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06:35 min 6. November 2012


a narrative film in English

Two scientists grapple with reality while watching the dream of their final subject.

Directed by: Ian Kammer www.iankammer.com
Screenplay by: Garrison Kammer & Ian Kammer
Story by: Garrison Kammer
Cast: Adriano Aragon, Charlie Capen & Justin Sloane
Original Music: Garrison Kammer
Cinematography: Justin Gurnari
Editing: Ian Kammer & John X. Carey
Assistant Directors: John X. Carey & William Hemminger
Script Supervisor: Kendrick Kellawan
Set Construction:David Beglin
Dream Machine Logo Design: Eric Wallace
Sound Mixer: Ben Lazarus
Boom Operator: Jerry Fernandez

1st AC: Shauna Brown
2nd AC: Joseph Neal & T.J. Tamayo
Gaffer: Jake Kramer
Key Grip: Kiel Greenfield
Grips: Erik Anderson, Johnny Ngo, Timmy Ngo, Armen Perian, Francis Pollara & Mike Reyes
Costumer: Megan Mack
Colorist: Charlie Tucker
PAs: Emmanuel Donate, Bradford Lynn & Katy Malone

Many Thanks: Chris Crawford, Douglas J. Eboch , Cydna Halverson, Rustam Hasanov, William Hemminger, Corey Johnsen, Gregory Kammer, Albert Kodagolian, Ross LaManna, Aaron Lindquist, Ted Marcus, Erin Mikesell, Joshua Patterson, Bradd Saunders, Joe Vidaurreta, Eric Wallace , Nicholas Weidner, Jon Allis

© Ian Kammer 2012

09:46 min 28. June 2012

the end

a narrative film in English

A short film by Cam McHarg.

(Best viewed with earphones so the stereo sound intended for a theatrical screening will not be missed.)

Official Selection - Bornshorts Film Festival
Official Competition - Cluj International Short Film Festival
Official Competition - Busho Short Film Festival
Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival

Screened at:

The Art Directors Club - New York
Feast on Film - London
Cinephilia - Dubai
Short & Sweet - Cape Town
Short & Sweet - London
Short & Sweet - Toronto
The Reel - London
Exploding Cinema - London
RAWSTOCK - Seattle
RICHMIX - London
Brockley Jack Theater - London
Now. shorts - New York
El Cid Short Film Screenings - Los Angeles

Trigger Street Labs - Featured short film

Top 12 finalist - Filmshort Best Short Films of 2012

Read a bit about this short film here:

and here:

avec les sous-titres français (with french subtitles):

Written and Directed by Cameron McHarg
Producers - Roger Mason, Cris D'Annunzio, and Cameron McHarg
Executive Producers - Jeremy Mazzilli, Shon Brown, Mark McHarg, Nicole Hendrix, and Mike Moffett
Associate Producers - Caroline Guivarch, Joe Ollom, Robin Sateriale, Kelly McCormick, and Stephen Mickelsen
Director of Photography - Justin Gurnari
Editor - Dan Bartolucci
VFX Artists - Marc-André Gray, Chris Hunt, and Alessandro Schiassi
VFX Supervisor - Alessandro Schiassi
Original Music - Aaron Jaffe
Production Design - Ying-Te Julie Chen
Colorist - Faust Pierfederici
Sound Design - Ben Freer/eleven sound Santa Monica, CA.
Sound Recording - Elliot Barker
1st AD - Nicole Hendrix
Credits - Ben Martin and Roswell
Makeup/Hair - Ren Rohling
Storyboards - Adam Bolt

Cris D'Annunzio
Rob Salovich

In association with Sherpa Pictures.
Special Thanks to Don Turley, DJ Fox, Daniel Freedman, Debbie Overholt, Janet Johnston and Barb Hofeditz.

