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02:46 min 28. August 2014

Gun Shy

a narrative film in English

Every cop has that one event, that one memory they just can't shake...

Written & Directed by Sam Goetz

Starring: JB Nicholas, Mike Goetz, and Joseph K. Gannon
Producer: Zoe Brunn
Co-Producer: Joanna Tillman
Cinematographer: Jonathan Yi
Sound Design: Dan Dzula
Prosthetic Makeup Design: Adam Bailey

06:07 min 12. July 2010

My Mother's Coat

a narrative film in English

My Mother talks to me about post-dictatorship Athens, her struggle to adapt to the greek mentality, her memories of motherhood, and her longing to go back to her small town in Italy.

Produced, Directed & Designed by Marie-Margaux Tsakiri-Scanatovits
Royal College of Art 2010

05:48 min 5. June 2010

Sin sostén

a narrative film in no language

Una producción de: Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía / Sin Sostén / Salamandra Producciones / Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes

Guión y dirección: René Castillo / Antonio Urrutia

Producción: Pablo Baksht / Patricia Riggen / Roberto Rochin / Antonio Urrutia / Martha Collignon / Patricia Urzúa

Fotografía: Sergio Ulloa

Edición: Carlos Bolado

Sonido: Lado A Postproducción

Música: Andrés Franco / Gerardo Australia

Dirección de arte: Eric de Luna / Cecilia Lagos

Animación: René Castillo

Sinopsis: En una ciudad hostil, un hombre insignificante decide quitarse la vida. En su caída al vacío es rescatado y seducido por los superflúos encantos del mundo publicitario.

- Premio de la Crítica Internacional al Mejor Cortometraje, en la XIII Muestra de Cine Mexicano de Guadalajara, México 1998.
- Premio a la Mejor Fotografía, en el Primer Festival Internacional de Cortometraje "Expresión en Corto" en San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, México 1998.
- The Golden Space Nedle Award como el Mejor Cortometraje, en el Seattle International Festival de Washington, Estados Unidos 1998.
- Colón de Oro al Mejor Cortometraje y del Público, en el XXIV Festival de Cine Iberoamericano de Huelva, España 1998.
- Premio del Público, en el Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival, Brasil 1998.
- Pitirre a la Mejor Animación, en el San Juan Cinemafest, Puerto Rico 1998.
- Ariel al Mejor Cortometraje de Animación, México 1999.

03:54 min 2. May 2008

J'Attendrai Le Suivant (I'll Wait for the Next One)

a narrative film in French

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Directed by Philippe Orreindy (France)

A subway in Lyon: "Ladies and Gentlemen, ever so sorry to bother you. Don't worry, I'm not here to beg for money. Let me introduce myself. My name's Antoine. I'm 29. I recently read in a magazine that there are about 5 million single women in France. Where are they? I'm looking for a lady aged between 18 and 55 who's also had trouble meeting someone in a conventional way and who wouldn't mind giving a honest relationship with someone a shot..."

Philippe Orreindy is a screenwriter and a director of short films, television documentaries and corporate films. He wrote and directed the musical "La concierge est dans l'angoisse" with Agnes Pelletier.
Philippe Orreindy on IMDB

Director: Philippe Orreindy
Writers: Philippe Orreindy, Thomas Gaudin
Director of Photography: Eric Genillier
Sound Engineer: Dominique Davy
Editor: Anne Aravecchi
Production Company: La Boite
International Sales: Premium Films

The Woman: Sophie Forte
The Man: Thomas Gaudin

08:11 min 9. August 2013

The Hunt

a narrative film in English

no description found

22:00 min 23. June 2009

ILLEGAL - 2007 Tribeca Film Festival - Short Film by Andrew Oh

a narrative film in English

Official selection into the 2007 TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL
Written and Directed by ANDREW OH
Produced by Lydia Ko, Tony Wang, and Andrew Oh

Daniel and Jessica are a happily married couple on the verge of realizing the American dream - Jessica is pregnant and Daniel finally gets the money to open a small diner. But when they hire Carlos, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, they find that they are targets of blackmail. With their emotions spiraling out of control, is their love strong enough for them to forgive one another and do what's right?

Starring Thomas Blankenship, Tyler Kain, Danny Molina, Chet Grissom, David Pevsner, and Luis Beckford.

Cinematography by Kenneth Yeung.

