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02:37 min 6. June 2013


a dance video in French

Avec l'aimable autorisation de Planet Mu Records
Musique / "Ants" de Edit
Danse / Lucas Boirat
Coproduit par Supermouche Productions
Réalisé à l'E.S.A.L / Épinal
Marc-Antoine Locatelli / 2013

08:56 min 26. November 2013

Short movie - Birthday fish (Verjaardagsvis)

a narrative film in Dutch

Birthday fish is a Dutch short movie written and produced by six students of Hogeschool Inholland The Hague.
The movie tells the story of a man who tries to reconnect with his son by giving the best possible birthday present, a goldfish. Will he succeed?

This movie won 4 out of 6 awards during 'Het Rode Filmdraad', an awardshow for 6 studentfilms. Birthday Fish won Best Short Movie, Best Cinematography, Best Director and the Public's Favourite Award.

Movie in Dutch : http://youtu.be/5tRR9rJMLCI
Trailer (in Dutch): http://youtu.be/N-rJAKE9a_o
Making of (in Dutch): http://youtu.be/FhU4gqJPx2Y

Tycho Plooyer
Brenda Goedhart
Rowan Remmig
Fleur Overgaag
Rima Kawuwung
Edwin Aommenga
Mark Weistra

Marissa Zandvliet
Marjolein Meijer
Jolijn de Boer
Tenika de Jeu
Mindy van Panhuis
Pim Janssen
Martijn van Hemmen
Sjors Massar

01:45 min 20. May 2009

Jonathan Garda's SUSPENDED

a narrative film in English

A couple's life is too busy for her to notice that he can't hang in there much longer.
Witty but sad, funny but suspenseful: At just 90 seconds long SUSPENDED is truly flash fiction.

Stay seated through the credits ;)

A Short Short by JONATHAN GARDA. Find out more at www.facebook.com/Suspended.ShortFilm

Directed by Jonathan Garda (Jon Garda) ( http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3747107 )
Staring Bronwyn Cornelius ( http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0180181 )
Cinematographer - Michael David Lynch ( http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2253518 )
Gaffer – Chris Bubahakjian ( http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0994820 )
Production Design - Becca Slick ( http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3085116 )
Editor - Joe Chambers (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4368470 )
Costume Supervisor - Francesca Fratto

Executive Producer - Jon Katzman
Producers - Casey LaScala, Van Spurgeon
Production Coordinator – Katherine Ripley Frisdi
First Assistant Director -Van Hayden
Script Supervisor – Ashley Eberbach
Casting Director - Jason Buyer

P.S. Stay in your seats until after the credits.

05:58 min 19. November 2012

The Tree

a narrative film in English

What would you do to survive?

A man struggles through a post-apocalyptic world, desperate for food.

16:51 min 9. November 2014

The Yellow Valley

a narrative film in English

Directed by Sam Griffith
Written by Tricia Aurand
Produced by Becky Train
Cinematography by Scott Crozier

Official Selection - Arcovert LA Independent Film Festival
Online Premiere - FilmShortage.com


05:06 min 24. February 2014

America's Debt Crisis Explained

a lecture in English

Fact: America's national debt stands at $17 trillion. That's a tough number to grasp. Most people will never come close to making $1 million in any given year. How can we understand the magnitude of the hole our country is in? Well, imagine you owed your credit card company $200,000. On top of that you have to pay them about $4,000 per year in interest. You are bringing in $150,000 per year, but you are spending way more than that. How are you going to ever pay back that $200,000 debt? And what happens if you default? Well, that is America today. The problem is clear. And we brought Michael Tanner, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute, to propose a solution.


05:18 min 8. December 2014

Be the Snow

a narrative film in no language

A short film, the adventure of a pillow who runs away from the bedroom to discover the world.

A film by Amir Honarmand
Animation Lead: Bruno Amezcua
Cast: Maša Lizdek
Animators: Jorge A. Martínez Terán, Marcus Zaky, Darrell Vasquez, Jilmar Altamirano, Camilo Guamán

