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02:48 min 26. August 2012

'100' (from 0 to 100 years in 150 seconds)

a documentary in Dutch

IIn October 2011 I started documenting people in the city of Amsterdam, approaching them in the street and asking them to say their age in front of the camera. My aim was to 'collect' a group of 100 people, from age 0 to 100. At first my collection grew fast but slowed down when it got down to the very young and very old. The young because of sensivity around filming or photographing children and the very old because they don't get out of the house much. I found my very old 'models' in care homes and it was a privilege to document these -often vulnerable- people for this project. I had particular problems finding a 99 year-old. (Apparently 100 year-olds enjoy notoriety, but a 99 year-old is a rare species...) And when I finally did find one, she refused to state her age. She simply denied being 99 years old! But finally, some 4 months after I recorded my first 'age', I was able to capture the 'missing link' and conclude this project. Enjoy.

(By the way: together these people have lived 5050 years...)

Shot on a Panasonic GH2
Lenses: mostly a Cosmicar 25mm 1.4 and a Panasonic 20mm 1.7


10:00 min 24. October 2009

Things Wong Kar-Wai Taught Me About Love - short film by Alice Dallow

a narrative film in English


Sex... longing... rejection... and pain.

Inspired by the themes explored in the films of Hong Kong film director Wong Kar-Wai, this is a checklist of what to expect from modern love.


1. You will fall in love only once. Obstacles will prevail. The rest of your life is spent recovering.
2. Anything that distracts you from the pain of your loss is good. Some people are more successful in this regard than others.
3. Eroticising their objects will be the pinnacle of your sexual fulfillment.
4. Desire is kept eternally alive by the impossibility of contact.
5. The most potent way to exist is to occupy someone else's imagination.
6. Technology will only heighten your sense of desolation making you more keenly aware that no one is trying to call.
7. Hook up with someone. Live with them. Sleep with them. Tag along. Don't be fooled. You are only a transitory distraction. Ask for commitment. Declare your love. Watch the set up evaporate.
8. Some coincidences are deliberate.

Directed by Alice Dallow

11min, Australia, 2004

04:50 min 15. September 2015

The mathematical secrets of Pascal’s triangle - Wajdi Mohamed Ratemi

a lecture in English

View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/the-mathematical-secrets-of-pascal-s-triangle-wajdi-mohamed-ratemi

Pascal’s triangle, which at first may just look like a neatly arranged stack of numbers, is actually a mathematical treasure trove. But what about it has so intrigued mathematicians the world over? Wajdi Mohamed Ratemi shows how Pascal's triangle is full of patterns and secrets.

Lesson by Wajdi Mohamed Ratemi, animation by Henrik Malmgren.

07:45 min 19. December 2012

D'Une Rare Crudité

a narrative film in no language

Film de diplôme - Major de promotion - Supinfocom 2010

Histoires douces et cruelles dans un étrange jardin.

Réalisation : Emilien Davaud - Jérémy Mougel - Marion Szymczak
Musique : David De Salle

Screenings & Awards : http://www.shortfilmcentral.com/film/3349/

14:35 min 15. July 2015

A KINDNESS - short film - Giles Ripley (2013)

a narrative film in English

A KINDNESS - short film - Giles Ripley (2013)
A black comedy in which a dirty lads' road trip to Blackpool goes horribly wrong when they hit an unseen...something? Ramo insists it was nothing but "nothing doesn't bleed."

A Kindness is a short film funded by the 2013 Collabor8te scheme (Rankin, Dazed & Confused, The Bureau, Nokia) and produced by Partizan.

Cast: Steve Oram, James Burrows, Jonny Dixon & Tim Preece
Director: Giles Ripley
Writers: Giles Ripley & Jonny Ensall
Producer: Allon Wechsler
DoP: Ben Fordesman
Art Director: Will Field
Music: Patrick Jonnson
Senior Executive Producer: Rankin
Executive Producers: David Allain & Jess Gormley

Official selected at Palm Springs International Shortest, Brest European Short Film Festival, Raindance Film Festival, and British Shorts Film Festival Berlin.

03:17 min 2. August 2013


a dance video in English

INTERSECTIONS is an interdisciplinary performance series designed to fuse genres and push artistic boundaries, co-produced by Brief Encounters and Cineworks.

Here is what happened one day, when a filmmaker and a 'locker/b-girl' dancer teamed up.

see more:

07:08 min 12. December 2013

Everything is a Remix Case Study: The iPhone

a lecture in English

Brought to you by iStock by Getty Images

My new series, This is Not a Conspiracy Theory, is now live:

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Written & Produced by Kirby Ferguson
Additional Research by Garrett Weinholtz (www.gweinholtz.com)

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iStock clips used:

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Other sources


04:03 min 24. September 2013

Hozier // Take Me to Church

a music video in English

Directed, Shot and Edited by Brendan Canty and Conal Thomson of Feel Good Lost

Download the Take Me To Church EP for free : http://goo.gl/dDfTQ



Produced by David Lester Mooney, Adam McCarthy, Emmet O'Brien, Damien McCarthey & Feel Good Lost
Assistant Director: Emmet O'Brien
Concept by: Brendan Canty, Conal Thomson, Emmet O'Brien and Andrew Byrne
Actors: Emmet O'Riabhaigh, Daniel Coughlan, Patrick Sheahan and Christopher O'Flaherty

Special thanks to:
Diarmuid, Aidan & Val O'Donovan, Niall and Roger at Rubyworks, Caoillian Sherlock,
Denise Heffernan and David Maloney

08:33 min 31. May 2011

Write of Passage

a narrative film in no language

A writer suffering writer's block must face his greatest nemesis - his own typewriter.

