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02:31 min 9. June 2010

Breakbot - Baby I'm Yours feat. Irfane (Official Video)

a music video in English

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Ed Banger Records is happy to announce the release of BREAKBOT feat Irfane "Baby I'm Yours" available here: http://smarturl.it/babyimyours

Video was (directed) handmade by IRINA DAKEVA @ WIZZ
It is composed of approx 2000 images watercolor painted one after another (we say Aquarelle in french, way more sexy).

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05:05 min 30. September 2009

The blackfly song

a music video in English

'Twas early in the spring when I decide to go
For to work up in the woods in North Ontar-i-o;
And the unemployment office said they'd send me through
To the Little Abitibi with the survey crew
And the black flies, the little black flies,
Always the black fly no matter where you go;
I'll die with the black fly a-pickin' my bones,
In North Ontar-i-o-i-o, in North Ontar-i-o.

And the man Black Tobey was the captain of the crew
And he said, I'm gonna tell you boys, what we're gonna do:
They want to build a power dam; we must find a way
For to make the Little Ab flow around the other way
With the black flies, the little black flies,
Always the black fly no matter where you go;
I'll die with the black fly a-pickin' my bones,
In North Ontar-i-o-i-o, in North Ontar-i-o.

So we survey to the east, survey to the west,
Couldn't make our minds up how to do it best;
Little Ab, Little Ab, what shall I do?
I'm all but goin' crazy with the survey crew
And the black flies, the little black flies,
Always the black fly no matter where you go;
I'll die with the black fly a-pickin' my bones,
In North Ontar-i-o-i-o, in North Ontar-i-o.

It was blackfly, blackfly, everywhere,
A-crawlin' in your whiskers, crawlin' in your hair;
Swimmin' in the soup, swimmin' in the tea,
And the devil take the blackfly, let me be.
Black flies, the little black flies,
Always the black fly no matter where you go;
I'll die with the black fly a-pickin' my bones,
In North Ontar-i-o-i-o, in North Ontar-i-o.

Black Tobey fell to swearin'; the work went slow,
The state of our morale was a-gettin' pretty low;
The flies swarmed heavy; hard to catch your breath,
As you staggered up and down the trail a-talkin' to yourself
With the black flies, the little black flies,
Always the black fly no matter where you go;
I'll die with the black fly a-pickin' my bones,
In North Ontar-i-o-i-o, in North Ontar-i-o.

Well now, the bull cook's name was Blind River Joe,
If it hadn't been for him we'd 've never pulled through;
'Cause he bound up our bruises and he kidded us for fun,
And he lathered us with bacon grease and balsam gum.
And the black flies, the little black flies,
Always the black fly no matter where you go;
I'll die with the black fly a-pickin' my bones,
In North Ontar-i-o-i-o, in North Ontar-i-o.

And at last the job was over; Black Tobey said we're through
With the Little Abitibi and the survey crew!
'Twas a wonderful experience and this I know:
I'll never go again to North Ontar-i-o
With the black flies, the little black flies,
Always the black fly no matter where you go;
I'll die with the black fly a-pickin' my bones,
In North Ontar-i-o-i-o, in North Ontar-i-o.

And the black flies, the little black flies,
Always the black fly no matter where you go;
I'll die with the black fly a-pickin' my bones,
In North Ontar-i-o-i-o, in North Ontar-i-o.

####.... Wade Hemsworth ....####

Recorded by Wade Hemsworth (Folk Songs Of The Canadian North Woods, trk#12, ©1955 Folkways Records & Service Corp., New York, NY, FW 6821, Library of Congress Catalogue Card No. R 55-370). Also recorded by Wade Hemsworth as Blackfly Song (The Songs Of Wade Hemsworth, trk#3, 1995, CD produced by Penny Rose and edited by Simon Pressey for Good Noise).

See more songs by Wade Hemsworth.

Liner notes: Anyone who spends a summer in the northern bush country will sympathize with the sentiment Wade Hemsworth has expressed in this song, which tells the tribulations of a survey trip on the Little Abitibi, a tributary of the more famous Abitibi River which flows into James Bay. Wade says: "We were on a survey for the Ontario Hydro Electric Commission when this song was born. The flies affected some of the boys so badly that they had to stop work 'til the swelling of their faces subsided so that they could see. Incidentally, Tobey Colpitts, who is the 'Black Tobay' of the song is still surveying for the Ontario Hydro [1955].

