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08:10 min 9. April 2014

Pier Pressure (8min, UK, Turtle Canyon Films)

a narrative film in English

Year of Production: 2014
Producer: Nick Long
Screenwriter: Alastair Clayton
Director: Alastair Clayton
Starring: Laura Jean Marsh & Tim Dry
Format: 1080/25p
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Sound: Stereo
Runtime: 8’10”
© 2014 Turtle Canyon Media Ltd.

06:01 min 6. October 2013

Farrah GFE

a documentary in English

A documentary short that shares the story of a young girl from the south with the dream of moving to New York City. Unexpectedly, her dream turns into the reality of high class escorting.

Directed and Produced by: dress code
Sound: YouTooCanWoo
Shot on: Red Epic with Zeiss SuperSpeed MK3 T1.3 primes

01:23 min 15. November 2006

The Happiest Monster

a narrative film in no language

My first year film at Calarts, the story of a lucky girl who chances upon a visit by a monster and experiences the change of her life! Flying through the everlasting sky, euphoria awaits everyone who embarks on this journey with the happiest monster!


With music by the very talented Mr. Andrew Toups. Visit his livejournal and spam it at: http://mistertoups.livejournal.com/ !!!

Alternatively, you can visit my website and spam me: http://persona.mechafetus.com

Spread the word! Digg this video and let's bring happiness (monsters) to the world, everyone!

EDIT Feb 2007:
The Happiest Monster is #1 in Arts/Animation! I wonder how these videos are selected to these various categories. :/

EDIT Feb 16, 07:
Now it's also included in the Mobile category! Does that mean people are watching this video on cellphones? Technology is amazing. :o

20:00 min 11. July 2013

East of Kensington (Full Movie)

a narrative film in English

Years after Peter Pan and the Lost Boys have overthrown the pirates, Peter visits London to return Wendy to Neverland and is kidnapped by a mysterious Stranger residing in the decaying remains of the Darling House. Peter is forced to confront a harsh reality that challenges his innocence.

11:19 min 7. January 2014


a narrative film in English

Sally and Jack, a young couple in the city, discover a strange phenomenon in their backyard that duplicates organic life. Sally quickly envisions its wild possibilities, while Jack suffers its consequences.


Written and Directed by Ray Wong
Producer: Sabena Kapil
Alex Paxton-Beesley as Sally
Christopher Jacot as Jack
Executive Producers: Ray Wong, Sabena Kapil
Director of Photography: Kris Belchevski
Production Designer: Reid Brennan
Editor: Ray Wong, Jonathan Wong
Costume Designer: Alana Krenbrink

Teaser: https://vimeo.com/84275520
Website: www.burntgrassmovie.com

Produced with a grant awarded by bravoFACT (Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent) A Division of Bell Media Inc. www.bravofact.com

06:26 min 1. March 2016

Why The War on Drugs Is a Huge Failure

a lecture in English

The war against drugs has been a terrible disaster for everybody involved. Why? And can we do something differently?

Check out the Stop The Harm campaign: https://stoptheharm.org

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Further reading on the drug war:

Nixon on the war on drugs: http://bit.ly/1QRJcZ7

The Balloon Effect explained: http://bit.ly/1SfnP3b

The Economics Behind War on Drugs: http://bit.ly/1VOJiPk

Black Kids get more often arrested for drug offenses: http://brook.gs/1ppiPH6 & http://bit.ly/1kJs83H

World Drug Report: http://bit.ly/1QY97NU

Global supply of drugs: http://bit.ly/1OLXq6u

Four pillars drug strategy: http://bit.ly/1Qkhh0y


Sara Priselac, Eric, José Díez, Antonie Coetzee, Julien Dubois, Mert Tekin, Reno, Ran Moneta, Terry Breen-Smith, Azri Rostam, Guy Nicholson, DeAdrean Martin, Ty Cook, Wes Blind, Marc Stein, Mathias Højbjerg, Rustan Curman, Christopher Homs, Selene Kwan, Nikita, Jamie Buch, Yong-Bi Jo, Charles Cartwrighte, Steven Ferrari, Logan Kent, Danimal, Matthias Gyllenvarg, Kieran Keegan, Jai Kowalik, Chad Mellor, Karla Brilman, Daniel Dchuette, Lindsey Skouras, Allan Lehamnn Kristensen, Michael DeFreitas, James Wiles, Brian Lathrop, Kyle Sayers, Zack, Touki Wawa Wang, David Campos, Conner Fissell, Atlas Moon, Trevor Kam, Anon, Jan Sundgaard Schultz, Andrew Wissam Chidiac Cherian

Why The War on Drugs Is a Huge Failure

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12:03 min 16. January 2013

Life Gets Better - Short Film

a narrative film in English

Middle-aged and divorced, Todd tiptoes his way through the dating world after his unfaithful ex-wife left him with herpes.

WINNER - 2013 Accolade Award of Merit, Short Film

"The Stranger" - Short Film of the Week
Seattle True Independent Film Festival (STIFF)
Silicon Valley Film Festival
Illini Independent Film Festival
Film Shortage #1 pick on "Weekend Shortlist"
Crosscut: "Digital Prospector"
Altos de Chavón - Dominican Republic
WSSN Film Showcase
New Hollywood Filmmaker's Short Film Festival

Filmed at Red Studios Hollywood & on location in Los Angeles, Ca with the support of Red Digital Cinema.

