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02:48 min 26. August 2012

'100' (from 0 to 100 years in 150 seconds)

a documentary in Dutch

IIn October 2011 I started documenting people in the city of Amsterdam, approaching them in the street and asking them to say their age in front of the camera. My aim was to 'collect' a group of 100 people, from age 0 to 100. At first my collection grew fast but slowed down when it got down to the very young and very old. The young because of sensivity around filming or photographing children and the very old because they don't get out of the house much. I found my very old 'models' in care homes and it was a privilege to document these -often vulnerable- people for this project. I had particular problems finding a 99 year-old. (Apparently 100 year-olds enjoy notoriety, but a 99 year-old is a rare species...) And when I finally did find one, she refused to state her age. She simply denied being 99 years old! But finally, some 4 months after I recorded my first 'age', I was able to capture the 'missing link' and conclude this project. Enjoy.

(By the way: together these people have lived 5050 years...)

Shot on a Panasonic GH2
Lenses: mostly a Cosmicar 25mm 1.4 and a Panasonic 20mm 1.7


25:46 min 6. May 2015

101 East - Afghanistan's Billion Dollar Drug War

a report in English

It is the frontline of the war on drugs - and it is a battle authorities are losing.

Afghanistan's poppy fields, which feed the habits of drug addicts worldwide, are thriving, with cultivation of the crop hitting record highs last year.

With NATO troops pulling out and local law enforcement agencies ill-equipped and underfunded, production looks set to increase even further.

The number of Afghan addicts is soaring and with the Taliban funded by the drug trade, security fears are paramount.

101 East travels to fields where poppies grow and meets the local officers responsible for stemming the flow of drugs to the world.

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26:28 min 5. July 2014

13 Kinder in 8 Zimmern: Alltag in der Großfamilie Rübenack

a report in German

Es gibt Eltern, die relativ früh ihr erstes Kind bekamen und danach so lange weitergemacht haben, bis sie relativ spät ihr letztes Kind zur Welt brachten. Bei Familie Rübenack aus Leipzig sind es insgesamt 13 geworden, und damit ist sie eine echte Sensation. Zu Hause bei der Großfamilie leben mehr Menschen als beim Fußball in der Startelf stehen.

03:46 min 11. November 2014

1st Squad, 3rd Platoon

a documentary in English

In August 2005, Marine Lance Cpl. Travis Williams and his squad were sent on a rescue mission in Barwanah, Iraq. En route, their vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb. Of Travis' entire 12-person team, he alone survived. Here, Travis reflects on the hours and days after the explosion, as well as his life now, and pays tribute to the men he left behind.

Funding provided by:
Corporation for Public Broadcasting

In partnership with

Directed by: The Rauch Brothers
Art Direction: Bill Wray
Producers: Lizzie Jacobs, Maya Millett & Mike Rauch
Animation: Tim Rauch
Audio Produced by: Yasmina Guerda & Nadia Reiman
Supervising Sound Recordist: Jorge Rojas

Music (Open): Fredrik
Label: The Kora Records
Publisher: House of Hassle

Music (Close): Christopher Bowen
Label: MovieScore Media
Publisher: Christopher Bowen

11:50 min 29. May 2013

2013 Min Passion (My Passion)

a documentary in Swedish

My Passion is a short documentary about three young peoples different passions. They talk about the good and bad things with their passions and we get to know why they are so passionate with that special thing. The film is made to inspire other people to find their own passion.

Directed, produced, written and edited by:
Gustav Bondeson

Johan Severinsson - Football
Teodor Widerberg - Swimming
Hampus Larsson - Gaming

Music By:
Mattias Hjelm

Tumblr: http://33gustav.tumblr.com/
Instagram: http://instagram.com/33gustav
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/33gustav/
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/33gustav

03:11 min 28. July 2013

21 Icons : Nelson Mandela : Short Film

a documentary in English

We take an exclusive journey with Adrian Steirn to Nelson Mandela's home in Qunu, Eastern Cape, and experience the warmth and intimacy that permeated the atmosphere during the portrait shoot. We also hear what others have to say about the greatest icon of them all.

Icon portraits, short films and profiles: http://www.21icons.com/
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03:09 min 9. June 2015

24 Hours with Soko: An uncensored glimpse into the life of siren Soko

a report in English

An uncensored glimpse into the life of new-wave siren Soko – as she drops her album “My Dreams Dictate My Reality.”
Read the full feature on NOWNESS: http://bit.ly/1MEcbJW

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07:02 min 30. July 2008


a documentary in English

The third installment in BODY TYPED, a trilogy (including THE GUARANTEE and the Sundance award-winning WET DREAMS AND FALSE IMAGES) examining notions of physical perfection. In 34x25x36, we visit the Patina V Mannequin Factory where the artistry, craft and marketing that go into creating "the ideal woman of the moment"--in plastic--are accompanied by a remarkable amount of reflection on just what that ideal means. The designer hearkens back to the roots of his craft not only in French 19th-century wax figures but also in the religious icons of medieval times.
Provocative and informative, the film premiered at the SXSW film festival, and director, Jesse Epstein, was recently named to Filmmaker Magazine's 25 New Faces of Independent Film.

07:00 min 18. May 2013

4 Länder

a documentary in German

Short film we did for a 10 day ethnographic documentary film workshop. Shown at the ETHNOCINECA Film Festival in Vienna on May 17 at the Votivkino.


30:02 min 2. March 2015

7 Tage... am Filmset | 7 Tage | NDR

a report in German

Die beiden Schauspieler Charly Hübner und Anneke Kim Sarnau aus dem "Polizeiruf 110" aus Rostock sind bekannt. Aber wer ist bei den Filmdreharbeiten eigentlich noch dabei?


30:03 min 31. May 2015

7 Tage ... auf dem Bauernhof | 7 Tage | NDR

a report in German

Kühe melken, Trecker fahren, Kälbchen füttern - ein harter Job, zwölf Stunden täglich, sieben Tage die Woche. Johanna Leuschen und Lars Kaufmann waren sieben Tage auf einem Bauernhof.


29:46 min 7. May 2013

7 Tage ... Auschwitz | NDR

a report in German

Ehemalige Deportationswaggons reparieren, alte Kinderschuhe restaurieren. Arbeit in Auschwitz heißt Arbeit gegen das Vergessen. Wie halten das die Helfer aus? Gibt es Alltag in Auschwitz?

29:51 min 3. June 2013

7 Tage ... beim Bund | 7 Tage | NDR

a report in German

Liegestütz vor dem Frühstück, durchs Gelände robben und marschieren: Das ist Rekruten-Alltag. "7 Tage ... beim Bund" ist ein Film über die Welt hinter der Kasernenmauer.


29:30 min 9. November 2015

7 Tage... Deutsche Bahn | 7 Tage | NDR

a report in German

Pöbelnde Fahrgäste, frustrierte Kollegen - aber auch zufriedene Reisende. Was erleben Zugbegleiter, die Tag und Nacht unterwegs sind? Und wie fühlt es sich in der Uniform eines Schaffners an?