GEST Songs of Newfoundland and Labrador

03:05 min 16. April 2009


a music video in English

no description found

02:50 min 14. November 2013


a music video in English

A reformed lumberjack must harness the POWER OF NATURE in order to fight an 8-BIT MUTANT WASP MONSTER that is destroying his friends and his home.

WEBSITE : http://cargocollective.com/joelmackenzie
SONG: Yelling in Sleep - Rich Aucoin

• Premiered at TAAFI 2014
• Screened at Annecy International Film Festival 2015
• Screened at Animation Block Party 2014 - WINNER of BEST MUSIC VIDEO
• Screened at Ottawa International Animation Festival (September, 2014)
• Screened at KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival (November 2014)
• Screened at Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film 2014
• Screened at Croq' Anime Festival du Film d'Animation de Paris 2014
• Screened at Atlantic Film Festival (September 2014)
• Screened at Animac - Spain ( February 2015 )
• Nominated for Prism prize - Canada top 10 music video nomination

Grahaeme Cowie
Morgane Billault
Matthew Shepherd
Joel Mackenzie
Tony Mitchell
Murray Bain

Background Artist:
Tony Mitchell

Written/Directed/Produced/Storyboards / Character Design:
Joel Mackenzie

Murray Bain
James Dalziel

04:32 min 9. March 2011

Sometimes the Stars

a music video in English

"Sometimes the Stars" is a gorgeous new song from Adelaide, Australia band The Audreys, taken from their 2010 album of the same name. The accompanying short animated film, produced by Luke Jurevicius and directed by Ari Gibson & Jason Pamment, is about a lost girl's journey through a surreal landscape, and her yearning to make a connection in this distant yet strangely familiar world.

Produced by Luke Jurevicius

Directed by Ari Gibson & Jason Pamment

Production Designers: Luke Jurevicius, Shane Devries, Jason Pamment, Ari Gibson

Story by Luke Jurevicius, Ari Gibson & Jason Pamment

2D Animation: Ari Gibson

Background Art: Jason Pamment

Compositing: Ryan Kirby & Jason Pamment

Colouring: Jarrod Prince & Joshua Bowman

Executive Producers: Stu McCullough, Taasha Coates, Tristan Goodall

Special Thanks: Sarah Macdonald, Makoto Koji, Jeremy Hill-Brooks

02:02 min 28. April 2008

Dancing Animals in Love - Vancouver Film School (VFS)

a dance video in English

Created by Vancouver Film School student Ben Meinhardt through the VFS Classical Animation program. To read about how MTV commissioned Ben to expand on this idea, visit http://www.vfs.com/blog/2008/04/25/perfectland-on-mtv/

04:26 min 27. November 2014

Fiva - Solang du mit mir singst feat. Peter Balboa (Sportfreunde Stiller)

a music video in German

aus dem Album "Alles leuchtet"
Videoproduktion: Las Gafas Films (http://lasgafas.at)
"Alles leuchtet" bestellen:
► http://bit.ly/AllesLeuchtet_CD (Amazon CD)
► http://bit.ly/AllesLeuchtet_ITMS (iTunes)
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► http://bit.ly/HHV_AllesLeuchtet_CD (HHV CD)
► http://bit.ly/CEDE_AllesLeuchtet_CD (CeDe CD)
► http://bit.ly/AllesLeuchtet_2LP (Amazon 2LP)
► http://bit.ly/JPC_AllesLeuchtet_2LP (JPC 2LP)
► http://bit.ly/HHV_AllesLeuchtet_2LP (HHV 2LP)
► http://bit.ly/VD_AllesLeuchtet_2LP (Vinyl Digital 2LP)
► http://bit.ly/CEDE_AllesLeuchtet_2LP (CeDe 2LP)
► http://bit.ly/VISM_AllesLeuchtet_2LP (Vinylism 2LP)

02:13 min 21. September 2009

Dead All Along

a music video in English

Performed by Ceri Frost, http://www.cerifrostmusic.com
Film by Giles Timms, http://www.gilestimms.com


Enchanted by a pixie, a child called Yorick enters a magical kingdom, but when Yorick returns he finds his world ravaged by time.

