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08:39 min 30. October 2013

Justin Boyd: Sound and Time

a documentary in English

Justin Boyd, Department Chair of Sculpture and Integrated Media at Southwest School of Art, shares his connection with sound and how he uses it to create original works of art. Inspired by his sensitivity to sound at a very young age, Boyd has been recording and working with sound and music since the mid 90s. Boyd actively captures field recordings for integration of sound with found objects. This documentary was produced in association with Southwest School of Art. Learn more about their BFA program at http://www.swschool.org. Learn more about the artist at http://justintaylorboyd.com. Learn more about the filmmakers at http://www.walleyfilms.com.

02:35 min 10. November 2014


a lecture in English

Why did humans start to get married? Let's find out!

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Life Noggin is a weekly animated educational series. Whether it's science, pop culture, history or art, we explore it all and have a ton of fun doing it.

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Life Noggin Team:
Animation by: http://www.krofl.com
Voiced by: http://youtube.com/patdoesit
Written by: https://www.youtube.com/AwkwardAdolescents
Produced by: http://www.twitter.com/IanDokie

04:44 min 2. November 2014


a narrative film in English

Sam is at a tipping point in his life trying to find anything that will drive him forward. When nothing works, there's only one thing left to try which could be the end, or a new beginning.

Written & directed by: Victor Frosteryd
Starring: Alec Toselli
Still photographer: Andreas Grönlund
Music by: Tiko Lasola
Shot in Stockholm, Sweden September 2014. Finished in November 2015.

03:10 min 14. June 2015

Could You Transfer Your Consciousness To Another Body?

a lecture in English

Check out the movie Self/Less starring Ryan Reynolds and Sir Ben Kingsley in theatres July 10th:
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General information about the brain and neurons:




Brain downloads:



Memory implantation in mice:








04:00 min 23. December 2013

Freundeskreis - Esperanto feat. Deborah

a music video in German

VÖ (Single) 29. März 1999
›› FK bei iTunes: http://sny.ms/1comWLK
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›› FK bei Spotify: http://sny.ms/1d0ZVol

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›› Max Herre bei Spotify: http://sny.ms/KkFRRW

02:07 min 31. May 2011

Road's End- A Short by Bri Meyer

a narrative film in English

Road's End is my thesis film completed at Ringling College of Art + Design. I was responsible for all areas of the film, including the development of the story, design and creation of all assets, animation, lighting, and compositing. Thanks for watching!

12:12 min 13. August 2011

The Tale Of Mr. Rêvus

a narrative film in English

UPDATE: I would like to thank you all very very much and I am very happy that you like my shortfilm ... :')
If you like to support my work please visit my Society6 Art Print Store: http://society6.com/scriblab Thank you very much! :)

More information at

The animated shortfilm “The Tale Of Mr. Rêvus” is my (Marius Herzog) graduation (Diploma) film, produced at the Georg-Simon-Ohm Hochschule – University Of Applied Sciences, Nuremberg.

The challenge of this movie was to reproduce the entire production process of an animated 3D shortfilm by myself including story development, concept design, modelling, rigging, directing, editing, animating, rendering and finally compositing (see credits).

The amazing score orchestrated by Simon Scharf student at the Hochschule für Musik Nuremberg (HfM) has been conducted by Guido Johannes Rumstadt, played by the orchestra of the HfM and recorded by Toni Hinterholzinger.

Special thanks to all the kind people who supported me in a very tough time especially my beloved family, Prof. Jürgen Schopper and Tobias Wiesner. This movie wouldn´t exist without you...

Besides the actual technical and creative production the story turned into a very personal metaphor.

Thanks for watching!

2013 Computer Space - International Computer Art Forum - Computer Animation (Nominated)
2011 Raymond Loewy Foundation Junior Designer Award - Honorable Mention
2011 Art Directors Club (ADC) - Silver
2010 Animago - Best Young Production (Nominated)

Direction, Story, Animation etc. - Marius Herzog
Music (Composer) - Simon Scharf
Conductor - Guido Johannes Rumstadt
Score Recording - Toni Hinterholzinger
Orchestra - Orchestra of HfM Nürnberg
Narratress - Melanie Kurhan
Narrationtext - Melanie Kurhan,Thomas Beyerlein, Marius Herzog
Sound - Lars Fischer
Compositing - Tobias Wiesner (Lead), Marius Herzog
Endtitle animation - Melanie Lukhaup
Projectadvisor - Prof. Jürgen Schopper

Creditmusic by Maya Nadir and Lars Fischer:
http://mayanadir.net and http://www.fischerlars.de

04:09 min 25. February 2016

Überleben im "Dschungel" von Calais: "Kein Ort, an den sie gehen können"

a report in English

Angst vor einer Räumung, gemischt mit der Hoffnung, nach Monaten des Wartens das Ziel Großbritannien endlich zu erreichen. Für die etwa 7000 Bewohner des "Dschungel" in Calais ist das Leben ein ständiger Überlebenskampf.
Hier gibt es noch mehr Infos über den „Dschungel“:

09:40 min 1. February 2014

FREQUENCY (English subtitles)

a narrative film in French

Synopsis : While secretly recording the quarrel of a couple, a priest makes a terrible discovery.