Starring Gray Creasy

Written and Directed by B.C. Jones
Produced by Nick Plotquin
Cinematography Marc Levy
Production Designer Nick Plotquin
Music and Sound Design Brian Hawlk

Official Selection

Phoenix Film Festival 2011
DEADcenter Film Festival 2011
Dances with Films 2011
Comic Con International Independent Film Festival 2011
Front Yard Fest 2011
United Chicago Film Festival 2011
United Los Angeles Film Festival 2012

Winner of the Top Performer Central Time on The World Wide Mobile Movie Theater

Featured on Ain't It Cool News http://www.aintitcool.com/node/54638
Film Short http://www.filmsshort.com/short-film-pages/write-of-passage-bradley-jones.html#.VZQ9Ou1VhBd
I Love Short Films http://iloveshortfilms.com/short-film-write-of-passage/
Film Shortage http://filmshortage.com/dailyshortpicks/write-passage/
366 Weird Films http://366weirdmovies.com/saturday-short-write-of-passage-2010/

05:25 min 16. June 2013

So Far, So Close (Yugen pt. 2)

an experimental film in no language

So Far, So Close Part two of my Yugen(幽玄) series
“a profound, mysterious sense of the beauty of the universe… and the sad beauty of human suffering”
A playful look into what might make up the world around us, or a distant galaxy just as it's being born. Imagination wanders and finds itself lost in the infinite unknown.
Part one https://vimeo.com/80229478

**2014 Ramstock Film Festival, Richmond Virginia**
**2014 Resonate Festival Belgrade Serbia** (Best of Punta y Raya)
**2014 Animuza Festival Poznan, Poland** (Best of Punta y Raya)
**2014 Punto y Raya Festival in Reykjavik, Iceland** (Best of Punta y Raya)
**2014 Streetlight: Roman Susan Gallery, Chicago IL**

So Far, So Close, was an attempt to create a visual piece that felt both astronomical and microscopic. I created the imagery using ink and plexiglass layered on top of each other. The depth it created was surprising! Once I was done filming I was going over the footage and found that as beautiful and captivating as these environments were, needed a subject. That's where the animations came into play. The childlike drawings are very humorous against the cosmic backgrounds.I wanted my drawings to interact with the space and give a reason for the movement on screen. I also see them as little characters floating through these spaces. While you are watching, imagine yourself to be an observer, not necessarily looking for a beginning and an end, but simply looking through a telescope (or a microscope!) on a distant world yet to be discovered. Enjoy!

03:20 min 5. August 2009

Meet the Spy

a narrative film in English

no description found

14:31 min 9. October 2009

Raw Love (Amor Crudo) - With English Subtitles

a narrative film in Spanish

Two friends spend the last days of high school together, but this will inevitably come to an end. Raw Love is a beautiful and sincere story of mixed emotions and secrets that one dare not speak aloud.

Directed by Martin Deus & Juan Chappa
Cast: Valentino Arocena, Felipe Villanueva & Katja Alemann
Cinematography: Sebasián Gallo
Production Design: Jimena Soldo y Diego Sotelo
Músic: Nicolás di Paolo & Adrián Villar Rojas

Sundance 2010, Los Angeles Latino Film Festival, Reeling Chicago, Frameline San Francisco, Festival Internacional de Cine de Mar del Plata, LesGaiCineMad (Madrid), Cortópolis (Córdoba), Fesaalp (La Plata), Festival de Video Latinoamericano (Rosario)

08:39 min 10. September 2013

Last August

a narrative film in English

As global evacuation approaches, 15-year-old Jason clings desperately to the youthful freedom of summer in the American suburbs. But torn between family, friendship, romance, and the apocalypse, how will Jason's summer end?

Written & Directed by Miles Goldman
Produced by Hannah Becker, Miles Goldman & Rachel Mersky
Cinematography, Editing & FX by Taylor Lisney
Starring: Dylan Anderson, Keith Miller, Rashika Kaushik, Paige Romano, Sarah Braun

Lighting Design / Gaffer / Key Grip: Devin Cremer
Boom Operator / Best Boy: Ben Seifarth
1st AC / Dolly Grip: Joseph Mountz
1st Assistant Director: Rachel Mersky
Production Design: Hannah Becker
Sound Design / Sound Mix: Nicholas Karlin

Music by L'Astronaut & High Aura'd

Copyright 2013 Miles Goldman

Contact miles.k.goldman@gmail.com for more information.