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07:31 min 19. January 2014

Protopartículas (2009)

a narrative film in Spanish

Título original: Protopartículas
Año: 2009
Duración: 7 min.
País: España
Director: Chema García Ibarra
Guión: Chema García Ibarra
Fotografía: Alberto Gutiérrez
Reparto: José Antonio Fernández, José Manuel Ibarra
Productora: Chema García Ibarra
Género: Ciencia ficción | Cortometraje
Web Oficial: http://www.facebook.com/Protoparticulas
Sinopsis: A través de un experimento, un hombre intenta demostrar la existencia de la protomateria, sustancia imaginaria que ha aparecido en películas como "Superman" o "Star Trek".

Vídeo descargado desde http://vimeo.com/65719102

02:58 min 14. October 2014

MOIREE - The Movie

a commercial in English

Fashion Film

05:19 min 11. June 2013

On Departure

an experimental film in no language

An animation which attempts to express a personal journey centred around the loss of my younger brother Emmet.

→ twitter.com/eoinduffy
→ fb.me/MrEoinDuffy

The project was funded by the Irish Film Board's Frameworks programme in conduction with The Arts Council (of Ireland) and RTE (Raidió Teilifís Éireann).

Directed by: Eoin Duffy
Produced by - Alan Doherty
Music - Stephen Rennicks
Editing - Rory Gavin
Sound Design - James Daly
Post Production - Reel Good
Country - Ireland

02:42 min 1. July 2014


a lecture in English

Just in time for America's birthday here are some president facts!
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08:03 min 15. October 2013

Episode 5: We Need a Job

a report in English

What barriers do the poor face in finding work and how do they make a living?

Take action and find more resources on the Change Series website: http://www.livingonone.org/change-series.html#episode-5-we-need-a-job

Looking for job opportunities in Peña Blanca, we find that few people in the village actually have formal jobs. We decide to try to plant a small crop of radishes and quickly get a glimpse of how hard life is as a day laborer or a farmer. If there aren't enough formal jobs for most of the people living in Peña Blanca, is leaving your family and moving to a big city the only solution?

Produced by Living on One

Directed by Hannah Gregg and Zach Ingrasci
Illustrations by Hannah Gregg
Edited by Sean Leonard
Narration by Chris Temple

Executive Producers
Mike Lang
David Doss
Jeff Klein

06:25 min 14. April 2010

Waiting for the End of the World

a narrative film in English

Deprived of human contact, and with only an overactive imagination to keep him company, Petr sets about his monotonous night shift at his local supermarket.

Shot on 5D mk II, with 135mm and 17-40mm lenses. Edited on FCP.

Glastonbury 2010, Encounters Film Festival, Exposures Festival (winner - 'Best Artists Film'), Artsfest 09, Kino 10, A Wall is a Screen, Clermont Ferrand short film marketplace, Souvenirs From Earth.


07:08 min 22. November 2013

Gravity Spin-Off Short Film Aningaaq (HD) (English & French Subtitles)

a narrative film in Greenlandic

Jonas Cuaron, son of Alfonso Cuaron, co-wrote the feature screenplay and directed this companion film called Aningaaq that follows the man on the other end of the radio, an Inuit fisherman stationed on a remote fjord in Greenland.

Here is "Aningaaq" a Gravity Spin-Off Short Film with English and French subtitles.
All right reserved.

Houston, this is...
Mission Specialist Ryan Stone, do you copy?
This is Mission Specialist Ryan Stone from SDS-157.
All other astronauts on the mission are dead. Houston, do you copy?
I'm stranded in a Soyuz spacecraft
without any fuel or oxygen left.
I'm feeling dizzy.
SOS, do you understand?
Mayday, Mayday.
Mayday. Do you copy?
Aningaaq... is that your name?
Aningaaq is your name, is that your name?
Oh, no, no, no. My name is not "Mayday".
I'm Stone, Dr Ryan Stone and I need help.
Are those dogs?
Aningaaq, make you dogs bark again for me. Would you, please?
Dogs, you know, woof, woof.
I'm dying, Aningaaq.
I know, we're all going to die. Everybody knows that.
But I'm going to die today.
But the thing is that I'm still scared.
I'm really scared.
Nobody will mourn for me. No one will pray for my soul.
Will you mourn for me?
Will you say a pray for me?
Or is it too late?
I mean, I'd say one for myself, but I've never prayed in my life...
There is a baby with you, huh?
Is that a lullaby you're singing?
It's so sweet.
That's nice, Aningaaq. Keep singing just like that.
Sing me to sleep and I'll sleep.
Keep singing...

