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06:53 min 21. November 2008

Love is Love- A Comedic Short Film: things to consider for Proposition 8...

a mockumentary in English

http://www.LoveisLoveshortfilm.com Watch in high quality please! May the films deeper message resonate to all...
To find out about the fabulous people involved in the making of Love is Love go to imdb.com
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For any questions or if you want to embed this video in your site, please email to get the code for the high quality YouTube version info@loveisloveshortfilm.com

09:13 min 10. December 2014

Gary & Gabe

a narrative film in no language

To view more of The Connected Series for Samsung visit: www.connected-series.tumblr.com

"A young girl, Gabe, takes her unusual friend, Gary, who lives under her bed, out under the guise of Halloween..."

Written & Directed by: Darcy Prendergast
Made by Oh Yeah Wow: ohyeahwow.com
Facebook: facebook.com/ohyeahwow
Twitter: @ohyeahwow @d_prendergast #garyandgabe
Instagram: oh_yeah_wow

To view more of The Connected Series for Samsung visit: connected-series.tumblr.com

Producer: Lucy Hayes
Cinematographer: Shelley Farthing-Dawe
Production Designer: Rennie Watson
Costume Design: Paige Prendergast
Music: Jamie Messenger
Editor: John Tummino

Executive Producers Kim Dellara, Michael Sagol & Jasper Thomlinson @ Caviar Content

Gabe: Heidi Valkenburg
Gary: Darcy Prendergast

2nd Unit Director: Seamus Spilsbury
1st AD: Jessica O’Farrell
Production Manager: Nicky Pastore
Continuity: Natalie James
Production Assistant: Imogen Tyers
Runner: Thomas Wilkinson

Costume Assistants: Vicki Prendergast, Monica Star, Meredith Keogh, Keira Hudson.
Art Department: Nate Reardon, Roxanne Halley, Eve Gilbert
Art Department assist: Joel Williams, Joshua Draffin
Party Paintings: Sarah Masson
Make Up: Marlene Olsson
Make Up Assistants: Grace Helena Pavey, Lisa Rathgen, Pip Gregory

Sound Designer: Ryan Granger
Sound Design assistant: Adam Hunt
Sound Mix: Adam Hunt
Boom: Tyson Linley

1st AC: Matt Jenkins
2nd AC: Thomas Hayes
Grip: Greg Wallace
Gaffer: Con Mancuso
Gaffer Assist: Rebecca Marian Irene

Colour Grade: CJ Dobson @ Pocket post

VFX Artist: Josh Thomas
Animation: Sam Lewis, Mike Greaney

‘Gary’ Monster Designed by Darcy Prendergast
Created by Sharp FX PTD LTD, sharpfx.com.au
‘Gary’ Suit Prosthetics by Russell Sharp
‘Gary’ Suit Fabrication by Kirsty Sharp

ASL Consultant - Sarah Maree Gillespie

Blaso Pyro Technics: Luke Fenech and David Graham

SR. Counsel: Tasha Royzina

Child Extras: Curtis McLennan, Campbell McLennan, Esther Tummino, Natalie Zannoni

Party Extras: Marc Gallagher, Donna Yateman, Josh Thomas, Mike Greaney, Sarah Whitehouse, Anne Delas Alas, Cosmo Mac, Giordi Caputo, Thomas Wilkinson, Mikey Hill, Francesca Ohlert, Jess Scudamore, Jayden Dowler, Ross de Winter, Andrew Goldsmith, Dave Abbott, Astor Caplan, Imogen Tyers, Llama Pow, Dan Elia, Sophie Jeffries, Katie Batrouney, Robert Pill, Felix Colgrave, Sarah Masson, Alana Valkenburg, Emma Winton, Lorna Deng

Special Thanks: Simon Marriot, the Prendergasts, Alana Valkenburg, Marlene Olsson, Caviar Content, Samsung, Jeff Hurlow & the Vimeo crew.

07:08 min 12. December 2013

Everything is a Remix Case Study: The iPhone

a lecture in English

Brought to you by iStock by Getty Images

My new series, This is Not a Conspiracy Theory, is now live:

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Written & Produced by Kirby Ferguson
Additional Research by Garrett Weinholtz (www.gweinholtz.com)

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iStock clips used:

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04:06 min 25. February 2012

The Story of Animation

a documentary in English

The Story
The film follows the journey of "You" (the main character), a 3rd-tier technical writer who dreams of one day being a product designer. Working after hours, he creates a fantastic new product. When he presents his product to his employers, they inform him that it's up to him to create an advertising campaign for the product - an advertising campaign that must be animated. This poses a problem for "you" - he knows very little about animation, and is instantly filled with doubts, and thus his future hangs in the balance. This is where our friendly narrator steps in, to guide "you" through the process of making an animated film. Step by step, our hero's anxiety and doubts are put to rest, and in the end, he is triumphant!

