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05:12 min 28. September 2011

Miriam's Song

a narrative film in English

This film explores the resilience of children in circumstances of trauma and loneliness, particularly their use of imagination as a tool for endurance and escape.

Screened at:

- Woodstock Film Festival (U.S.)
- Indie Spirit Film Festival (U.S.)
- Red Rock Film Festival (U.S.)
- Miami Short Film Festival (U.S.)
- Noor Iranian Film Festival (U.S.)
- Co-Kisser Poetry Film Festival (U.S.)
- The Body Electric Film Festival (U.S.)
- Target Art Gallery (U.S.)
- Canterbury Short Film Festival (New Zealand)
- Knockanstockan (Ireland)
- Void Film Festival (Greece)
- Zebra Poetry Film Festival (Germany)
- Moscars al-Hurria Film Festival (Egypt)
- Portobello Film Festival (U.K)
- Ó Bhéal Film Festival (Ireland)

20:00 min 6. August 2013

[OLD] Red Song - Short Film

a narrative film in English

Within the framework of Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 14, a dying woman's journal reveals the story of the relationship that led to her demise.


Written and Directed by
Daniel Ziegler

Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 14
Performed by
Tara Jenkins

Natalie Barduson
Ethan Hoover
Bryan Raiton
Tristen Bagnall

Tara Jenkins
Kaden Petersen

Produced by
Kyle C Hrabe
Daniel Ziegler

Executive Producers
Robert Ziegler
Loren Ziegler

Associate Producers
Ethan Hoover
Tristen Bagnall

© 2013 Black Box Films LLC

12:13 min 29. January 2009


a narrative film in English

The Director of SIGNS has his first feature film, Red Hill
Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nrEm9KMV7I

One of the 2009 Cannes Lions winners!
More info: http://work.canneslions.com/cyber/entry.cfm?entryid=12084

A simple short film about communication.
Created by Publicis Mojo and @RadicalMedia
Director: Patrick Hughes

Join the Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/SignsShortFilm

If you like the soundtrack, you can check out @ http://www.bandv2.com/album/1422

the Schweppes online film festival:

05:37 min 29. November 2010

First Contact

a narrative film in English

First Contact is a CGI-Live action integration short film from the second year of the Advanced 3D Productions programme. In it, Planet Earth is being visited by aliens, but this isn't the intelligent life we're expecting …

07:14 min 15. November 2010

The Silent City 1080p HD

a narrative film in English

Short film I wrote + directed a couple years back, featuring Cillian Murphy, Don Wycherly, Garvan McGrath and... something else...

This is the first time it's been online in 1080p.

13:11 min 5. June 2013

Mis-drop by Ferand Peek

a narrative film in English

300 years in the future, a forensic accountant reviews the video stream from one mercenary's drop-pod which has been damaged during the initial stages of a colonial invasion.

Directed by Ferand Peek

Download at www.mis-drop.com


learn more about how it was made at http://www.directorsnotes.com/2014/05/26/ferand-peek-mis-drop/

15:00 min 8. January 2013

The Wreck

a narrative film in Japanese

"The Wreck" is a short film about a couple's attempt to escape from a world that forces them to choose between life and existence.

Official Selection: Richmond International Film Festival 2015, NewFilmmakers NY Fall 2014, Official Selection NY Shorts Fest 2014, Winner - Best Art Short Manhattan Film Festival 2014, Official Selection Hawaii International Short Film Festival 2014, Cannes Court Metrage, Short Film Corner 2014.
Produced by haus+longhitano (main.hausandlonghitano.com)
Starring: Mari Yamamoto and Toshiji Takeshima
Director of Photography: Frank Longhitano
Executive Producers: Taryn Looney and Eliot Cole
Co-producer: Christine Lo
Production Design: Neslihan Arslan
Costume Design: Annie Simon
Music by: Lou Rogai
Written and Directed by: Kevin Haus

08:20 min 9. July 2012

Ara's Tale

a narrative film in no language

A CG animated short by Martin Lubich

Music: Philippe Rey
Sound: Mikkel Nielsen

This movie was created in my sparetime over the course of 3 years. It was produced in the spirit of an Open Movie, which means that all production files will be made available.

