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15:10 min 19. December 2012

The Game Store - Short Film (2012)

a narrative film in English

Ranked #2 on NoBudge.com's Favorite Films of 2012
Featured on No Budge http://nobudge.com
Featured on Film Shortage http://filmshortage.com
Featured on Kotaku http://kotaku.com


06:50 min 30. September 2013

Codfish & Cyanide | Kabeljau mit Zyankali

a narrative film in German


She can’t believe it when he arrives at the restaurant looking squalid, shabby and unwilling to explain himself. The truth sounds way too absurd and being a notorious liar, he can’t risk anything. Cornered, he tells her an intricate story and expects everything – except her actual reaction.
Two persons, one room, a conflict.

"This is delicious and achievable storytelling. A lesson or all aspiring filmmakers who wish to make a contained short and don’t know how to go about doing so." (onesmallwindow.com)

"I wouldn’t be lying if the situation and the German language reminded me of some scenes from Quentin Tarantino‘s Inglorious Basterds, the depth and intensity of the conversations as well as the absurdity of the entire setting." (filmshortage.com)

"Gesslbauer manages to weave an entertaining and fully realized tale all within the confines of one location." (cinemaaxis.com)

15:30 min 3. December 2012

Internetul se închide

a documentary in Romanian

"Trăim în feudalism digital".
De ce există copyright? Pe cine afectează pirateria? De ce mă simt ca un infractor atunci când stau pe net?

Cultura a devenit colaborativă iar creativitatea defineşte noua generaţie. Avem ceva foarte important de apărat: internetul, locul în care inovarea şi cunoasterea (încă) mai circulă libere. Accesul liber la informaţii a deschis poarta către cel mai comun mijloc al creativităţii: remix-ul. Ce ar trebui sa apere copyright-ul în aceste vremuri schimbătoare? Este copierea la fel de gravă ca şi furtul propriu-zis? Nu există o alta cale? E posibil să fie...


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01:35 min 22. September 2014

Aqua Profonda

a narrative film in Spanish

Aquaphobia: a persistent and abnormal fear of water.

13:27 min 7. December 2013


a narrative film in English

FBI Agent Brady (Joshua Larsen) finally comes face to face with the serial killer Carver (Blake Webb) that he has been hunting down for years. Things aren't always as they appear.

05:38 min 14. February 2011

The Man with the Beautiful Eyes

a narrative film in English

A gang of kids find a strange house with an overgrown garden where they play. Only once do they meet the man who lives there, a dead-beat alcoholic with a free and easy spirit who welcomes them. The children see him as a romantic character in stark contrast to their neurotically house proud parents.

A collaboration between Animator Jonathan Hodgson and Illustrator Jonny Hannah.


Director: Jonathan Hodgson
Producer: Jonathan Bairstow
Designer: Jonny Hannah
Poem: Charles Bukowski
Sound: Jonathan Hodgson
Voices: Peter Blegvad, Louis Schendler
Production Company: Sherbet

14:55 min 18. March 2011


a narrative film in English

Pax and Iggy are best friends, but their bond is broken when Pax discovers where Iggy's loyalties truly lie.

Directed and Written by Patrick Ng
Contact: patrickng122@gmail.com / Twitter: @IamPatrickNg

Winner of the NYU Wasserman/King Award
NYU First Run Festival:
Commendations in Directing, Producing, and Cinematography
Craft Awards in Acting, Cinematography, Editing, and Sound Design

Best Short Film Drama, Best Director, Best Actor, Honorable Mention for Best Editing - Asians on Film Awards

Best Short Film, Urban Mediamaker's Film Festival


-69th NYU First Run Film Festival
-Haig P. Manoogian Screenings at the DGA Theater, Los Angeles
-Starz Denver Film Festival
-San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival
-Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival
-Bermuda International Film Festival
-Brooklyn Film Festival
-Asian Film Festival of Dallas
-Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival
-Vancouver Asian Film Festival
-Boston Asian American Film Festival
-Urban MediaMakers Film Festival
-Ivy Film Festival
-SAG-AFTRA Foundation Short Film Showcase
-A3C Hip Hop Film and Music Festival
-Carnegie Mellon International Film Festival
-Real Teal Film Festival (WINNER: Best Cinematography)
-Asians on Film Festival
-International Film Festival of Manhattan

Producer: Jessie Goldenberg
Co-Producers: Caitlyn Coady and Mandy Menaker
Director of Photography: Mingjue Hu
Art Director: Stephan Dominique
Assistant Director: Lauren Brady

Cast: Sui Keung Wong, J. Mal McCree, Nancy Eng, Branden Wellington, Brenton Duplessie, Matt Nared, Corey Clark, Kristen Abate, LoDeon

-Format: Shot on Super 16mm Kodak Vision 3 7213/7219 Film Stock. Developed and graded at Deluxe New York.
-Camera: Arri SR3
-Editing: Final Cut Pro 7

02:25 min 31. July 2009

Le haricot bleu (english subtitles)

an experimental film in French

Le haricot bleu est une merveille dans la nature.
La profondeur et l'intensité de sa couleur me le rendirent comme ce champignon vénéneux qui est d'autant plus mortel qu'il est attirant.
Avoir des amis est une merveille dans la vie.
Quoi de plus naturel que de partager les petites joies avec ceux qu'on aime.
Les vrais amis vont au bout de leur dévouement ; c'est grâce à eux que je sus que le haricot bleu était délicieux et comestible !

