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12:08 min 12. July 2012


a narrative film in English

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17:16 min 17. April 2014

Cole - inFamous live action short film

a narrative film in English

When Cole develops incredible powers after surviving a lethal city-wide explosion, he has a life-changing decision to make: protect himself and those closest to him or stand up to the ruthless militia taking over the city.

"Cole" is a fan film of the Playstation video game series "Infamous" and is freely based on the events of the first two games.

Entirely self-produced, the short film was made over the course of 2013 in Bordeaux, France, with the challenge of creating a "mini-blockbuster" with little to no budget, and to pay tribute the the inFamous fanchise.

Lorsque Cole développe de puissants super-pouvoirs suite à une explosion à l'échelle de la ville, il doit prendre une décision : se protéger, lui et ses proches, ou faire face à la redoutable milice qui paralyse la ville.

Le film "Cole" est une adaptation du jeu vidéo "inFamous", dont les événements sont librement inspirés.

Entièrement auto-produit, le court-métrage a été réalisé en 2013 à Bordeaux, France, avec comme défi de créer un "mini-blockbuster" avec un budget très serré, et pour rendre hommage à la série inFamous.

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07:08 min 23. July 2013

Could We Stop An Asteroid? Feat. Bill Nye

a lecture in English

Could we stop an asteroid on a collision course for Earth?
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The Planetary Society: http://planetary.org

Written and created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz).

04:52 min 19. January 2009

A Thousand Words

a narrative film in no language

Every day: so many opportunities to connect...
What if you took just one?

Directed by Ted Chung

also directed by Ted Chung:
"On Time": http://vimeo.com/12947399
"Mike's": http://vimeo.com/16509726




"An elegant and very affecting portrait of big-city loneliness and the instant connections that go “ping” and are gone seconds later. The emotions are halting, delicate, true." -Jeffrey Wells, Hollywood Elsewhere

02:03 min 15. April 2016

Master of the Sky: Owl Vs Wolf - Super Powered Owls - BBC

a documentary in English

Owls have an amazing aerial agility, a great defensive move especially when you have young to protect...

Taken from Super Powered Owls.

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05:25 min 30. March 2015

Do We Have Free Will?

a lecture in English

Do humans have free will or are our decisions entirely products of chemistry, physics, and genetics? Is there a difference between the brain and the mind? Could a neuroscientist with enough knowledge of our brains know every decision that we'll make? The answers to these questions cut to the heart of what it means to be human.

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14:41 min 6. January 2015


a narrative film in English

After a night with the girl of his dreams, Michael has a story to tell. And a favour to ask.

'A short you just can’t take your eyes off.' https://vimeo.com/channels/shortoftheweek/

Watch, too: THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE: https://vimeo.com/63797327 ('Amazing' Ellen DeGeneres)

Written by Georgia Symons.
Directed by James Hartley and James Shepherd
Produced by Dan Prichard and James Shepherd
Director of Photography: Daniel Christie
Starring Claudio Trovato, Laura Fairclough.

Produced for Australian Theatre for Young People as part of The Voices Project.

09:48 min 1. February 2011

Everything is a Remix Part 2

a lecture in English

*** My new series, This is Not a Conspiracy Theory, is now live: http://www.thisisnotaconspiracytheory.com ***

An exploration of the remix techniques involved in producing films. Part two of a four-part series.

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09:16 min 14. August 2013

World Builder (HD)

a narrative film in no language

A channel member pointed out that this had never been available in HD here on YouTube. Well here it is.

A strange man uses holographic tools to build a world for the woman he loves. This is a short by filmmaker Bruce Branit known also as the co-creator of 405.

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11:50 min 29. May 2013

2013 Min Passion (My Passion)

a documentary in Swedish

My Passion is a short documentary about three young peoples different passions. They talk about the good and bad things with their passions and we get to know why they are so passionate with that special thing. The film is made to inspire other people to find their own passion.

Directed, produced, written and edited by:
Gustav Bondeson

Johan Severinsson - Football
Teodor Widerberg - Swimming
Hampus Larsson - Gaming

Music By:
Mattias Hjelm

Tumblr: http://33gustav.tumblr.com/
Instagram: http://instagram.com/33gustav
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/33gustav/
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/33gustav

02:29 min 8. January 2016

The Last Artisans of Japan: Mirin

a documentary in Japanese

Discover the inner workings of the Hakusen Mirin Brewery in a six-part series touring Japan’s fast-disappearing, traditional food producers, directed by Jeremy Valender of Pundersons Gardens. Read the feautre on NOWNESS - http://bit.ly/1MVuLuM

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01:42 min 17. December 2013


a narrative film in English

A student film. Written And Directed by John Jay Davison A police officer pulls over a young man; following procedure, until things become unclear.

Youtube: PrizeTV
Instagram: PrizeTVNetwork
Twitter: @PrizeTVNetwork

06:41 min 1. December 2014

Phantom Couriers: Ghost in the Machine

a documentary in English

What has the ability to be everywhere, or at many places at once? What can exist simultaneously inside and outside the social mechanisms of urban life? Phantom Couriers: Ghost in the Machine works on several interpretive layers, superimposing beautiful film images, a genuine narrative and a subculture that many feel curious about, but few are able to penetrate.

This documentary short film tells the story of Phantom Couriers, Vancouver's longest-running independent courier company. Mark Huggan—owner, dispatcher, storyteller extraordinaire—relates how he started the company, and how he continues to retain both his couriers, and his clients. Bike messengers Brandon, Sarah and Dan describe the fast-paced world of being a courier in Vancouver in this intimate and swift portrait.

Written, Produced & Directed: Gregory Gan

Featuring: Mark Huggan, Brandon Woodworth, Sarah Corsie and Daniel Adams

Editing: Gregory Gan, with consultation from Nico Collins, Jonathan Schatz and Eliot Piltz

Colour Correction: Eliot Piltz

Music: "A Venus Flytrap"; Original music & sound mix: Solomon Riby-Williams

Shot on Canon 7D DSLR video and 16mm film on a Krasnogorsk-3 silent windup film camera.

Film stocks: Kodak Vision 2 250D, Kodak Vision 2 500T, Kodak EXR 100T

Processed at Niagara Custom Labs, Toronto, ON & Transferred at Frame Discreet, Toronto, ON

Joao Carlos d'Almeidia & Ace Martens at the Arts Club Theatre, Vancouver

Diana Sanderson at Silk Weaving Studio, Vancouver

Daniel Materna at Materna Ceramics Studio, Vancouver

Federico Mendez-Castro at Dalbergia, Vancouver

Marian Gilmour at Heritage Hall, Vancouver
Suzanne and Geoff Watt

Phantom Couriers: phantomcouriers.com/
Gregory Gan: theoryofhappiness.com/