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08:55 min 8. June 2015

004 Motherfucker

a narrative film in English

Jackie got a job today.

Rules: takeawayscenes.com/rules
News: facebook.com/thetakeawayscenes

Adapted from the play “The Motherfucker With The Hat”

25:03 min 29. August 2014


an experimental film in English

Video art, air travel tourism, real and virtual, custom music composition.

07:34 min 11. June 2013

Pluto and the Vessel

a narrative film in no language

Studio Site - www.rarefruit.co
Studio Contact - create@rarefruit.co
Personal Contact - harrison@rarefruit.co

I lived in a 15ft by 15ft room for 2 years. I made a film there. The film is about finishing. It’s about failing. It’s about living alone in a really small room.

03:56 min 23. November 2012

Dji. Death fails

a narrative film in no language

Animation studio "Simpals" (located in Moldova) produced its fourth short animated film "Dji. Death fails".
Dji is an unusual death. The Dark Knight has appeared in a different form. No, he is not white and fluffy. Dji is just terribly unlucky. All he has to do is to take the soul of a dying man. But the screenwriters prepared some obstacles for Dji. Will he manage to overcome them? You'll see.

Directed by Dmitri Voloshin

CG Supervisor: Serghey Kirillov

Soundtrack Gogol Bordello "American Wedding"

Official website: http://simpals.com/
Follow us on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/simpals
Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dji.Deathfails/
Production Blog: http://tigan.md/

30:01 min 24. January 2016

7 Tage... unter Tätowierern | 7 Tage | NDR

a report in German

Seefahrer, Knastbrüder, Gangmitglieder: Sie gelten als die typischen Tätowierten. "Schnee von gestern!", sagt Richi, Chef des Tattoo-Studios Bloody Ink in Hamburg, selbst von Kopf bis Fuß tätowiert. "Aber Vorurteile Tätowierten gegenüber gibt's immer noch. Dabei bist du heute eher besonders, wenn du kein Tattoo hast." Denn jede(r) Fünfte unter 35 ist inzwischen tätowiert. Sieben Tage verbringen Johanna Leuschen (nicht tätowiert) und Martin Rieck (tätowiert) im Tattoo-Laden und wollen wissen: Was ist es also, das so viele Menschen an Tattoos fasziniert? Warum setzen sie sich freiwillig stundenlangem Schmerz aus, meistens mehrmals? Und welche Geschichten stecken hinter ihren Tätowierungen?

Interview mit Johanna Leuschen: Ist Tätowieren Männersache?

Mehr 7-Tage-Filme gibt's hier:

04:05 min 26. March 2013

"Through These Eyes"

a narrative film in English

Haley and her husband Ryan live in the small town of Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania. When Ryan leaves town for work, Haley is visited by a strange man who has a very important message for her.

This Film is based on True Events.

The Stranger - Neil Kitzmiller
Haley - Lauren Elizabeth
Ryan - Dale Costa

Written, Shot & Cut By - Josh Ohrman
Special Effects By - Josh Ohrman & Jason Barnada

Assistant Director - Jordyn Costa

Production Assistants & Grip Dept.
Dale Costa - Dave Tokas
Ryan Costa - Mikey Costa

Music By - Kevin MacLeod
His Songs Include: "Long Note Two"; "Bent and Broken"; "Static Motion"

This film, "Through These Eyes", uses these sounds from freesound:
telephone.mp3 by morgantj (http://www.freesound.org/people/morgantj/sounds/60755/)
Summer Night.mp3 by bullockjs (http://www.freesound.org/people/bullockjs/sounds/44473/)
train_horn.aif by Corscia_S (http://www.freesound.org/people/Corsica_S/sounds/18529/)
barred_owl.wav by soundbytez (http://www.freesound.org/people/soundbytez/sounds/110988/)

2013 Second Period Films
Film #2 for Point Park University - Production 1

06:20 min 20. January 2015

Claire's Birthday (or the comfort of being alone)

a narrative film in English

Early-twentysomething Claire celebrates her birthday... Alone at home. As the clock ticks throughout the day, we get a glance into her simple-yet-peculiar life. Without speaking a word, she reveals her yearning for human connection as well as her contentment with peace and quietness. What's wrong with spending your birthday alone when it's meant to be your special day anyway?

Starring LEA SIMON
A short film by PATRICK T. LO ( http://www.patricklo.com )

02:17 min 1. December 2014

BWD - The Milgauss

a narrative film in English

August 1956.

Meet Frank Teller - a man obsessed with engineering perfection, with fastidious detail, with razor sharp style.
A wealthy man who has used his time, skill and genius to craft a machine that can do the impossible. A machine that will take him on a dangerous journey to the unknown, to the very limits of scientific understanding.

However, he can only take one thing with him. One thing he can rely on whatever happens. It is his most important piece of equipment, a device that cannot fail, or he may never return alive. A timekeeper, born from the same obsession with perfection, with detail, with style and absolute accuracy.

The Bamford Milgauss.

And it's time to go...


