CREDITS: Konstantin Bronzit, Yury ilin, Valentin Vasenkov, Vladimir Golounin, Olec Belvaey, Alexey Shulga, Vladimiar Chernish. Produced with the financial support of the Russian Federation's ministry of culture.

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05:35 min 9. September 2010

Umbra (HD - 2010)

an experimental film in English

An explorer adventures into an unknown world, yet it seems that he has been there before.
A short animated film directed by Malcolm Sutherland in 2010. With music by Alison Melville and Ben Grossman, and foley by Leon Lo. Sound design / mix by Malcolm Sutherland.

The animation is all hand-drawn; a mix of drawing / pastels on paper and digital animation with Toonboom Studio and a wacom cintiq tablet, assembled in After Effects 7 and edited in Sony Vegas 8.

25:03 min 29. August 2014


an experimental film in English

Video art, air travel tourism, real and virtual, custom music composition.

04:03 min 25. August 2013

films4peace 2013: Anthony Goicolea

an experimental film in no language

Anthony Goicolea describes his film:

"I have often felt that there are many rituals and traditions embedded in our various cultures that have lost their meaning and now merely serve as scripts for people to follow and act out without thinking of their true meanings or origins. Many children’s rhymes and songs, polite dinner customs, or party games derive from darker moments in history such as plague, famine, and war.

Growing up the son of Cuban parents, my brothers and I always had piñatas at our birthdays. Usually they took the shape of some sort of crude but cute animal effigy that ended up beaten to smithereens as rioting children stumbled over each other in a mad dash for the sugary spoils of war that spilled out like guts before them.
In my film for films4peace I wanted to dissect this sacrificial custom, the mechanics behind group dynamics, as well as the destruction that comes from greed. A life-sized, anatomically correct, sculpted horse in the guise of a piñata is beaten and destroyed until the multiple, identically clad, kids who flog it like monks banging church bells or a gong, surrender to the regret of the destruction they have wrought."

06:01 min 31. October 2012

Rubber Johnny by Chris Cunningham & Aphex Twin (1080p HD)

an experimental film in English

Rubber Johnny by Chris Cunningham & Aphex Twin (1080p HD)
Info from Wikipedia:
The concept for Rubber Johnny came from Cunningham's imagining a raver morphing as he danced. The idea evolved to the present film, in which Johnny (played by Cunningham) is an isolated deformed (possibly hydrocephalic) teenager kept on a wheelchair and locked in a dark basement with his chihuahua. The film was originally intended to be a 30-second TV commercial for the Aphex Twin album drukqs, using the track "afx237 v7". However, Cunningham grew to like the concept more and more and decided to expand the concept into a greater length (the original commercial remains in the film in an altered form.) The film was shot partially in infrared night vision on digital video. The film's music is "afx237 v7 (w19rhbasement remix)", a remix made by Cunningham; the credits music is "gwarek2", also from drukqs.

06:50 min 26. November 2008

Photograph Of Jesus by Laurie Hill in association with the Getty Images Short & Sweet Film Challenge

an experimental film in English

Short and Sweet has teamed up with Getty Images to launch a film challenge with a twist.
Getty Images approached producer Basil Stephens and Short and Sweet founder Julia Stephenson with the idea of setting up a film competition which would make use of images in Getty's Hulton Archive. Stephenson drew from her in-depth knowledge of the short film arena to suggest a selection of talented filmmakers.
After picking out ten up-and-coming directors, she gave them the opportunity to pitch. Four of the filmmakers made it on to the shortlist and got the chance to realise their ideas. They were given three months to create their films.

The challenges aim was to highlight the breadth and depth of content available at the Hulton Archive, which offers a unique resource to filmmakers and creatives alike. But rather than set a rigid brief, the challenge offered key words and phrases as prompters to guide the filmmakers creativity. Examples of these prompters included discover our past, images that shape our future, still & moving imagery, ordinary people, ordinary things and extraordinary people, extraordinary things.

10:04 min 20. July 2012


an experimental film in no language



Revista The Mag- Human Rights UK
The European Independent Channel
Festival de Cine sobre los Derechos Humanos- Sucre Bolivia
Critica de Memento Mori en el 24 Festival Internacional de Sao Paulo, Brasil (kinoforum)
Animacion, Premio Eduardo Abaroa del Ministerio de Culturas, Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia, 2013
Best animation short, Corto Helvético al Femminile, Losone, Switzerland, 2013
Mención Especial del Colectivo Cartón, III Festival Internacional de Animacion La Tribu, Colectivo Carton, Argentina 2013
Mejor Cortometraje Experimental, IX Festival Internacional de Cine PASTO FICBA, Pasto, Colombia, 26-31 Agosto, 2013
Mencion especial Animacion SIMONA GESMUNDO CORTI D'ANIMAZIONE 2013,
Napoli-Italia,October 2013
CONCOURS SPÉCIAL FILM D'ANIMATION 2013 sur ARTE , 2ème prix des internautes :
Memento Mori de Daniela Wayllace Riguera (ENSAV La Cambre)
Mejor Sonido y Musica- Festival UNASUR 2014
Mejor animacion- Animandino 2014 Caracas-Venezuela

Festivals and projections, please check MEMENTO MORI's website in the festivals part

04:55 min 9. March 2011

BOUT (2011 - HD)

an experimental film in no language

BOUT - definition -
1. A short period of intense activity
2. An attack of illness or strong emotion
3. A wrestling or boxing match

A short animated film by Malcolm Sutherland in 2011. Animated in Toon Boom Studio 4.5

03:21 min 19. November 2013

Lust and Sin

an experimental film in no language

Victoria is seduced into a world of lust and sin by a Satanic Priestess. A dark comedic surrealist film by Steven Gill and Todd Fraser with Victoria Ryan, Dawn Canning, and Pierre-luc Landry Desjardins.

16mm Screen Arts Project NSCC Waterfront 2013

08:55 min 9. December 2008

Rabbit | Future Shorts

an experimental film in English

Dir: Run Wrake / UK / 2005
An animated childrens book with a difference.

03:44 min 17. April 2013

"Semantics" Short Film

an experimental film in English

"Semantics" is a collaborative film project by Ryan Chen and Anna Lydon.

Given the prompt "First impressions can often be misleading", we wanted to tell the story of how one is capable of falling out of love just as easily as one falls in love. This narrative follows a woman as her ordinary routine is interrupted when she enters into a new relationship. In the form of a vintage audio cassette tape, the narrator uses vowel sounds that corresponds with images from her life. These images, when paired with words, can also be misleading.

Music by Studiocanoe
Edited in Adobe PremierePro CS6

01:10 min 27. September 2009


an experimental film in English

Directed by Anton + Damian Groves
Art Direction and Models by Damian Groves
Concept by Anton + Damian Groves
Lighting by David Lee (www.davidleedop.com)
Production by Studioset (www.studioset.tv)
Post Production by Damian Groves
Sound by Alin Flaidar
Starring Vlad Grigorescu (www.vladgrigorescu.com)

PHOTO'S http://www.flickr.com/photos/43038809@N02/

Making of - http://www.vimeo.com/6858264

03:12 min 6. October 2012


an experimental film in English

Winner: Best Experimental Short, Intendence Film Festival 2013.
This poetic piece deals with l'appel du vide and ego-death as represented by the lure of the deep.


09:09 min 16. September 2010


an experimental film in English

Directed by Christian Weber
Featuring Corona Radiata by Nine Inch Nails.