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03:53 min 20. February 2015

To Be a Parent

a documentary in English

What it is to raise twins with Tuberous Sclerosis, a mothers bitter sweet story of tragedy, violence and unconditional love.

To improve the quality of life of disabled and disadvantaged children and their families please donate -http://www.giveusabreak2010.org/i_want_to_donate_4.html#free

Thanks to Dawn, Peter, Kaine, Callan and Ethan for sharing their story with me.

Directed, shot and edited by Gareth Bowler - www.garethbowler.com
Music: Found by Ryan Taubert - www.musicbed.com

Featured here -

02:08 min 26. July 2009

Great and Telling Tales: Tale of Rasputin | History

a documentary in English

Timothy Dickinson tells the tale of Rasputin as only he can.

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28:45 min 12. November 2012

Heute hier, morgen dort - Leben in der Business-WG

a report in German

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Leben in der Business-WG

Immer mehr Berufstätige in Deutschland müssen flexibel sein. Teilzeitbeschäftigung, befristete Arbeitsverträge, verschiedene Auftraggeber - gerade junge Leute bleiben oft nicht lange in einem Job, wechseln ihren Wohnsitz mehrmals im Jahr oder werden zu Dauerpendlern. "Business-WG" heißt die aktuelle Wohnform, die sich deshalb mehr und mehr in ganz Deutschland durchsetzt. Bisher sind Düsseldorf und Hamburg die Vorreiter solcher WGs, in anderen großen Städten sind ähnliche Konzepte in Planung.

Junge Karrieremenschen müssen flexibel und mobil sein, deshalb kommen sie gern in großen Wohngemeinschaften unter, teilweise mit bis zu fünfzig Mitbewohnern. Sie zahlen nicht wenig für ein möbliertes Zimmer, Gemeinschaftsküche und Gemeinschaftsbad - mitunter zwischen 600 und 1.200 Euro. Dafür gehen sie keine langfristigen Verpflichtungen ein, können jederzeit wieder "auschecken", umgehen Kündigungsfristen und Maklercourtagen. Das Wohnkonzept ist billiger als ein Hotel und bietet ein buntes, soziales Netzwerk.

Die ZDF.reportage von Susanne Brand und Eva Fouquet besucht eine solche Wohngemeinschaft in Düsseldorf. Hier wohnen Verkaufsleiterin Tatjana D., der Projektmanager einer Kommunikationsagentur Dennie T. und Unternehmensberater Fabian P. - allesamt junge Karriereleute unter 30. "Wenn man heute nicht mobil und flexibel ist, kann man die Karriere knicken", betont Dennie. Und Tatjana sagt: "Meine Herzens-Freunde habe ich zuhause, dort wo ich herkomme, in Bremen. Die Leute aus dem Arbeitsleben und der WG, das sind eher temporäre Freunde."

Für Fabian wiederum ist es wichtig, in der WG zu leben, weil er von montags bis donnerstags für die Firma allein in Darmstadt in einem Hotel wohnt. "Wenn ich dann nach Düsseldorf komme, freue ich mich, so viele Mitbewohner zu haben, die man in der Küche treffen kann. Ich bin eh genug allein." Das Leben der drei Erfolgsmenschen ist schnell und ruhelos.

11:47 min 25. November 2014


a documentary in English

*2015 Kinsale Sharks Nominee for Best Documentary*
*2015 Kinsale Sharks Nominee for The Free Thinkers Award*

SEAN is a short film about one teenager's struggles and philosophies about growing up in uniquely trying and bizarre spring break destination/meth town; Lake Havasu City, AZ.

This is the same weird place that I grew up in.

Interview and photographs taken one year after the film was shot on DAZED: http://www.dazeddigital.com/artsandculture/article/22810/1/small-town-dreaming-in-lake-havasu-city

MONSTER CHILDREN Interview: http://www.monsterchildren.com/32383/ryan-reichenfeld/

Commissioned by MAINLINE as part of the TRIBUTE series on DAZED: www.dazeddigital.com/tribute


Director of Photography: RYAN CARMODY



Original Score: RANDY RANDALL


Post Production Sound: OWEN GRANICH-YOUNG


Shot on Location in LAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ

30:03 min 31. May 2015

7 Tage ... auf dem Bauernhof | 7 Tage | NDR

a report in German

Kühe melken, Trecker fahren, Kälbchen füttern - ein harter Job, zwölf Stunden täglich, sieben Tage die Woche. Johanna Leuschen und Lars Kaufmann waren sieben Tage auf einem Bauernhof.


