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08:39 min 2. March 2013

Shoppen für den Krieg der Zukunft: Die Waffenmesse von Abu Dhabi

a report in German

Die deutsche Rüstungsindustrie hat im vergangenen Jahr Ausfuhrgenehmigungen im Wert von 5,4 Milliarden Euro erhalten. Wie groß das weltweite Interesse an effektiven Tötungsmethoden ist, lässt sich nirgendwo besser ablesen als auf der Waffenmesse in Abu Dhabi.

30:50 min 6. October 2015

Michel Abdollahi: Im Nazidorf | Panorama - die Reporter | NDR

a report in German

Jamel in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern gilt als Nazidorf: Die meisten Einwohner gehören der rechtsextremen Szene an. Doch diesen Sommer wohnte Michel Abdollahi mitten unter ihnen.


13:07 min 2. July 2010


a narrative film in German

Austria 2009, 13 min, Super16

Itinerant handyman, Alex, no stranger to life on the road. But his life takes a sharp turn when Lili, a mysterious young hitchhiker obsessed with sex and suicide, appears in the back of his truck.

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05:23 min 19. June 2007

Freundeskreis - Mit Dir feat. Joy Denalane

a music video in German

Durch diese Freundeskreis Single aus dem Jahr 1999 wurde Joy Denalane einer grösseren Öffentlichkeit bekannt.


07:59 min 16. March 2016

Macht Digitalisierung den Job überflüssig? - Frontal 21 | ZDF

a report in German

Durch die digitale Revolution verändert sich die Arbeitswelt rasant. Viele Deutsche haben Angst, dass die Digitalisierung ihren Job überflüssig macht.

Mehr Frontal 21: https://www.zdf.de/politik/frontal-21

30:06 min 27. July 2014

7 Tage - unter Toten NDR

a report in German

7 Tage - unter Toten

Sieben Tage sind Christian von Brockhausen und Lars Kaufmann ins Bestattungsinstitut Berg in Flensburg eingezogen. Dort machten sie viele Erfahrungen im Umgang mit dem Tod.

© Norddeutscher Rundfunk

29:21 min 8. January 2016

Neue Heimat im Nazidorf: Allein unter Rechten | NDR

a report in German

Einen Monat lang lebte der Deutsch-Iraner Michel Abdollahi in einer Holzhütte im "Nazidorf" Jamel. Nun hat er die Hütte woanders wieder aufgebaut.


21:28 min 23. December 2014

Xatar in Prison: VICE INTL (Germany)

a report in German

Giwar Hajabi, aka Xatar, is a German rapper of Iranian descent who was released from Prison in December, 2014. He was originally sentenced to eight years in jail after robbing a gold transporter in 2009, stealing gold worth $2.2 million (and it's still missing). Previous offenses included breaking a playboy bunny's nose in Hugh Hefner's mansion during a trip to the USA, and alleged drug dealing during a stay in London. After the gold robbery, he fled to Iraq via Moscow where he was jailed, tortured, and finally handed over to Germany.

VICE Germany was the only camera team admitted during his stay in prison. In Xatar in Prison, we discuss his newly-found religious beliefs, follow him around during a typical day in jail, and attend a group therapy session. While assuring everyone that he has changed, his and his labels' music continue to spread messages of crime and violence. One of his most notorious music videos showed the exact circumstances of the gold robbery months before he actually committed the crime.

Check out "The Greeks Who Pray to Zeus": http://bit.ly/oh-my-gods

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08:27 min 3. December 2014


a narrative film in German

Sven wants to kill himself. His friend wants to stop him and rushes through the woods, when suddenly a deer jumps into his car.

Cast: Michael Behrendt, Andreas Spaniol

Directed & edited by: Hans Fischer
Cinematography by: Daniel Erpilev
Music by: Ben Krahl
1AD: Erik Vögtle
Set Manager: Patrick Kutzen
Make Up: Sina Huber
Set Photographer: Thomas Sawer
Driver: Hannes Kuhlmann
1AC: Johannes Schmidt
Gaffer: Roman Breitwieser
Lighting Technician: Martin Schulze
Sound: Markus Moschek
Sound FX: Rainer Neumann
VFX: Utz Stauder, Hans Fischer
Catering: Kurt & Angelika Fischer

Produced by: Loift.Films

01:09 min 16. October 2014


a narrative film in German

Winner of the 'Daily Short Pick' at Film Shortage and 'Short of the Week' at The Awardeo Company.

Written after watching Janusz Kaminski's 11 (very) short films and redeveloping his idea; the basic concept for this short film is to tell part of a larger story in under two minutes with just one scene and very minimal dialogue. This allows the audience to create most of the story themselves based off the details in the scene.

Shot on a RED Epic with Zeiss CP.2 lenses.

Writer / Director: Aaron George
Producers: Alix Whittaker and Anna Duckworth
Production Manager / 1st AD: Meredith Rehburg
Cinematographer: Matt Thomas
1st Assistant Camera: Manon Laffitte
Editor: Connor Strati
Boom Operator: Chayse Millar
Production Designer: Adison Whitley
Wardrobe Designer: Emily van Wichen

Music by Clark Rhee

Liam Mulligan
Simon Shreeve

Thank you to those of you who funded the use of the RED camera rental via Kickstarter.


08:00 min 29. March 2012


a narrative film in German

A dark psychological thriller short film.

Written & directed by Johannes Hartmann
Cinematography by Eric Lehner
Music by Fredrik Strömberg
Produced by Johannes Hartmann
Production Company: Decoy Collective | Switzerland, 2010

– Best Short Short, Festivus Film Festival (USA)
– Best International Film, YoungCuts Int. Film Festival (Canada)
– Award of Merit, Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood (USA)
– 3rd Prize, Schweizer Jugendfilmtage (CH)
– Special Mention, Schweizer Jugendfilmtage (CH)

– Nils Althaus ("Eine wen iig, dr Dällebach Kari")
– Nina Bühlmann ("Räuberinnen")
– Beat Schlatter ("Mein Name ist Eugen")
– Roland Suter

short film / Kurzfilm

03:04 min 12. May 2016

Video über Massentaufe von Flüchtlingen: Göttliches Bleiberecht

a report in German

Viele Flüchtlinge konvertieren in Deutschland zum Christentum und lassen sich taufen. Dadurch erhöhen sie auch ihre Chance, nicht wieder abgeschoben zu werden. Grund: In den Heimatländern werden Konvertiten verfolgt.