For more information visit http://aras-tale.loramel.net

16:44 min 19. February 2012

Little Secrets

a narrative film in English

Little Secrets tells the story of a man who wakes up dazed, confused and tied to a chair in boxer shorts. Standing over him in the dark basement is his ex-girlfriend with an array of sharp tools. She wants answers to why their relationship broke down and one way or another she’s going to get them. This isn’t a movie for the squeamish or the unfaithful.

10:13 min 18. January 2012

The legend of the Scarecrow english subtitles Original Audio

a narrative film in Spanish

I know, I know the subtitles aren't the best, but I saw many english speakers who wanted to enjoy this beautiful shortfilm :)
http://elpeloninvisible.tumblr.com/ for more amazing shorfilms and images

Copyright Oficial ©
Screenplay & Direction: Marco Besas
Animation Director / Original Artwork: CARLOS LASCANO.
Editing & compositing: Carlos Lascano
Original Music, 3D model 3D animation: Fernando Cascales
Voice: Sancho Gracia
Screenplay & Direction: Marco Besas

03:28 min 21. May 2012

The Forty Story

a narrative film in English

The Forty Story

The story of a boy born on the day Pentagram opened and how his life has been tracked (and kerned) by forty years of Pentagram design.

Written by Naresh Ramchandani and Tom Edmonds
Directed by Christian Carlsson
Additional animation by Simone Nunziato
Sound design by Iain Grant and Wam London
Music by Graeme Miller
Titles by John Rushworth
Design by Pentagram
Voiceover by Daniel Lapaine

13:32 min 10. October 2014


a narrative film in English

A young girl with a secret past comes out of hiding and is forced to take on the town bullies with the thing she fears most - herself.


06:52 min 17. July 2011


a narrative film in no language

no description found

09:57 min 15. January 2009

Sweet Dreams by Kirsten Lepore

a narrative film in no language

"Sweet Dreams" just received a Special Jury Award at SXSW 2009!
Please watch in "high quality" mode
"Sweet Dreams" by Kirsten Lepore
Music by Kirsten, Chelsea, and Megan Lepore

More animations at http://www.kirstenlepore.com

07:57 min 22. November 2012

What are you thinking? (Piensas) Short Film ENGLISH sub

a narrative film in Spanish

TITLE: What are you thinking? (PIENSAS)

•Sinopsys; Rule number one for getting along with your partner: never ask "the question". You may not be prepared for the answer.

• Duration: 7:57 minutes (June 2012) Comedy

•Cast: Silvia Manzana, Javier Maldonado, Jon Rodriguez.

Produced by: Larrotxene Kultur Etxea
Directed: Ruben Sainz
Screenwriter: Andoni De Carlos
Cinematography: Unai Rosende
SCRIPT: Montse Alvarez, Hegoi Oñate, Unai Garcia
SOUND Julio Redondo
Sound Editing: Mikel Garagarza, Daniel Gutiérrez,Joar G. Galdeano
MAKE UP : Ion Villar
Executive producer: Ruben Sainz, Andoni De Carlos
Assistant Director: Denis Conde
Making Off: Ivan Sokolov
Edited: Unai Rosende
Music by: Iciar Arrieta

Selected for Best Short Film whith title: What are you thinking? (PIENSAS)

•-XVII certamen de cortos de Villa de Errenteria (Spain) Noviembre 2012.
•-Ikuska 14ª Muestra de cortometrajes de Pasaia (Spain)Noviembre 2012.
•-Gau Laburra Beasain (Spain) 27 de diciembre 2012.
•-Akbank 9th Short Film Festival for the “International Shorts Section” Turkia 2013
•-Short Cuts. Hispanic American International Short Film Festival en Wasington DC U.S.A. 2013
•-5th edition of the Leiden International Short Film Experience! LISFE 2013 HOLANDA
•-muestra de cine Kmaleon JUNIO 2013 (LEON/ SPAIN)
•-Toyama International Film Festival in Japan. June 2013
•--Puerto Rico International Film Fest & Convention.. 11/08/2013
•-Incubate Open Film 2013 (HOLANDA)
•-festival Corto Circuito, the Latino Short Film Festival of New York 2013. Oct
•-Freaked Out Films Festival 2013 25th – 26th October in Lublin, Poland.

02:40 min 23. June 2013


a narrative film in English

My Graduation Film.