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08:00 min 27. June 2006

Across the Hall Part One

a narrative film in English

Part One of the short film "Across the Hall" starring Adrian Grenier

11:30 min 7. May 2015

Find your dream job without ever looking at your resume | Laura Berman Fortgang | TEDxBocaRaton

a talk in English

Laura has put in tens of thousands of hours over twenty years to help people make career transitions and improve their lives. Through her coaching company, books, corporate and civic speeches and her media appearances on such shows as The Oprah Winfrey show, CBS This Morning, GMA, The Today show and more, Laura has reached millions of people and showed them how to figure out what to do with their lives without ever looking at their resume.

Laura Berman Fortgang is the author of Now What? 90 Days to a New Life Direction and a pioneer in the personal coaching field. Her five books in total are published in thirteen languages, have graced bestseller lists and one, The Little Book on Meaning, was up for a Books for a Better Life Award alongside the Dalai Lama and Pema Chodron.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx

03:53 min 20. February 2015

To Be a Parent

a documentary in English

What it is to raise twins with Tuberous Sclerosis, a mothers bitter sweet story of tragedy, violence and unconditional love.

To improve the quality of life of disabled and disadvantaged children and their families please donate -http://www.giveusabreak2010.org/i_want_to_donate_4.html#free

Thanks to Dawn, Peter, Kaine, Callan and Ethan for sharing their story with me.

Directed, shot and edited by Gareth Bowler - www.garethbowler.com
Music: Found by Ryan Taubert - www.musicbed.com

Featured here -

03:26 min 16. November 2010


a narrative film in no language

Directed by Martin Scanlan
Director of Photography Steve Lawes
Music by Micah Berek

Convergence is the first short film in the world to be shot on the new Sony PMW-F3 camera.


http://vimeo.com/16897383 PMW-F3 UK launch film with interview with Steve

06:28 min 29. August 2012

Your Place or Mine

a mockumentary in English

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Calgary International Film Festival, Toronto Independent Film Festival, Shorts That Are Not Pants, Female Eye Film Festival, Big Island Film Festival, San Francisco Indie Film Fest, Williamsburg Independent Film Festival

BRAVO!FACT short drama 2012

"Your Place or Mine" is about the tentative first few hours of meeting someone. Annie and Danny meet, feel a spark, and it's in those initial moments it could all go either way. Short-lived lust or lasting love? One-night stand or soul-mate?

These are big decisions determined by little moments; a glib comment, a simple gesture, a meaningful touch - can swing the outcome one way or the other. "Your Place or Mine" is about strangers following their hearts and instincts as they are led down two opposing paths. Which one is right/real is ultimately up to Annie and Danny.

07:21 min 15. January 2010


a narrative film in English

A science-fiction short film about a young man who accidentally discovers that he can travel between two parallel worlds. He soon realizes that doing so has deadly consequences.

01:30 min 31. December 2015

Directors’ Cuts: "Paradoxe" by André and François

a dance video in English

The Paris-based duo tell a tale of freedom and solitude featuring French superstar Shy'm. Read the feature on NOWNESS - http://bit.ly/1TS2bj2

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16:50 min 18. December 2013

How to Make it to the Promised Land - a short film by Sam Zalutsky

a narrative film in English

Summer camp suddenly becomes very strange for Lizzie when she's forced to play a Holocaust roie-play game. Starring Marlane Barnes as Lizzie, as well as Lia H., Peter Vack, Kate Krieger, Aaron Sanders, and Noah Harpster.

08:03 min 22. September 2008

7-35 In The Morning

a narrative film in Spanish

By Nacho Vigalondo

08:10 min 14. December 2012

The Facebook Patrol (short film)

a narrative film in Norwegian

In a cold and cynical world, where social media are becoming increasingly more popular. Where real friends and socializing is replaced with likes and meaningless comments. Many people find themselves standing on the outside looking in.

How do you get enough thumbs up to get through a gray day? Who will leave some nice words on your photo when it has been out there for 30 minutes and nobody sees the value of your contribution?

There is hope. They call themselves the Facebook Patrol, they are wearing caps and are Norwegian.

The Facebook Patrol - there's no one like us.

