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03:28 min 11. August 2011

Carrot Crazy

a narrative film in no language

Senior Thesis film produced at Ringling College of Art and Design by Dylan Vanwormer and Logan Scelina.
You can view are work at each of our websites.

14:36 min 3. March 2015


a narrative film in English

The disappearance of a fragile teenage boy leaves his dysfunctional family helpless and desperate for answers.


Written & Directed by ALEV AYDIN
Cinematography by PATRICK MEADE JONES
Production Designer KRISTIN GIBLER

To the Viewer,

Our goal with this short film was simple: to create what we call a "Nightmare Drama." I don't think we're coining a phrase here, or creating a new sub-genre of film, but it's certainly a fitting descriptor for our project. We hope that the final product is a full sensory experience of this "new" genre. You will have questions after watching the short (hopefully), and that is by design. Felly is essentially a proof of concept. A sales tool to help us set up the feature version. Please spread the word about the film. We're eager to bring Felly the feature to you all. Thanks.

Alev Aydin

Paradigm Talent Agency (310) 288-8000
Authentic Management (310) 838-3333

14:56 min 13. January 2015


a narrative film in English

I Feel Stupid is a short film about Lein, an inexperienced 15 year-old, who is confronted with a sexually charged reality when Amber steps into the picture.

with Sophia Rose Vail, Samantha Mccullough, Samuel Wyatt, and Mandell Butler
Directed by Milena Pastreich
Screenplay by Ana Lily Amirpour
Story by Milena Pastreich and Ana Lily Amirpour
Director of Photography: Dagmar Weaver-Madsen
Edited by Alex O'Flinn
Production Designer: Brian Nevins
Costume Designer: Garrett Bradley
Casting Director: Brad Gilmore
Produced by Soraya Sélène, Sina Sayyah, and Milena Pastreich
Executive Producers: Paul Leu and Maurice Kanbar

Included in 2013/2014 PBS television series "Film School Shorts."
2012 UCLA Spotlight Award Winner, nominated for 2013 Independent Vision Awards: Short Subject Narrative and The Jack Nance Breakthrough Performance Award, nominated for a 2012 Artios Award by Casting Society of America
official selection: 2013 Braunschweig International Film Festival, 2013 Hamburg International Short Film Festival, 2013 Visionfest, 2013 London Independent Film Festival, 2013 International Filmfestival of the Filmacademy Vienna, 2013 Athens International Film + Video Festival (Ohio), 2012 Carmel Art and Film Festival.


01:00 min 29. October 2012

Dead Bird

a narrative film in English

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05:15 min 18. June 2011


a narrative film in no language

Two trees fall in love but unfortunately they can't hold each other.


Edwin Schaap - www.edwinschaap.com
Jeroen Hoolmans - www.jeroenhoolmans.nl
Pim Reinders - www.pim.fm
Floyd Angenent

Music by Vidjay Beerepoot - www.soundvibe.nl
Sound Design by Ronnie van Overveld - www.studiosoundgarden.nl

making of : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_vN2clEWZ8&feature=player_embedded


1 2 tree :)

03:40 min 24. January 2014

Frozen Fields of Love

a narrative film in English

This is the fruition of a snippet of imagination, a visual representation of poetic imagery.Please feel free to tip my works as all proceeds will go towards funding my next cinematic venture: One Hundred Thousand Rupees.


06:48 min 20. November 2008

Dans la Tête

a narrative film in French

En Exclusivité sur Dailymotion : Dans La Tête

Site Officiel : http://www.dans-la-tete.com/

Réalisé Par :
Grégory DAMOUR
Anthony GILLES

Synopsis : Antoine Betrand, un jeune homme quitte sa petite amie Anna, pour s'inscrire dans l'armée.Un jour de conflit, celui ci se fait tirer une balle en pleine tête. Antoine va alors arriver aux portes du Paradis. . .

Musique : Clod
==> www.myspace.com/clod34

Son : José Vicente ; Yoann Poncet : Studios des Aviateurs

Voix :
St Pierre : Jean Robert Lombard
Antoine : Grégory Damour
Recruteur : Jean Louis Garcia
Briefing : Gérard Raucoules

Production : Ecole Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques (ESMA)

Ecole Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques.Montpellier.France©ESMA.2008

03:05 min 27. April 2014

Primavera (Homage to Dexter)

a narrative film in no language

A Short film directed, shot & edited by Naor Suki & Shiran Shevach.

Music by: Songs Of Water (Licensed through The Music Bed)

While on vacation to the Amalfi coast in Italy, we decided to make a short film to make that trip unforgettable!

