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26:28 min 5. July 2014

13 Kinder in 8 Zimmern: Alltag in der Großfamilie Rübenack

a report in German

Es gibt Eltern, die relativ früh ihr erstes Kind bekamen und danach so lange weitergemacht haben, bis sie relativ spät ihr letztes Kind zur Welt brachten. Bei Familie Rübenack aus Leipzig sind es insgesamt 13 geworden, und damit ist sie eine echte Sensation. Zu Hause bei der Großfamilie leben mehr Menschen als beim Fußball in der Startelf stehen.

01:31 min 30. October 2009

Johnny 7 Combo

a music video in English

More at http://www.andymartin.info & https://twitter.com/handymartian

Stop motion music video for 1970's punk band The Johnny 7 Combo and their song "I Wipe My Nose On You".

I created an animated handmade poster using a tub of black paint, a tub of white paint, photocopied images of the band, lots of newspaper pages and a flattened cardboard box. The strict rules I imposed on myself also included the use of only natural light and avoiding any fancy computer effects or short cuts. This made me concentrate purely on the stop motion and give the piece a punk spirit an energy that I think suits the song and the band.

I hope you like the video, I hope you like the song and I hope you'll discover more about the 'Johnny 7 Combo'. They're out there if you look hard enough.

For behind the scenes etc click the following links to my blog: http://www.andymartin.info/blog/?p=432 and http://www.andymartin.info/blog/?p=438 and http://www.andymartin.info/blog/?p=442

02:35 min 15. July 2010


an experimental film in no language

8Bit creatures are invading New York City !
Pixels is a short I made in 2010.
Produced by OneMoreProd


Audi Talents Awards, Best Short Film (Animation category)
Playgrounds Awards, Best International Short
Animago Awards, Best Technical Achievement
Festival international du cinéma francophone en Acadie de Moncton, Audience Award
BAF 2010 in Bradford , Audience Award
Webcuts 2010, Best Short Film (Animation category)
Ars Electronica 2010, Honorary mention
Weekend of Fear 2010, Best Short Film
Off courts Trouville, Jury's Price
Off courts Trouville, Audience Award
Semana de Cine Experimental De Madrid, Jury's Price
Semana de Cine Experimental De Madrid, Audience Award
Tindirindis Festival in Lituania, Best Debut Film
Geneva International Film Festival, Best Web Film
25th Brest Short Film Festival , Audience Award
Festival Séquence Court-métrage, Audience Award
6th Athens ANIMFEST 2011, 3rd Award
19th St Louis Film Festival, Best Animated Short
New York international Children Film Fest 2011, Audience Award
Florida Film Festival 2011, Audience Award
Anifest festival 2011, Special Mention
Bordeaux Short Film Festival, Jury award for best animation short-film
Back Up Festival, Audience Award
Métrange animé at the 8th Métrange festival in Rennes (FR)
Badalona Film Festival, FILMETS, Best Experimental Film award
Vimeo Awards finalist

14:23 min 19. June 2008

Our Time Is Up

a narrative film in English

Now Playing in The YouTube Screening Room: www.youtube.com/ytscreeningroom. A therapist discovers he has six weeks to live and gets brutally honest. Oscar Nominated. Written and directed by Rob Pearlstein.

02:22 min 29. April 2014

יום הולדת Birthday

a narrative film in Hebrew

לזכרו של שחר וקרט ז"ל
בהשראת סיפור מתוך הספר "געגוע לחיבוק" בהוצאת עמותת "משפחה אחת"
מתוך פרויקט פנים יום זיכרון של בית אבי חי."פנים. יום. זיכרון" הוא מיזם הנצחה אמנותי של בית אבי חי, שבו אנימטורים מנפישים סיפורי זיכרון אישיים על חללי מערכות ישראל ופעולות האיבה. עוד סרטים בעמוד הפרויקט:
בימוי: נדב אמבון וצ'ם ויינברג
תסריט: ענבל גנור

Creator: Nadav Ambon
Inspired by the story from the book “Longing for a Hug” published by the One Family Foundation
Shachar Veckart
17 Adar,5740 (March 5, 1980) – 13 Heshvan, 5761 (November 10, 2000)
Died during a military operation
Shlomi is Shachar’s (z”l) younger brother. They were born on exactly the same day, eleven years apart. Every birthday, their mother would prepare two identical birthday cakes, until Shachar’s sudden death.

