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03:19 min 19. April 2015

Animated 2D Short FIlm: Garbanzos (2014)

a narrative film in no language

Garbanzos is a 2d animated short film about a farmer who wakes up early to go get the last pieces of garbanzos in the universe. On his way back, he is faced with a bunch of obstacles that he needs to overcome in order for him to get the garbanzos to his little daughter.

Garbanzos has been nominated for the best animated short film award by Orlando Film Festival and it's been an official selection for the following film festivals: Atlanta Film Festival, Guam International Film Festival, Rome International Film Festival, ASIFA-Atlanta's Roll Yer Own.

For more information about the film, please visit this page: http://www.ammaraassri.com/garbanzos

Animated and Directed by: Ammar Nassri
Faculty Supervisor: Gregg Azzopardi

2015 © Ammar Nassri

12:58 min 27. January 2012


a dance video in no language

Choros / 2011 / 13 min / HD / Stereo

Directed by Michael Langan and Terah Maher
Music by Steve Reich

A chorus of women are borne from the movements of a single dancer in this dreamlike "pas de trente-deux."
"Choros" premiered at Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival in 2012 and has gone on to play dozens of festivals worldwide. The film is currently broadcast in Europe by Canal+.

For more information on the history of this technique, visit: http://langanfilms.com/choros.html

05:03 min 15. January 2015

One of those days 2 - Candide Thovex

a documentary in no language

Candide Thovex having another one of those days in his home resort.

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Third party downloads and distribution is not permitted.

Filmed in Val Blanc, France.

For medias requests, please contact

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Instagram & Twitter: @candidethovex

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©Copyright Candide Thovex

02:41 min 22. March 2011

Tune for Two (2011)

a narrative film in no language

An execution takes an unexpected turn...

03:44 min 29. August 2008


a narrative film in no language

Une histoire d'amour.

11:41 min 12. November 2015

NOWNESS Shorts: Actresses

a narrative film in English

Tensions mount as an aspiring performer becomes romantically involved with an established Off Broadway star in ‘Actresses’, New York-based director Jeremy Hersh’s award winning short. Read the feature on NOWNESS - http://bit.ly/1La404X


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25:50 min 22. July 2015

Programming as Performance | Sam Aaron | TEDxNewcastle

a talk in English

Sam Aaron, and Postdoc Researcher at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, will be discussing the idea of programming as performance, examining the importance of emphasising, exploring and celebrating creativity within all aspects of the skillset.

Sam Aaron is a live coder who considers programming as performance and strongly believes in the importance of emphasising, exploring and celebrating creativity within all aspects of programming.

Sam believes that a programming environment which has sufficient liveness, rapid feedback and tolerance of failure to support the live performance of music is an environment ripe for mining novel ideas that will not only benefit artistic practices themselves but also the computer industry more generally.

In pursuit of this unique perspective Sam is the lead developer of Overtone and Quil, powerful live coding platforms for music and visuals. Sam is also the creator of Sonic Pi, a music live coding environment used to teach programming within schools.

By day Sam is a Postdoc Researcher at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory and by night he codes music for people to dance to.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx

06:56 min 12. September 2011

Train - Short Film by Darius Clark Monroe

a narrative film in English

Late night in New York, Carl takes the Brooklyn bound F train home and runs into trouble in this thought provoking short film about fear and guilt.

Darius Clark Monroe - Director's Bio
Houston native, Darius Clark Monroe is an award-winning filmmaker and graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. Currently, he's completing post production on his next film, an autobiographical feature documentary
entitled 'Evolution of a Criminal' (Recipient of a Texas Filmmakers Production Fund Grant, Spike Lee Production Fellowship, Warner Bros. Film Award, Cinereach Grant, and a Tribeca All Access Participant).