06:59 min 18. February 2013

Design with heart

a documentary in English

Introduction to the work of industrial designer Sebastian Bergne. Created as part of the 'Design with heart' exhibition, Biennale Design Saint Etienne 2013.

Directed by Federico Urdaneta
Produced by dredheadcreative


03:29 min 16. September 2016

Two Elephant Families Unite - This Wild Life - BBC

a documentary in English

Friendly rumblings from two families of elephants indicate they are happy to join up and roam the plains together.

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03:09 min 24. July 2015

Clay Marzo "808 Liv'n"

a documentary in no language

A short featuring Clay Marzo by Peter Labrador // @peterlabrador // Maui, Hawaii 2015 copyright. Peter Labrador Visuals

16:05 min 7. April 2015


a documentary in English

Riding the Highline is a short documentary film about poet brothers Kai and Anders Carlson-Wee hopping trains across the country.


Directed by Kai Carlson-Wee
Co-Directed by Anders Carlson-Wee
Music by Charlie Parr

Napa Valley Film Festival 2015 - Jury Prize for Innovation in Documentary Short
Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival 2016
Arizona International Film Festival 2016 - Jury Prize for Creative Achievement
San Francisco Documentary Film Festival 2016
Woods Hole Film Festival 2016

16:21 min 16. January 2014

Jewphoria! (2013) A short comedy documentary by Randy Kagan

a documentary in English

Randy Kagan takes his personal crisis to the Middle East. Fear has never been this funny! This laugh out loud documentary short premiered at the Austin Film Festival 2012 and the Austin Jewish Film Festival 2013.

Please visit www.randykagan.net for live dates and new projects.
Or follow Randy at @randykagan on twitter

And don't forget to subscribe to Randy's new channel Randy By Nature at

(Comedy Documentary)
TRT 17 minutes

14:53 min 4. September 2014

I'll Be Fine

a documentary in English

"I'll Be Fine" is a short documentary about a family, their home, and the trials of living with a nineteen-year-old son who has autism. In the past, Tim's behavior was deeply upsetting. Rarely did a day pass without confrontation. His parents, Richard and Rebecca, awaited the school bus with tense shoulders and baited breath. Tim is doing better now. Years of experience have helped him to bring his behavior under control. His progress, however, is still tenuous to his parents. They remember his earlier behavior and fear that he could regress. There is a delicate peace in their home, but Tim's autism constantly threatens to undermine it all. Love alone holds their family together as they face everyday exhaustion and an unknown future.

Original score by Joe Minadeo: http://digishop.patternbased.com/album/ill-be-fine-soundtrack.
Cover art by Kaori Mitsushima: http://kaorimitsushima.com.

04:07 min 30. April 2014

Naturelle Freeride 2014

a documentary in Hungarian

A short film about the Naturelle Freeride 2014 event in Puy st Vincent, France.

Shot, Directed and Edited by András Horányi-Névy
Aerial Photography by onedrone.com
Music: The walton hoax - Exit strategy (Sorrow remix)


29:26 min 19. February 2013

Sea. Surf. Sex. - Sportclub Reportage - NDR

a report in German

Sie verkörpern die Leichtigkeit des Seins. Doch was ist dran am Klischee vom traumhaften Leben als Surfer? Sportclub Reportage hat vier deutsche Surfer besucht und begleitet.


Mehr Videos:

04:28 min 7. October 2011

Andy Warhol eating a hamburger

a documentary in no language

Actually it's a whopper from Burger King. And some Heinz Tomato Ketchup. Yes the original. And finally in slightly better resolution and quality. A classic ASMR trigger scene, so if you got ASMR you might wanna bookmark this video for a good time.

Because of the many comments here i feel i should add additional info about this video.

It is from danish filmmaker Jorgen Leth, the scene appears in his art movie "66 scenes from america" which was filmed in 1981.

Jorgen Leth did not know Warhol, but he was a bit obsessed with him so he definitely wanted to have him in his movie. Friends told Leth that he "should forget about it" and that he could never even approach Warhol.

Anyways - Leth was stubborn so when he came to New York for his movie he simply went to the "factory", the building Warhol had rented to work at and despite all other claims simply managed to get to Warhol's studio inside where he met Andy Warhol while he was currently working.

Leth just told Warhol about his movie and the idea of having Andy being one of the 66 scenes along with the highly "symbolic" burger. Warhol immediately liked the idea and agreed to the scene. Andy liked the scene as he said because it was such a real scene, something he would like to do.