The blue bean is a wonder of nature.
The depth and intensity of its colour makes this poisonous mushroom all the more deadly since it is attractive.
Having friends is a wonder in life.
What more natural than to share the small joys with those we love.
True friends are after their devotion; it is through them that I knew that the blue bean was delicious and edible!


Diffusion 2010 :
Anemic Festival, Prague www.anemicfestival.cz
www.shortfilmcorner.com Festival de Cannes
Magmart, Naples
Director Lounge, Berlin
Traverse Vidéo, Toulouse
International Film Festival of Rotterdam

Diffusions 2009 :

02:30 min 18. April 2013

Why Do We Cry?

a lecture in English

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Why does your face leak when you're sad or emotional?

Written and created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz).

TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/AsapSCIENCE
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/AsapSCIENCE

Mitchell Moffit

Gregory Brown

Further Reading --

Tears as signals:
1) http://www.epjournal.net/wp-content/uploads/ep07363370.pdf
2) http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22947977
3) http://epjournal.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/EP075256.pdf

Tears from helplessless:
1) http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0732118X03000291

Happy Tears:
1) http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/health-and-fitness/health/conditions/why-do-we-cry-when-were-happy/article599605/

04:52 min 1. March 2013

Xexame Xtreet **intersections film #2** by John Anderson & Flick Harrison

an experimental film in English

This film was created for the Cineworks / Tomorrow Collective / Brief Encounters project Intersections.


For Intersections two artists - in this case, myself and Gina-Show producer John Anderson - were teamed up with two months to create a short film of 3-5 minutes in length. John's obsession with Grimm's Law was the inspiration for this play on educational video.


A film by
John Anderson
Flick Harrison

Catherine Falkner
Aryo Khakpour

A co-presentation between
Cineworks Independent Filmmakers Society

The Tomorrow Collective's Brief Encounters series

Cineworks and The Tomorrow Collective would like to thank
the City of Vancouver and British Columbia Arts Council for their support.


02:20 min 22. June 2012

What causes a Hangover?

a lecture in English

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We've all been there before - a seemingly innocent night with some friends, ending in a morning from Hell. Why must it be like this? Find out what causes the notorious hangover, and share the truth with the world!

Written and created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz).

TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/AsapSCIENCE
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/AsapSCIENCE

Music by Mitchell Moffit

Art by Gregory and Mitchell

02:31 min 26. January 2015


a lecture in English

What causes old age in the first place, and what happens when we finally kick the can?

Click here to see more videos: http://www.m301.me/lifenoggin

Life Noggin is a weekly animated educational series. Whether it's science, pop culture, history or art, we explore it all and have a ton of fun doing it.

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Life Noggin Team:
Animation & Designed by: http://www.krofl.com
Voiced by: http://youtube.com/patdoesit
Written by: https://www.youtube.com/AwkwardAdoles...
Produced by: http://www.twitter.com/IanDokie

05:26 min 16. February 2012

Two Laps

a narrative film in English

Two friends. One race. Two laps. No prisoners.

Val and Pete have been swimming together every morning for the past seventeen years. Once a year they have a race, two laps up and back.

Writer & Director - Director" datatype="xsd:string">Owen Trevor

Producer - Lucas Jenner

DOP - Hugh Miller (hughmiller.com.au)
Editor - Bernard Garry (theeditors.com.au)
Composer/Sound Designer - Brendan Woithe (klang.com.au)

09:21 min 30. June 2013

Killer Raise - SBIFF 10-10-10 Finalist 2013

a narrative film in English

One of the finalist in the 10-10-10 film competition at Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2013.
Shot and edited in 10 days.

Niklas Luks
Maria Oliveira
Leo Postel

Directed by Johan Bodell
Written by Paula Ersly
Producers Joakim Svensson and Karoline Nordvold Barak
Assistant director Jesse Boels
Director of Photography Charles Doan
First assistant camera Andreas Clifford
Grip Khachik Mkrtchyan
Production soundmixer John Hellström
Boom operator Joel Gustavsson
Makeup Olivia Valentine and Adam Stumle
Orginal music by Matt Donner and Tali Cook

Thanks to:
Marcus Henderson
Michael Catapang
Roy Hathon
Benjamin Goalabre

Special Thanks to
Adam Stumle
Santa Barbara Tourist Hostel

© Kw Studios, Johan Bodell 2012