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06:20 min 17. January 2011

Consequences of the Kill

a music video in English

Winner of Best Internet Video (Music & Entertainment) Lovies European Internet Awards 2011

Casually Sunshine Live version:


Director: Oliver Goodrum
Producer: Licia Conn
DOP: Justin Brown - http://www.justin-brown.co.uk
Casting: Tommy Edwards
1st AD: Tim Phillips
Art Director: Anna Oldham-Cooper
Focus Puller: James Lewis + Karl Hui
Clapper: Robin Webster
Steadicam: Richard Lewis
Gaffer: Joe Cook
Wardrobe: Amy Addison
Make-up/Prostetics: Laure Anne

Editor: Oliver Goodrum & Licia Conn
Grade: Ned @ Smoke & Mirrors
& Toby Tomkins @ TJT Film
Telecine Producer: Dionne Archibald


Young Boy: Connor Brabyn
Bully: Stephen Powlett
Young Girl: Tyler Peters
Middle Aged Man: Adam Cole
Woman: Krissy Mcilquham
Oldman: William Forbes-Hamilton

04:37 min 29. August 2006

Peter, Bjorn & John - Young Folks

a music video in English

Taken from the album "Writer's Block", available to purchase now from Wichita's online store: http://www.wichita-recordings.com/shop/category/peter-bjorn-and-john/

Watch more videos by Peter, Bjorn and John here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL585990DA6C650BD1

Subscribe to Wichita Recordings -https://www.youtube.com/user/wichitarecordings


04:01 min 3. March 2015

"MY AFRICA" Gilad Kahana

a music video in Hebrew

The Theme song from The new double album of Gilad Kahana, deals with a few deep social questions. One of these questions is -can a certain culture be perceived as better than the other one?
Africa in this context is actually an allegory to Tel-Aviv.
After  a long time of walking in the city's streets, My experience made me think of a primordial place.



05:17 min 28. February 2007

Sofa Surfers - The Plan (Official Video - Official Musicvideo)

a music video in no language

the first musicvideo by timo novotny & sofa surfers
dir/prod./cam/edit : timo novotny
2nd cam: norbert pfaffenbichler
script support: manfred pech

we are thanking all the people for giving us weapons

Everything worked out fine till they came up with a plan. The Plan is an action movie, about 4 people failing to rob a shop. It is shot on black & white - super 8 and is evocative on a documentary shot before the war because of the low film quality.

03:28 min 22. April 2015

Los Acoples - Eso que es nuestro [Video Oficial]

a music video in Spanish

Autor: Los Acoples
Título: Eso que es nuestro
Álbum: Para un viaje
Año: 2015.
Dirección y Montaje: Alvaro Muñoz
Dirección de Fotografía y Cámara: Rodrigo Gallardo
Ingeniero en Sonido : David Gómez

Sitio Oficial: http://www.losacoples.cl
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Los-Acoples-Oficial/1518104815113529?fref=ts
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/los-acoples-oficial

Los Acoples © 2015.

02:45 min 28. May 2015

The A-Z of YouTube: Celebrating 10 Years

a music video in English

Ten years ago in May, YouTube launched in beta.

From the silly to the profound, from the personal to the political, we’re celebrating a decade of your creativity and self-expression. And, we’re doing it from A to Z.

With over 75 references and 18 filmmaking styles, we've tried to capture some of the richness and variety of YouTube from the last decade.

Featured from A-Z:
Screaming Goats
Grumpy cat - https://www.youtube.com/SevereAvoidance
Keyboard cat - https://www.youtube.com/chuckieart
Maru - https://www.youtube.com/mugumogu
Battle at the Kruger - https://www.youtube.com/Jason275

Michelle Phan - https://www.youtube.com/MichellePhan
Camila Coelho - https://www.youtube.com/MakeUpByCamila
Zoella - https://www.youtube.com/Zoella
Lauren Luke - https://www.youtube.com/panacea81
Ssin - https://www.youtube.com/Hines382
Sasakiasahi - https://www.youtube.com/sasakiasahi
daaruum - https://www.youtube.com/daaruum
Bethany Mota - https://www.youtube.com/Macbarbie07
Tanya Burr - https://www.youtube.com/pixi2woo