Thank you to:

Hannah Gansen
Seli Marset
Jasmin Mieles
Patricia Mario
Ben VanderVeen
Curtis Nelson
Tony Tambi
Leila T. Mahi
Christiane K. Johnson
Becky Karzok
Adriano Gaza
David Dang
Sara Mills
Laurent Ripoli
Gina Cerrito
G. Pavolka
Nancy Lineman Henry
Aaron Burt
Sachiko Tanaka
Travis Johnson
Tyler Hymanson
Martin Amiri
Homer Mason

This literally could not have been done without each of you.

the end©
Copyright - Cam McHarg
Running time - 9:45

08:57 min 27. January 2014

43,000 Feet

a narrative film in English

When statistician John Wilkins is sucked out of a plane at 43000 feet, he calculates that he has exactly 3 minutes and 48 seconds before he hits the ground.

Director: Campbell Hooper
Producers: Heather Lee, Amber Easby
Director of Photography: Andrew Stroud
Writer: Matthew Harris
Exec. Producers: Rob Sarkies, Vicky Pope
Sales Agent: NZ Film

with Dylan Pharazyn as John Wilkins

This short was funded by the New Zealand Film Commission.


06:28 min 10. February 2015

The Maestro

a narrative film in English

Winner Creative Short CreaTV The Creatives Awards 2016
Official Selection to Pictoclik Women in Cinema Film Festival 2015
Official Selection to Walnut Creek International Short Film Festival 2015
Official Selection to Bay Area Shorts Film Festival 2015
Winner of Award of Merit San Francisco Film Awards 2015
Official Selection to Top Shorts Film Festival 2015

A woman at a cross road in her life finds direction by listening to her neighbors music.

Written and Directed.........Dave Bundtzen


Anna................................Molly Ratermann
The Maestro....................Tony Sommers,
Narrator...........................Kymberli Colbourne
Piano Teacher.................Debbie Neigher


Associate Producer................Tony Sommers
Director of Photography.........Isiah Flores
Music......................................Benjamin Goldman
Art Director.............................Rachel Dagdagan
Make up Artist........................Stephanie Hancock
Wardrobe Supervisor.............Elena Nommensen
Assistant Art Director.............Bryan Dean
Assistant Camera/ Grip..........Mike Maguire
Assistant Camera/ Grip..........Jack Vu
Sound Design.........................Catherine Hontos
Sound Design.........................Jonah Hontos
Storyboard Artist.....................Dimitri Kourouniotis

The Maestro soundtrack available on iTunes here https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/maestro-original-motion-picture/id984490130

12:35 min 12. January 2012

One Square Mile of Earth

a narrative film in English

A rabbit, a frog, a bear, a goat, a hippopotamus, and a squirrel walk into a bar... and have some very human interactions involving an unwritten novel, romantic miscommunications, and an unbalanced friendship. Deadpan delivery and offbeat anthropomorphism contribute to the wry humor of this film by Jeff Drew and the Pajama Men.

22:21 min 24. May 2013

Depression is a disease of civilization: Stephen Ilardi at TEDxEmory

a talk in English

Dr. Stephen Ilardi is a professor of clinical psychology and the author of The Depression Cure: The 6-Step Program to Beat Depression Without Drugs. He earned his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Duke University in 1995, and has since served on the faculties of the University of Colorado and (presently) the University of Kansas. The author of over 40 professional articles on mental illness, Dr. Ilardi is a nationally recognized expert on depression. His work has been honored by the American Psychological Association's prestigious Blau Award for early career contributions to the field, and his research on the neuroscience of depression has been funded by the National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH).

Dr. Ilardi has also received several major teaching awards in recognition of his dynamic, engaging classroom presence. Recently, he was selected from a pool of over 2,000 instructors as the recipient of the school's highest instructional honor, the HOPE Award for teaching excellence. He also maintains an active clinical practice, and has treated several hundred depressed patients over the course of his career. Dr. Ilardi lives in Lawrence, Kansas with his wife, Maria and daughter, Abby.

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)

03:45 min 9. January 2014

Can Plants Think?

a lecture in English

Plants may be more intelligent than you and I!
Check out AsapTHOUGHT: http://bit.ly/1gHqrSI
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Written and created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz).

Further Reading--

More about plant defenses:

Articles about if plants can think?:

Can plants hear or smell?:

14:00 min 25. August 2013

No Room At the Inn

a narrative film in English

Reg starts a new job at a pub called "The Manor Inn" but after an awkward misunderstanding becomes a figure of fun by all his new colleagues.