So Andy Warhol agreed to come for filming a few days later.

Jorgen leth was a bit afraid that Warhol would not come. He had invited him to a photo studio in new York at 14th street/5th avenue that belonged to a friend of him.

Leth had his assistant buy some burgers and directly advised him to buy some in halfway neutral packaging as Leth was afraid that Warhol might reject some brands (Warhol always had an obsession with some of his favorite brands).

So Andy Warhol finally did arrive at the studio, of course along with his bodyguards, and when he saw the selection of burgers the assistant had brought he asked "Where is the McDonald's?" and Leth - slightly in panic - was immediately like "I thought you would maybe not like to identify... " and Warhol answered "no that is the most beautiful". Leth offered to let his assistant quickly run to McDonald's but Warhol refused like "No, never mind, I will take the Burger King."

Directing the video was pretty simple. Leth said to him: "You simply have to eat this hamburger. And then after you finished, you have to eat it, after you finish you should just tell the camera, to the camera, my name is Andy Warhol, I have just eaten a hamburger. "

Leth was worried during the taking as he forgot to give Warhol a glass of water and the bottle of ketchup was brand new, so it was hard to get it out. But being a real warhol there was only one take, one try, so Warhol pulled it through in just one take, roughly 5 minutes. But Leth liked the scene and how it came out, so that is why today you can see it here.

The original movie "66 Scenes from america" is rather hard to get, but it is included in a Jorgen Leth collection you can buy on amazon:


And another comment from me about "Why Coca Cola, Campbell's Tomato Soup and why a whopper from burger king?"

I'll answer that with a quote from Andy Warhol:

"What's great about this country is that America started the tradition where the richest consumers buy essentially the same things as the poorest. You can be watching TV and see Coca-Cola, and you know that the President drinks Coke, Liz Taylor drinks Coke, and just think, you can drink Coke, too. A Coke is a Coke and no amount of money can get you a better Coke than the one the bum on the corner is drinking. All the Cokes are the same and all the Cokes are good. Liz Taylor knows it, the President knows it, the bum knows it, and you know it. "

This is actually an interesting piece of art. I call it "art" because that is my personal feeling. Some modern art is merely much more than a bucket of paint thrown against a canvas to me, so i guess if that counts why should Andy not count as art in this vid? But yeah it's questionable if it is really art or just Andy eating a burger. I guess maybe that's why he liked the idea, just like coke or Campbell's tomato soup - something everyone could have, no matter how much money he had.

05:23 min 22. October 2014

Impact, a boxer's story

a documentary in English

A tragic incident stalled Malagamali'i D'hue's career in boxing. Impact follows the story of one man's fight to persevere, and the strength we find within our idols.

A feature length screenplay currently in development, for inquiries please contact: info@workhousecreative.com

+ Featured on Olympic gold medalist and 2-time heavyweight world champion Lennox Lewis's twitter
+ Featured on 2-time heavyweight world champion Riddick Bowe's twitter
+ Featured on Zealous: http://www.zealous.co/!project;id=6657348762337280
+ Featured in Cannes Magazine

+ Official Selection: Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards
+ Official Selection: New York City International Film Festival
+ Official Selection: Arizona International Film Festival
+ Official Selection: Seattle Transmedia International Film Festival
+ Official Selection: Seattle International Film Festival
+ Official Selection: Orlando Film Festival
+ Official Selection: Woods Hole Film Festival
+ Official Selection: Sunrise Film Festival
+ Official Selection: Florida Film Festival
+ Official Selection: Hollyshorts Film Festival
+ Official Selection: Tallgrass Film Festival
+ Official Selection: Big Sky Documentary Film Festival

Directed and Edited by Keith Rivers
Cinematography by Ryan Frey & Max Magerkurth
VFX Artists: Renato Marques & Jacob Shroades
Sound Design & Mixing by Jakael Tristram
Colorist: Ryan Frey
Music: A Winged Victory for the Sullen, "Atomos VII" and Beck, "Waves" courtesy of UMe
Filmed on location at Seattle Boxing Gym: http://seattleboxinggym.com/

Shot on a Red Epic with a set of Lomo Anamorphics 35/50/85mm and a 50mm uncoated macro Zeiss Superspeed lens.

A Workhouse Creative Film 2015

04:14 min 29. April 2016

Experiment! How Does An Owl Fly So Silently? - Super Powered Owls - BBC

a documentary in English

Using sensitive sound equipment the team try to find out how an owl can fly so silently compared to other birds.

Taken from Super Powered Owls.

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