Help us caption & translate this video!


04:07 min 23. March 2013

More - (The Hunter Pixilation Project)

a music video in English

Featuring 140 students and faculty from Hunter College High School, get a sample of the passion and energy that make up this incredible community while flying through the school at breakneck speeds.

1991 photos compiled at 8 FPS - shot entirely on a Canon T3.

Huge credits to Cheers Elephant for their hyper upbeat track - 'Leaves' which this film was based around!

Support this incredible group as they make their rise to fame by purchasing their album 'Like Wind Blows Fire' or attending their many wicked shows! Spread the word about them - they sure deserve that audience!




Many many thanks to Greg Jardin for the methodology that was used to create this stop-motion effect - without him and the inspiration - this would've never happened.

Check out his video here!: https://vimeo.com/50268931

Special thanks to the Hunter Film Club for providing the equipment that made this possible. And an even more heartfelt thanks to the Hunter community for rallying behind this! Your support and participation is what made this happen and I hope you will all take pride in this representative work of the Hunter spirit!

Camera: Canon T3 Rebel
Lens: Canon 18-55 Kit Lens
Editor: Sony Vegas Pro 8
Post Processing: Sony Vegas
Image Sequencer: Quicktime Pro 7
Batch Editor: PhotoScape

04:35 min 8. October 2015

Where does gold come from? - David Lunney

a lecture in English

View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/where-does-gold-come-from-david-lunney

Did you know that gold is extraterrestrial? Instead of arising from our planet’s rocky crust, it was actually cooked up in space and is present on Earth because of cataclysmic stellar explosions called supernovae. CERN Scientist David Lunney outlines the incredible journey of gold from space to Earth.

Lesson by David Lunney, animation by Andrew Foerster.

15:58 min 26. October 2013

Why I stopped watching porn | Ran Gavrieli | TEDxJaffa

a talk in English

Never miss a talk! SUBSCRIBE to the TEDx channel: http://bit.ly/1FAg8hB

Ran Gavrieli lives in Tel Aviv and studies gender at Tel Aviv University. He works with youth and adults all over the country in sex and gender studies and in building positive self image in a world inundated by sexual imagery with negative connotations.

Ran writes and lectures about emotional and physical safe sex; porn and porn-influenced cultural damages; gender and power relations; and sex and intimacy.

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations).

For more information on this particular TEDx event, see http://www.tedxjaffa.com

02:36 min 2. June 2014

What's on your mind?

a narrative film in English

Facebook can be depressing because everyone else's lives are better than yours... But are they really?
GOTO https://www.facebook.com/higtonbros TO FOLLOW ALONG ON OUR UPCOMING PROJECTS!


DOWNLOAD THE SOUNDTRACK HERE: https://itunes.apple.com/album/id894192070
Instagram: higgyt

If you have any questions about the film, cast or any other thing that is relevant to the film, feel free to contact us using private messaging.

12:02 min 11. March 2014

Nella tasca del cappotto (In the coat's pocket)

a narrative film in Italian

In the coat's pocket
Nella Tasca del cappotto
a short by Marco Di Gerlando
BEST FILM in European short critic competition OPUZEN FILM FESTIVAL (CROATIA)
BEST KID ACTOR San Diego international kids film festival
Silver Prize XXS Kurzfilmfestival (Dortmund)
Award of Merit - Best short Competition (USA)
BEST CHILDREN'S FILM 6TH Int. Children TV Festival 'Dytiatko' (UKraine)
Special Mention For Approach to domestic violence in the fiction category FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DEL CORTOMETRAJE FIC 2014 (Argentina)
Special Mention for the Child Performance in the fiction category FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DEL CORTOMETRAJE FIC 2014 (Argentina)
Montemario Film Festival (Rome) Best Short
The Accolade Global Film Competition (USA) Award of Excellence
WAG FILM FESTIVAL (Italy) Best Short

page facebook Marco Di Gerlando: https://www.facebook.com/marco.gerlando

Page Facebook Film : https://www.facebook.com/pages/NELLA-TASCA-DEL-CAPPOTTO/157613487766544?fref=ts

