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00:33 min 5. February 2010

Old Spice | The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

a commercial in English

We're not saying this body wash will make your man smell like a romantic millionaire jet fighter pilot, but we are insinuating it.

06:33 min 31. October 2013

The Ride | Short Film

a narrative film in English

A little short film for the hopeless romantic in us all.

writer director TIMOTHY MELVILLE
cinematographer JOEL BETTS
sound designer and recordist MARTIN KAY
production designer STEPHANIE STAMATIS
colourist FERGUS HALLY
wardrobe by SERVICE
production company OH YEAH WOW. 2014

Download the script here, http://tinyurl.com/ksmhtf3
Read more here, https://crackedeye.com/video/ride


06:33 min 12. May 2013


a narrative film in English

Introducing a groundbreaking technique that seamlessly merges computer-generated and hand-drawn animation techniques, first-time director John Kahrs takes the art of animation in a bold new direction with the Oscar-nominated short, "Paperman."

Watch more videos here http://www.videobash.com
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04:33 min 5. October 2010

Girl and Robot

a narrative film in no language

An animated short film by: Mads Dam Jakobsen, Kenneth Haunstrup, Nils Henric Wallmark, Slaven Reese

In Girl & Robot, an impatient girl takes on the task of building a robot. Can she complete it without destroying her own creation?

By: Mads Dam Jakobsen, Kenneth Haunstrup, Nils Henric Wallmark, Slaven Reese
Direction/Editing: Mads Dam Jakobsen
Storyboard: Mads Dam Jakobsen, Slaven Reese
Animation: Mads Dam Jakobsen, Slaven Reese, Henric Wallmark, Kenneth Haunstrup
Camera: Mads Dam Jakobsen, Slaven Reese
Music/Sound: Thomas Ahlmark
Producer: Michelle Nardone

Watch more animated short films at this channel or visit www.animwork.dk

02:37 min 3. December 2013


an experimental film in no language

Choices we make in life provide inner debate with yourself. How do you deal with that? will it take over you or will you fight against it?

Jason de Ridder

Director - Selwyn de Bruijn
Director of photography - Edward van Dongen
Producer - Simone van Tongeren
Gaffer - Guido Jeurissen
Sound - Levi Verspeek
Soundscape - Selwyn de Bruijn

05:38 min 27. July 2015

Trees Are the Answer

a lecture in English

Everybody loves trees, so why are they so controversial? Patrick Moore untangles the knotty issue of "deforestation" and shows how, from a purely environmental perspective, it is possible and desirable to grow more trees and use more wood products. Donate today to PragerU: http://l.prageru.com/2eB2p0h

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07:00 min 18. May 2013

4 Länder

a documentary in German

Short film we did for a 10 day ethnographic documentary film workshop. Shown at the ETHNOCINECA Film Festival in Vienna on May 17 at the Votivkino.


10:53 min 20. November 2014

The Moped Diaries - Short Film

a narrative film in English

When a new bridge is built connecting his island to the mainland a boy has to come to grips with the change and opportunities that come along with it. Love of home, love of a partner, and love of family all seem to be falling apart and slowly pushing him towards the inevitable, crossing that bridge himself to see what lies beyond the horizon.

Shot 95% on a Canon 5dmk2 with a few pick ups done with the Sony FS700.

Music by: Jake Sinclair
Final song: "The Stakes Were Raised" by Slow Runner


04:25 min 14. November 2010


a narrative film in no language

Lucky finds himself in a bind, and he’s going to have to pull off more than a Houdini act to get himself out of this one.

written & directed by Nash Edgerton
produced by Brooke Wilson
cinematography by Greig Fraser
edited by Luke Doolan & Nash Edgerton

Lucky.....Nash Edgerton

© 2005 Blue-Tongue Films

06:35 min 9. October 2011

Swing of Change

a narrative film in no language

Synopsis : New York 30's : Harry, a racist barber changes his mind at the arrival of a magical trumpet in his barber shop !

A Graduation Short Film Directed by : Harmony Bouchard, Andy Le Cocq, Joakim Riedinger, Raphael Cenzi

Music by Denis Riedinger

Jean Christophe Mentzer (trumpet), Stephane Fougeroux (percussion), Renaud Bernad (trombone), Sébastien Lentz (horn), Michael Cortone (tuba)

Music Record : Denis Riedinger, Studio Aquarium, Hoerdt, FR
Sound Design : Jose Vicente, Studio des Aviateurs, Montpellier, FR
Mix : Matthias Heimlicher, Keytastic! studios, Lommiswil, CH

Choreographer : Tony Style, Christiane Cilluffo-Marciano


02:57 min 24. February 2016

The Horrors of Parents

a lecture in English

Adults may grumble about kids: but what about the other side of the coin? A thoughtful member of the younger generation (9 and a half) shares with us some of the horrors of parents. If you like our films take a look at our shop (we ship worldwide): http://www.theschooloflife.com/shop/all/

Produced in collaboration with Alex Morris
Voice-over: Saul de Botton

09:58 min 23. January 2014

"Guilty" - Presented by Dazed and Confused

a narrative film in no language

Dazed presents a film by John Strong
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"Bad deeds, dark secrets and bedwetting combine with disastrous consequences in this morning-after tale."

Commissioned by Dazed & Confused Magazine

Director/ Writer: John Strong
Starring: Josh Caras, Grace Rex
Exec Producers: Sasha Nixon, Oliver Fuselier, Amy DeLossa, Johnathan Wright
Producers: Luke McCullough, Gregory Finch
Production Company: Forever Pictures (http://forever-pictures.com) in association with Tool of North America (http://toolofna.com)
DP: John Strong
Assistant Camera: Brian Gonzalez
Editor: John Strong
Sound Design/ Mix: Daniel Sheppard
Casting: Bethany Knox
Special Thanks: Handheld Films

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05:23 min 23. October 2011

Heads Or Tales

a narrative film in French

Short film realised by Pierre Bottai, Foehn Gallet, Kévin Herbrich, Adrien Kédochim and Gauthier Troalen at Georges Melies School.

See you at heads-or-tales.blogspot.com

to see the making of the film and our personnal blogs !