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25:54 min 29. September 2006

Meetin' WA (1986)

a talk in French

One of the least remarked upon attributes of Jean-Luc Godard is how thoroughly he mastered the medium of video production. For him Video was not a mere substitute for film, but something separate and distinct, an aesthetic platform all its own to which he brought a heretofore unrevealed dimension in his art; one that subtly informed the work he would later do once he returned to Cinema.

It is, however, somewhat understandable that this pocket of his career should be so little known, given that his extended video works of the 1970s . . . Six fois deux, for example, or the remarkable France/Tour/Detour/Deux/Enfants . . . continue to languish in the limited access obscurity into which they landed with a thud virtually from the hour of their creation. There are those in the fundamentally class-based universe of cinephilia who would not have it any other way, however. I mean, don't let's kid ourselves here. There is, and always has been, a vast amount of social comfort to be derived for Us (the cinephile class) if You (the vulgar herd) have no access to the works we get to see in the cinephile dungeons of large urban centers (after all, if We can't use film to construct a bizarro-world recreation of High School where we are no longer the geeks we once were then, I ask you, what is the point in all of this?).

So Jean-Luc Godard's video creations remain militantly inaccessible by all but the small number who've been fortunate enough to see them. And more than any of these works, 1986's Meetin' WA stands as testament to the extraordinary facility he developed with this sub-medium; a faciility harder-achieved in the 70s, when video production was a far more dolorous and taxing enterprise than it is today.

At once sublime and witty, the 26 minutes of Meetin' WA consist of an interview Jean-Luc Godard conducted in 1986 with Woody Allen, the director of What's Up, Tigerlilly and Men of Crisis: The Harvey Wallinger Story (and soon to be featured in the final moments of Godard's abortive Cannon Pictures' King Lear). The chat itself is amiable enough; certainly avoiding any conceivable adversarial notes; but this, along with the New York setting (giving Allen the home field advantage as it were) does nothing to prevent a visible anxiety from growing on the part of the filmmaker as the interview goes on.

It's as if it dawned on Allen, right in the middle of everything, that this tape could be . . . used . . . in some way he would not be able to control, that he was talking to a man who long ago demonstrated that he would not be bound to a standard not his own. Gradually, almost anticipating this development, Godard's camera moves in closer and closer, Allen's eyes dart back and forth between Godard and his translator (film scholar Annette Innsdorf) while questions are asked, the expression on his face bordering at times on open worry; like he's waiting, with only marginal patience, for some sign of what it is he's gotten himself into to manifest itself. It is, perhaps, the only occasion where Woody Allen seems as neurotic as the persona he wrote for himself was always said to be.

05:55 min 15. May 2012

A Brief History of John Baldessari

a mockumentary in English

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The epic life of a world-class artist, jammed into six minutes.
Narrated by Tom Waits.
Commissioned by LACMA for their first annual "Art + Film Gala" honoring John Baldessari and Clint Eastwood.

directed by Henry Joost & Ariel Schulman (http://gosupermarche.com/)
edited by Max Joseph (http://www.maxjoseph.com/)
written by Gabriel Nussbaum (http://www.bankstreetfilms.com)
cinematography by Magdalena Gorka (http://magdalenagorka.com/)
& Henry Joost
produced by Mandy Yaeger & Erin Wright

Thank you to John Baldessari and his studio. (http://www.baldessari.org/)

10:10 min 5. June 2011

Güvercin / Pigeon

a narrative film in Turkish

Zar zor doldurduğu tezgâhında mendil satan fakir çocukla, bir adamın yolları güvercin sayesinde kesişir.

- 1. Altın Diş Kısa Film Yarışması, Türkiye, Jüri Özel Ödülü
- 7. Kazan Uluslararası Müslüman Film Festivali, Rusya
- Hakları Çalınmış Çocuklar Kısa Film Yarışması, Türkiye

Yönetmen: Muhammet Abdülgafur Şahin
Yönetmen Yardımcısı: Koray Sevindi
Senaryo: Muhammet Abdülgafur Şahin, Cihad Caner, Koray Sevindi
Görüntü Yönetmeni: Cihad Caner
Sanat Yönetmeni: Sena Meral
Kurgu: Sinan Sertel
Ses: Elif Reis
Senaryo ve Yapım Danışmanı: Murat Pay
Oyuncular: Yaşar Ayvacı, Ahmet Salih Odabaş

Ekim, 2010

14:20 min 13. November 2014

How to write an award-winning bestselling first novel | Nathan Filer | TEDxYouth@Bath

a talk in English

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Or at least be happier whilst trying!
This is Nathan's guide to novel writing in 7 easy (ish!) steps.

