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04:06 min 28. January 2013


a narrative film in no language

A tribute to Alfred Hitchcock

Directed by Alban Delachenal / Follow me : http://www.facebook.com/AlbanDelachenalFilmProduction

Produced by Veni Vidi VJ / Philippe Dupuy & Vincent Filoche / Follow me: http://www.facebook.com/venividivj

Artaban.tv / Shot on Red Epic

11:30 min 5. June 2013

Death and the Robot

a narrative film in no language


Bored of their stagnant existence, two lonely souls leave their safe havens behind and discover one another, yielding an everlasting legacy that will forever change their dying world.

Directed & Animated by Austin Taylor (http://www.atayloranimator.com/)
Written & Co-Produced by Alexander Thompson
Co-Produced by Julia Festa
Music by Tom Hauser
Sound Design by James McDonough
Photographed by Chase Shultz

Full crew list at IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2913704/

20:25 min 14. May 2012

Body Language

a narrative film in no language

"The language of Love is such a sweet music that lyrics are not so demanded."
Maxine and Sasha come together. They are so attracted to each other. Their relationship could be a nice story, but the presence of a not very convenient Indian and a ballerina mess things up. A lot!

Festival Eurydice - France 2012 - Jury Award
Imaginaria Film Festival 2013 - Italy
Festival International de Cine Puebla - Mexico 2012
Film Leben Festival - Germany 2012
Les Clayes du Cinéma 2013 - France
Short Film Corner - Cannes 2012

Cast : Amélie Glenn, Simon Dusart, Sam Hilali, Johanna Gachet, Sylvie Baur, Manon Leloup, Cedric Denuwelaere, Benjamin Ward
Directed by Jonathan Rio
Screenwriter : Sophie Robert
Music Composer : Marc Bour
Director of Photography : Jérémy Lepelley
Assistant Operator : Colas Besnard, Benjamin Morel
Assistant Director : Philippe Blanpain, Corentin Romagny
Sound Recordist : Mathias Léone, Pierre Warin
Sound Editor : Yannick Delmaire
Steadicamer : Vladimir Peeters
Editor : Jonathan Rio
Continuity supervisor : Manon Alirol
Production Designer : Diane Dekerle, David Mauqui, Loretta Karpinski
Costume Designer : Laura Yoro
Special Effects : Victoria Jardine , Nicolas Deprez, Benoît Leleu
Sound Mixer : Yannick Delmaire
Grip : Jérémie Vallon, Maxime Ziadi, Stéphane Dekeyser
Key light : David Wotjokoviak, Aurore Leduc, Marie Kalfon
Make up : Charley Collier
FX make up : Arteïde
Logistics : Cyrielle Lava, François Kielbasa, Alice Even, Pierrick Chopin
Producers : Nicolas Deprost and Julien Krizek for Whac Media & Pictanovo

03:20 min 4. August 2014

Happy New Year - Short Animation

a narrative film in no language

Nowadays, each household has machines that help: microwaves, toasters, washing machines, etc.
We all need them, but do they need us?
Animated movie, made as third year project at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem.

By Alexii Muftoll and Yael Givon

Christmas tree by Jeremy Birn


06:06 min 27. March 2011


a narrative film in no language

My graduation short film, co-produced with 3 other studients

02:13 min 10. October 2014

Forever Light

a narrative film in no language

A woman is woken up in the middle of the night by the disturbing sounds of her horse. The desperate animal’s cries, which appear to be coming from the barn, compel her to investigate.

Dark Tales website



02:30 min 28. February 2013

On How To Feel Better

a lecture in no language

Please follow these steps and you will be okay.

Music by Parachutes.

01:41 min 8. October 2015

Define Beauty: In Praise of Body Fat

a dance video in no language

Director James Lees explores the sensuality of body fat for NOWNESS'S original series challenging beauty standards. Featuring porn star Brock Avery and model Vanity Fox. Read the full feature on NOWNESS http://bit.ly/1JUv4o4


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03:37 min 23. April 2013

PARADIGM (2013) - 3D Fractal Animated Short Film | HD by Chris D'Andrea

an experimental film in no language

PARADIGM is a 3D animated short film created by Christopher D'Andrea for his BFA senior project. Its a story between two fractal generated entities extremely diverse in their nature. As the two objects progress, they evolve and change in the world around them. Their ultimate interaction is not held back by their environment because finally, the pieces merge and collide.

The concept behind the film represents man-kinds untold story of its very near future. Here, the organic shape represents humanity, as we have grown from a single cell into an advanced space-faring species. The geometric object represents technology. When the two meet, it is up to the viewer to interpret whether technology will destroy or enhance us in the coming paradigm shift.

'I wanted the viewers to question where they stand on this matter. It's hard to imagine a world where man is completely merged with technology.. and yet again, it's even harder to imagine a world without it. Although this is my personal message in the film, I encourage everyone to walk away with their own interpretations.'

Enjoy :)


All visual art and effects created by Christopher D'Andrea

Original audio "Helio" made for Post Panic Productions "Stardust"
Composed by Ruben Semana and produced by Pivot Audio
Permission was given to me by Post Panic productions to use this audio for the film.

