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10:00 min 19. June 2014

The Waldgeist & Me - Joe Bichard

an experimental film in English

A dark tale of Love & Dismemberment.

Made at the Royal College of Art

With lots of help from the following wonderful people -

OSWALD SKILLBARD - Sound and Music design! - http://skillbard.com/

MATT KING - Narrated it! - https://www.facebook.com/matt.king.official

Animation help from the wonderful and kind -

Ferenczy András - http://duajisin.com/
Loup Blaster (Loup did loads) - http://cargocollective.com/loupblaster
John Clinch - http://cargocollective.com/clinch
Thea Glad - http://www.theaglad.co.uk/
Oliver Hamilton - http://hamhead.tumblr.com/
Doug Hindson - http://www.doughindson.com/
Sumaya Kilani -http://sumayak.tumblr.com/
Matt King (a different one) - http://mattjking.tumblr.com/
Joe Sparkes - http://www.joesparkes.co.uk/
Joe Sparrow - http://www.joe-sparrow.com/
Imogen Woolley - http://cargocollective.com/iswoolley
Tara Wood - http://taramercedeswood.tumblr.com/

And actual real instrument performances by

Panos Ghikas - violin
Johannes Von Weizsacker - cello

And additional sound design by

Patrick Goodden - http://www.stagejobspro.com/uk/view.php?uid=546853

There's also a load about it on my Tumblr! - http://joebichard.tumblr.com/
You should also follow me on Twitter - https://twitter.com/joebichard

04:20 min 21. March 2014

Daughter of the Earth

an experimental film in English

A story of birth based on Romanian folklore and the creation myth.

Experimental film for All Hollow #7 (Spring Issue 2014) cover editorial, directed by Vlad Fenesan, featuring Malvina Cservenschi, Ioana Macarie and Andy Gonczi.

directed by: Vlad Fenesan
produced by: Barna Nemethi, Radu Stancu, Carmen Rizac
All Hollow liaisons: Maria Desmirean, Andreea Ionita, Ana Bucur
DOP: Mihai Marius Apopei
edited by: Mihai Codleanu
sound design & music: Marius Leftarache
VFX: Razvan Chis
color grading: Victor Dumitrovici
art direction: Bogdan Pop
styling: Ovidiu Buta
make-up: Alexandru Abagiu (L'Oreal Paris ambassador)
hair stylist: Alex Caraman (Beauty District)

03:54 min 8. October 2014

Zerogon (By Joshua Planz & John Mattiuzzi)

an experimental film in English

A lonely creature, on a lonely planet, abducted into the false allure of a computer generated world.

Featured on i09: io9.com/this-bonkers-short-about-a-spider-legged-alien-has-a-br-1682588734
Featured on cartoon Brew: cartoonbrew.com/cartoon-brew-pick/zerogon-by-joshua-planz-and-john-mattiuzzi-104474.html
Featured on Gizmodo: http://sploid.gizmodo.com/this-freaky-spiderman-tale-has-an-end-twist-that-you-do-1730504091

Directors: Joshua Planz & John Mattiuzzi
Director of Photography: Eric Branco
Producer: John Mattiuzzi
Story Consultant: Anney Bonney
Character Animation By: Ashley Gerst, Adam Momsen, & Steve Ritler
3D FX: Mike Huang
SFX Makeup Artist: Kate Mary
Assistant Makeup: Jennifer Schelhorn
Script Supervisor: Maria Stern
Special Thanks: Jillian Guarco, Jasper Lin, Ed Mattiuzzi, Tatiana McCabe, Donald Poynter, Rodan Tekle, Marvin Woodyatt, & Abi Iverson
Editor: John Mattiuzzi
Sound Design & Mixing: John Mattiuzzi
VFX by: John Mattiuzzi & Josh Planz
2D/3D Printing - Jasper Lin

“Do The Cobra” Written and performed by Juanitos, from the album “Best of
“Flatland” Written and Performed by Jarryd Lowder, from his album “Soundtracks_ Video & Performance Works”
“East” Written and Performed by Jarryd Lowder, from his album “Bezem”
"Divided By Oceans" by Amotz Plessner.

