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20:30 min 3. July 2012

Blowing Up Mountains: Destroying the Environment for Coal

a report in English

Massive corporations are blowing up mountains and creating environmental ruins in West Virginia. All this devastation, just to extract some coal.

We went to West Virginia to investigate mountain-top removal -- which a way of extracting coal from deposits under mountains. Instead of drilling into the mountain and sending men underground to take out the coal in the traditional way, they just take the whole top of a mountain off.

Hosted by Derrick Beckles | Originally aired on http://VICE.com in 2009

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03:50 min 12. August 2015

Advanced Style: Men - Tips from the senior fashion bible

a documentary in English

The senior fashion bible brings together five dapper gents exclusively for NOWNESS. By Ari Seth Cohen & Lina Plioplyte.
Read the full feature on NOWNESS: http://bit.ly/1TpL0d0


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15:18 min 11. December 2013

Marijuana Minors

a report in English

Watch the first episode of SMOKEABLES: How to Make a Gravity Bong - http://bit.ly/28XSWBi

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Medical marijuana is legal in 20 states and the District of Columbia, but there are still use cases that are very controversial, like medical marijuana for children. Some claim it's a wonder drug for epilepsy, severe autism, and even to quell the harsh side effects of chemotherapy, while others decry pumping marijuana into still-growing bodies. We went to the small town of Pendleton, Oregon, where medical marijuana is legal, to visit Mykayla Comstock, an eight-year-old leukemia patient who takes massive amounts of weed to treat her illness. Her family, and many people we met along the way, believe not only in the palliative aspects of the drug, but also in marijuana's curative effect—that pot can literally shrink tumors.

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04:03 min 24. February 2016

You Won't Believe What Rhinos Do At Night - Africa - BBC

a report in English

We had no idea that Rhinos met to socialise and build friendships at night but also slightly flirtatious...

Taken from Africa.

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15:28 min 19. May 2013

The Witmans - 15:00

a documentary in English

A film about two heart-broken parents. This documentary follows Ron and Sue Witman, fifteen years after their lives were turned upside down.

twitter: @witmanproject

Filmed and edited by Joe Lee, Nikolas Diener, and Gregory Timmons.
Produced by Adam Evans and Cody Taylor
Also Filmed by Matt Smith
Music by Daniel Espie
Sound recorded by Charles Bouril
Sound Engineering by Erich Hammil
Color Correction by Lauren Gaudite

02:00 min 3. May 2015

This Day (feat. Winston Churchill)

a documentary in English

Music: M83
Speech: Excerpt from Winston Churchill's address to the Congress of the United States, December 26, 1941

"Sure I am that this day, now, we are the masters of our fate. That the task which has been set us is not above our strength. That its pangs and toils are not beyond our endurance. As long as we have faith in our cause, and an unconquerable willpower, salvation will not be denied us. In the words of the Psalmist: "He shall not be afraid of evil tidings. His heart is fixed, trusting in the Lord."

06:35 min 12. May 2011

The Accidental Sea

a documentary in English

A short film about my favorite post-apocalyptic hell-hole, the Salton Sea.

Music composed by Michael Picton. Download the song on CD Baby:

My equipment:
Canon 5DmkII
24mm lens & 100mm lens
Steadicam Merlin
Final Cut Studio & Color
An awesome composer named Michael Picton, who would probably object to being listed as "equipment" but also will probably not read this.

Also, to those considering a visit to the salton sea, be warned that it can get up to 110-120 degrees, you'll be far from a garage should you break down, and it can smell pretty awful. Late fall and early spring are much better times to go!

18:59 min 6. May 2015

The Fight for the Muslim Vote: The British Election

a report in English

Ahead of the UK general election on May 7, VICE News explores voter apathy within the British Muslim community and finds out if issues such as the country's counterterrorism policy and Islamophobia are pushing young Muslims into disenfranchisement.

In the 2010 general election, a lower percentage of British Muslims voted than any other religious group. Despite being the fastest growing religion in the UK and boasting more young adherents than any other religion, it appears young Muslims are becoming more and more dissatisfied with the government.