Darius' Website

Follow Darius on Twitter

Carlton Byrd
DeWanda Wise (http://www.dewandawise.com/)
Robbie Sublett
Ali Crosier
Patricia Donahue
Efren Uribe

Written, Produced, and Directed by Darius Clark Monroe
Executive Producers - Darius Clark Monroe, Rodney Parnther, Roderick Giles
Director of Photography - Daniel Patterson (http://www.danielpattersondp.com/)
Editors - Daniel Patterson, Nikyatu Jusu
Assistant Camera - Justin K. Staley
Gaffer - Justyn Davis
Grips - Joseph "Joey" Singletary, E.Z.
Stunt Man/Coordinator - Corey Michael Lincoln
Production Assistants - Dale Arroyo, Devin Ershow, Kionn Burt
Assistant Director - Nikyatu Jusu
Special Effects Make-Up - Rob Benevides
Sound Recordist/Boom Operator - Donald "A.C." Conley
Sound Mixer/Designer - Matthew Polis
Photography - Mykwain Gainey
Interpreter - Diego Lummis

Tech Specs:
Shot on the Panasonic HVX with the Letus 35mm adapter and 35mm Nikon still camera lenses. Recorded the sound using a Sound Devices 702T digital recorder and a 416 boom mic.

Film Festivals
-Urbanworld Film Festival
-Palm Springs International Shortfest
-Roxbury International Film Festival
-Rooftop Films
-Black Maria Film+Video Festival (Director's Choice)
-National Gallery of Art
-The Virginia Film Festival
-Des Moines Art Center
-Washington DC Independent Film Festival
-Kansas City FilmFest (Honorable Mention)
-Atlanta Film Festival
-Athens International Film+Video Festival
-San Francisco Black Film Festival

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23:27 min 14. June 2012

Court-métrage SAID avec La Fouine

a narrative film in French

Court-métrage "SAID" réalisé par 1986 Prod (Valentin Frentzel & Benjamin Rancoule) avec Joséphine Pugliesi et Laouni Mouhid(La Fouine).

29:22 min 6. February 2013

The Mafia Is Trashing Italy... Literally (Part 1)

a report in English

In the city of Naples, Italy, the Mafia has controlled the waste-management industry for decades -- dumping and burning trash across its rolling hills and vineyards. In 1994, the European Union declared the situation an official environmental emergency, and things have only gotten worse since then. When we investigated the situation we found mutated sheep, poisoned mozzarella, alarming rates of cancer, and pissed off farmers ready to push back against the Camorra, Italy's most powerful and dangerous criminal organization (and the government that enables it).

Watch part 2 here: http://bit.ly/Toxic-Napoli-2

Originally released on http://VICE.com in 2009

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09:41 min 27. September 2013

LA CRUZ (THE CROSS), de Alberto Evangelio

a narrative film in Spanish

Corto de terror dirigido por Alberto Evangelio en 2012, y protagonizado por Sandra Cervera, Ramón Ibarra y Pablo Castañón. "La Cruz", producido y distribuido por Beniwood, ha pasado ya por más de cien festivales nacionales e internacionales. Entre sus logros, se pueden destacar:

- Mención Especial en Sitges 2012 (Brigadoon)
- Mejor Cortometraje en Macabro 2012 (México)
- Premio del Público y 2º del Jurado en Molins de Rei 2012
- Nominado al Mèlies d'Argent en Espoo (Finlandia) y Fancine (Málaga)
- Mejor Corto Visualia 2012
- Mejor Corto Ciudad de Toledo 2012

Sinopsis: Vero aprende a conducir junto a su padre, al que no ve desde hace años. Un hecho inesperado los transporta al terror en una zona de acantilados conocida como "La Cruz".


Cast: Sandra Cervera, Ramón Ibarra y Pablo Castañón
Directed by Alberto Evangelio
Screenplay: Alberto Evangelio
Executive Producers: Javier Abinzano, Alberto Evangelio, Rubén Mateo, Rafa Navarro
Producer: Rafa Navarro
Music: Damián Sánchez
Art director: Anna Calvo
Cinematography: Nacho Ramirez
Sound Design: Jorge Rodriguez
Make Up: Amparo Carrió
Costume Design: Sarah Sanchís
Production Manager: Xavi Machancoses
Assistant Director: Víctor Palacios
Editor: Alberto Evangelio