Megabloks - https://www.youtube.com/user/megablokstv
Walk off the Earth - https://www.youtube.com/user/walkofftheearth
Chris Hadfield - https://www.youtube.com/ColChrisHadfield

Evolution of Dance - https://www.youtube.com/judsonlaipply
Thriller in Prison - https://www.youtube.com/byronfgarcia

Red Bull Stratos - https://www.youtube.com/redbull
Epic Meal Time - https://www.youtube.com/EpicMealTime

Kicked in the head by a train - https://www.youtube.com/kickedindahead

Gangnam Style:
PSY - https://www.youtube.com/officialpsy

Freddie Wong - https://www.youtube.com/freddiew
Smosh - https://www.youtube.com/smosh
Caspar Lee - https://www.youtube.com/dicasp
iiSuperwomanii - https://www.youtube.com/IISuperwomanII
Ryan Higa - https://www.youtube.com/nigahiga

It Gets Better:
Dan & Terry - https://www.youtube.com/itgetsbetterproject
Hannah Hart - https://www.youtube.com/MyHarto
Telling my dad I'm gay live - https://www.youtube.com/user/AreYouSuprised
The Rhodes Brothers (Twins come out to dad) - https://www.youtube.com/TheRhodesBros
Tyler Oakley - https://www.youtube.com/tyleroakley

Jimmy Kimmel - https://www.youtube.com/JimmyKimmelLive

Kidding around:
David After the Dentist - https://www.youtube.com/booba1234
Sophia Grace - https://www.youtube.com/SophiaGraceBrownlee

Let’s play:
PewDiePie - https://www.youtube.com/PewDiePie
Stampylonghead - https://www.youtube.com/stampylonghead
Captain Sparklez - https://www.youtube.com/CaptainSparklez
Leeroy Jenkins - https://www.youtube.com/pj007101

Nyan Cat - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QH2-TGUlwu4
Numa Numa - http://www.youtube.com/c/GaryBrolsma

Al Jazeera - https://www.youtube.com/user/aljazeerachannel
Meteor Hits Russia - https://www.youtube.com/RuptlyTV

Old Spice:
Old Spice - https://www.youtube.com/OldSpice

Antoine Dodson - https://www.youtube.com/user/antoinedodson24
Joanna Rohrback - https://www.youtube.com/Prancercise
Overly Attached Girlfriend- https://www.youtube.com/laina
Tay Zonday - https://www.youtube.com/TayZonday

V Sauce - https://www.youtube.com/vsauce
ASAP Science - https://www.youtube.com/AsapSCIENCE

Kids React - https://www.youtube.com/TheFineBros
Mutant Spider Dog - https://www.youtube.com/wardegasa

Rick Astley, "Never Gonna Give You Up” - https://www.youtube.com/RickAstleyVEVO
Susan Boyle - https://www.youtube.com/BritainsGotTalent09
Justin Bieber - https://www.youtube.com/kidrauhl

Noah Takes a Photo a Day - https://www.youtube.com/NK5000

Double Rainbow - https://www.youtube.com/Hungrybear9562
Kid President - https://www.youtube.com/soulpancake
Hearing for the first time - https://www.youtube.com/sloanchurman

Vlogbrothers - https://www.youtube.com/vlogbrothers
Jenna Marbles - https://www.youtube.com/JennaMarbles
Holasoygerman - https://www.youtube.com/HolaSoyGerman
Hajime - https://www.youtube.com/0214mex
Danisnotonfire - https://www.youtube.com/danisnotonfire
AmazingPhil - https://www.youtube.com/user/AmazingPhil
Charlieissocoollike - https://www.youtube.com/charlieissocoollike
Shaytards - https://www.youtube.com/SHAYTARDS

Weird and wonderful:
Salad fingers - https://www.youtube.com/Doki66
Dramatic chipmunk
Charlie the Unicorn - https://www.youtube.com/SecretAgentBob
Annoying Orange - https://www.youtube.com/realannoyingorange

Diet Coke and Mentos - https://www.youtube.com/EepyBird
The Slow Mo Guys - https://www.youtube.com/theslowmoguys

The YouTube Community - Too many links!

