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04:48 min 6. October 2011

That Fucking Party - Abyss

an experimental film in Russian

How many people fell in this abyss?
Far land with no way back-
As everyone in turn, I’m also destined
To reach the last instant.

My grass-green eyes, my soul that sang and fought
And spread her blinding beams,
My golden hair and enchanting voice
Will vanish like a dream!

The search for bread, the things of day’s importance
Perpetually will last,
And all will be- as if my own life-span
Was nothing but the dust!

So childish in my faces, always shifting,
And so seldom- harsh,
Who liked so much to watch the wood in chimney
Turn finally to ash,

Who liked the cello, and the horses’ trot in forest,
And bells which used to ring,
So natural and true in every moment
I knew I had to live.

To each of you- I’ve never known the borders:
Who’s mine and who’s not?!
I now appeal: believe me- this I order,
And love me- this I want.

I beg for love- both spoken and written,
For both “yes” and “no”,
For days and nights, for being sadness-stricken
And only twenty years old;

Forgiving the offenders without doubt
As I’m ordained;
My tenderness’ eternal pouring out,
And look that might seem vain;

For things occur in happy non-continuance,
For both truth and game;
You, listen: love me most of all for this:
That I will die one day.

Poem by Marina Tsvetaeva