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11:14 min 11. April 2009

The darker days of me and him

a narrative film in English

When Ben tells Rachel he is leaving her for another women, she has to stop him from going. Whilst imprisoned, Ben plots his escape as Rachel’s rage deepens and she contemplates a way for Ben and her to be together forever.

IMDB link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1377142/

09:14 min 12. January 2015

Elgin Park

a documentary in English

no description found

08:11 min 13. September 2009

COMBO a collaborative animation by Blu and David Ellis (2 times loop)

an experimental film in English

DVD available at: http://www.zooo.org/shop/index.php/artists/blu.html

a collaborative animation by Blu and David Ellis
year 2009
produced by studio cromie
music by Roberto Lange
made at Fame festival 2009

12:43 min 9. June 2014


a narrative film in no language

The Hollywood Reporter:

VFX breakdown: https://vimeo.com/103259388

Matt Soots building that crazy rigging for the missile: https://vimeo.com/100326152

And check out the trailer for our feature documentary, Puppet:


written and directed by David Soll (www.thepuppetfilm.com)
produced by Andy Widmann and Jared Ian Goldman
executive producer Jesse Moss (www.jessemoss.com)
featuring Chris Green (www.chrisgreenkinetics.com) and Aria McKenna
director of photography Mark Rasmussen
editor Christopher Nizza (www.dearmandela.com)
production designer Paul Beaudoin
original music by Paul Trubachik (www.paultrubachik.com)
sound design and mix by Nicholas Montgomery
colorist Harris Mendheim (www.evilharris.com)
VFX supervisor and CG artist Jim Vidal (https://vimeo.com/93109157)
compositing Alex Gabucci

04:09 min 10. March 2010

Sébastien Tellier - Look (Official Video)

a music video in no language

Directed by Mrzyk & Moriceau

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17:09 min 11. August 2015

André Kaspi : "La circulation des armes aggrave la situation aux Etats-Unis"

a talk in French

Une manifestation en hommage à Michael Brown a dégénéré ce dimanche 9 août à Ferguson aux Etats-Unis. La mort de ce jeune homme noir, abattu par un policier blanc, avait déclenché il y a un an une vague d'émeutes, dénonçant les violences policières contre les Afro-américains. Quel bilan, un an après? L'historien spécialiste des Etats-Unis est l'invité de Pierre Weill.

03:12 min 22. May 2013

The Birthday Present

a narrative film in no language

Can love and determination triumph in an arid desert? On his way to get a birthday present for his loved one, our tiny protagonist, a desert beetle, faces nature in its most inhospitable form. Will he survive?

Music by Chopin.
Directed and animated by Carlos Pacheco.

30:50 min 6. October 2015

Michel Abdollahi: Im Nazidorf | Panorama - die Reporter | NDR

a report in German

Jamel in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern gilt als Nazidorf: Die meisten Einwohner gehören der rechtsextremen Szene an. Doch diesen Sommer wohnte Michel Abdollahi mitten unter ihnen.


05:55 min 22. September 2014

The Myth of the Gender Wage Gap

a lecture in English

Women in America are the freest in the world, yet many feminists tell us women are oppressed. They advocate this falsehood through victim mentality propaganda and misleading statistics, such as the gender wage gap myth. In five minutes, American Enterprise Institute's Christina Hoff Sommers tells you the truth about feminism.

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03:22 min 17. February 2016

Drongo Bird Tricks Meerkats - Africa - BBC

a documentary in English

The Drongo is the Kalahari's greatest trickster and the meerkats are his victims of trickery but first he must win their confidence... Taken from Africa.

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04:33 min 27. May 2015

What Bill Gates is afraid of

a talk in English

What's likeliest to kill more than 10 million human beings in the next 20 years? It's probably not what you'd think. For much more, read Ezra Klein's feature story at Vox: http://www.vox.com/2015/5/27/8660249/gates-flu-pandemic

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01:03 min 16. January 2013

Recently in the Woods

a narrative film in no language

Recently in the Woods is a short tale about acceptance and tolerance. Two horses laugh at an unicorns horn because of his different appearance.

18:33 min 3. June 2013

She's a Fox

a narrative film in English

It's 1987. Infatuated with the hottest girl in school, sixth-grader, Cameron, puts everything on the line - including his mullet - to win the girl of his dreams.

Cast: Hailee Steinfeld, Jake Nutty, Stephanie Drapeau, Anthony Matthew Scott, Erin Sossamon, Troy Romzek

Written and Directed by Cameron Sawyer



02:50 min 17. July 2014

Does Penis Size Matter?

a lecture in English

Get the hard facts on penis SIZE!
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07:59 min 16. March 2016

Macht Digitalisierung den Job überflüssig? - Frontal 21 | ZDF

a report in German

Durch die digitale Revolution verändert sich die Arbeitswelt rasant. Viele Deutsche haben Angst, dass die Digitalisierung ihren Job überflüssig macht.

Mehr Frontal 21: https://www.zdf.de/politik/frontal-21

12:32 min 23. March 2014


a narrative film in Bosnian

a short film by Stefan Arsenijević
produced by Studio Arkadena