2016 IndieMemphis, Microcinema
2016 MEME PAS PEUR International Film Festival,
2015 Slamdance Film Fest, Park City
2015, Slamdance on the Road, Videology, Brooklyn
2015 Buried Alive Film Fest, Atlanta
2015 Cine Beacon, NY
2015 “Galaxy Theater" Aired via NBTV, CA
2015 Sploid Short Film Festival
2015 Coney Island Film Festival, Brooklyn
2015 Animation Nights, NYC
2015 Siggraph Asia, Japan
2015 Arizona Underground Film Festival, AZ
2015 Critical Edge Film Festival, FL
2015 Mile High Horror Film Festival, Denver
2015 HollyShorts Film Festival, LA
2015 Anti-Hero Production Genre fest, Burbank, CA
2015 Filmquest, Nominated (Best Visual Effects)
2015 Filmquest, Salt Lake City
2015 Sci-Fi London, NYC
2015 NYIT Animation & Film Festival
2015 ConCarolinas Short Film Festival.
2015 IndieWorks 2nd annual awards ceremony, NYC
2015 Shortlisted Viewster Film Festival, Online
2015 VisionFest, NYC (Tribeca Cinemas)
2015 Athens Animfest, Greece
2015 Northwest Animation Festival, Portland, OR
2015 Bijou Art Cinemas, Eugene, OR
2015 Ozark Shorts in L.A.
2015 ASIFA-EAST Animation Festival
2015 Fort Myers Film Festival
2015 Bloomfield College
2015 Los Angeles short film festival
2015 Critical Edge Film fest
2015 Viewster Film Festival, Online
2015 Boston SciFi Film Festival
2015 IndieWorks, NYC
2014 DigitalMarrakech, Morocco
2014 SVA Alumni animation film festival, NYC
In memory of Professor George Parrino:
To this day, I can still hear his words loud and clear, "Do not ever let yourself become hypnotized by your own artwork."
George was an amazing artist and professor who pushed his students beyond their intellectual and creative potential. He did not settle for visual fluff, nor could you sneak it by him. And if you tried, you were met with a carnival of embarrassment.

This is cool as well: http://filmshortage.com/82-of-the-most-inspirational-cinematography-shots-in-short-films/

http://www.joshplanz.com ☻ http://www.ma2z.com/

05:01 min 2. July 2012

What I have to Offer

an experimental film in English

On the 30th of September 2011, in front of a sell-out theatre at the BFI in London, Charlie Kaufman delivered the final lecture in BAFTA's 2011 Screenwriters' Lecture Series.

Charlie Kaufman http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0442109
Full 70 minute Lecture: http://guru.bafta.org/charlie-kaufman-screenwriters-lecture-video

Images Captured (Mark III) & Edited: Eliot Rausch

12:29 min 25. November 2009

The Third & The Seventh

an experimental film in English



"From Bits To The Lens" Book -- Beautiful 120+ hires imagery artwork, philosophy and processes behind the shortfilm in a 232 pages large format book.

Help funding my next shortfilm through the book. All the book sales incomings will be destined to financing it.

.Fullscreen it, please.

A FULL-CG animated piece that tries to illustrate architecture art across a photographic point of view where main subjects
are already-built spaces. Sometimes in an abstract way. Sometimes surreal.



|Modelling - Texturing - Illumination - Rendering| Alex Roman


|Postproduction & Editing| Alex Roman


Sequenced, Orchestrated & Mixed by Alex Roman (Sonar & EWQLSO Gold Pro XP)

Sound Design by Alex Roman

Based on original scores by:

.Michael Laurence Edward Nyman. (The Departure)
.Charles-Camille Saint-Saëns. (Le Carnaval des animaux)

Directed by Alex Roman

Done with 3dsmax, Vray, AfterEffects and Premiere.

05:00 min 1. September 2014

On Loop

an experimental film in English

- Four in the morning, crapped out, yawning. -

Royal College of Art graduation film by Christine Hooper.