Nominee: Best Narrative Short Film - The Short Film Awards - New York, USA - 2014
Nominee: Best Short Film for Youth - International Film Festival for Children and Youth (FIFEJ) - Tunisia - 2016
Official Selection - Chicago International Children's Film Festival - USA - 2016
Official Selection - São Paulo International Short Film Festival - Brazil - 2014
Official Selection - Fantasia International Film Festival - 2015
Official Selection - Ottawa International Film Festival - Canada - 2014
Official Selection - Anima Mundi - Brazil - 2015
Official Selection - Montreal International Children Film Festival (FIFEM)- Canada - 2015
Official Selection - Cinéfest Sudbury International Film Festival - Canada - 2014
Official Selection - Capalbio International Film Festival - Italy
Official Selection - Seoul international Extreme-Short Image & Film Festival - South Korea - 2014
Official Selection - Edmonton International Film Festival - Canada
Official Selection - Hamilton Film Festival - Canada
Official Selection - Sharjah International Children's Film Festival - UAE - 2015
Official Selection - International Motion Festival - Cyprus - 2015
Official Selection - CMS International Children Film Festival - India
Official Selection - FIDA Animation Festival (Festival De Animación) - Chile
Official Selection - Kolibri International Film Festival for Children - Bolivia - 2014
Official Selection - Chulpicine Festival De Cine Itinerante Infantil Y Juvenil - Ecuador
Official Selection - Court c'est Court - Nov 2015 - France
Official Selection - Zinema Zombie Fest - Nov 2015 - Colombia


04:32 min 27. July 2015

The Truth about CO2

a lecture in English

Global Warming activists will tell you that CO2 is bad and dangerous. The EPA has even classified it as a pollutant. But is it? Patrick Moore provides some surprising facts about the benefits of CO2 that you won't hear in the current debate. Donate today to PragerU: http://l.prageru.com/2eB2p0h

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07:27 min 1. November 2011


a narrative film in no language

My graduation film from the Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design.

My first attempt at 3d animation.

Story, Direction & Animation: Or Bar-El
Drums: Dror Goldstein
Sfx: Joni Bar Ilan
Compositing: Tammuz Kay
Rigging and TD: Yair Halpern

Special Thanks,
Anat Costi, Yair Halpern, Gilad Kenan

You can also visit my website at http://www.orbarel.com

07:26 min 3. February 2015

Red Giant | "Old/New" - Narrated by Patton Oswalt

a narrative film in English

Old/New is the story of Drew McHugh, a man whose penchant for the new -- new devices, new fashion, new friends -- is challenged when he discovers the rustic appeal of old-fashioned things. He quickly becomes obsessed with the reclaimed and well-worn - plummeting face-first down the rabbit hole of novelty and nostalgia.

Go behind the scenes at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qodbB...

Get the RED GIANT products we used to make this at: http://redgiant.com/products

Footage courtesy of Dissolve: http://dissolve.com

03:00 min 23. March 2015

Coiffeurs' Combat (animated short)

a narrative film in no language

Animated short film by Uli Seis - 3 min (2011)
Bob’s little barbershop is not going well. His neighbour, high-tech-hairdresser “Magic Marcel” gets all the customers.
The two hairdressers are rivals not only in business: They both have a crush on the same woman.
Marcel plays dirty tricks on Bob to ruin his business and his love. Bob has to fight back by means of a true coiffeur.

Zeichentrickfilm von Uli Seis - 3 Minuten (2011)
Der kleine Frisörladen von Bob läuft schlecht. Der High-Tech-Hairdresser “Magic Marcel” jagt ihm mit Chemie-basiertem Budenzauber die Kundschaft ab. Auch eine Frau steht zwischen den beiden. Marcel verübt einen perfiden Anschlag auf Bob, der es ihm unmöglich macht, sein Handwerk weiter auszuüben.
Bob muss mit den Waffen eines wahren Frisörs zurückschlagen.


Director, Animation: Uli Seis
Music: Uli Seis, Pangäa
Sound Design: Christian Schunke
Production: International Academy of Media and Arts Halle, Uli Seis

Mehr über mich und meine Filme gibt es auf http://www.uli-seis.de
Zum Beispiel "Affe in Afrika" https://youtu.be/amUpa_pFEDY für/von/mit Rodscha und Tom.

05:16 min 1. July 2013


a narrative film in English

Nathan fakes a sick day. All Hell breaks loose.

Directed and animated by Matt Lee

13:37 min 15. August 2014


a narrative film in English

A lonely plumber fights for a customer he's fallen for.

Official Selection, South By Southwest Film Festival 2015.

Starring Stephanie Allynne, Adam Lustick, George Basil, and Josh Ruben.
Directed and written by Paul Briganti.
Produced by Rosie Kaller.
Cinematography by Matt Garrett.
Art Direction by Rachel Ilg.
Music by Samuel Nobles.