Nathan won the Costa Book Prize in 2013 with his debut novel, The Shock Of The Fall. It has been translated into 27 languages. Nathan worked part time as a mental health nurse in Bristol and his book’s narrator is a 19 year old boy with schizophrenia. He graduated from Bath Spa University in 2010 with an MA in Creative Writing and is now a lecturer in Creative Writing at the University.

About TEDx, x = independently organized event In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)

04:42 min 1. January 2008

Learn Self Defense

a mockumentary in English

The award-winning short film
Learn Self Defense...

"Five practical lessons of self-defense for the citizen on the go-or nation-state on the rampage!"

07:18 min 22. January 2015

Black Panthers Revisited

a report in English

This short documentary explores what we can learn from the Black Panther party in confronting police violence 50 years later.

Produced by: Stanley Nelson and Laurens Grant

Read the article: http://nyti.ms/1BMFR57

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01:01 min 31. March 2016


a commercial in English

MOMENTS - An Advertisement directed by Thomas Hilland for Toyota.
Produced by Partizan in 2009.

08:37 min 4. October 2013

Life is Beautiful (3D Animation Short Film)

a narrative film in no language

Anton may be done with life, but life ain’t done with Anton. Humorous animation about the impossibility to escape your fate.

Vimeo and youtube combined, Life is Beautiful has reached 1.000.000 views!!
ON YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fDoTmjHa1I&list=UU-1rx8j9Ggp8mp4uD0ZdEIA

written & directed by BEN BRAND – co-writer ILSE OTT – animation studio FUBE – art director VINCENT BISSCHOP – technical director JASPER VAN NIEUWENHUIZEN – compositing KOOS DEKKER – rendering SEBASTIAAN VAN HESTEREN – head of animation RIK SCHUTTE – animation NANDA VAN DIJK – animator PIEBE VAN DER STORM – licht & shading RUUD COENEN –– shading DIMITAR KRALEV – storyboard NATASHA STEVIE – aditional artwork LOIS VAN BAARLE – score composed by CHRISTIAAN VERBEEK edited by WIETSE DE ZWART – producer JACQUES VEREECKEN / SANDER HEEROMA – production NIELS SCHEIDE / ROGIER DORANT – head of production LIESBETH TIMMER – line producer PERCY TIENHOVEN – sound designer DENNIS KERSTEN – modeling KJELD SLINGELAND / VINNIE PORTIER – special thanks NMTRIX ANIMATION STUDIOS / MICHAEL VISSER / JOHAN BOEKHOVEN / PATRICK NIJMAN


DIE ZEIT: http://blog.zeit.de/netzfilmblog/2014/05/18/animation-life-is-beautiful/
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LAUGHING SQUID: http://laughingsquid.com/life-is-beautiful-a-computer-animated-short-about-what-happens-after-we-die/
LESCOURTMETRAGES: http://www.les-courts-metrages.fr/life-beautiful/
GEEKTYRANT: http://geektyrant.com/news/emotive-animated-short-film-life-is-beautiful
LAMENTEES: http://lamenteesmaravillosa.com/este-corto-te-ayudara-ver-tus-defectos-virtudes/
REFRESHER: http://filmkult.refresher.sk/2502-Predstavujeme-vam-uzasny-a-zamyslenia-hodny-kratkometrazny-animak-Life-is-Beautiful


Dutch Filmfestival 2013-09 Utrecht (Netherlands) NOMINATION DEBUTE COMPETITION
Shortcutz Filmfestival 2014-04 Amsterdam (Netherlands) NOMINATION BEST ANIMATION SHORT
HAFF Filmfestival 2014-04 Utrecht (Netherlands)
Dresden int Filmfestival 2014-05 Dresden (Germany)
Toronto Int Animation Festival 2014-07 Toronto (Canada)
Nothwest Animation Festival 2014-07 Portland (USA)
Short Shorts international filmfestival 2014-06 Tokyo (Japan)
Cinefiesta Film Festival 2014-07 Caugas (Puerto Rico)
The Art Factory 2014-07 USA (New Jersey)
The Matinee Project 2014-07 India (Mumbai)
Anibar Animation Festival 2014-08 Servie (Kosovo)
Imaginaria 2014 2014-08 San Benedetto (Italy)
CutOut Fest Animation Festival 2014-08 Querétaro (Mexico)
KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival. 2014-10 Amsterdam (Netherlands)
SPARK Animation festival 2014-11 Vancouver (Canada)
Tirana Int Film Festival. 2014-12 Tirana (Albania) WINNER BEST ANIMATION SHORT
International Bosphorus Film Festival 2014-11 Istanbul (Turkey)
SkyScanner int Film Festival 2014-12 Moscow (Russia)
Chisinau short film festival in Chisinau 2014-12 (Moldova)
Reel Teal Film Festival in 2015-02 North Carolina (USA) WINNER BEST ANIMATION / AUDIENCE AWARD / BEST PICTURE
ATHENS ANIMFEST 2015 - 03 Athens (Greece)
Imaginaria international short film festival 2015-08 (Italy)
Corto Creativo Short Film Festival 2015 (Mexico)
Bangalore International Short FIlm Festival 2015 (India)
Mini Cinema Short Film Experience 2015 (USA) NOMINATION BEST ANIMATION / BEST MUSIC
Expotoons int film festival 2015 (Argentina)
Torremolinos Int Fantastic Film Festival 2015 (Spain)
Visionaria int film festival 2015 (Italy)
Multivision Int Festival of Animated Arts 2015 (Russia)
Post Mortem Film Festival 2015 (Mexico)
ASSF Film festival 2015 (italy)