Software Used:

Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Autodesk Maya
Autodesk 3dStudio Max
Xeno Dream

Photo credit to NASA for some imagery

Thanks to all my friends, family and professors at LIU Post for supporting and believing in me.

Visuals are copyright2013 Christopher D'Andrea

Follow me here!
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dandrea_art
Instagram: http://instagram.com/dandrea_art
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/christopherdandreagraphicart

My personal website:

02:08 min 9. February 2008

Teeth - short film

a narrative film in no language

Directed by John Kennedy & Ruairí O'Brien.
Produced by Divamedia in association with the Irish Film Board.
Music by Giles Packham.
Edited by Phillip Cullen.
Shot on location in Glendalough Co Wicklow.
Post production Windmill Lane Dublin.
also available at http://www.youtube.com/user/Shortz

09:00 min 21. September 2013


a narrative film in no language

A young naturalist experiences an epiphany when he finds a giant salamander.

Directed and Designed by Nate Milton
Produced by Nate Milton, Ivan Romero-Fornes and David Brashear
Animation by Nate Milton and Ivan Romero-Fornes
Music by Bo Geddes
“Got No Guy” by Sweet Tooth Nelson and Jess Paps


10:21 min 25. November 2012


a narrative film in no language


"Of the animated shorts, [Head Over Heels is] the cleverest."
-Stephen Holden, The New York Times

"The attention to detail is staggering, particularly for a stop-motion animated movie... There may be an impressive crop of animated shorts this year, but Head Over Heels is the most fully realized of the whole bunch. Flawless."
-William Bibbiani, CraveOnline.com

"This beautifully animated film is also a wonderfully unique story... Both whimsical and deeply felt... Simply extraordinary."
-Richard Propes, theindependentcritic.com

"The true charmer of the screening... The understated nature of the central couple's struggle calls for repeat viewing."
-Ben Mitchell, skwigly.co.uk

16:32 min 15. September 2010


a narrative film in no language

"8 Butterflies" (2010) 17min. Psychological Thriller

We find ourselves roaming lost in a place where hope and light are absent. A place which seems both so dark and distant, yet too familiar, our sanity begins to fade. We’ve become absorbed into a reality which may exist elsewhere... or nowhere at all.

Charles Scandura
Frank J. Nytko III
Vichet Keo
Carolina V
Amy Sue Nahhas

2010 | A short film by Nick Narciso | A Comatose Films/Paranoia Decay Production

©2010 N.P. Narciso. All Rights Reserved.

Sept. 04th 2010, DragonCon Film Festival
Atlanta, Georgia

Oct. 28th 2010. Carnival of Darkness 2 at the Los Angeles Film School
Hollywood, California

Nov. 02nd 2010. 7:30pm Anthology Film Archives, NewFilmmakers, NYC

More dates TBA

04:24 min 6. December 2010

Meet Buck

a narrative film in no language

Check out our other short : http://vimeo.com/15126262
And our collective's website : http://steakanimation.com !

Buck is an ordinary guy. Well, if you accept the "deer head" thing.
Today, Buck is going to spend the afternoon with his girlfriend who's so happy to see him (she's pretty much happy all the time). But when Buck finds out that her father is not the tolerant and sympathetic guy he expected, the Sunday afternoon turns really bad. Really bad. Like baaaaaaad bad.

Buck est un jeune ordinaire. Enfin...si on exclut sa tête de cerf.
Et aujourd'hui, Buck compte bien passer son Dimanche après-midi avec sa petite-amie qui est super contente de le voir, comme toujours. Mais quand Buck découvre que son futur beau-papa n'est pas si sympathique et tolérant que sa fille, l'après-midi va tourner au drame.

Réalisé Par/Directed By :

Denis Bouyer

Yann De Preval

Vincent E Sousa
(Rigging reel : vimeo.com/​13957690)

Laurent Monneron

Sound Design/Mix : Julien Begault

Music : Yannis Dumoutiers and Mickaël Védrine

We would like to thank everyone who helped us !

06:09 min 24. November 2013


a narrative film in no language

Bobo, a lonely monster, is set to spend yet another birthday alone, until a cunning hunter throws him a killer surprise party.

BIG GAME is an animated short film, created by 6 students from The Animation School in Cape Town, South Africa.

This project took 8 sleepless months, from concept to completion. This is BIG GAME.

Download The Monster Song here: https://soundcloud.com/team-big-game/the-monster-song

A film by:

Sarah Scrimgeour
Aarin Lehmkuhl
Romy Latter
Miro Kolenic
Jarrod Hasenjager
Matthew Furnell

Original Music by Andrew Schär & Kamil Govender

Sound by Jet Fuel Studios (www.jetfuelstudios.co.za) & Black Forest Labs (www.blackforestlabs.co.za)

For more information on how the score was created, check out: http://blackforestlabs.co.za/2013/11/20/big-game/

The Animation School (www.theanimationschool.co.za)

Thank you for watching!