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07:26 min 14. June 2011


a narrative film in English

"We Refuse To Be Cold" is Alexander Carson's poetic and lyrical portrait of a young couple spending a Montreal winter together. This film was produced with the support of the National Film Board of Canada, and received the award for Achievement in Direction at the Air Canada En Route Film Festival 2012. It is currently licensed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Public Screenings:

Cinefest Sudbury International Film Festival 2011
Edmonton International Film Festival 2011
Reykjavik International Film Festival 2011
Cinemaspace at the Segal Centre, Montreal 2011
San Francisco Independent Film Festival 2012
Rendez-vous du cinema quebecois, Montreal 2012
Calgary Underground Film Festival 2012
Independent Film Festival Boston 2012
Cannes Film Festival - Telefilm Canada Market program 2012
CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival, Toronto 2012
Sled Island Film Program, Calgary 2012 (winner: Award for Innovation)
Nickel Independent Film Festival, St. John's 2012
Couch Fest Films 2012 (30+ cities internationally - winner: Best Narrative)
Air Canada En Route Film Festival 2012, (winner: Achievement in Direction)

15:52 min 1. June 2015

Prosopagnosia / Thriller Short Film

a narrative film in English

Alfred finds his best friend dead in her apartment and looks the perpetrator right in the eyes. Too bad he can’t recognize anyone’s face.

Alfred suffers from a condition called Prosopagnosia, more often called Face Blindness, what implies he is unable to recognize or remember anyone's face, not even his own. On the other end of the table in a dark interrogation room sits inspector Peck. He is in charge of investigating the puzzling murder of Alfred's best friend.

19:51 min 17. December 2012

Drive Danny Drive

a narrative film in English

In a lonely, dead world, one man finds solace in stories. He watches his favorite, and only, movie every night. But when his VHS is stolen, a series of events unfolds that lets him create his own story - one very similar to the movie he holds so dear.

For more info: www.drivedannydrive.me

Rate it on IMDb! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2221478/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

11:33 min 28. November 2009

New Boy

a narrative film in English

A young African boy with a haunting back story starts school in Ireland, and finds out quickly exactly what it means to be the new kid. Winner of Best Narrative Short at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival and nominated for an Oscar.

23:36 min 6. October 2009


a narrative film in English

TURBO is a high adrenaline short film in the tradition of The Karate Kid and Tron. It tells the story of Hugo Park (Justin Chon, 21 & Over, Twilight) a troubled youth whose only outlet for angst is a 4D fighting videogame called “Super Turbo Arena”. When Pharaoh King (Jocko Sims, Crash the Series), the Michael Jordan of cyber-sports, announces a tournament to determine who will join his pro-team, Hugo sets his eyes on the prize. But, Hugo isn't the only gamer who wants fame and glory. If Hugo wants to win he's going to have to beat Shamus (David Lehre, Epic Movie), the all time Turbo champ at the local Pandemonium arcade, and Ruse Kapri, a feisty prep girl that knows how to win. Realizing he can't win on his skill alone, Hugo turns to his brother Tobias a former kick-boxer whose last match left him wheel-chair ridden. Together the two will mend old wounds and see if a washed up street fighter can teach a troubled teen how to become a virtual gladiator!


a Jarrett Lee Conaway film

12:22 min 10. December 2014

小さな庭園 / Small Garden

a narrative film in Japanese


監督・アニメーション 斎藤俊介

Small Garden

Director / Animator : Shunsuke Saito
Music : Noriaki Okamoto
Sound, Mixing : Kazutaka Someya
2D Background painting : Tatsuya Sasaki
2D Animation finishing : Haruka Suzuki
Logo design : Kiho Ito

12 min. 22 sec. / 2014


Story of a life form which wakes up in an unknown mysterious world. As he go deeper, he slowly understands what kind of place it is. The world seems beautiful, but it lacks what the real life has. He has to make a choice to stay or not.

06:44 min 13. December 2012

Last Remnants

a narrative film in English

A young man's night out at a diner takes a curious turn when he is confronted by a stranger completely removed from the modern era...

'Last Remnants' is based off of a newspaper article published by the Chicago Herald in 1901.

Written/Directed by: Charles Pieper

Featuring: Elisha Yaffe, Marie Bollinger, Charlie Pecoraro

Produced by: Matthew Shorr

Cinematography by: Lowell Meyer

Edited by: Matthew Simpson

Colorist: Paul Santagada

Music by: Matt Kollar

-2014 Kino Fried Conspiracy
-2013 HorrorQuest Film Festival
-2013 Lowcountry Shorts Festival
-2013 Minneapolis Underground Film Festival (Best Cinematography Winner)
-2013 Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival
-2013 Maverick Movie Awards nominations for Best Actor and Best Costume Design

07:41 min 4. May 2013

Friday, October 21 (2013)

a narrative film in English

A student narrative short film made in 2012.

Paul is physically and mentally tormented. He also believes the world will end on October 21st.

Friday, October 21 is a cautionary tale of paranoia, madness, and obsession.

Written and Directed by Maverick Moore
Screened at 14th Annual Black Glasses Film Festival.
Warning: Brief strong language and violence.