Directed by Alex Hylands-White

Prod. Co. Sudden Black

Frank Teller - Dion Williams
Voice of Frank - Randy Davison

Produced by Natalia Jorquera

Director of Photography - Charlie Herranz
Production Designer - 'Kix' (Kalliopi Ismini Xekalaki)
1st Assistant Director - Daniel Bliss
Costume - Charmiane Perram
MUA - Emma Croft

Editor - Alex Hylands-White
VFX Supervisor - Christian Mann
Lightning VFX - Miguel Santana da Silva
Sound Designer - Spesh Maloney
Composer - Ben Cocks
Colorist - Dan Moran @ Smoke & Mirrors

Focus Puller - Karl Hui
2nd AC - Ben Foat
Loader - Antonio
Gaffer - Adam Yacoob
Spark - Ben Elliot

Runner - Oisin
Runner - Declan Slattery

Set Painters - Alexandra Prut, Lucie Le Liard

21:12 min 21. April 2015

Singing to the Earth Until a Tree Grows

a narrative film in English

Directed by Theodore Schaefer

Written by Patrick Lawler and Theodore Schaefer

Sponsored by SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

Singing to the Earth Until a Tree Grows is a short film set in the future about the effects of climate change on our world It explores the lives of two people, possibly the last man and woman on Earth, as they try to live their lives in this new reality. The man, who wishes he were a standup comic, spends his days exploring the post-apocalyptic cityscape, where he discovers an old VHS camera. With it he decides to create a reverse time capsule, a chronicle of the world that now exists, for the past. The woman, an artist, is pregnant. She struggles with finding meaning and attempts to capture that struggle in her new painting -- a giant canvas spread on the floor of her living room, which she is painting for her unborn daughter. Together they face the struggle of everyday life as possibly the last two humans on Earth.

A Leaping Elephant Production

05:38 min 19. May 2014

War on Boys

a lecture in English

What ever happened to letting "boys be boys?" Take these two cases: In one, a seven-year-old boy was sent home for nibbling a Pop Tart into a gun. In another, a teacher was so alarmed by a picture drawn by a student (of a sword fight), that the boy's parents were summoned in for a conference. In short, boys in America's schools are routinely punished for being active, competitive, and restless. In other words, boys can no longer be boys. Christina Hoff Sommers, a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, explains how we can change this.

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11:09 min 11. May 2014

GETÜRMT - Short Action Film

a narrative film in German

▸ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OliWeFilms
▸ Twitter: https://twitter.com/OliWeFilms
▸ Instagram: http://instagram.com/Oli_We

▸ Vimeo Link: https://vimeo.com/93895208


Manuel Bashirpour
Samuel Prost
Marlene Zwierzina
Kerstin Kleinfeld
Jule Zimmer
Luca Zwierzina

Directed by: Michael Kleinfeld
Written by: Oliver Weisskopf & Michael Kleinfeld
Director of Photography: Oliver Weisskopf
Edited by: Oliver Weisskopf
Music by: Dustin Nägel
Original Sound: Marlene Zwierzina
Catering: Berta Weisskopf
Set- Assitant: Kevin Odenthal

Shot on: Sony PMW-200 // Canon 600D

26:08 min 23. October 2008

The Mysterious Explorations of Jasper Morello

a narrative film in English

Now playing in the YouTube Screening Room: http://www.youtube.com/ytscreeningroom.
see more on www.monsterdistributes.com

Nominated for an Oscar and for a BAFTA award, Jasper Morello is a short feature made in a unique style of silhouette animation developed by director Anthony Lucas and inspired by the work of authors Edgar Alan Poe and Jules Verne. In the frontier city of Carpathia, Jasper Morello discovers that his former adversary Doctor Claude Belgon has returned from the grave. When Claude reveals that he knows the location of the ancient city of Alto Mea where the secrets of life have been discovered, Jasper cannot resist the temptation to bring his own dead wife Amelia back. But they are captured by Armand Forgette, leader of the radical Horizontalist anti-technology movement, who is determined to reanimate his terrorist father Vasco. As lightning energises the arcane machineries of life in the floating castle of Alto Mea, Jasper must choose between having his beloved restored or seeing the government of Gothia destroyed. Set in a world of iron dirigibles and steam powered computers, this gothic horror mystery tells the story of Jasper Morello, a disgraced aerial navigator who flees his Plague-ridden home on a desperate voyage to redeem himself.

Also winner of the Grand Prix award at the Annecy Animation Festival, Jasper has also won the top honours at the Canadian Film Centre's Worldwide Short Film Festival, Best Animation at Flickerfest 2005, Best Animation at the Sydney Film Festival Dendy awards and Best Animation at Toronto worldwide shorts.

10:24 min 28. March 2013

The Strange Death of Harry Stanley

a narrative film in English

This is the true story of how Harry Stanley was killed in 1999. This film was made with the permission of Irene Stanley, Harry's widow. It was self-financed by the writer director, Jeremiah Quinn.

Festivals and awards:
Longlisted BAFTA Best Short Film
Winner Best Short Film, Milan International Film Festival
Winner Best British Film, Super Shorts
Winner Best Director, Braine Hownd
Winner Shooting People Film of the Month (one of three)
Winner Audience Award, Showreel Night
Winner re:Vault inaugural Film of the Month
Winner Best Film, Filmsshort.com
Nominated Amnesty International Best Human Rights Film at IoWFF
Nominated Best Moving Film, Super Shorts

04:57 min 10. August 2015

What Happens Inside Your Body? - VR 360°

a lecture in English

Take a journey through the human body in Virtual Reality with Life Noggin!
Watch it with maximum quality with the updated youtube app on your mobile device or on your desktop with Chrome. Simply tilt or swipe your finer on your phone, or drag your mouse around or use the wasd keys in Chrome to look around the space. Safari does NOT support 360 video at this time.

Click here to see more videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/lifenoggin?sub_confirmation=1

Life Noggin is a weekly animated educational series. Whether it's science, pop culture, history or art, we explore it all and have a ton of fun doing it.

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Life Noggin Team:
Animation & Designed by Kurt Rauffer and Alex Jacobo-Blonder
Voiced by: http://youtube.com/patdoesit
Written by: https://www.youtube.com/coconutcab
Produced by: Ian Dokie http://www.twitter.com/IanDokie