12:21 min 6. February 2015

Herbert Bail Orchestra - The Nature of Things

a music video in English

"The Nature of Things" Part 1 of a Music Video Trilogy. Exclusive release on Nowness.

"Herbert Bail Orchestra is a band with an old soul... they take their time setting an emotional backdrop that serves as a buffer zone between your web browser and the windswept setting of the video. The result is a moving story that you’ll remember for a long time. Take 12 min to unplug from everything else, put your headphones on, set the video to full screen and get lost." - C.C. The Eargazm


Directed by Björn Rühmann
Starring Ritchie Coster
Spike the Dog
Co-Starring Anthony Frattolillo and Andrew Katz
Story by Björn & Kerstin Rühmann and Anthony Frattolillo
Director of Photography Larkin Seiple
Produced by Ed Buhr and Charlotte Culina
Edited by Mandy Brown
Colourist Toby Tomkins, CHEAT Ltd
1st AC Matt Sanderson
1st AC Kenichiro Tanaka
2nd AC Margaret Parus
Steadicam Chris Cunningham
Gaffer Matt Ardine
Key Grip Tom Hunt
Wardrobe Marcia Rennert
Make-up Keston Ridley
Art Directed by Andrew Katz
Animal Trainer Joe Camp & Cris Rankin
Post Effects by Jay Liquori
Sound Design/Mix by AJ Murillo at Eleven Sound

Filmed on Location at Blayney Ranch

a Jefferson Project

Diane McArter
Randall Blayney
Tomislav Culina
Aimee West
Aubree Galibso
Pete Randall

MUSIC PRODUCED BY: Chris Rondinella of Heritage Record Co.

01:56 min 6. September 2012

Why not get to know Romania?

a lecture in English

An infographic animation about Romania, created by Graphic and Communication Design student Ana Busuioc (www.anabusuioc.com) for Leeds Romanian Society. Music by Dave James and Alfie Granger-Howell - Finger on the Pulse, courtesy of audionetwork.com.
copyrighted material.

02:55 min 29. July 2013


a narrative film in English

“Wonder”, in it’s most concise terms, is a 2.5 minute short story capturing and embellishing the pure awe felt for the natural world as a child. It is a story with a simple goal; to stir those feelings of enchantment with the ordinary and the common.


Today I stand in awe
Of this world that holds our fate
A stirring storm, a gentle breeze
This world, not ours to make

Finding neither friends, nor favor
I seem to wade alone in thought
Of a world that is real, a world we can know
Wisdom is all I sought

Merry friends making merry friends
Alone I am left to recall
The day I made my first memory
A majestic waterfall

Embraced by so much beauty
Yet seeing not a hint
They will find as time slips by
This is not for what we are meant

We must take this chance
And explore all that we can
We must retain our wonder; embellish our awe
This is our one true plan

Dismiss the fickle
Adjust your view
And find this world that so selflessly
Nurtures you

04:11 min 19. April 2012

La Queue de la Souris

a narrative film in French

Dans une forêt, un Lion capture une souris pour la dévorer. Mais celle ci lui propose un marché...

14:29 min 9. December 2010

Burbuja (Bubble) Cortometraje. Shortfilm. Spain 2009

a narrative film in Spanish

Cortometraje Burbuja (Bubble) en VOS dirigido por Gabriel Olivares y Pedro Casablanc con Miren Ibarguren, Inma Cuevas, Vicente Romero y Bart Santana
Premios y selecciones: