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03:00 min 13. September 2011


a narrative film in no language

An unplanned pit stop for a solitary spaceman turns into a close encounter of the third kind.

Stopover won the audience award at this year's (2011) onedotzero_ch! Thanks for voting!

A Film by Neil Stubbings

13:46 min 27. February 2012

FROM DARKNESS a short film by Andrew C. Erin

a narrative film in English

Michael Biehn (Terminator) plays FBI agent Doug Albright in this sci-fi thriller where he tries to solve a strange twenty year old murder case where the only clues point to a suspect that might have telekinetic abilities. Baffled by this mystery, Albright struggles with his duty to solve the case and his growing fear of what he may uncover.

Written & Directed by Andrew C. Erin

Executive Produced by Wandering Worx Entertainment Partners Hayden Baptiste & Rodney Davidson

03:13 min 13. October 2014

Liebe (Love)

a narrative film in German

A ghastly love story.

Official selection of over 25 film festivals.

Written & Directed by Cameron Macgowan
Produced by Rhett Miller & Cameron Macgowan
Cinematography by Rhett Miller
Special Effects Make-up by Yvonne Cox
Sound by Alex Mitchell
Music by Kyle Thomas

Starring: Jesse Collin, Aadila Dosani & Chris Ferguson

Full cast & crew: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2940782/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/liebethemovie
More info at: http://www.awkwardsilenciofilms.com

06:35 min 8. March 2010

Second Wind

a narrative film in no language

no description found

12:40 min 6. May 2011

Serene Valley

a narrative film in English

In the distant future, a young girl is sent on a dangerous mission to deliver a young boy to an unknown campground. Through their travels, the two form a close relationship and she questions if she is making the right decision.

Written & Directed by: Justin Lewis
Produced by: Daniel Ford
Director of Photography: Peter Wigand

-Tri Media Film Festival
-San Jose Short Film Festival
-Festivus Film Festival
-Dragon con Short Film Festival
-Blissfest Film Festival
-Colorado Film School Student Showcase - Winner: Best Producer, Best Cinematography

Christine Mascolo
Jonah Lujan
Lee Ellis

05:03 min 28. May 2010

Les Poissons (FISHES) With English Subtitles

a narrative film in French

With their entire lives stretching out before them, three young women make a secret pact. A poetic reflection on youth and all its firsts: sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and touches. Directed by Jean Malek / Written by Jean-Philippe Payette

Festivals: Rendez-Vous du Cinéma Québécois (Montreal), Festival de Cannes (Short Film Corner - Cannes), World Wide Short Film Festival (Toronto), Calgary International Film Festival, Cinefiesta (Puerto Rico), Expresion en Corto (Mexico), FIFF (Namur, Belgium), Golden Horse Festival (Taipei, Taiwan), Festival de Clermont-Ferrand.


QUÉBEC GOLD - Top 10 - best Quebecor shorts - Screened in 25 cities around the Province of Québec, in many country's around the world + Air Canada airline.

07:20 min 16. December 2010


a narrative film in Swedish



Cinematic Achievement Award - Thess International Short Film Festival - Greece

Audience Award - Honfleur Film Festival - France

Best Short and Audience Award - Arouca Film Festival - Portugal

Audience Award - Naoussa International Film Festival - Greece

Audience Award - Opuzen Film Festival - Croatia

Audience Award - Enfoque Film Festival - Puerto Rico

This is a short-film I wrote and directed for LG. The concept, "Life's good" was the main purpose of this work.

09:19 min 3. November 2006

Geraldine - Arthur De Pins 2000

a narrative film in no language

Une animation réalisé Arthur de Pins, d'un humour éclatant.

06:52 min 29. September 2008

She Who Measures

a narrative film in English

Short film by Lemonade3d/Kenges:

screenplay, director, design: Veljko Popović
lead animator: Marin Kovačić
lead modeler: Milivoj Popović
music and sound: Hrvoje Štefotić
production: Kenges


Are we truly free?
Are our desires our own or just a construct of the society we were born in or there is a chance to escape after all?

06:34 min 15. April 2010

When it Will Be Silent (כשיהיה דומם)

a narrative film in no language

"One of my favourites shorts in all of last year...
simple, beautiful, and tragic, this is stellar stuff."
- Todd Brown, Twitchfilm.net

"Perfectly modulated, When It Will Be Silent does that which so few student films — hell, so few college students — manage to do: take its time."
- Marc Bernardin, io9.com

In the aftermath of an apocalypse, a mans tragic loss leads him to an unequivocal decision.

The film was shot at the demilitarized zone between Israel and Jordan, as a sophomore project for Sapir Academic College, Israel.

Festival highlights:
Sitges Film Festival 2009
Imagine: Amsterdam Film Festival 2010
FanTasia International Film Festival 2010.
Audience Award - Shorts@Fringe, Azures Festival 2014

Check out my other works at:

Thank you so much for watching.
דן סחר.

18:16 min 15. December 2014

Official Sundance Selection: “Person to Person” | The Screening Room

a narrative film in English

The morning after hosting a party at his place, Bene wakes up to find a stranger passed out on his floor. He then spends the rest of the day trying to convince her to leave, but she won’t go.

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Official Sundance Selection: “Person to Person” | The Screening Room

Producer: Dustin Guy Defa
Director: Dustin Guy Defa

02:19 min 4. February 2012


a narrative film in English

Short-tempered film star Chris Ford prepares to record the audiobook version of his autobiography, with the help of a young sound engineer - June 2010

06:02 min 14. August 2010


a narrative film in no language

Alone, on a supermarket parking at night, anything could happen...

07:12 min 5. February 2008

strangers- short film

a narrative film in no language

strangers (2004)- short film by: Erez Tadmor & Guy Nattiv

08:05 min 17. June 2011

The Adventures of a Cardboard Box

a narrative film in no language

This short film tells the story of a boy who meets and befriends a large cardboard box, and was shot on a Nokia N8.

I hope you find it as much fun to watch as it was to make.