Made at the Animation Workshop at UCLA's Department of Theater, Film and Television, 2009

04:58 min 13. August 2015

Lana Del Rey - High By The Beach

a music video in English

New album Honeymoon out September 18th. Pre-order now:
iTunes: http://lanadel.re/WrQNwc
Amazon: http://lanadel.re/XiYh4J
Official Store: http://lanadel.re/XWI6ZD

Sign up for updates: http://smarturl.it/LanaDelRey.News

More Lana Del Rey:


04:30 min 24. July 2015

David Gilmour | Rattle That Lock

a music video in English

Director: Alasdair + Jock
Producer: Richard Barnett
Production Company: Trunk Animation
Creative Director: Aubrey Powell @ Hipgnosis
Producer for Hipgnosis: Fiz Oliver
Associate Producer: Daniel Negret
2D Lead Character Animators: Layla Atkinson, Alasdair Brotherston, Stuart Doig, Carlos De Faria, Alex Potts
3D Animation: Clélia Leroux, Rok Predin
Art Workers: Rachel Callinan, Ana Garcia, Théo Gremillet, Laura Ireland, Reina Shibahara
Illustration: Jock Mooney
Compositing: Alasdair Brotherston, Andy Hague
Audio Post Production: Fonic
Sound Editor: Marty O’Brien
Sound Design and Mix: Barnaby Templer
Grade: Matt Hare @ Glassworks
Producer for Glassworks: Paul Schleicher
Music: David Gilmour/ Michaël Boumendil / Lyrics: Polly Samson

A Hipgnosis Ltd Production

Rattle That Lock published by Pink Floyd Music Publishers Ltd., administered by Imagem UK Ltd. / Sixième Son Édition
© 2015 David Gilmour Music Ltd.

03:47 min 22. December 2006

SDP - Anfang Anzufangen

a music video in German

►Zurück in die Zukunst (Box Set) vorbestellen bei Amazon: http://amzn.to/1BVZkBs◄
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Das neue SDP Album „Zurück in die Zukunst "
erscheint am 22.05.2015! Wenn Ihr nix verpassen wollt,
besucht uns bei Facebook https://www.facebook.com/sdpmusik
und abonniert unseren Youtube-Kanal hier: http://bit.ly/IgIkLZ

Alle SDP CDs bei Amazon:

Alle SDP Alben bei iTunes:

03:19 min 26. July 2010

Dancing Pigeons - Ritalin

a music video in English

Directed by Tomas Mankovsky
Subscribe - blinkprods.com/#

Cast/ Performers (in order of appearance)

Old Man - Keith Francis
Flame Man - Adam Speers
Ice Man - Phil Zimmerman

Producer - Patrick Craig

Casting Director - Sophie North

Editor - Julian Tranquille

Post Production Supervisor - Justin Brukman

1st AD - Chris Kelly
1st AD - Ben Fogg
Production Manager - Adam Shaw

Director Of Photography - Adam Frisch
Focus Puller - Jeremy Fusco
Phantom Technician - John Hadfield
Camera Assistant - Roland Philip
7D Camera Assistant - Chris Nunn
Gaffer - Tony Miller
Spark - Jim Okeffe
Spark - Chris Georgeous
Spark - Jason Fletcher
Genny Op - Kevin Cooli
Genny Op - Lee Parfit

Art Director - Arthur De Borman
Art Director - Sam Ludgate

Special Effects - Artem
Special Effects Supervisor - Simon Tayler
Special Effects Technicians - Toby Stewart
Special Effects Technicians - Jonathan Bickerdike
Special Effects Technicians - Matt Loader

Hair & Make Up - Izzy Broad
Stylist - Tess Loe
Stylist Assistant - Daisy Babbington

Fire Cover - 1st Defense
Medical Cover - Location Medical
Animals - A-Z Animals - Gerry Cott

Photography - Marcus Palmqvist
Photography Assistant - Belinda Foord

Production Assistant - Rob Leonard
Runner - Sophia Marks
Runner - Lola Marks
Runner - Anna Fogg

Special Thanks To

Cut and Run
Take 2 Films
Green Door Films
Black Country Parks
San Remo Café

Commissioned by Diesel:U:Music

04:00 min 23. December 2013

Freundeskreis - Esperanto feat. Deborah

a music video in German

VÖ (Single) 29. März 1999
›› FK bei iTunes: http://sny.ms/1comWLK
›› FK bei Amazon: http://sny.ms/1conbGD
›› FK bei Spotify: http://sny.ms/1d0ZVol