Starring the vocal talents of www.susancalman.com (BBC Have I Got News For You, QI, Channel 4 Fresh Meat).

Woman At Door: Jayne Edwards
Sound Design: Tom Lock Griffiths
Written by: Christine Hooper and Victoria Manifold
Additional Animation: Jen Cardno, Ana Stefaniak and Alice Dunseath

04:23 min 13. September 2013

I'm on it

an experimental film in English

Following the motivations of a young office employee, willing to make his way into an underground fighting circuit.

A film directed by Alexandre Desane - http://www.alexandredesane.com
Cast : Anthony Pho - http://www.anthonypho.com / Alain Pambou-Suami / Hamid Hashemi
Music by Keysz Beatz / Beatwin Group - https://www.facebook.com/beatwingroup

05:36 min 23. December 2007

Drunk History vol. 1 - Featuring Michael Cera

an experimental film in English

Witness history as it's never been told before: Drunk.
Derek Waters Presents: Drunk History vol. 1 Featuring Michael Cera

Filmed, Edited & Directed by: Jeremy Konner

Starring: Michael Cera, Jake Johnson, Derek Waters, Ashley Johnson

Created by Derek Waters

On August 6th 2007, Mark Gagliardi drank a bottle of Scotch...
And then discussed a famous historical event.

That night history was made...Drunk History

03:01 min 1. May 2011

The Spider

an experimental film in English

Directed by Juan Delcan
Animation created as a gift to Louise Bourgeois, the poem is from her friend Gabor Barabas. The music "I'll read you a story" by Colleen, written by Cecile Schott (Use Courtesy of The Leaf label by arrangement with Woodwork Music.

02:15 min 15. April 2014

Still Life

an experimental film in English

"Still Life" is a short film that seeks to find connection between creativity and everyday moments, set against the backdrop of New York City.

Directed and Shot by Charles Frank and Jake Oleson (www.jakeoleson.com)
Starring Chris Trindade
Written by Kyle Harper
Voiceover by Beau Stephenson
Produced by Andrew Hutcheson
Music by Philip Glass & Adam Taylor
Sound Design by Stranded On a Planet Studios (strandedonaplanet.com)

Special Thanks:
Kelsey Lynn Stokes
Colin Levy


06:39 min 21. July 2012


an experimental film in English

no description found

02:23 min 8. July 2009

vice versa

an experimental film in English

3D CG animated film. a debate feuds between twins that have a different take on their environment.

This project was completed during my free time from teaching at SCAD and was produced with a small portable computer. It is an exploration in narrative, discourse as well as the CG medium.


07:26 min 9. May 2008

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU

an experimental film in English

The new short film by Blu
an ambiguous animation painted on public walls.
Made in Buenos Aires and in Baden (fantoche)


music by Andrea Martignoni
produced by Mercurio Film
assistant: Sibe

06:43 min 26. May 2013


an experimental film in English


Watch the Making-Of: www.vimeo.com/52760001
Trailer: www.vimeo.com/48904769

Facebook: www.facebook.com/seewaldhanna
Twitter: www.twitter.com/BorisSeewald

Written, Directed, Edited and VFX by BORIS SEEWALD
Cinematography by GEORG SIMBENI

Produced by SEEWALD & HANNA UG

For Patrick, a tortilla chip started his moment of self-discovery. With exuberant dancing and magical passion he shares his inspiration and invites everyone to participate. Even his mother.

This film explores the concept of spontaneous authenticity and the synopsis of body and soul... through tortilla chips and dance.