18:27 min 2. February 2015

Death Boats to Greece (Part 1/2): Europe Or Die (Episode 2/4)

a report in English

Since 2000, more than 27,000 migrants and refugees have died attempting the perilous journey to Europe. With an unprecedented number of people breaking through its heavily barricaded borders in 2014, the EU continues to fortify its frontiers.

VICE News presents Europe or Die, a new four-part series that documents the efforts of those risking their lives to reach Europe, and the forces tasked to keep them out.

In episode two of our series, VICE News correspondent Milène Larsson travels to the border between Greece and Turkey, where Syrian and Afghan refugees are paying large sums of money to take "death boats" to Greece.

Watch "Storming Spain's Razor-Wire Fence: Europe Or Die” - http://bit.ly/1uQfFz9

Read "Six Dead After Migrant Boat Sinks Off Moroccan Coast” - http://bit.ly/1CQEtO5

Read "Dozens of Migrants Bound for Malaysia Feared Dead as Trawler Sinks in Bay of Bengal” - http://bit.ly/1K1InG4

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Check out VICE News for more: http://vicenews.com

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vicenews
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08:05 min 12. August 2012

Unique - Sci-fi short film

a narrative film in French

Written, shot and edited in 48 hours.

It's just a normal, boring day for Elise in the not so distant future. But an unexpected encounter with a familiar face changes her life forever.

This film was created as part of the 2012 Guerrilla Film Challenge (http://48gfc.com) and shot within 48 hours with a random genre and quote. Unique won the grand prize "Best Film" award aswell as the "Best special effects".

Genre : Classic Sci-fi
Quote : I had a grandmoter once, TWO actually

Check out a behind the scenes video here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZ0AaxqBeEU

Directed by Fred Cavender

Written by Fred Cavender, Anne Sinagra & Florent Larronde

Original Music by Tony Rainy

Starring :

Anne Sinagra - Elise
Danee Puig - Assassin
Frédéric Boursselier - Hooded man

Shot & edited by Fred Cavender

Second unit camera by Florent Larronde

Production Audio by Albert Cavender

Assistants / Camera / Making of
Laure Vaysse, Fabienne Turpin, Frederic Boursselier, Alice Cavender

Sound design & mixing
Fred Cavender & Albert Cavender

Thank you to
Toscane Restaurant
À Suivre art gallery

11:22 min 22. November 2009

Mormor - Grandma

a narrative film in Swedish

Stressed-out parents or a crazy grandmother. Pia prefers the latter, who takes her to the moon and back.

One of our exam films on "Film and Television production" at the University of Bergen, Norway.

03:55 min 29. September 2011

"032" The Canadian Affair

an experimental film in no language

“032” is a dreamy atmospheric journey through a series of suspended events. Music
from, The Good The Bad was commissioned to enhance the erie poetic palette that pivots
around stillness, leaving us curious to past and future.

The short film, uses texture and mood to slip through a rich tapestry of sliced
moments. It portrays the inherent power that an action, slowed almost to stillness, has
to evoke the imagination. Instead of the subjects moving within the shot, the camera
floats through almost perfectly still universes creating a erie yet undisputedly beautiful
world that is caught between past and future. While the shots which vary in tone from
mundane to optimistic to tragic do not offer a distinct resolution, the film ends on hopeful



Production: Antler Films
Director: Thibaut Duverniex
1st Assistant Director: Catherine Therrien
Producer/PM: Sach Baylin-Stern
Cinematographer: Mathieu Laverdière
1st AC: Guillaume Sabourin
Steadicam: Brian Finlay
MU/Hair: Anicko Bouchard
MU/Hair: Katrine Boilard
Wardrobe: Cristina Acevedo
Wardrobe Assistant: Kate Aubrey
Art Director: Mathieu Léger
Art Assistant: Amandine Daviet
Art Assistant: Pierre-Marc Duguay
Art Assistant: Cristophe Lennox
Post Production: Fly Studio
DIT: Alexis Vanier
Grip: Guillaume Cannicione
Electro: Francois Legris
BB Electro: "Charles ""Goliath"" Marcotte"
BB Grip: Maxime Cloutier
Rigging (L’Intrigue): Andrée
Prep: Marcel
Barrier Assist: Daniel Desilets
Craft: Theresa Gervais
Production Assistant: Matty
Pick Ups/Returns: Alex Boucher
Production Assistant: Eric Raglione
Production Assistant: Cody Larocque
Maison George Etienne Cartier: Anne Julie
Departement Camera: Patrick
G/E Cinepool: Raphael