VICE News speaks with Islamists who are rejecting voting and British society, those trying to get Muslims to vote, and those trying to win those votes. We meet with young Muslims to hear their opinions on the election and explore what influences them at a time when they are facing numerous challenges.

Watch "Behind the Political Spin: The British Election" - http://bit.ly/1QiWfih

Watch "Who Would Migrants Vote For? - The British Election" - http://bit.ly/1RcX0uK

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07:57 min 6. April 2014

Good Grief

a documentary in English

As featured on: Upworthy, Vimeo Staff Picks, Short of the Week, Laughing Squid, The Awesomer, Sopitas and many more... (visit www.goodgrief.tv/press)

Good Grief is a short stop motion animated documentary that explores the lessons we learn from dealing with grief and loss. Five real people share their true stories of losing something precious and what it has taught them about living.

Made in 2012, Good Grief has screened at 19 festivals worldwide and won numerous awards. Inspired by the loss of her own mother and the grief that ensued, director Fiona Dalwood went about finding out how the experience of loss transforms us. With a shoestring budget and months of hard work, she made Good Grief, a beautiful short film that has been described as “adorable and heartfelt”. Accessible to children and adults alike, it is being used in educational programs as a starting point to discuss the process of grief and what some of the positive outcomes of grief can be.

If you like this film please consider contributing to our tip jar - all funds raised will offset the cost of production.

Watch Good Grief with French subtitles (Regarder Good Grief avec sous-titres français) http://vimeo.com/91157089
(5 May, 2014) Coming Soon—Spanish subtitles

To find out more visit www.goodgrief.tv
Keep up to date with news about the film on Facebook www.facebook.com/goodgriefanimation
Follow Good Grief on Twitter twitter.com/goodgriefmovie
Good Grief on IMDB (We love votes!) www.imdb.com/title/tt2583460/
Email director@goodgrief.tv or producer@goodgrief.tv

If you would like to write about the film or have any questions, please get in touch with the film-makers via the emails above. A media kit and photos are available for download on our press page (www.goodgrief.tv/press)

Written, directed and animated by Fiona Dalwood (www.fionadalwood.com/about)
Produced by Jonno Katz (www.jonnokatz.com)
Music by Matthew Nicholson (www.invisibleaudio.com.au)
Sound by Livia Ruzic
Voice cast (interview subjects): Dan Michael, Alex De Vos, Sarah De Vos, Andrew O'Sullivan, Dana Katz
© 2012 VCA School of Film & Television, The University of Melbourne, Australia (vca.unimelb.edu.au/ftv)

Good Grief has screened at the following festivals:
- Official Selection: ECU The European Independent Film Festival (April 2014, Paris, France)
- Official Selection: Tricky Women (March 2014, Vienna, Austria)
- Official Selection: Made in Melbourne Film Festival (November 2013, Melbourne, Australia)
- Official Selection: Animpact (November 2013, Korea/Japan/China)
- Official Selection: Clare Valley Film Festival (November 2013, South Australia, Australia)
- Official Selection: London International Animation Festival (October 2013, London, UK)
- Official Selection: Dok Leipzig (November 2013, Germany)
- Official Selection: Anim'Est (November 2013, Bucharest, Romania)
- Official Selection: Cut Out Fest (November 2013, Mexico)
- Official Selection: Canberra Short Film Festival (September 2013, Canberra, Australia)
- Official Selection: Animanima (September 2013, Cacak, Serbia)
- Official Selection: Just People/Chalice Films for Change (July 2013, Melbourne, Australia)
- Official Selection: Heart of Gold Film Festival (July 2013, Gympie, QLD, Australia)
- Official selection: Melbourne International Animation Festival (June 2013, Melbourne, Australia)
- Official Selection: Warburton Film Festival 'Show Us Your Shorts' (June 2013, Warburton, Victoria, Australia)
- Official Selection: Brooklyn Film Festival (May-June 2013, United States of America)
- Official Selection: St Kilda Film Festival (May 2013, Melbourne, Australia)
- Official Selection: Mo&Friese Children's ShortFilmFestival, as part of the International ShortFilmFestival Hamburg (June 2013, Hamburg, Germany)
- Official selection: Australian International Animation Festival (May 2013, Australia)
- Participation by Invitation: Berlinale Online Short Film Cloud 2013 (Feb 2013, Berlin, Germany)