Voici Aningaaq, un court métrage dans l'univers du film de Gravity sous-titrée en anglais et en français.
Tout droit réservé.

Vous m'entendez ?
Houston, ici le spécialiste de mission Ryan Stone, vous me recevez ?
Bonjour. Ici Aningaaq.
En direct du fjord Sikvivitsoq. Vous me recevez ?
Ici le spécialiste de mission Ryan Stone du SDS-157.
Les autres astronautes sont morts. Houston, vous me recevez ?
Je vois reçois 5/5 !
Je suis enfermée dans une navette Soyuz
sans carburant ni oxygène.
- J'ai des vertiges. - Non, je suis pas à côté de Qaarsut.
On s'est enfoncés dans les terres.
SOS, vous comprenez ?
Mayday, Mayday.
Mayday. Vous me recevez ?
Salut, Mayday ! Moi, c'est Aningaaq !
Aningaaq... c'est votre nom ?
Aningaaq est votre nom, c'est bien ça ?
Oui, Aningaaq !
Mayday, je suis enchanté.
Je ne m'appelle pas "Mayday".
Moi c'est Stone et j'ai besoin d'aide.
Vous entendez ? C'est ma chienne, Naanak.
Elle est malade et souffre beaucoup.
Je n'ai plus qu'à mettre fin à ses souffrances.
Je sais que c'est normal.
Elle est très vieille.
Mais je n'arrive pas à la laisser partir,
à lui dire adieu.
Je l'aime tellement.
Des chiens...
Ce sont des chiens ?
Aningaaq, faites-les aboyer encore. Vous voulez bien ?
Des chiens, vous savez ? Wouf, wouf !
Les chiens ? Ils ne font pas ce bruit-là.
Ils font plutôt...
Je meurs, Aningaaq.
Je sais, on va tous mourir un jour.
Mais je vais mourir aujourd'hui.
J'ai quand même peur.
Je suis terrifiée.
Personne ne me pleurera. Personne ne priera pour mon âme.
Vous me pleurerez ?
Vous direz une prière ?
Ou est-ce trop tard ?
Je le ferais bien moi-même, mais je n'ai jamais prié...
Il y a un bébé ?
Vous chantez une berceuse ?
C'est adorable.
C'est parfait, Aningaaq. Continuez à chanter.
Bercez-moi et je vais m'endormir.
Mayday, vous êtes là ?

24:28 min 28. April 2011


a narrative film in English

At the precipice of adulthood, Davis Gallo, a troubled thief, joins a boxing club where he encounters values of structure, discipline and perseverance. http://www.shortoftheweek.com/2013/11/30/the-haymaker/

09:27 min 14. September 2012


a narrative film in English

!!!! Download your own Monster !!! http://www.studioset.tv/waste/solo

WASTE GIFS http://weareom.tumblr.com

Directed by Anton Groves (www.antongroves.com)
Starring Mihai Stanescu and Ana Ularu
Producer Dan Mateescu
Executive producer Adrian Smarandache
Cinematography by David Lee (www.davidleedop.com)
Art Direction by Damian Groves (www.damiangroves.com)
Edited by Sorin Baican
Monsters by Damian Groves, Andy 'Sinboy' Luke, Suzana Dan, Iulia Tomescu, Alexandra Peltan
Post Production by Adrian Aghenitei, Alma Cazacu, Damian Groves, Bogdan Orcula
Music by The Nuggers (www.nuggers.bandcamp.com) and The Monsters (www.themonsters.ch)
Sound Design by Sillyconductor
Sound Mixing by Marius Leftarache
Produced by Studioset (www.studioset.tv)

13:40 min 28. March 2013

Vacuity - Sci-Fi Short Film Drama

a narrative film in English

Trapped in a dying space station airlock, Alan must choose survival to see his family again or sacrifice to save his crew.

