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06:37 min 30. June 2014


a narrative film in Danish

Withdrawn from the sentient world, a disturbed woman’s fiendish subconscious presents her with a choice to accept or refute the truth surrounding the brutal murder of her fiancé years prior. Through this confrontation with the self, Ulla obtains the key to psychological salvation.

ULLA is a haunting tale of inner demons, paranoia and repression.

10:16 min 23. March 2011

Award Winning Animation Short Film: The Thomas Beale Cipher

a narrative film in English

Based on a true legend of the famous unsolved code.

The film contains 16 hidden messages that hold clues to the characters' secrets. Eight are fairly easy requiring only a close eye. Six are moderately difficult using various encryption methods. Two are extremely difficult requiring a genius mind to decrypt.

More about the film,

Distributed by Short of the Week,

07:48 min 27. April 2014

Nicht spurlos - Not traceless

a narrative film in German

Not traceless - Nicht spurlos
short film by Christian Ebeling
Kurzfilm von Christian Ebeling

If you visit your one-night stand next morning for breakfast something different than expected could happen.

German with english subtitles
Germany, 2014
Director, Script, Editor: Christian Ebeling
DoP: Jennifer Fraunkron, Thomas Soddemann
Sound: Pascal Bayrasy, Pierre Kleinschmidt
Actors: Jesse Albert, Arzu Coruh, Daniel Kötter, Elisabeth Sophie Müller, Pierre Kleinschmidt
Edited with kdenlive. Canon 550D. Gefödert durch: Neuer Kölner Filmhausverein.

17:34 min 22. June 2015

Pink Moon (Full Movie)

a narrative film in English

In a society where heterosexuals are persecuted and abortion is forbidden, two teens are forced to hide an unplanned pregnancy before their secret romance is exposed.

Press: http://www.salbardo.com/pinkmoon.php

10:50 min 17. October 2013

Robert's Circle

a narrative film in English

Bobby's in trouble. It's big this time. Unsure where to turn, he instinctively runs to his sister's house. Thrown into a situation she doesn't fully comprehend, his sister must decide if she should help her little brother once again.

Robert's Circle is at once a tense thriller, a family drama, and a mystery all told in a single, unrelenting shot.

Director: Chris Hanratty
Producers: Aaron Kopff, Alexander Brodzki, and Chris Hanratty
Writer: Mike McPhaden
Story: Mike McPhaden and Chris Hanratty
Cast: Alex House, Shira Leuchter with Rebecca Applebaum, Lindsey Clark, Frank Cox-O'Connell and Darrel Gamotin

Cinematographer: James Klopko
Production Designer: Jennifer Thomas
Editor: Matt Lyon
Composer: Thomas Ryder Payne

Full credits at http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2943368/combined


05:32 min 11. August 2014

What Creates Wealth?

a lecture in English

Why are some countries rich and some countries poor? Is it access to natural resources? Is it tax policy? A motivated work force? These are important, but not determinative. The answer is deceptively simple – it’s what’s in our heads: knowledge. Thus, the surest way to promote economic growth is to cultivate an environment that encourages the spread of knowledge. Such an environment requires freedom, which is why the freest societies are the most prosperous. In five minutes, economist George Gilder explains why.

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09:52 min 7. February 2012

About A Girl

a narrative film in English

no description found

30:07 min 27. September 2015

7 Tage... Oktoberfest | 7 Tage | NDR

a report in German

Schichtbeginn acht Uhr morgens, Schichtende 24 Uhr. Dazwischen: Bier schleppen, Erbrochenes wegwischen, Blasmusik ertragen. Ein 7-Tage-Team hat sich in den Wies'n-Wahnsinn gestürzt.


15:54 min 11. May 2012

Doubles With Slight Pepper

a narrative film in English

Written & Directed by Ian Harnarine
Executive Produced by Spike Lee
Starring: Errol Sitahal, Sanjiv Boodhu, Susan Hannays-Abraham

Best Short Film at the Toronto International Film Festival 2011
Best Live Action Short Drama at the Genie Awards 2012 (the Canadian Academy Awards)
Filmmaker Magazine's 25 New Faces of Independent Film:

Also available on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/doubles-with-slight-pepper/id546015562

for more info: http://www.doubleswithslightpepper.com

Like us on Facebook (PLEASE?!): https://www.facebook.com/DoublesWithSlightPepper

Full Credits:

Jason Harnarine
Ian Harnarine
Ryan Silbert

Mariel Brown
Doug Lenox
Spencer Kiernan

Sohail Bastani
Spike Lee

Spencer Kiernan

Brooke Pepion Swaney

Errol Sitahal

Sanjiv Boodhu

Susan Hannays - Abraham

Ken Boodhu

Karen Saban

Selvon Ramlal

Doug Lenox

Kimberly Parker

Perry Blackshear
Leroy Smart

Elizabeth Harnarine

Cedric Smart

Richard Gobin

Sean Dunckley

Paul Bercovitch

Kenyatta Beasley

Linda Harnarine

08:26 min 1. November 2013


a narrative film in English

In 1950's rural America, a postman's first day takes a terrifying turn when a precocious young girl tells him of her family's horrible tragedy.


Adapted from Saki's short story "The Open Window."

Writer/Director: Luke Asa Guidici
Producer: Kimberley Browning
Cinematographer: John Matysiak
Score: Jeff McDonough
Production Design: Tema Staig
Costume Design: Marcia Zigler
Editor: Luke Guidici

FEARnet 2013 - Funniest Short
Mile High Horror 2012 - Best of 2012
Film Fest Twain Harte 2012 - Audience Choice
Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema 2012 - Best Short
Shriekfest 2011 - Best Super Short (under 10 min)
American Pavilion Cannes 2011 - Finalist
HollyShorts 2011 - Finalist & Audience Choice
Dragon*Con 2011 - Finalist

SAG Foundation Short Film Showcase – August 2013
San Diego Comic Con International Film Festival – July 2013
Berlin Independent Film Festival – February 2013
Fright Feast on Film – London England – October 2012
Charlotte Horror Festival – October 2012
Sacramento Horror Fest – October 2012
Celluloid Screams – Sheffield England – October 2012
FanCine Málaga Fantastic Fest – Nov 2011
Eerie Horror Film Festival -Nov 2011
Long Beach Comic-Con -Oct 2011
BEND Film Festival – Oct 2011
Spooky Movie Int’l Horror Film Festival – Oct. 2011
Atlanta Horror Film Festival – Oct 2011

02:34 min 26. January 2013

A Lunch Break Romance

a narrative film in English

A short film written and directed by Danny Sangra

Here we find a common case of over thinking the situation.


Written and Directed by Danny Sangra

The Guy - Timothy Renouf
The Girl - Bean Downes

DoP - Charlie Herranz
Colour grade - Jack McGinity
Music - JM Saudinos

Special thanks to A+/Academy Films

18:11 min 15. October 2012

Hadley TK-421

a narrative film in English

The Hadley TK-421 is here to revolutionize the work place. A black comedy set in 1960s London, it’s the kind of short you don’t see often. More than just a punchline, and with a particular sensibility on a very low budget, you’ll wonder where you can get your hands on a Hadley once you’ve seen one in action.

© copyright 2011 Jonathan Reid-Edwards


Diamond Award Winner - California Film Awards 2013, USA
Student Visionary Award - Geneva Film Festival, 2012, USA
Best Script - Screentest 2012 Film Festival, 2012, England
Best Score - Screentest 2012 Film Festival, 2012, England
Short of the Week - www.shortoftheweek.com

Best Film – Deep Fried Film Festival 2012, Scotland
Best Film - Screentest 2012 Film Festival, 2012, England
Best Comedy - Screentest 2012 Film Festival, 2012, England
Best Cinematography - Screentest 2012 Film Festival, 2012, England
Popularity Award – International Student Short Film Festival, England

Screenings / Festival Selection:
American Online Film Awards 2014
Short of the Week - www.shortoftheweek.com
BUSHO Budapest Short Film Festival 2012, Hungary
California Film Awards 2013, USA
Cannes Court Metrage, Festival de Cannes 2012, France
Deep Fried Film Festival 2012, Scotland
Early Bird Student Film Festival 2012, Bulgaria
Emmentaler Filmtage 2012, Switzerland
ECU European Film Festival 2012, France
Geneva Film Festival 2012, USA
International Student Film Festival London 2012, England
Leids Film Festival 2012, Netherlands
Luxor European & Egyptian Film Festival 2012, Egypt
NorCalFilmFest 2013, USA
Portobello Film Festival 2012, England
Screentest Film Festival 2012, England
XI Open St Petersburg Student Film Festival 2012, Russia

07:28 min 14. October 2014


a narrative film in English

A group of young adults learns that the repercussions of their actions can have some serious consequences, and sometimes reality is more frightening than your nightmares.