The Production
The Story of Animation came about as a solution to a problem: The Animation Workshop, an animation school in Viborg, Denmark, had been graduating a great number of incredibly qualified animators, animation producers, and CG artists over the past 10 years. These artists had been forming small companies and beginning to produce fantastic work. The problem was not with the studios, or the quality of work they were producing, but rather with the clients: Most of them seemed to believe that animation was a simple, uncomplicated process, and were often disappointed to learn that there were very specific stages in the animation process that required their participation (and finances). It's almost as if they believed that creating animation was as simple as pitching an idea, and then sitting back while a couple of animators with pencil and paper goofed off, told jokes, and drank copious amounts of coffee until "wallah"! the animation was finished! Furthermore, they seemed to think that there would be no difference in cost between an animated film created in flash, 2D, stop motion, cut-out, motion graphics, or fully rendered Pixar-style 3D animation! At the time Morten Thorning, Director of the Animation Workshop approached me with the idea for the film, I was experiencing similar problems with a client in Copenhagen. In fact, I'd just spent several days creating a presentation about the benefits of using animation for an environmental messaging campaign. I was tasked with convincing a panel of scientists, sociologists, environmental activists, and architects how animation could be used to create positive, engaging, and entertaining content for environmental action messaging - no small feat!

The Team
After talking things over with Morten, it was decided that I would write and direct the project, which would be produced by Claus Toksvig of The Animation Hub, and animated at Tumblehead Studios. Tumblehead, led by Magnus Moller, did an amazing job on the film, assembling a team of character designers, animators, storyboard artists, and background artists (all graduates or current students of the Animation Workshop). Tumblehead saw the entire process through, from concept to post-production. The narrator was voiced by the awesome Richard Spiegel, and the sound design and score created by Mark Menza, whose many credits include sound designer and composer for "The Jimmy Neutron Show". Additional support was provided by Thomas Ahlmark (a veteran of many Animation Workshop productions).

10:00 min 17. July 2014

Dirty Sheets

a narrative film in English

A couple sets out to make a sex tape in a seedy motel, but soon find themselves questioning the strength of their relationship as they discuss the possibility of their film leaking.

Jordan James Smith as Calvin
Lynsey Nicole Harris as Rachel

Written/Directed by Thea Green
Produced by Valentina Valentini
Cinematography by Chris Weiss
Sound Design by Matt Carpenter

Thanks to SAG-AFTRA
Produced by ViV Productions

For more information on ViV Productions, please visit their website at http://www.viv-productions.com
For more information on Thea Green, please visit her website at http://www.theagreen.com

10:45 min 17. June 2013

La Huida - The Runaway (HD version with English subtitles)