"Lullaby" by _ghost (http://freemusicarchive.org/music/_ghost/ccMixter/ghost_-_Lullaby)

"Devastation and Revenge" by Kevin MacLeod (http://incompetech.com)

"Starfuckers" by Sherbet Underground (http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Sherbet_Underground/Balkan_Recycling/Starfuckers)

"Online" by Happy Elf (http://www.wmrecordings.com/freedownloads.htm)

Background photograhpy:
(c)Tomo.Yun (www.yunphoto.net/en/)

Regi og manus: Eirik E. Valestrand

Produsent: Eirik E. Valestrand

Ansvarlig produsent: Espen Hobbesland

Foto: Tim Wassmo/André Kvalvågnes/Espen Hobbesland/Martin Frogner

Lyd: Birk Rønning Hanum

Klipp: Espen Hobbesland

Grafikk: Fredrik Giskeødegård Hareide

Etter en idé av Eirik E. Valestrand & Geir Sandvoll Andersen


Mann 1
Christian Fredrik Mikkelsen

Emil Lystvedt Berntsen

Kristine Hansen
Tonje Holm Sandnes

Leder, Facebookpatruljens kjøp&salg-avdeling
Hans Magne Skard

Operatør 2
Ingrid Brautaset

Håvard Böcho
Eirik E. Valestrand
Oscar Danielsen
Oliver Danielsen


Lars Doksæter
Markus Gevelt
Birk Rønning Hanum
Erik Haslestad
Camilla Grindheim Larsen
Ida Cecilie Mosli
Regine Olsen-Hagen
Ragnhild Bækholt Rogstad
Elise Vevang Rogstad

Takk til:

Lena Moe Danielsen og Christer Danielsen for lån av hus og barn
Frode Bødtker i Bergen brannvesen
Arne Daniel Storevold Haldorsen for lån av kamera
NRK Hordaland for lån av regirom i beste arbeidstid
Trond Rogstad for lån av bil
Ragnhild Rogstad for lån av lite rom
Bergen Student-TV

07:43 min 18. March 2016

Marx Part 3: Cultural Marxism & Political Correctness | Philosophy Tube

a lecture in English

What is Cultural Marxism? What is the conspiracy theory around the Frankfurt school; how is it linked to right wing white nationalism and political correctness?
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Recommended Reading:
Malcolm Harris, “Hooray for Cultural Marxism,” http://america.aljazeera.com/opinions...
William Lind, “The Origins of Political Correctness,” http://www.academia.org/the-origins-o...
Michael Minnicino, “The Frankfurt School and Political Correctness,” http://www.schillerinstitute.org/fid_...

If you or your organisation would like to financially support Philosophy Tube in distributing philosophical knowledge to those who might not otherwise have access to it in exchange for credits on the show, please get in touch!

Music: ‘Chiptune Anthem One,’ ‘Tek’s Abomination,’ and ‘8 Bit Robot Dance Party’ by TechnoAxe - http://tinyurl.com/kkrsfgg
‘Phantom From Space’ by Kevin MacLeod – incompetech.com

Frankfurt School picture By Jjshapiro at en.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index...

Any copyrighted material should fall under fair use for educational purposes or commentary, but if you are a copyright holder and believe your material has been used unfairly please get in touch with us and we will be happy to discuss it.

04:28 min 8. January 2015

Nice Guys Finish First

a lecture in English

We prove how nice guys actually finish first!
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02:38 min 16. October 2014

Your Brain On MDMA

a lecture in English

What does MDMA actually do to your brain?
Watch our Science Taste Challenge: http://youtu.be/SXtg-9Q6Iew
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Written and created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz).

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Further Reading--

No Evidence that MDMA-Induced Enhancement of Emotional Empathy Is Related to Peripheral Oxytocin Levels or 5-HT1a Receptor Activation

Severe Dopaminergic Neurotoxicity in Primates After a Common Recreational Dose Regimen of MDMA ("Ecstasy")

New Data Intensify the Agony Over Ecstasy

What are the effects of the drug Ecstasy?

15:09 min 8. November 2013

Clown Nose Theory

a narrative film in English

Sometimes the best coping strategy is right in front of your nose.

05:50 min 9. September 2008

Tim Burton's Vincent

a narrative film in English

An early film by Tim Burton.

08:02 min 17. May 2011


a narrative film in no language

While his wife is undergoing slimming treatment, André goes on a discovery tour of this very unusual center... / Pendant la cure d'amincissement de sa femme, André part à la découverte de ce centre pas comme les autres...


You can find a Full HD version here: http://youtu.be/4ZYVogCYsdA

You can follow us on twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/SlimtimeMovie
and facebook (researches and designs) : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Slimtime/167333893326932

Directed at Supinfocom Arles in 2010 by

Bertrand Avril
Reel : www.vimeo.com/​13494152

Pierre Chomarat
Reel : www.vimeo.com/​13640224

David Dangin
Reel : www.vimeo.com/​13639996

Thea Matland
Reel : www.vimeo.com/19414783