A Film by Joshua Mabie
Director of Photography David Tayar
Producer Ryan Linderman

Marissa Stahl
Dennis Delsing
Andrew Trego
Roxanne Cook
Julian Vlcan

© 2014 Via Novo Studios

15:41 min 30. April 2015

The Worst Internship Ever: Japan’s Labor Pains

a report in English

Japan is facing a serious labor shortage, a problem that can be traced back to an aging population and a prevailing fear that immigrants will dilute the country’s pure gene pool. In order to keep the world’s third-largest economy afloat, the Japanese government offers an internship program that attracts foreign workers from China, Vietnam, and the Philippines. The program, which allows workers to stay for three years, is advertised as providing laborers with transferrable new skills for when they return home.

VICE News recently traveled to Japan to investigate the internship program. We found that many interns are underpaid, saddled with insurmountable debt, and forced into a form of indentured servitude. Many are illegally placed as oyster shuckers, construction workers, and other unskilled positions. And, despite international condemnation, Japan plans to use thousands of new foreign interns to build the infrastructure for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Watch "The High Cost of Cheap Clothes” - http://bit.ly/1FuOFOv

Watch "Japan vs. the Islamic State” - http://bit.ly/1MrBYU3

Read "How the Sharing Economy Could Make the Labor Movement More Relevant” - http://bit.ly/1DxvPQB

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15:01 min 9. October 2015

Die Insel AVCHD high+ color+

a narrative film in German

A Man spends his holidays in a village on Corfu. He is around 50, single, one, who makes love today with one woman and tomorrow with another. He stays in a seaside village, picks up pretty women, like usual. One morning he encounters a blind teen-girl from the village. He comes to a cafe at the sea, sits down at a table - from here he can see a beautiful island in the distance – the waitress asks him to move to some other table, please. She says that the table is reserved. It comes out, the table is reserved for a blind girl who comes in the cafe every day and occupies this table. The villagers have much compassion for her - her mother died one year ago, her father she never knew - the mother was with a foreigner, who had disappeared as soon as the woman got pregnant. The girl is not quite right, she believes in an island, one she can see from here. She believs, that one day someone comes from there and takes her away. A fairtale, told her by her mother. Maybe the fairtale comes true and someone comes from there, - says the Man. From where? – asks the waitress. From the island, - replies the man and points to the island in the sea. But there is no island, no one, you can see from here, - mentions the waitress confused. As it turns out, the two of them can see an island, which no one else can see...

Der Kurzfilm heißt „Die Insel“. Es geht um einen Mann, der seinen Urlaub in einem Ort auf Korfu verbringt. Er ist um die 50, Single, eine junge Seele, der immer noch heute mit einer Frau und morgen mit einer anderer im Bett schlafen darf. Also, er ist in einem Dorf am Meer, lernt eine Frau in einer Bar kennen, alles – wie üblich. Bis er eines morgens einem blinden einheimischen Mädchen begegnet. Er kommt in ein Cafe am Meer, setzt sich an einen Tisch – von hier sieht man eine schöne Insel in der Entfernung - er wird aber gleich von der Kellnerin angesprochen. Sie sagt, der Tisch sei reserviert. Wie er es später erkennt, der Tisch ist für ein blindes Mädchen reserviert, das täglich hierher kommt und diesen Tisch besetzt, keinen anderen. Die Dorfbewohner haben viel Mitleid mit ihr – ihre Mutter ist gestorben, den Vater gibt es nicht – die Mutter war mit einem Ausländer zusammen, der verschwunden ist, sobald die Frau schwanger geworden ist. Das Mädchen ist nicht ganz in Ordnung, sie glaubt an eine Insel, die man von hier sehen kann, dass jemand von der Insel kommt und sie von hier holt. Ein Märchen, das ihre Mutter ihr erzählt hat. Vielleicht kommt doch jemand von der Insel, meint der Mann. Es gibt aber keine Insel, keine, die man von hier sehen kann, erwähnt die Kellnerin verwirrt. So stellt es sich heraus, dass der Mann die Insel sieht, an die das blinde Mädchen glaubt.