a mockumentary in Spanish

80 Awards and more than 200 selections

Written & Directed by Víctor Carrey

-Premio Cacho Pallero - Festival de Cine Iberoamericano de Huesca
-Best Short Film - Next Film Festival de Bucarest
-Jury Prize for Best Short Film - 41 Kiev International Film Festival Molodist
-Best Short Film - New Horizons International Film Festival
-Best Short Film - Internationales Kurzfilmfestival Bunter Hund Munchen
-Prix du jury - 28èmes Semaines du cinéma méditerranéen du pays de Lunel
-Best European Short Film - Go Short - International Short Film Festival Nijmegen
-Best Experimental Short - San Diego Latino Film Festival
-Best Short Film at Bermuda International Film Festival
-Golden Knight Trophy - Golden Knight Malta International Film Festival
-Best Live Action - Short Film in New York International Children’s Film Festival
-Mejor Corto en el FIB (Festival Internacional de Benicassim)
-Premio del Jurado al Mejor Corto en Curt Ficcions
-Mejor Corto en el 14 Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes La Boca del Lobo
-Mejor Guión en el 14 Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes La Boca del Lobo
-Premio Mejor Montaje en Semana del Cine de Medina del Campo
-Mención Especial del Jurado en Semana del Cine de Medina del Campo
-Mención Especial a la Dirección en el Abycine. Festival Internacional de Cine de Albacete
-Premio al Mejor Corto de Ficción en el Rec Festival de Tarragona
-Premio al Mejor Corto en el FIC CAT
-Mejor Cortometraje en el 9º Certamen Nacional Cortometrajes Ciudad de Dos Hermanas
-Premio del Público en el FEC Cambrils
-Accésito del Jurado en FEC Cambrils
-Mejor Cortometraje en el XIV Festival de Cine de Astorga
-Mejor Cortometraje en el XVI Certamen Audiovisual de Cabra
-Staff Award en Milano Film Festival
-Premio a la Mejor Fotografía en el Festival Internacional de Cortosmetrajes de Barcelona MECAL
-Premio al Mejor Corto Internacional en el Holmfirth Festival
-Mención Videozinema en Festival Caostica
-Primer Premio en Festival de Cortometrajes de la Sierra de Segura
-Mejor Montaje en el Festival Europeo de Cortometrajes de Villamayor
-Mejor Cortometraje en el XII Festival de Cortometrajes ¡¡Cort...en!! Ciudad de Calahorra
-Mejor Guión en el XIV Festival de Cine de Astorga
-Mejor Corto en Festival Zoom Igualada
-Mejor Corto en la sección Campus del Festival Internacional Subtravelling
-Mejor Dirección Artística en el 15º Festival Iberoamericano de Caracas VIART
-Mejor Dirección en el 14º Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de Vila-Real Cineculpable
-Mejor Corto en el 14 Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes y Cine Alternativo de Benalmádena
-Mejor Corto en el 8º Certamen Secuenciacero
-Mejor Producción Catalana en el Filmets Badalona Film Festival
-Prix Europeén France 2 en 26th Brest European Short Film Festival
-Mejor Cortometraje en el 12 Festival de Cortometrajes de Eibar Asier Errasti
-Mejor Corto en XV Festival de Cortometrajes Vitoria-Gasteiz Cortada
-Premio Especial del Jurado en el XIII Certamen Internacional de Cortos Ciudad de Soria
-Premio Jurado Mayor al Mejor Cortometraje Nacional en el XIII Certamen Internacional de Cortos Ciudad de Soria
-Mejor Cortometraje en el V Concurso de Cortometrajes Ciudad de Benavente
-Mejor Dirección de Arte en el I Getafe In-Cinema
-Mejor Corto en Concurs de Curtmetratges Alella Video Jove
-Premio del Público en el XII Certamen de Cine Corto de Salas de los Infantes
-Premio al Mejor Montaje en La Pedrera Short Film Festival (Uruguay)
-Premio al Mejor Corto Internacional en el 8th Pontino Short Film Festival
-Excellence Award en Rincon International Film Festival
-Jury Prize for Most "Infinitely Interconnected" at the CinéGlobe International Film Festival at CERN
-Mejor Montaje en I Concurso de Cortos K-leidoscopi
-Mejor Cortometraje de Ficción “ Torrevieja Audiovisual 2012”
-Mejor Cortometraje en I Festival Nacional de Cortometrajes de Ávila Avicine
-Premio del Público en el Certamen de Cortometrajes Decortoán
-Premio Especial del Público en III Certamen Segundo de Chomón
-Premio del Público en V Festival de Cine Corto de Salamanca
-Segundo Premio en Festival de Sax
-Premio del Público en Festival Internacional de Cortos Villa de Plentzia Mikrofilm Short Festival
-Mejor Corto en 4º Festival de Cortos Rodinia
-Mejor dirección en 4º Festival de Cortos Rodinia
-Mejor Corto de Ficción en XI Certamen de Cortometrajes El Pecado 2012
-Mejor Director en IX Festival de Cine de Comedia de Tarazona y El Moncayo
-Press Award en 9th Sedicicorto International Film Festival
-Primer Premio en el Maipu Cortos. Festival de Cine de Humor de Maipú (Buenos Aires)
-Premio al Lenguaje Cinematográfico más innovador en Muestra Cortometrajes Universidad La Laguna

18:11 min 15. October 2012

Hadley TK-421

a narrative film in English

The Hadley TK-421 is here to revolutionize the work place. A black comedy set in 1960s London, it’s the kind of short you don’t see often. More than just a punchline, and with a particular sensibility on a very low budget, you’ll wonder where you can get your hands on a Hadley once you’ve seen one in action.