Me at the Zoo - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNQXAC9IVRw

Alphabet Aerobics by Blackalicious - https://www.youtube.com/BlackaliciousVEVO

02:06 min 22. October 2015

Is It That Waterfalls Sound Like Sex to You?

a dance video in Japanese

Budding sensuality in photographer Lena C. Emery’s film debut. Read the full feature on NOWNESS - http://bit.ly/1M8bohU


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04:23 min 7. June 2011

Princess Chelsea - The Cigarette Duet

a music video in English

https://twitter.com/lilgoldenbook https://soundcloud.com/princesschelsea
Buy LPS and stuff here http://lilchiefrecords.storenvy.com/collections/6311-princess-chelsea

Video by Jonathan Bree (featured in video)
Jonathan Bree music here http://lilchiefrecords.storenvy.com/collections/263675-jonathan-bree

04:07 min 21. March 2015

CHIC feat Nile Rodgers - "I'll Be There" [UK Version]

a music video in English

Watch the 'I'll Be There' music video, the new song by CHIC feat. Nile Rodgers! Video stars super model Karlie Kloss and directed by Inez and Vinoodh. Download the song on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/IllBeThere

iTunes: http://smarturl.it/IllBeThere
Spotify: http://smarturl.it/IllBeThereS

BUY THE LIMITED EDITION PICTURE DISC: http://smarturl.it/chicpicturedisc

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/NileRodgersOfficial
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/NileRodgers
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/NileRodgers
Website: http://www.nilerodgers.com

Directed by: Inez and Vinoodh
Starring: Karlie Kloss
Featuring: Stephen Galloway
Lighting Director: Jodokus Driessen
Edited by: Otto Arsenault
Executive Producer: theCollectiveShift

02:05 min 24. July 2015


a dance video in no language

Dancer Mela Sierra, aka Mela Murder, teams up with violinist Damien Escobar in a performance that challenges the clichés of what we expect from hip hop. Set in Weylin B. Seymour’s, the beautifully restored former Williamsburg Savings Bank, Director Jordan May uses the Action Cam by Sony to bring us an entirely new view of this dance form.

How it was made:
Action Cams were attached to the head, waist and abdomen of Mela as she danced, providing angles that are fascinating in it’s abstraction. Action Cams were also mounted to Damien and his violin. His powerful music, combined with Mela’s visceral movements in the ornate environment created a beautiful contrast that paints an entirely different image of hip hop. The Director of Photography, Jordan Kelly used the camera’s high resolution to it’s full advantage. The high resolution allowed him the freedom to crop into the footage in editing. The team also utilized the 120 fps feature of the Action Cam to capture Mela’s movements in slow motion. The performance is an original choreography by Mela and the song, Freedom, is an original composition by Damien. Mela Sierra, aka Mela Murder, has choreographed for and toured with Diplo and Major Lazer. Damien Escobar is an Emmy winning violinist who tours around the world.

See how Move was made and other Never Before Seen films at http://www.sony.net/neverbeforeseen

DIRECTOR Jourdain May
EDITOR Jordan Kelley


Full HD: 120p/100Mbps 60p/100Mbps
120P for slow motion filming
Advanced SteadyShot for image stabilization
170° Ultra-wide angle (when SteadyShot is turned off)
Tough and splash proof body
ZEISS® lens for precision optics
Accessories: Chest Harness, foam padded clamp

03:56 min 30. August 2012

Flying Lotus - "Until The Quiet Comes"

a music video in English

A short film by Kahlil Joseph featuring music from the Flying Lotus album.

Buy the album: http://flying-lotus.com/until-the-quiet-comes/

Director: Kahlil Joseph
Photography: Matthew J. Lloyd
Producer: Omid Fatemi
Underwater Cameraman / 1st AC: David Edsall
Editor: Luke Lynch
Steadicam: Dana Morris
VFX: Josh Foster @ Synapse FX
Additional FX: Andy Curtis
Color: Sean Coleman @ Company3
Titles: Stephen Serrato
Stylist: Elizabeth Birkett-Gibbs
Music: Flying Lotus
Production/Camera Assistant: Marcus Reposar
Location Manager: Big Flip

Talent: Solomon Gibbs, Storyboard P, Ishmael Gibbs and Edwin Marcelin

Special Thanks to Laura Tunstall, Chris Gibbs, Alan Algee, Rodney Passe, Patrick O’Brien-Smith, Panavision and the community of Nickerson Gardens

Filmed on 35mm in Los Angeles, CA