Fun Facts:
Shot on Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 16-35mm 2.8L
Canon 24mm 1.4L II
Canon 50mm 1.2L
Canon 100mm Macro 2.8L

All handheld. We didn't even had a tripod. With just a tad of post stabilization for some of the shots.
We actually used our suitcase as a tripod!

The scene with the tomatoes was shot in 2 different countries :) Conca Dei Marini, Italy and Tel Aviv, Israel.

23:19 min 1. November 2012

This Is Vanity - Short Film

a narrative film in English

‘This Is Vanity’ is the dark and tragic tale of a tiring mother who struggles to protect both herself and her disabled teenage daughter from the continual attacks of local adolescents. Repeatedly rebuffed and frustrated by the authorities, she ultimately turns to a far greater power than can be found on her failing human plane.

Best Drama at Magnolia Independent Film Festival 2013
Winner Audience Choice at Bermuda international film festival 2013
Audience Choice at Lowcountry Shorts Fest 2013

Best Short Film at Shnit International Film Festival
Best Short Film at Fingal International Film Festival
Best Short Film at Brantford International Film Festival
Best Short Film at Crystal Palace International Film Festival
Best at Festival at Crystal Palace International Film Festival

Official Selection: Zinebi, London Short Film, Brooklyn, Hoboken, Rochester, London Independent and Emmetaler Filmtage.

Director: Oliver Goodrum / www.olivergoodrum.com
Writer: Alexander Craig / http://www.alexander-craig.com
Director of Photography: Justin Brown / www.justinbrowndp.com
Producer: Rob Leonard
Exec Prod: James Goodrum & Luke Jacobs
Production Company: Friend London / http://friendlondon.tv
Editor: Simon Halsall / http://m-s-halsall.blogspot.co.uk
Production Designer: Regina Sinatra

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/52605146
FB page: https://www.facebook.com/ThisIsVanity

*With Spanish Subtitles.

07:23 min 6. September 2014

On the Verge

a narrative film in Dutch

How do you connect to someone who isn't online?
Dating apps offer new ways to start frivolous relationships. At the same time it becomes increasingly awkward to start a conversation on the streets.

Filmed in the recently opened and much lauded skyscraper De Rotterdam by Rem Koolhaas (OMA) in Rotterdam, NL.

This film was produced by Umami Pictures for the 48 Hour Film Project Rotterdam 2014.
Genre: Fish out of Water


05:33 min 28. December 2012


a narrative film in Portuguese

MALARIA tells the story of Fabiano, a young Mercenary who is hired to kill Death.
This short film combines Origami, Kirigami, Time lapse, nankin illustration, Comic Books and Western Cinema.
My first intention was to submit this project to Django Unchained Emerging Artist contest. However due to time and crew limitations I submitted the short film "The Writer" to this competition. (You can watch "The Writer" here https://vimeo.com/46235261)
6 months later we finally finished Malaria. We hope you enjoy it!

01:40 min 29. April 2014

Palais de justesse : De Groodt s'essaye au court-métrage

a narrative film in French

Produit par Dany Boon, Palais de justesse est un court métrage délicieusement absurde avec Stéphane De Groodt, Palscale Arbillot et François Berléand. Ce film de onze minutes, très applaudi au festival de l'Alpe d'Huez, devrait tourner dans d'autres festivals puis sur Canal+.

10:59 min 23. May 2013

Elvis - A Short Film

a narrative film in English

"Elvis" is the story of 17-year-old Elvis Delgado who discovers his father is being held at an immigration detention center. Elvis wants to go and see him, but he soon discovers that he too is 'illegal.' Directed by Nic Santana.

21:44 min 18. March 2011

five deep breaths

a narrative film in English

Written and directed by Seith Mann. Produced by Gregory Scott Williams, Jr.

08:29 min 15. March 2012


a narrative film in no language

RUIN - An animated short set in a post-apocalyptic universe. It's only a tiny sliver of a much larger story. Thankfully, it's now set up at 20th Century Fox to become a full length feature.

Check out our new Facebook Fan Page at http://www.facebook.com/ruinfilm

08:00 min 15. October 2014

Jamón film

a narrative film in English

This is my graduation film "Jamón". It's a traditionally-animated film with silkscreen printed backgrounds made at the National Film and Television School.

José is a teenage pig living in a Spanish town; he is the only pig in his family. One day a new neighbour moves in next door, and José starts to come to terms with who he really is.

For more info about the film and crew please visit: cargocollective.com/jamonfilm