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04:35 min 27. December 2016

Why are we so attached to our things? - Christian Jarrett

a lecture in English

View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/why-are-we-so-attached-to-our-things-christian-jarrett

After witnessing the “violent rage” shown by babies whenever deprived of an item they considered their own, Jean Piaget – a founding father of child psychology – observed something profound about human nature: Our sense of ownership emerges incredibly early. But why do we become so attached to things? Christian Jarrett details the psychology of ownership.

Lesson by Christian Jarrett, animation by Avi Ofer.

16:01 min 27. November 2011

Netherland Dwarf

a narrative film in English

starring Ewen Leslie
written & directed by David Michôd
produced by Angie Fielder & Polly Staniford of Aquarius Films

04:31 min 24. September 2012

Why Bad Luck is Good

a lecture in English

Can bad luck be a good thing? Comedian Adam Carolla, best-selling author and the world's most popular podcaster, well understands this riddle. He's lived it. Using examples from his own life, he explains that learning to deal with adversity is a key to success. Thus, everybody needs some bad luck: it's how you prepare yourself for the curve balls life throws you.

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08:57 min 26. April 2010

M.I.A, Born Free

a music video in English

www.miauk.com www.neetrecordings.com

Director : Romain Gavras
Director of Photography : André Chemetoff
Producer : Mourad Belkeddar
Production company : www.elnino.tv
Executive Production : Gaetan Rousseau / Paradoxal
Special thanks to Lana & Melissa from The Director's Bureau

15:26 min 22. December 2014

Im Fokus [subtitled]

a narrative film in German

Nachdem sich ein Anschlag auf eine Polizeiwache ereignet hat, gerät Carl in den Verdacht, zur Gruppe der Attentäter zu gehören. Bereits vor der Explosion im Polizeirevier wurde eine Drohne auf ihn angesetzt, da er mit Hilfe eines Störsenders Überwachungskameras außer Gefecht gesetzt hatte. Im Verhör versucht er, zwei Ermittler von seiner Unschuld zu überzeugen.
HD 1080p25; Letterbox 2,35:1; 5.1 Dolby Digital; www.timodicke.de; www.facebook.com/imfokusfilm; www.facebook.com/timo.ekcid; timo.dicke(at)gmx.de
B.A.-Abschlussfilm; Zeitbasierte Medien; FH Mainz; Buch+Dreh 2012, Fertigstellung 2013

04:05 min 1. December 2014

What are those floaty things in your eye? - Michael Mauser

a lecture in English

View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/what-are-those-floaty-things-in-your-eye-michael-mauser

Sometimes, against a uniform, bright background such as a clear sky or a blank computer screen, you might see things floating across your field of vision. What are these moving objects, and how are you seeing them? Michael Mauser explains the visual phenomenon that is floaters.

Lesson by Michael Mauser, animation by Reflective Films.

08:20 min 10. July 2011

The Picture of Dorian Gray

a narrative film in English

An 8 Minute adaptation of Oscar Wilde's 'The Picture of Dorian Gray'. My 15 week Major Project at UCA Rochester as part of CG Arts and Animation. Enjoy!

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01:59 min 22. October 2015

Orhan Pamuk: The Secret to Writing is Rewriting

a lecture in English

"Pay attention to people's lives," explains the acclaimed author. Then don't be afraid to rewrite and edit and re-edit and re-rewrite and so on. Pamuk's latest novel is "A Strangeness in My Mind" (http://goo.gl/anfSo2).

Read more at BigThink.com: http://bigthink.com/videos/orhan-pamuk-on-what-we-can-learn-from-writers

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Transcript - Other people can learn from a writer's life many things because writer's lives are so different, some are possessed with something that comes from outside, some are possessed with their visions. Likes of me are different. I work like a clerk and then also my books are more like frescoes and epics. So I start from a corner and continue and continue without even knowing what the final picture would be in the end. Forty years of devotion to the art of the novel taught me one thing, that is to pay attention to people's lives, to pay attention what you hear about people's lives. This novel, A Strangeness in My Mind, is based on interviews that I did it with lots of people, that also taught me to be modest about people's lives and play around with the details of their lives until it really sounds more real than reality. Most of my life I did not have a proper editor since I was writing in Istanbul. I am my own editor. But the secrets of writing is rewriting, self editing, reediting, reading to your beloved ones, to your wife, to your daughter, to your partner and hearing the story from other people's point of view never giving up your high standard of criteria, of good writing, and continuing on and on and on and on and editing and editing and taking out, no matter how much time you gave to that beautiful page, perhaps that can also be cut out.