Starring: Brian Taylor as Todd

Written and Directed by Tommy Yacoe

02:07 min 14. October 2015

How to improve slaughterhouses

a report in English

Thousands of animals are slaughtered for meat every second. Who is Temple Grandin and how has she helped to reform the meat industry and improve the welfare of livestock?

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04:39 min 15. October 2015

What Is Light?

a lecture in English

We are so used to some things that we stopped wondering about them. Like light. What is light? Some kind of wavy thing, right? Kind of.

Short bonus video for the people waiting for new stuff.

Music by:


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Phiroze Dalal, T0T0S, Ryan OHoro, Kay Brinkmann, A La Mode, Marcelo Fernandes de Souza Filho, Vince, Thomas Shiels, Tom Wardrop, Shawn Marincas, Pontus Attåsen, Paul, Horacio Medina, Jim Yang, Arnav Guleria, Clemens, Robert McKone, Tahseen Mushtaque, Todd Binkley, Jochen, Vahur S, Matthew von der Ahe, Thomas Russell, Erick, Vivek Kotecha, Nils Caspar, Holger Fassel, Artur Szczypta, Jeff Fellows, Daniel Duffee, Konstantin Shabashov, Jackson R Hanna, Tim drake, Pascal de Reuck, Mike Galles, ByeongWook Lee, Guus Ketelings, Franko Papić, Thalia, Narat Suchartsunthorn, Lorenz Zahn, Brian Aparicio, Jörg Vogelsang, Rashed Ali, Darwin Ranzone, Tyler Thornton, Bernat Unanue, David Pfister, Ash Patel, Han Saini, Ute Moll, Vrm Vee Are Em, Ioanna Bischinioti, Jenny Zhou, Vince Babbra, Dan Cortes, Matt K

What is light?

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10:26 min 29. March 2006

The Old Negro Space Program

a mockumentary in English

A parody in the style of Ken Burns documentaries - 'retired' black astronauts recall the feats and derring dos of the do it yourself African-American space program from the late fifties to the dawn of the seventies. Vist Wikipedia entry at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Old_Negro_Space_Program
02/17/2013 - I have gotten to the point of being so fucking tired of reading these fucking racists diatribes I have turned off all comments. You racists are a disease that need to be eradicated like smallpox..

02:00 min 26. March 2010


a narrative film in no language

The second annual collection of 20/120 is now published on IdN (International designer's Network - http://idnworld.com/books/). The lavishly produced DVD-Box contains DVD, booklet, 20 postcards and our contribution film „Lautlos" (Without a Sound).

"Staying true to the ideals of creativity and innovation, with a theme of “Truth vs. Deception”, 20 directors came together to create a ground-breaking collection of short films that use live-action, effects, animation, comedy, action and verité. Twenty 120 remains dedicated to the definition of creative – an original product of human invention or artistic imagination – by celebrating the work of artists around the world." (IdN)

The film got honoured within the category „Audiovisuelle Medien: Design“ at the Art Directors Club Competition 2009.

Music/Sound : http://www.loyproduction.de/

04:23 min 13. September 2013

I'm on it

an experimental film in English

Following the motivations of a young office employee, willing to make his way into an underground fighting circuit.

A film directed by Alexandre Desane - http://www.alexandredesane.com
Cast : Anthony Pho - http://www.anthonypho.com / Alain Pambou-Suami / Hamid Hashemi
Music by Keysz Beatz / Beatwin Group - https://www.facebook.com/beatwingroup

17:48 min 3. April 2014

How to love and be loved | Billy Ward | TEDxFoggyBottom

a talk in English

Through a story of one of his students, Billy shows the importance of loving others and of being loved.

Billy Ward is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and has been practicing in for the past 13 years in the New York City Suburbs of New Jersey. In addition to having a private practice, he has also been counseling students at Seton Hall Prep High School since 1998. Currently he is the director of retreats for the school and also teaches a senior course for Human Development and Theology. Billy's approach to teaching centers on the development of mind, body and spirit. His personal philosophy is LOVE and Be LOVED.
Billy is a graduate from Georgetown University where he studied Psychology. He was also the quarterback of the football team for four years. He had a short stint with the Baltimore Ravens in 1999, which was a great experience and personal achievement. He continues to credit his athletic experiences with helping him to understand the mind-body connection and the ability to set a life goal with great determination and tenacity. After leaving Baltimore he continued his study of psychology at Seton Hall University where he attained his Masters Degree and Post Masters Degree.
Billy is married to his soul mate and best friend Lia. They have two sons, two-year-old JD and 5 month old Casey. The family is completed by their Golden Retriever, Grover Ward.

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)

05:24 min 28. October 2013

Is Evil Rational?

a lecture in English

Is evil rational? If it is, then how can we depend on reason alone to make a better world? Best-selling author Dennis Prager has a challenging answer.

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09:58 min 23. January 2014

"Guilty" - Presented by Dazed and Confused

a narrative film in no language

Dazed presents a film by John Strong
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"Bad deeds, dark secrets and bedwetting combine with disastrous consequences in this morning-after tale."

Commissioned by Dazed & Confused Magazine

Director/ Writer: John Strong
Starring: Josh Caras, Grace Rex
Exec Producers: Sasha Nixon, Oliver Fuselier, Amy DeLossa, Johnathan Wright
Producers: Luke McCullough, Gregory Finch
Production Company: Forever Pictures (http://forever-pictures.com) in association with Tool of North America (http://toolofna.com)
DP: John Strong
Assistant Camera: Brian Gonzalez
Editor: John Strong
Sound Design/ Mix: Daniel Sheppard
Casting: Bethany Knox
Special Thanks: Handheld Films

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