Good Grief has been recognised with the following awards and nominations…
- Winner: Best Australian Student Film, Clare Valley Film Festival 2013
- Nominee: ATOM Awards 2013 - Best Tertiary Animation
- Highly Commended: Melbourne International Animation Festival 2013
- Winner: Senior Commendation Award (2013 Warburton Film Festival Show Us Your Shorts, Warburton, Victoria Australia)
- Nominee: BEST STUDENT FILM 2013 (Australian Directors Guild Awards)
- Winner: Best Masters Animation 2012 (Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne Australia)
- Winner: Orloff Family Charitable Trust Script Award 2012 (Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne Australia)

15:34 min 13. July 2015

Growth (2015)

a documentary in English

An exploration of the universality of growing up through the eyes of those who have experienced it first hand. Captured entirely from above and featuring over 75 unique individuals, this short meditative documentary explores the complexity, subtlety, and beauty of growing up.

Last summer, I was commissioned by television brand VIZIO to create a film that would showcase the visual possibilities of 4K storytelling. What started as a commercial opportunity for "branded content" quickly blossomed into one of the most artistically and personally fulfilling projects I've ever been a part of.

GROWTH will be available to stream in 4K HDR exclusively on VIZIO 4K Televisions later this year.
For more info visit www.VIZIO.com

06:53 min 28. December 2015

Virtual Reality takeover

a report in English

Explore the virtual world set to open up in 2016 – from health care to shopping, VR is about to move beyond entertainment and become a serious business.

04:24 min 12. January 2015


a documentary in English

A Film by: Mathieu Favreau

Direction, Cinematography & Editing : Mathieu Favreau

Produced by: Mathieu Favreau, Reuben Peter-Finley, Daybi

Featuring: Daybi & Tekaronhiawakon Cross-Pranteau

Shot on Sony FS7, and with the Red Epic for the summer shots.

Special Thanks: Ranine Chav Khun, Tara George and the rest of the Beauchamp family, Dj Blaster, Maysr, Dr One, Sondra Cross and the arts and craft fair, Ross Montour, Mck Communications, Luwan, Bluedog Motel, Zackdamack & Gen, Patrick Derongier, Ill Groove Garden & hosts, the people and town of Kahnawake.

Dedicated to the memory of Sharon Mcgoogan

Home, a short film on Canadian rapper Daybi, is a tribute to the artist and his community. Growing up in Vancouver and later Winnipeg, he began rapping at an early age and then moved to New York and Los Angeles. He currently resides with his son on the Kahnawake Mohawk reserve on the outskirts of Montreal. There, nature and tranquility has given him creative breathing space and, most importantly, a solid, positive, nurturing environment for his 12-year-old son.

04:36 min 18. June 2015

How poverty breeds insecurity in northern Nigeria

a report in English

Sokoto epitomises the miserable destitution across Nigeria's northern states. Without serious reform, the region could become a breeding ground for further insecurity

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03:59 min 14. January 2016

Fighting For The Female - Animal Attraction - BBC

a documentary in English

The males test the air, picking up the scent of a female who might be ready to mate but with so much competition around how do you deal with that? Taken from Animal Attraction.

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12:33 min 7. January 2015

Enjoy Your Intermission

a documentary in English


Longtime projectionist, Roger Babcock, has been threading film through the Hi-Way Drive-in's projectors for more than 40 years. However, with Hollywood studios no longer offering film prints of their releases, Roger is faced with an ultimatum: upgrade all four of the Hi-Way's 35mm film projectors to expensive digital systems, or close the gates which have so warmly welcomed moviegoers since 1960... for good.


Featuring: Roger Babcock, Sharon Babcock, Joyce Lehnert, & John Waters
Directed by Tansy Michaud & Adam Carboni
Cinematography by Adam Carboni
Edit and Sound Design by Alex Trierweiler
Color Grade by Ashley Ayarza

14:38 min 26. February 2011

Children of Leningradsky - Part 1/3 HQ

a documentary in English

An intimate and heartbreaking look at a group of homeless children living in and around a Moscow train station.