Talent in order of appearance:

Estelle Vennes
Jana Jevtovic
Jeanne Vennes
Alison Rose Blakley
Margaux Vennes
Ashlea Watkin
Vanessa Pilon
Jessica Langlois
Judy Baylin-Stern

Produced in Co-operation with VideoFACT, a Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent, supported by MuchMusic/MusiquePlus/MuchMoreMusic Networks

19:27 min 18. May 2013

The Five Phrases That Can Change Your Life: Adam Braun at TEDxColumbiaCollege

a talk in English

Adam Braun is the Founder and CEO of Pencils of Promise, a nonprofit organization that
has broken ground on more than 80 schools around the world and delivered over 3
million educational hours in its first four years. PoP was founded with just $25 in October
2008 using what Braun describes as a "for-purpose" approach to blending nonprofit
idealism with for-profit business principles.
Braun's passion for international education was ignited when he traveled to over fifty
countries in his early twenties. He graduated magna cum laude from Brown University,
previously worked at Bain & Company, and was recently named to Wired's Smart List:
50 People Who Will Change the World.

This speech was given at TEDxColumbiaCollege in November of 2012, on the campus of Columbia University in the City of New York.

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)

01:29 min 13. January 2010

Les Dangereux

a narrative film in French

A vacationing ninja finds true love, but it's much more than he expected.

Story, Development, Animation, Shading, Lighting, Compositing, Modeling, and Direction by Daniel Klug
Environment Artist: Vicki Shively
Additional Props: Brett Stuart
Music performance: Alexa Sage
Music Editing: Marc Jackson of Moonlab Studios
Sound Effects: David Guerrero
Character Rigs: AnimationMentor.com

Done with Maya 2009, MentalRay, and AfterEffects.
Total time to completion: 9 months.

I start AnimationMentor back in March of 2008. This is the culmination of everything I have learned (animation-wise) from that point on. All other CG has been learned from my time of employment at New Wave Entertainment (5 years).

The film's site:

My animation reel:

20:42 min 16. January 2015


a narrative film in English

George, stoic and overprotective, travels to Zurich with his daughter Rachel. One is planning physician-assisted suicide; the other has just one day left to intervene.

A short film starring Sean McCann & Rachel Wilson

Directed by Samuel Flueckiger
Written by Darragh McDonald
Produced by Jordan Gross & Mike MacMillan

Story by Mike MacMillan & Samuel Flueckiger
Story Editor: Dane Clark
Original Music by Tim McTague
Director of Photography: Daniel Grant
Editor: Jonathan Eagan
Production Designer: Nazgol Goshtasbpour

1st Assistant Director: Fabienne Mathier
Unit Production Manager: Alexander Joho
Art Director: Simon Andy Voegelin
Costume Designer: Cécile Rueger
Key Hair / Make-Up Artist: Melanie Rohr
SFX Make Up Artist: Rita Iten
Sound Recordist: Simon Graf
1st Assistant Camera: Bjoern Detre
Key Grip / Gaffer: Nik Delley
Set Photographer: Tobias Buehler
Production Assistant / Runner: Michél Koebl
Catering: Katharina Bucher & Graziella Chopard

Supervising Sound Editor: Pino Halili
Sound Effects Editor: Josh Brown
Additional Sound Effects Editor: Alexis Eskandari
Foley Artist: Alexis Eskandari
Foley Recordist: Steven Ejbick
Re-Recording Mixer: Allen Ormerod
Mixed at: Post City Sound Inc., Toronto ON

Colourist: Jason Zukowski
Assistant Colourist: Clinton Homuth
Colored at: NOTCH, Toronto ON

Executive Producers: Christina, Andrew & Sandy Kilgour, Katharina & Peter Bucher, Una McDonald, Felix Grossenbacher, Marc-Andre Miron, Paul Flueckiger & Silvia Schmocker, Frank Koenig, Laura & Bob Phelps
Co-Producers: Benjamin Flueckiger, Bobby Grubic, Christian Eberle & Agnieszka Kraszewska

Original Song "Another Kind of Departure" by Will Driving West from the album "The Breakout"

Copyright 2013 Lithium Studios Productions Inc. & Dark Hope Entertainment

Please feel free to contact director Samuel (e-mail: samuel.flueckiger@gmail.com) or producer Mike (e-mail: mike@lithiumstudios.com) if you have any questions or remarks regarding our film!
Watch out for NIGHTLIGHT, our next short, coming in 2015!