11:24 min 17. November 2014

Memory 2.0 - Dugan O'Neal/Wilson Bethel (Prototype)

a narrative film in English

A tale of love lost in the distant future where people relive their fondest memories with virtual reality. Everything spins out of control for our Hero as the lines between reality and the virtual memories begin to blur.

PROTOTYPE is a competition targeted to sci-fi, action, and effects-driven filmmakers that awards eight finalists funding and tools to make their short films. The eight Prototype finalists were awarded $20,000 each to shoot their own short films. One of these filmmakers will win the ultimate Grand Prize - a film deal with New Regency Productions to develop their short onto a feature film.

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05:04 min 18. June 2014


a narrative film in English

A brother and sister struggle to make ends meet since the mysterious disappearance of their father. Push comes to shovel when a mysterious stranger appears outside their desolate home… and collapses at their feet.

Writer & Director: Tom Hunt
Producers: Tom Hunt & Kyle I. Kelley
Director of Photography & Editor: Kyle I. Kelley
Assistant Camera & Steadicam Assistant: Nathan Breton
Assistant Director: Brian Carroll
Art Direction: Nicholas Payne Santos
Makeup: Emilia Adamkiewicz
Sound Recordist: Ryan Dann
Sound Design: Matt Rigby

Annie Capobianco
Seanan Ellis
David Weinheimer

Special Thanks
Joanne Hunt, Doug Hunt, Brian Hunt, & Mary Hunt

Director’s Note: Dedicated to my sister, Kristine, and everyone who came together to make this short happen at the drop of a hat.


04:40 min 20. October 2015

How a few scientists transformed the way we think about disease - Tien Nguyen

a lecture in English

View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/how-a-few-scientists-transformed-the-way-we-think-about-disease-tien-nguyen

This video was created with support from the U.S. Office of Research Integrity: http://ori.hhs.gov.

For several centuries, people though diseases were caused by wandering clouds of poisonous vapor. We now know that this theory is pretty ridiculous, and that diseases are caused by specific bacteria. But how did we get to this new idea of germ theory? Tien Nguyen describes the work of several scientists who discredited a widely accepted theory in a way that was beneficial to human health.

Lesson by Tien Nguyen, animation by Brandon Denmark.

29:02 min 7. June 2010

Red Dead Redemption Short Film by John Hillcoat

a narrative film in English

The director of The Road and The Proposition, John Hillcoat, brings you an entirely digital Western short film. It uses Rockstar's rich open world in Red Dead Redemption to tell the story of John Marston's struggle in the new American Frontier.

06:08 min 24. February 2011

Keith Reynolds can't make it tonight

a narrative film in English

This is Keith Reynolds and today is promotion day. Having worked at the company eight years he is the most senior Junior Business Analyst in the building. He's been waiting for this day for a very long time.

Narrated by Scott Johnson
Written, Directed & Animated by Felix Massie
Soundtrack by Joe Paine

Copyright © 2007 Felix Massie and Univeristy of Wales, Newport


07:35 min 14. July 2015

Detroit, 2029

a narrative film in English

Detroit, 2029 is a thoughtlog from former military operator Tony Demayo, whose combat footage capturing Detroit's invasion became the 21st century’s Zapruder film.

Film by Neil Harvey, 2015.
Rep: Scott Glassgold, IAM Entertainment

14:30 min 17. November 2013

Body language, the power is in the palm of your hands | Allan Pease | TEDxMacquarieUniversity

a talk in English

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Allan Pease is an Honorary Professor of Psychology at ULIM International University, who researches and studies selling relationships and human communication. He teaches simple, field-tested skills and techniques that get results. And he delivers his message in a humorous way, which motivates people to want to use. Allan's own experience and record in the field of selling, motivating and training is equalled by few others. He is a born achiever, starting his career at the age of 10. Globally known as "Mr Body Language", his programs are used by businesses and governments to teach powerful relationship skills. His messages are relevant to any area of life that involves winning people over and getting them to like you, co-operate, follow you or say 'yes'.

For more information on Allan Pease, click on the link below:


In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)