Director & Writer: David Mboussou
Producers : Michel, Lucie, David & Yoan Mboussou
Actors : Romain Royet, Juliette Antonas, Peter Myller
Assistant Filmmaker : Axelle Blanchard
Script girl : Elvira Vermeulen
Director of photography : Maxime Lebas
Edited by Floriant Blanchet
Cameraman : David Dlr
Assistant camera : Maxime Guérin
Best Boy : Yannick Costa
Hair and Make up : Eleonor Dalmas & Chloe Vergnerie
Decoration : Lou-Lilâ Yseult Utopie Masson-Lacroix
Assistant decoration : Elvire Myx
Production team : Foued Abichou Del Toro, Quentin Théron, Xi Chen
Sound recording : Sebastien Linsolas, Sylvain Dumaine
Sound design : Benjamin Taulet

Behind the scenes :
- vimeo.com/74082128
- http://vision-color.com/2013/10/09/behind-the-scenes-of-frequence/

About VisionColor LUTS :
- http://vision-color.com/

08:29 min 16. June 2016

Let's talk about immigration | EU Referendum – Brexit 2016

a report in English

Are immigrants good for Britain? Or are they taking our jobs and lowering our wages?
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The issue of immigration could be tipping Britain towards a vote to leave the European Union. Anushka Asthana meets voters in Cheshire, Lancashire, Peterborough, Oxford and east London and asks about the impact of immigration on services, and joins Ukip and Tory leave supporters on the campaign trail

6x9 experience solitary confinement ► http://bit.ly/6x9gdn

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04:11 min 16. January 2013


a narrative film in English

WHAT DO WE HAVE IN OUR POCKETS: Debuting at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival and available only on YouTube

A most unusual love story unravels when the objects in a young man's pockets come to life.

Watch more short films curated by Sundance Institute: youtube.com/screeningroom

Written and Directed by Goran Dukic, based on the short story by Etgar Keret. Starring Azazel & Diaz Jacobs, Producer - Mikal Lazarev, Production Designer - Linda Sena, Cinematographer - Tobias Datum, Music - Bobby Johnston, Animators - Mike Johnson, Linda Sena, Goran Dukic,
Production Company - storyvid.io, Production Assistant - Nancy Kwon, Thanks to Etgar Keret & Dov Aflon, Benny Bergman DSC,
Kneller Agency, Dimitri Portnoi, Sharon Meir.

Sorry about the bleeps, but the YouTube was not happy about the F word.

05:42 min 14. October 2011


a narrative film in no language

A young man whose life has just ended in a fiery racing accident is guided by four rockabilly band spectres who lead him, through a netherworld of lost souls, to either heaven or hell.

Won best animated short the Atlanta Underground Film Festival. Screened at the CFC's Worldwide Short Film Fest, the Ottawa International Animation Fest, and at Shorts Under the Stars in Toronto.

Writer/Director: Mike Roberts
Composer: The Sadies
Producer: Duopoly
Funder: Bravo!FACT

06:25 min 3. September 2013

Episode 2: Water From A Pipe?

a report in English

How big of an effect could not having clean water nearby have on your life?

After finding that the closest source of water is a plastic pipe coming out of the side of a hill, we aren't sure if its safe to drink. Two weeks later, Chris is lying sick and immobile on the dirt floor and we're not sure if we be able to afford the cost of a doctor or medicine. Is not having clean water really that big of a problem for our neighbors here? What about around the world?

Take action and find more resources on the Change Series website: http://www.livingonone.org/changeseries

Produced by Living on One

Directed by Hannah Gregg
Illustrations by Hannah Gregg
Edited by Sean Leonard
Narration by Chris Temple

Executive Producers
Mike Lang
David Doss
Jeff Klein

Spanish by Cecilia Toscana
Portuguese by Douglas Braz

Music Credits:
Rhian Sheehan - "Darkness"
Rhian Sheehan - "Still"
Rhian Sheehan - "Leaving Earth"
Thomas Newman - "Nemo Egg"

01:42 min 20. November 2014

Pass The Salt (Très court métrage)

a narrative film in French

Pendant un repas de famille, un Père demande à son fils Jake de lui passer le sel. Mais Jake est trop occupé à répondre aux SMS sur son téléphone portable et va tendre à son père le poivre. En voyant ses deux fils complètement absorbés par leur téléphone, le père va réagir. Pass The Salt est un très court métrage réalisé par Matthew Abeler.

02:15 min 20. June 2008

Immerse | Future Shorts

a narrative film in Romanian

Director: Anton Groves
2'00 / Romania / 2008 / Super16mm
Inner space...

03:40 min 24. June 2016

The strange world of sheep shearing

a documentary in English

British Director Ian Robertson’s new short offers a glimpse into the sweat soaked world of competitive sheep shearing. Read more on NOWNESS - http://bit.ly/28RAlm1


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