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04:53 min 27. May 2013

Salt Photographs / Brambles

an experimental film in no language

a short for Brambles Salt Photographs from the album Charcoal.

a film by www.theworkofcastor.com
Starring Henrik Roos & Ebbe Johansson

02:52 min 27. May 2009

omar and his skyhook

an experimental film in no language

directed and produced by doug purver.

04:03 min 13. February 2011


an experimental film in no language

Song: Keith Kenniff http://www.unseen-music.com/

04:06 min 23. May 2015

( NULL )

an experimental film in no language

"Routine or vicious cycle? An unknown girl breaks out of her daily grind by undergoing an intense audio-visual trip."
presented in Circlescope - an experimental film

Short Tiger Award 2014 / Germany
"Prädikat Besonders Wertvoll" fbw-filmbewertung.com/film/null
Best Experimentalfilm | CineMAiubit International Student Filmfestival 2014 / Romania
Best Picture | U.F.O. Shortfilm Festival 2014 / Germany
Sound Award | Watersprite Cambridge Festival 2014 / United Kingdom
Grand Jury Prize - Best Experimental Short | Nashville Film Festival 2015 / USA

TIFF - Toronto International Filmfestival / Canada
Calgary International Film Festival / Canada
St.Louis International Film Festival / USA
Art Film Festival Cannes / France
Poitiers Film Festival / France
Bangkok International Student Film Festival / Thailand
Skena Up Festival / Cosovo
BSFF No Words Festvial / Italy
Mediawave Filmfestival / Hungary
Germany / exground Filmfest, European Art Festival, Internationale Kurzfilmwoche Regensburg, Landhuter Kurzfilmfestival, 34th Filmschoolfest Munich, Unlimited Film Festival, Filmschoolfest München & many more

Directors: David Gesslbauer & Michael Lange
Camera, Animation: Michael Lange
Editing, Sound: David Gesslbauer
Music: Nexothex (soundcloud.com/nexothex)
Production & Distribution: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg (for requests: sigrid.gairing@filmakademie.de)

07:30 min 12. February 2014

Beyond This Place

an experimental film in no language

Beyond This Place explores the ideas of solitude, sexuality, and discovery. In a time where sexual orientation isn't as simple as being born a certain way, but rather a regulated choice. The inability to make a choice consequently exiles young individuals to fend for themselves.

03:58 min 24. September 2010

Train of Thought

an experimental film in no language

A short film in paper by Leo Bridle & Ben Thomas.

Train of Thought was made as our graduation film from The Arts Institute at Bournemouth. Although we used digital compositing software, all the animation and models were done by hand, not with CGI. The film took approximately 9 months to complete, from storyboards through to the final edit.

The music is by Portico Quartet arranged by Jack Wyllie
and sound design by Andrew South http://vimeo.com/andrewsoundesign

Making of here: http://vimeo.com/5704398
Official film website - including full credits: www.train-of-thought-film.com

07:40 min 24. May 2011

Jungle Jail

an experimental film in no language

Jungle Jail is a short film made as a student at ESMA montpellier co-directed with Mathieu Arnoux, Hugo Cierzniak, Aymeric Palermo and myself. Thanks for watching!

06:00 min 27. July 2015

You Could Sunbathe in this Storm

an experimental film in no language

Space, forms, colours and sounds symbolise a recognisable world.
New beginnings put an end to familiar patterns.
Do we shape as much as we are shaped?

My graduation film from the Royal College of Art.
See how it was made here: https://vimeo.com/102655097
And have a listen to the music here: https://soundcloud.com/jakechudnow/sunbathe

Music: Jake Chudnow (https://soundcloud.com/jakechudnow)
Cello: Lucy Railton (https://soundcloud.com/lucyrailton)
Voice: Tony Fish
Sound Design: Dan Larkin
Sound Mix: Mike Wyeld
Additional Animation: Luke George
Additional Animation: Tom O'Meara

Special thanks to BlinkInk and the City of London Combined Education Charity.

