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13:01 min 16. February 2012

Una Hora Por Favora

a narrative film in Spanish

On the streets of LA, thousands of men are available as day laborers for cash, by the hour. What happens when lonely and single Elissa picks up the capable and handsome Arturo to help her fix the shower? She realizes one hour is simply not enough. An afternoon turns into a long weekend that changes them both forever in this hilarious yet emotional short film. Written and directed by Jill Soloway and starring Michaela Watkins and Wilmer Valderrama.

15:24 min 24. November 2012

"Reencuentro" short-film by Pablo Giorgelli-ENGLISH SUBT.

a narrative film in Spanish

Renault present "Reencuentro", a short film by Pablo Giorgelli.

After several years without contact, Anahí decides to travel to the countryside to visit Ruben. It is, at the same time, an inner journey, one of those trips where the encounter can be the starting point for a new relationship.

Director ́s statement
The family, the difficulty in their links, the relationships between parents and their children ...these are the questions that inspire me to film. Once again, I ́ve tryed to explore them in this short film called REENCUENTRO, a sort of continuation of my previous film Las Acacias, whose central theme was fatherhood and wich reappears here.

13:03 min 22. September 2014

La Carnada

a narrative film in Spanish

"La Carnada" is a short film that follows a 13 year old boy from Tijuana (Manny) as he embarks on his first drug smuggle across the "Devil's Highway," a notoriously fatal stretch of desert on the Arizona/Mexico border.

See more about the film at www.lacarnada.com

Writer/Director: Josh Soskin
Cinematographer: Rob Hauer
Editor: Matthew Sultan
Producers: Ivan Diez Robeldo and Grace Jackson

Manny : Angel Gabriel Soto
Beto: Carlos Valencia
Davey: Pete Reinert
Anne: Carla Short
Mom: Angélica González Ríos

04:39 min 5. September 2014

L3.0 (2014)

a narrative film in Spanish

Court métrage en prise de vue réelle avec incrustation d'effets spéciaux 3D
Projet de fin d'études
Ecole : ISART DIGITAL, l'école du jeu vidéo et de l'animation 3D-FX

Léo, robot de compagnie Hi-Tech, erre seul à Paris suite à la mystérieuse disparition de toute espèce vivante. Il passe ses journées à essayer de se distraire mais en vain. Jusqu’au jour où il fait la rencontre d’un nouvel être vivant…

Leo, a Hi-Tech ‘pet’ robot, wanders alone in Paris following the mysterious disappearance of nearly all living species. He spends his days trying to entertain himself but to no avail. Then one day he meets a new living being...

Effets Spéciaux 3D : Alexis Decelle, Cyril Declercq, Vincent Defour, Pierre Jury
Music & Sound Design : Victor Battaglia, Nicolas De Ferran, Rémi Haentjens, Maxime Ferrieu

09:50 min 2. May 2014

From Psycho Killer to Painter

a documentary in Spanish

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Peruvian artist LU.CU.MA spent 27 years in jail for the murder of his brother, among other crimes. After his release, LU.CU.MA—short for Luis Cuevas Manchego—swore to turn himself around. He traded the machine guns, hand grenades, and knives that he once used to ambush buses for art supplies.

VICE traveled to Lima, Peru, to talk to LU.CU.MA about his life, how he uses art as a way to repent, and why all his paintings involve things like corrupt politicians being beheaded by snakes.

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03:42 min 23. June 2016

Cruelty free Foie Gras?

a documentary in Spanish

In the first episode of Food Forward, a series looking at game-changing food and drink producers, filmmakers Jungles in Paris introduce us to Eduardo Sousa and Diego Labourdette - the men bringing us the world’s first ethical foie gras. Read more on NOWNESS - http://bit.ly/28OBQB1


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09:41 min 27. September 2013

LA CRUZ (THE CROSS), de Alberto Evangelio

a narrative film in Spanish

Corto de terror dirigido por Alberto Evangelio en 2012, y protagonizado por Sandra Cervera, Ramón Ibarra y Pablo Castañón. "La Cruz", producido y distribuido por Beniwood, ha pasado ya por más de cien festivales nacionales e internacionales. Entre sus logros, se pueden destacar:

- Mención Especial en Sitges 2012 (Brigadoon)
- Mejor Cortometraje en Macabro 2012 (México)
- Premio del Público y 2º del Jurado en Molins de Rei 2012
- Nominado al Mèlies d'Argent en Espoo (Finlandia) y Fancine (Málaga)
- Mejor Corto Visualia 2012
- Mejor Corto Ciudad de Toledo 2012

Sinopsis: Vero aprende a conducir junto a su padre, al que no ve desde hace años. Un hecho inesperado los transporta al terror en una zona de acantilados conocida como "La Cruz".


Cast: Sandra Cervera, Ramón Ibarra y Pablo Castañón
Directed by Alberto Evangelio
Screenplay: Alberto Evangelio
Executive Producers: Javier Abinzano, Alberto Evangelio, Rubén Mateo, Rafa Navarro
Producer: Rafa Navarro
Music: Damián Sánchez
Art director: Anna Calvo
Cinematography: Nacho Ramirez
Sound Design: Jorge Rodriguez
Make Up: Amparo Carrió
Costume Design: Sarah Sanchís
Production Manager: Xavi Machancoses
Assistant Director: Víctor Palacios
Editor: Alberto Evangelio

04:34 min 22. November 2013


a narrative film in Spanish

A short film about the perils of rock, paper, scissors.


written & directed by DEREK MILTON & ROBIN HARPER
cinematography ROBIN HARPER
translation GALO CANOTE