What others are saying:
"[Vacuity is] worth the very meager amount of time it asks of you...It's pretty killer that a sparse 13-minute film with an '$80' set can tell 10 times the story of the Transformers movies."
- cracked.com
"Without a Hollywood budget to go on, the film is enough to keep the interest levels high and Matzur clearly has the film making minerals to deliver such a simple and effective story."
- reelgood.co.uk
"A simple dilemma...given a breathtaking sci-fi makeover--impressive considering the whole short takes place in one small airlock. A-"
- themoviemaestro.com
"A great snapshot of what it means to be human."
- josephbustillos.com

*( Winner - Tracy Awards 2011 )*
*( Winner - Celtx Seeds 2012 )*
*( Official - Minicon 48 2013 )*
*( Official - Synesthesia 2014 )*
*( Official - Portland Sci-Fi 2014 )*
*( Daily Short - FilmShortage.com 2014 )*
*( Winner - TCIF3 2014 )*
*( Editor's Pick - The Atlantic 2015 )*

Official Site: http://vacuitymovie.com
(Produced for my undergraduate capstone project at the School of Film and Photography, Montana State University - Bozeman.)

02:19 min 27. February 2013


a narrative film in no language

Two peoples paths cross in the middle of the night.

'Switch' was shot on a micro-budget with a crew of just two.

Created by James Mossahebi and Toby Ashenheim.

Music from LittleLife

05:03 min 7. January 2014

How sugar affects the brain - Nicole Avena

a lecture in English

View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/how-sugar-affects-the-brain-nicole-avena

When you eat something loaded with sugar, your taste buds, your gut and your brain all take notice. This activation of your reward system is not unlike how bodies process addictive substances such as alcohol or nicotine -- an overload of sugar spikes dopamine levels and leaves you craving more. Nicole Avena explains why sweets and treats should be enjoyed in moderation.

Lesson by Nicole Avena, animation by STK Films.

02:51 min 17. September 2013

The Biggest Organism on Earth

a lecture in English

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The World's Largest Organism in Trouble. Week of Feb 1 2013. Living on Earth.

Grant, M. & Mitton, J. 2010. Case Study: The Glorious, Golden, and Gigantic Quaking Aspen. Nature Education Knowledge 3(10):40

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NYTimes Article, Dec. 21 1992

Mock, KE., et al. 2012. Widespread Triploidy in Western North American Aspen (Populus tremuloides). PLoS ONE 7(10): e48406. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0048406

Humongous fungus
Schmitt, C. and Tatum, M. 2008. The Malheur National Forest: Location of the World's Largest Living Organism [The Humongous Fungus]

Casselman, A. Oct. 4 2007. Strange but True: The Largest Organism on Earth Is a Fungus. Scientific American.

Ferguson, BA. et al. 2003. Coarse-scale population structure of pathogenic Armillaria species in a mixed-conifer forest in the Blue Mountains of northeast Oregon. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 33:612-623, 10.1139/x03-065.

Methods for estimating weight of fungi
Smith, M., Bruhn, J., and Anderson, J. 1992. The fungus Armillaria bulbosa is among the largest and oldest living organisms. Nature 356: 428-431.

Tallest tree

Howell, E. April 15, 2013. What is the World's Tallest Tree? Livescience.

Krulwich, R. April 8 2011. The World's Tallest Tree Is Hiding Somewhere In California. krulwich wonders.

MinuteEarth provides an energetic and entertaining view of trends in earth's environment -- in just a few minutes!

Created by Henry Reich, with Alex Reich, Peter Reich, Emily Elert, and Ever Salazar.

Music by Nathaniel Schroeder: http://www.soundcloud.com/drschroeder

03:48 min 25. November 2015

Scarface Fights Off Other Monkeys - Life Story - BBC

a documentary in English

In the animal kingdom it's often necessary for the dominant male to defend your family from unwanted attention.

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This is a channel from BBC Worldwide who help fund new BBC programmes.

02:44 min 18. January 2016

Do You Have Free Will?

a lecture in English

We break down the top theories around free will.
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01:16 min 23. March 2012


a commercial in no language

no description found