Cinedans Dioraphte Jury Award 2013 | The Netherlands
UR Award for Best Short Film at the Uppsala International Short Film Festival 2013 | Sweden
WDR Promotional Award at the Filmfest Münster 2013 | Germany
Best Student Film Award at the San Francisco Dance Film Festival 2013 | USA
Best Screendance Film up to 15 Minutes at the San Francisco Dance Film Festival 2013 | USA
Best Experimental Short Film at the New Vision International Short Film Festival 2013 | Ukraine
Best Student Film at the New York City Short Film Festival 2013 | USA
Best Short Film at Snowdance Independant Film Festival 2014 | Germany
Short Film of the Month February 2013 by the German Film and Media Evaluation Institute
Certification Mark “Especially Valuable” from the German Film and Media Evaluation Institute
1st Prize at the DanceFilmFestival Lucerne 2013 | Switzerland
Best Experimental Film at the Open Eyes Filmfest 2013 | Germany
2nd Prize Short Film at the Fünf Seen Filmfestival 2013 | Germany
2nd Audience Award Shorts Attack 2014 | Germany
3rd Prize Audience Award at the Kurzfilmnacht of the Filmkunstfest Schwerin 2013 | Germany
3rd Prize Audience Award at the International Short Film Festival Bunter Hund 2013 | Germany
Special Mention Award at Filmplus 2013 | Germany
Special Mention Award at the Ahoi Filmfest 2013 | Germany
Top 10 selected by the Jury at the Facade Video Festival 2013 | Bulgaria

InShadow 2014 | Portugal
New Visions Short Film Festival 2014 | China
Loikka Dance Film Festival 2014 | Finland
Dance on Camera 2014 | USA
Kassel Dokfest 2013 | Germany
Warsaw Film Festival 2013 | Poland
Raindance Film Festival 2013 | United Kingdom
Fresh Film Fest 2013 | Czech Republik
Odense International Film Festival 2013 | Denmark
Arkipel International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival 2013 | Indonesia
Norsk Festival for Dans and Film 2013 | Norway
Festival de Lima 2013 | Peru
Kratkofil Plus 2013 | Bosnia and Herzegowina
Guanajuato International Film Festival 2013 | Mexico
Pineapple Underground Film Festival 2013 | Hong Kong
Festival de Cine Alemán 2013 | Spain
Dance Camera West 2013 | USA
Norwich Film Festival 2013 | United Kingdom
Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival 2013 | Serbia
International Festival of Films on Art 2013 | Canada
Regensburger Kurzfilmwoche 2013 | Germany

"Shot in what could pass for a prison cell, Momentum, by Boris Seewald, delivers a highly original and side-splitting take on the transformative power of dance, using the filming and editing techniques of MTV-style music videos but with far more subtlety and imagination, and an irresistible streak of lunacy. Starting with a simple but hilarious premise involving a tortilla chip, the film celebrates the magnetic Patrick Hanna, a young dancer with a mischievous twinkle in his eye, who entices his middle-aged mother, played by Shoko Ito, into his surreal dance world."
Huffington Post

“Taking a simple story with a universal message and injecting it with energy and warmth, Seewald has created a short film bound to inspire and entertain its audience.”
Short Of The Week

“Momentum is not just an ode to dancing passion, it’s a way of life, a way of living every bit of it.
Epic Short Films

“The film is a fresh and surprising celebration of dance: the fun and enthusiasm radiate from there.”
Cinedans – Dance on Screen

“Inventive, original, honest, and witty, Momentum has great energy and refreshes the genre with youthful vigor. Seewald demonstrates a confident use of the film medium to convey the power and depth of the dance experience.”
San Francisco Dance Film Festival

“Boris Seewald [...] demonstrated that dance films can be hilariously entertaining.[...] It was so refreshing to see a dance film that wasn’t filled with drama and angst”
Heather Desaulniers (Dance critic and PhD in dance history)

“I really loved Momentum like a breath of un self-conscious fresh air.”
Jon Harris – Editor (Snatch, 127 Hours, Kick-Ass, Trance)

“What an engaging character! [...] incredibly polished and beautiful imagery.”
Olivia Coleman – Actress

© 2013 Boris Seewald

05:00 min 2. September 2013


an experimental film in English

Hand-scratched frame-by-frame on 16mm, 'Consumed' is a dark vision of fire and grace, and a tribute to film in the digital age.

Finalist: New Visions & Voices Film Festival, Commendation for Achievement in Experimental Film, 2013.

Written, directed, scratched and edited by Will Mayo