05:01 min 31. May 2009


a mockumentary in English

HUMAN WRITES - ISWI 2009 / The "masterpiece" of the Movie Group
Human writes... I mean Human Rights! This was the topic of the 9th edition of the International Student Week in Ilmenau (which took place between 8 and 17th May 2009). The multicultural Movie group coordinated by Antonia and Deborah assumed the task of making a short film from scratch in just 3 days. And they did it! (Please have mercy when criticising! )

The groupmembers:
from Croatia: Mariza
from India: Ishaan
from Indonesia: Stefan
from Poland: Marzena
from Romania: Petronela and Romeo
from Russia: Yana
from Serbia: Milos
from Ucraine: Iryna and Olena
The groupleaders: Antonia and Deborah

Human rights... RIGHT NOW!!! Go ISWI!

05:09 min 3. March 2016

What Does Your Pet Do When Home Alone? - Cheap Shot Challenge - Earth Unplugged

a report in English

Sam Hume sets out to capture what a dog gets up to when it's owner's out using a bit of homemade technology!

You can find all the fantastic submissions by searching for #EarthCapture on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
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08:03 min 12. August 2009

De l'air

a narrative film in French

Une femme décide d’aller nager à la piscine. Mais ce n’est pas simple : le tarif d’entrée, la douche obligatoire et surtout le groupe de jeunes qui occupe le bassin avec tellement de vie. Refermée sur elle-même, tout ce qu’elle veut c’est de l’air.

Support de projection : 35 mm Dolby SR
Début de diffusion : Avril 2004
Visa : n° 110532

court métrage réalisé par Alexis Mallet, musique composé arrangé et interprété par Armen Bedrossian
short movie directed by Alexis Mallet, music composed arranged and performed by Armen Bedrossian
Scénario : Raphaël Didierjean

69006 LYON

1er Prix de la Région Rhône-Alpes
Grasse 2004 : Prix du jury
Nice 2004 : Prix du public
Paris (court18) 2004 : Prix Beaumarchais SACD
Le Mesnil le Roy 2004 : Prix de la Ville
Dijon 2004 : Prix du scénario
UGC Bercy Paris 2005 : 1er Prix

télévision :
France 3, PBS, chaîne de télévision publique couvrant les USA et le Canada
TPS, Vitagraph, Italie

22:01 min 8. May 2012

The Armoire

a narrative film in English

After Timothy's plight didn't turn out so well (see The Saddest Boy in the World), I thought I'd try my hand at a new disenfranchised child. Aaron sings in choir, watches soap operas and sleeps with the nightlight on. Can hypnosis solve the mystery of his missing friend?

The New York Times said: "With passionate stories of suburban woe and obsession played out against surreal, hyperdesigned backdrops, Mr. Travis's films feel a bit like a mixture of work by David Lynch and Douglas Sirk."

07:40 min 24. May 2011

Jungle Jail

an experimental film in no language

Jungle Jail is a short film made as a student at ESMA montpellier co-directed with Mathieu Arnoux, Hugo Cierzniak, Aymeric Palermo and myself. Thanks for watching!

10:29 min 29. February 2012

ECAL/Cinema « Kwa Heri Mandima » by Robert-Jan Lacombe

a documentary in French

Childhood pictures, the departure from Zaire when I was 10, my friends Watumu, Angi and Amosi, the big shift from one culture to another, identity, memories and footage...

Documentary, 2010, 10'30

04:32 min 10. November 2015

The science behind the myth: Homer's "Odyssey" - Matt Kaplan

a lecture in English

View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/the-science-behind-the-myth-homer-s-odyssey-matt-kaplan

Homer's "Odyssey" recounts the adventures of the Greek hero Odysseus during his journey home from the Trojan War. Though some parts may be based on real events, the encounters with monsters, giants and magicians are considered to be complete fiction. But might there be more to these myths than meets the eye? Matt Kaplan explains why there might be more reality behind the "Odyssey" than many realize.

Lesson by Matt Kaplan, animation by Mike Schell.