›› Max Herre bei iTunes: http://sny.ms/1comVr9
›› Max Herre bei Amazon: http://sny.ms/1con4uP
›› Max Herre bei Spotify: http://sny.ms/KkFRRW

03:38 min 4. February 2011

Marteria - Sekundenschlaf feat. P.Fox

a music video in German

SEKUNDENSCHLAF erscheint am 4.3.2011 als 2 Track & Download: http://amzn.to/eh5M13 (Inkl. SEEED Remix)

Regie: Daniel Franke (wearechopchop)


Tick Tack. Tick Tack -- Zeit ist knapp.
Die große Uhr hört einfach nicht auf zu ticken; und manchmal läuft sie schneller -- als es uns allen lieb ist. Zehn Jahre können da schon mal wie im Wimpernschlag vorbei sein. Einmal nicht aufgepasst da draußen und es ist vorbei.
Auch MARTERIA ist das mit der "Zeit" sehr bewusst geworden. Er geht mit diesem Umstand aber ziemlich entspannt um -- zumindest versucht er es.
Mit "SEKUNDENSCHLAF", der dritten Single aus dem Album "ZUM GLÜCK IN DIE ZUKUNFT" nimmt er uns ein bisschen die Sorgen und Ängste vor der immer tickenden Uhr, vor der ständig ablaufenden Zeit. Es gibt keinen Grund sich zu wehren, denn älter werden gehört nun mal zum
Leben dazu wie Geburt und Tod. Lebe lieber dein Leben, anstatt immer an die noch verbleibende Zeit zu denken.
"Halt nicht fest, sieh nicht hin, wenn dir Sand durch die Finger rinnt."
Musikalische Unterstützung erhielt MARTERIA bei diesem "zeitlosen" Meisterwerk von niemand geringeren als den Erfolgsproduzenten "THE KRAUTS", einem bekannten Berliner Stadtaffen, der seinen Gesangspart in einem "Haus am See" aufgenommen hat und seinem alten Weggefährten "DEAD RABBIT".
Aber auch SEEED, die bekannte Dancehall-Formation aus Berlin, steuerte einen Remix bei. Ein epochal rockiger Orchestersound bieten MARTERIA das perfektes Soundbild, für seine tiefgehenden Texte -- ein Remix der sich hinter dem Original nicht zu verstecken braucht.

08.02.11 Lingen
09.02.11 Bochum
10.02.11 Frankfurt
11.02.11 Freiburg
12.02.11 CH-Bern
13.02.11 Mannheim
15.02.11 CH-Winterthur
16.02.11 Lindau
17.02.11 A-Salzburg
18.02.11 A-Graz
19.02.11 A-Wien
22.02.11 Augsburg
23.02.11 Erlangen
24.02.11 Leipzig
25.02.11 Chemnitz
26.02.11 Rostock
27.02.11 Kiel
01.03.11 Bremen
02.03.11 Münster
03.03.11 Hannover
04.03.11 Krefeld
06.05.11 Berlin

05:14 min 10. August 2015

Joanna Newsom "Sapokanikan" (Official Video)

a music video in English

Track from Joanna Newsom LP/CASS/CD “Divers”, available on October 23, 2015 on Drag City.
Preorder now at: http://www.dragcity.com/products/divers
Buy "Sapokanikan" and preorder "Divers" now at: https://itunes.apple.com/album/id1027500473

Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson
Produced by Sara Murphy, Albert Chi, Erica Frauman
Edited by Andy Jurgensen

Camera: Adam Kimmel, Aaron Tichenor
Telecine Colorist: Gregg Garvin
Production Company: Ghoulardi Film Company

Jeff Kunkel, Robert Ellenberg, Aly Migliori, Louis Matta, Christian Gagnier, Nigel S. Clayton, Zander Fife, Dylan Tichenor, Cassandra Kulukundis

Joanna Newsom: Piano, Schiedmayer Celesta, Vocals
Neal Morgan: Drums and Percussion
Ryan Francesconi: Guitar, Bass Guitar, Bouzouki, Baglama
Judith Linsenberg: Recorder
Andy Strain: Trombone

Produced & Mixed by Joanna Newsom & Noah Georgeson
Recorded by Steve Albini & Noah Georgeson
Written by Joanna Newsom

Arrangement of Trombone, Recorder, Bouzouki, Baglama, and Guitars by Ryan Francesconi

Arrangement of Drums & Percussion by Neal Morgan