© copyright 2011 Jonathan Reid-Edwards


Diamond Award Winner - California Film Awards 2013, USA
Student Visionary Award - Geneva Film Festival, 2012, USA
Best Script - Screentest 2012 Film Festival, 2012, England
Best Score - Screentest 2012 Film Festival, 2012, England
Short of the Week - www.shortoftheweek.com

Best Film – Deep Fried Film Festival 2012, Scotland
Best Film - Screentest 2012 Film Festival, 2012, England
Best Comedy - Screentest 2012 Film Festival, 2012, England
Best Cinematography - Screentest 2012 Film Festival, 2012, England
Popularity Award – International Student Short Film Festival, England

Screenings / Festival Selection:
American Online Film Awards 2014
Short of the Week - www.shortoftheweek.com
BUSHO Budapest Short Film Festival 2012, Hungary
California Film Awards 2013, USA
Cannes Court Metrage, Festival de Cannes 2012, France
Deep Fried Film Festival 2012, Scotland
Early Bird Student Film Festival 2012, Bulgaria
Emmentaler Filmtage 2012, Switzerland
ECU European Film Festival 2012, France
Geneva Film Festival 2012, USA
International Student Film Festival London 2012, England
Leids Film Festival 2012, Netherlands
Luxor European & Egyptian Film Festival 2012, Egypt
NorCalFilmFest 2013, USA
Portobello Film Festival 2012, England
Screentest Film Festival 2012, England
XI Open St Petersburg Student Film Festival 2012, Russia

04:08 min 5. November 2015

How mucus keeps us healthy - Katharina Ribbeck

a lecture in English

View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/how-mucus-keeps-us-healthy-katharina-ribbeck

Your body produces more than a liter of mucus every day, and when you’re sick, it can be hard to miss. But what exactly is mucus? And what does it do, besides making you miserable? Katharina Ribbeck reveals the mysteries of this transparent, shape-shifting layer that moistens and lubricates the vulnerable parts of our body while rendering us invisible to potentially deadly microbes.

Lesson by Katharina Ribbeck, animation by Anton Bogaty.

15:11 min 15. May 2013

Hacking language learning: Benny Lewis at TEDxWarsaw

a talk in English

"Some people just don't have the language learning gene." To prove that this statement is patently untrue is Benny Lewis's life mission. A monoglot till after leaving university, Benny now runs the World's most popular language learning blog and is learning Egyptian Arabic which will be language number twelve, or maybe thirteen. But who's counting?

13:31 min 5. October 2013

The Next 20 Minutes

a narrative film in English

"After his first break up an awkward and inadequate guy struggles to move on due his insecurities."

The Next 20 Minutes is a no budget project, built with polaroids, lights and rooftop memories, that tells the story of Kyle, a good hearted kid but a little bit messy and immature. When his first love, Julie, leaves him, sick of his lack of organisation and personality, he has to learn how to move on.


07:47 min 27. March 2012

Once It Started, It Could Not End Otherwise | Future Shorts

an experimental film in English

Dir: Kelly Sears / US / 2011

Part disaster film, part Freudian animation, Once It Started... bears witness to a series of absurd and horrible disasters that strike an American high school, eerily mirroring larger political and social markers of the recent past.

Supported by the Rooftop Filmmakers' Fund. kellysears.com

11:26 min 8. June 2012


a narrative film in English

Shot on location in Skowhegan, Maine

Starring: Philip Savage and Allison Goodman
Written by: Jordan Innes & Mo Twine
Directed by: Mo Twine
DOP: Jon Edward Miller
Edited by: Jordan Innes & Kiran Pallegadda
Sound Recordist: James McLaughlin
Production Design: Janet Reno
AD: Tanya Blum

25:45 min 19. June 2012

Bogotá : Building A Sustainable City

a report in English

Bogota: Building a Sustainable City ´ documentary by PBS e2 series. Narrated by Brad Pitt.

During his tenure as mayor of Bogota, Colombia, Enrique Penalosa was both revered and scorned for his urban planning and transportation policies. His public works projects, which largely favored the pedestrian experience, were unlike anything previously built in Bogota. Penalosa describes the environmental and social importance of minimizing automobile culture.

Kontent Real Productions
Narrator: Brad Pitt

12:55 min 19. January 2012


a narrative film in English

Written and Directed by Colin Campbell and Gail Lerner. starring Debra Christofferson, Joseph Grimm, Suzie Spear, Gary Kelley, Ronald Dean Nolen, Anthony Burch, Michael Erger. Produced by Martin Huberty, Cinematography by Dino Parks, Edited by John Coniglio, Production Design by Noel McCarthy.

08:18 min 9. December 2009

French Roast

a narrative film in no language

French Roast:

The oscar nomination for:
The Best Short Film (Animated) 2010

Visit the creators' website: http://www.frenchroast.fr/