Istanbul Design Week - Istanbul Biennial, Turkey. 2016
Visual Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan. 2016
PSYK FEST - Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool UK. 2016
Design Week, Milan, Italy. 2016
KloosterKino, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. 2016
Design Talks, Reykjavik, Iceland. 2016
IFFR, Rotterdam, Holland. 2016
Johanssen Gallery, Illustrative Festival, Berlin, Germany. 2015-16
ANILOGUE, Budapest, Hungary. 2015
VAEFF, New York, USA. 2015
Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, USA. 2015
SEFF, Seville, Spain. 2015
Illustrative, Berlin, Germany. 2015
HAYP, Yerevan, Armenia. 2015
EIFF, Edinburgh, UK. 2015
Animafest Zagreb, Croatia. 2015
Last Friday Shorts, London, UK. 2015
The Open West, Cheltenham, UK. 2015
Cardiff Animation Nights, Cardiff, UK. 2015
Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, Tallin, Estonia. 2014
RCA Graduation show, London, UK. 2014

03:31 min 30. September 2008

Mankind Is No Island | Winner of Tropfest New York 2008

an experimental film in no language

'Mankind is no island' is a film shot entirely on a cell phone, using found signage on the streets of NY and Sydney to tell a touching story from the very heart of two cities.
Directed by Jason van Genderen
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Produced for Tropfest NY 2008, TSI: Sunflower

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08:18 min 15. August 2014

Lars Von Trier : Son court-métrage réalisé à 14 ans !

an experimental film in no language

Un court-métrage de Lars Von Trier (Nymphomaniac) alors qu'il n'avait que 14ans. Réalisé en 1970, le projet de 8 minutes s'intitule "Hvorfor flygte fra det du ved du ikke kan flygte fra? Fordi du er en kujon" à traduire par "Pourquoi fuir quelque chose lorsqu'on sait qu'on ne peut pas fuir ? A cause de la lâcheté".


04:56 min 21. January 2011


an experimental film in no language

no description found

02:21 min 7. July 2008

Collision (by Max Hattler)

an experimental film in no language

Max Hattler's multi-award winning abstract political short film, in HD. Islamic patterns and American quilts and the colours and geometry of flags as an abstract field of reflection.

Project page with more info, all awards and screenings: http://www.maxhattler.com/collision
Like: http://www.facebook.com/maxhattler

© 2005

05:25 min 16. June 2013

So Far, So Close (Yugen pt. 2)

an experimental film in no language

So Far, So Close Part two of my Yugen(幽玄) series
“a profound, mysterious sense of the beauty of the universe… and the sad beauty of human suffering”
A playful look into what might make up the world around us, or a distant galaxy just as it's being born. Imagination wanders and finds itself lost in the infinite unknown.
Part one https://vimeo.com/80229478

**2014 Ramstock Film Festival, Richmond Virginia**
**2014 Resonate Festival Belgrade Serbia** (Best of Punta y Raya)
**2014 Animuza Festival Poznan, Poland** (Best of Punta y Raya)
**2014 Punto y Raya Festival in Reykjavik, Iceland** (Best of Punta y Raya)
**2014 Streetlight: Roman Susan Gallery, Chicago IL**

So Far, So Close, was an attempt to create a visual piece that felt both astronomical and microscopic. I created the imagery using ink and plexiglass layered on top of each other. The depth it created was surprising! Once I was done filming I was going over the footage and found that as beautiful and captivating as these environments were, needed a subject. That's where the animations came into play. The childlike drawings are very humorous against the cosmic backgrounds.I wanted my drawings to interact with the space and give a reason for the movement on screen. I also see them as little characters floating through these spaces. While you are watching, imagine yourself to be an observer, not necessarily looking for a beginning and an end, but simply looking through a telescope (or a microscope!) on a distant world yet to be discovered. Enjoy!

03:39 min 22. July 2015

Deathsong (2015-HD)

an experimental film in no language

no description found

02:37 min 3. December 2013


an experimental film in no language

Choices we make in life provide inner debate with yourself. How do you deal with that? will it take over you or will you fight against it?

Jason de Ridder

Director - Selwyn de Bruijn
Director of photography - Edward van Dongen
Producer - Simone van Tongeren
Gaffer - Guido Jeurissen
Sound - Levi Verspeek
Soundscape - Selwyn de Bruijn

02:46 min 31. October 2013


an experimental film in no language

A cyclist defies the laws of physics.