12:17 min 27. November 2012

Listen to me_subtitle English

a narrative film in Spanish

Sinopsys: Daniel is a homeless, begging door to door. John invites him to eat something at his home. The Johns need of talking will make this finish tragically.
• Duration: 12.20 minutes (in November 2012) Thriller
Starring: Patxi Santamaria, Koldo Torres, Javier Maldonado.
Produced by: Karmele Barndiaran Written and Directed: Ruben Sainz Cinematography: Unai Rosende
Music by: Angela Mintegi SCRIPT: Birjan Sainz SOUND Julio Redondo Sound Editing: Mediavox MAKE UP : Noe Ramos PRODUCTION EXECUTIVE:Ruben Sainz, Maider Iribarren, Naia Aduriz DRESS: Leire Laparra
ELECTRIC: Oscar Moreno Edited: Ruben Sainz

shot recorded in SAN SEBASTIAN (Spain)
Selected for Best Short Film whith title “ESCUCHAME”
•---Independent Film Festival Kan 2013 (Polonia)
•---Short Cuts. Hispanic American International Short Film Festival en Wasington DC U.S.A. 2013
•--- festival RojasFest 4 de Buenos Aires, Argentina.
• festival “La nit més curta” de Vilassar de Dalt BARCELONA AGOSTO 2013
•-International Movie Festival FERFILM 2013 (KOSOVO)

14:45 min 11. February 2013

FIST OF JESUS www.fistofjesus.com

a narrative film in Spanish

Get the official Fist of Jesus T-shirt at www.fistofjesus.com


Fist Of Jesus a short film directed by Adrián Cardona & David Muñoz.

Screenwriter David Muñoz.

Produced by Eskoria Films & Co.

Starring by:

Marc Velasco as Jesus

Noé Blancafort as Judas

Salvador Llós as Jacob

José María Angorilla as Cowboy boss

07:52 min 23. December 2014

MINUTERA - A reflection about photography - Short Documentary

a documentary in Spanish

Minutera, a short documentary on super 8, in black and white talking about photography, 3 things that we like a lot. A short reflection about phoptpgraphy.
Shot in B&W S8mm in April 2014 in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Directed, produced and edited: Andrés Pardo Piccone
Original Music: Yonny Roldán

Audio post: Yonny Roldán
Video Post: General Treegan

Diego Vidart as himself
Des Barry as himself

16:24 min 4. October 2013

PLUTO (Short film)

a narrative film in Spanish

Pluto is a bittersweet love story about Pedro, a young artist who dedicates his wall pictures in an abandoned market to the girl of his dreams, Silvia. However, Silvia is Pedro’s relentless older brother’s girlfriend. The only thing Pedro can do is spy on them sneaking through Plutos’ eyes, a character Pedro painted, who is reduced to being a powerless spectator of everyone else’s lives. The passing of time and sorrow prove that true love lasts forever.

Pedro es un joven artista que le dedica a Silvia, la chica de sus sueños, los dibujos que él hace en el mercado abandonado. Pero Silvia es la novia de su hermano mayor Juan Carlos. Lo único que Pedro puede hacer es espiarlos a través de los ojos de Pluto, un personaje dibujado por Pedro, que es un mero espectador de la vida de los demás. Finalmente el paso del tiempo acaba demostrando que el verdadero amor es aquel que perdura para siempre.

24:06 min 30. June 2011

ZAPATO Y CALDERA (english subs, final)

a narrative film in Spanish

Two high school students make their own justice regarding a violent crime. They use technology created by them both to explore inside the killer's memory and know the truth.

Banned from over a dozen festivals because of its polemic plot and explicit violence, currently free to watch online, "Zapato y Caldera" aspires to deliver a powerful, entertaining and reflexive B-Movie experience.

Featuring: Daniel Barrientos, Sergio Fernández, Horacio Jiménez, Oscar Ricardo Encinas and Carol Ballesteros.

Zapato y Caldera was produced in March, 2010.

Dos estudiantes de escuela secundaria hacen justicia respecto a un violento crimen. Utilizan tecnología creada por ellos para navegar entre los recuerdos del asesino y así conocer la verdad.

Vetado de una docena de festivales por su temática polémica y su violencia explícita, actualmente libre de ser visto en línea, "Zapato y Caldera" aspira a transmitir una experiencia poderosa, entretenida y reflexiva en formate cine clase B.

Actúan: Daniel Barrientos, Sergio Fernández, Horacio Jiménez, Oscar Ricardo Encinas y Carol Ballesteros.

Zapato y Caldera fue producido en marzo del 2010.

10:13 min 18. January 2012

The legend of the Scarecrow english subtitles Original Audio

a narrative film in Spanish

I know, I know the subtitles aren't the best, but I saw many english speakers who wanted to enjoy this beautiful shortfilm :)
http://elpeloninvisible.tumblr.com/ for more amazing shorfilms and images

Copyright Oficial ©
Screenplay & Direction: Marco Besas
Animation Director / Original Artwork: CARLOS LASCANO.
Editing & compositing: Carlos Lascano
Original Music, 3D model 3D animation: Fernando Cascales
Voice: Sancho Gracia
Screenplay & Direction: Marco Besas

08:32 min 19. May 2014

Gancho (Short Film, 2014)

a narrative film in Spanish

Levitschi Films

Gancho is a drama based on real events – A raw portrayal of the last hour in the life of two human traffickers. Samuelillo is an up-and-coming local gangster. He has to work alongside with David for a day. Samuelillo feels undermined and out of frustration decides to challenge David. Gancho is intense, gritty and raw.

Gancho was written by Georgi Tandy and it was produced in collaboration with Platano Boligrafo (Bilbao, Spain). It was shot over two days in early May 2014.

The film has been shortlisted and screened at various international film festivals.